PART 21 (27th of May 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 21 (27th of May 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Child of humanity, come, enter

my realm. You are welcome.

Allow yourself to experience my space.

Feel welcome here with me.

Being with me in my space,

a new perspective opens up for you.


(Exercise by Marko)

  • The exercise begins standing.
  • Imagine that you take a step forward, while remaining in place with your physical body.
  • Now you have a solid body and – standing in front of you – a non-solid body.
  • With your subtle body, leap backwards over your head, as if you were an acrobat.
  • The further you fly, the smaller your subtle body becomes.
  • You land behind your head, coming to rest at the level of your two collarbones. Now you are only as tall as the distance between your larynx and the crown of your skull.
  • You are now standing in front of the entrance to the temple of Gaia, the universal creator.
  • Enter and cross the temple courtyard, which is the equivalent of your cranial space.
  • When you reach the centre of your forehead, be attentive, for from there you can see into the temple space of Gaia.
  • After you have accumulated the experiences of the temple, lower yourself into your physical body and ground yourself well.
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