PART 12 (25th of March 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia

PART 12 (25th of March 2021). Weekly Exercises to connect with Gaia


(Text by Andrea)

Human, let me communicate with you still.

Stay in touch.

Empower yourself, to enliven your spiritual potential,

its inherent creator-wealth,

and thus, prevent states of separation and division,

in one’s own interior, in the supposed exterior.

We are One – keep believing.

Christ in you.


(Exercise by Marko)

  • Direct your awareness to the point where the tailbone joins the rest of the spine.
  • Imagine that countless silver threads emanate from there, connecting you with the surrounding trees, stones, rivers, landscapes or mountains.
  • Feel yourself plugged into this network for a while.
  • The trees, stones, rivers, landscapes or mountains are always and permanently connected to the core of Gaia.
  • This also secures your reconnection with Gaia. Feel it running along the spine and rise up high above the head.
  • Then trace the same path along the spine back to the starting point of the exercise. 
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Получилось мощно: при первом подъёме ощутила, что все реки/горы/моря/земли мои дети и я отвечаю за них и даю им (как детям) ориентиры
при втором — почувствовала, что дети мои главные учителя (так и в жизни происходит) — помогают увидеть свои тени
при третьем мы были единой силой

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