PART 4 (28th of January 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 4 (28th of January 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Humans –

free yourselves into

your true essence

and thus experience

my true essence.

Look behind the imposed veils

of times gone by.

Walk through them –

into the new time.

Upheaval All Over.

Without sacrifices,

no new opportunities.

Let go.


            (Exercise by Marko)

  • On your way you have reached a very narrow passage between two rocks.
  • The passage is long like a gorge and so narrow that you cannot slip through.
  • However, you do not let yourself be intimidated and you climb into it.
  • As the passage is narrower than your physical body, all foreign layers are stripped
    off you as you slip through it.
  • The mineral particles swallow them little by little and lock them into their atomic structures, where they will accomplish their transformation after millions of years.
  • At the end of the narrow passage, thank the entities of the mineral world for offering relief to you. Continue to follow your path and no longer taint your presence with fear, alien thoughts and self-alienation.
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Sandrine Seguin

When I went into the narrow gorge, there is a point where everything was blackness, and even so I saw transient blue light. The presence of the mineral particles was very helpful and I was trusting. The Darkness then dissipated as I went out and found myself in a different state, lighter.


Ich zwänge mich durch die Felsen; es ist nicht leicht. Die Kristalle der Felsen nehmen alles Schwere auf. Als ich im Freien ankommen, nehme ich mich in einem strahlenden, leichten neuen Körper wahr. Da sehe ich, dass auch die anderen Wesen da sind, die durch diese Felsen gegangen sind. Wir haben alle diese neuen leichten und lichten Körper. Wir fühlen uns frei und tanzen.
Eine wundervolle Meditation, genau das richtige in diesen Zeiten! Danke!

Renate Hansen

Mein Weg führt zunächst in die Tiefe, tiefer und tiefer und tiefer. Ich erreiche den Grund und gehe auf schmalem Weg, rechts und links steile Felswände, alles ist eng. Weit oben sehe ich das Licht. Ich gehe den einzig möglichen Weg bis ich zu der Stelle des engen Durchlasses komme. Ich passe nicht hindurch, aber “es wandelt mich”. Die Mineralteilchen der Felsen helfen mir, alles Fremde abzustreifen. Ich gleite hindurch in ein wunderschönes offenes, liebliches Land. Ich erinnere den Brunnen und die Landschaft der Frau Holle und fühle mich wie im Land der Holle. Leicht, befreit und entlastet. Danke Euch für den Weg, den wir gemeinsam gehen.


This incredible opportunity to cleanse and open up is just a wonderful
Yesterday (27.1.) was the national day of remembrance for the liberation of the
camp in Auschwitz. I usually do this with my students in school, but now I was
cleaning and shining the “Stolpersteine” in memory of the Jewish people
who lived in the houses here and for whom there are no gravestones, on
the street where I live.
This morning, in the narrow path of the weekly exercises, there was a
shadow in front of me and in the awareness of the stones it was possible
to simply say yes and know that this too will be recycled. It was such a
great chance to just open up more and more. Actually like getting to
know and feel his resurrection body and getting into consciousness.
I think everyone should have this chance to experience it.

Maarja Joost Thorsén

A very needed and useful exercise! Thank you!

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