PART 17 (29th of April 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 17 (29th of April 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

12.11.2020 (Text by Andrea)

When you humans
approach your inner peace,
we – humanity and earth – experience
how close and connected we become.
And then,
then you awaken to our Oneness.


(Exercise from Marko)

  • The exercise is done standing up. Imagine that the Mother of Life is standing behind your back.
  • Try not to form a picture of her, but let the feeling arise in you of how it feels when the Mother of All Life is being addressed.
  • Then take a step backwards with your left foot so that you are standing within her presence for a while.
  • Then, take a step forward with your right foot so that you are back in your body.
  • Now look, feel, how the power and beauty of Gaia affects your body.
  • Pay close attention to what the quality of your body space feels like, from the soles of your feet to above your skull.
  • Repeat the exercise a few times to deepen your relationship with Gaia, the Mother of Life, and the relationship with your body.
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Тело отреагировала с первого раза небольшими спонтанными движениями. После второго входа (обратно в тело) почувствовала радость, которая заполнила все пространство. В третий раз заныло левое бедро: «Не хватает кальция», – сказала мне мать ЖИЗНИ.  БЛАГОДАРЮ

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