PART 18 (6th of May 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 18 (6th of May 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Human being, only true inner self-affirmation

will allow you entirely to feel into our bond,

for a new time of unity

which is now dawning.

Without your intrinsic ‘yes’, our oneness remains only a vision – unattainable.

Show yourself to me, Gaia.

I love you.

Human, awaken into your existence.

(Exercise from Marko)

  • Imagine a lake in your heart space.
  • The heart space is dark rather than light.
  • A drop falls from the centre of your cranial space onto the surface of the lake
    with the message “Awaken!”
  • Then another drop, and another….
  • until the lake opens up and the golden sphere of your true being rises from the depths
    and begins to shine.
  • Your rays touch the forests in the distance, the birds in the sky,
    the mountains in the distance….
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Сердце отзывается: я чувствую его волнение после того, как красные капельки капают на озеро, расположенное в нем. Водная гладь озера превращается в бурлящие волны, и озеро раскрывается сиянием. Как же приятно хоть ненадолго почувствовать себя мамой Земли, обнять ее внутри себя. Благодарю за упражнение.

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