PART 15 (15th of April 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 15 (15th of April 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Gratitude and humility

allow you, humans,

to recognise the value of our connectedness.

Thus our shared path of transformation

into a peaceful coexistence

becomes a reality in the now.

The illusion of separation is dissolving more and more.

We are One –

Human beings, continue to recognise the flow of this time,



(Exercise from Marko)

  • Become aware that there is a window in your chest region through which it is possible to look into the etheric spaces of the causal world, where entities and forces reside that make life in the embodied plane possible.
  • But your window is dirty, because in the course of the last centuries few have understood and made sure that man could look into the loving face of the Mother of the earthly paradise through the inner window.
  • Now decide to clean your window.
  • Imagine making clockwise circular movements with one hand on the front of your window pane.
  • Then switch hands and imagine cleaning the back of the window in a counter-clockwise circular motion.
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Galina Rainina

Упражнение 15 с 15 по 21 апреля.
Покоряюсь прозрению Марко Погачника в глубины миа и Мира!
Окно в Мир! Очищенное …моми же руками!
Светло! Прозрачно! И дыхание стало свежим, легким…
Как это прекрасно, жить под таким чутким руководством!

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