Viruses as Microcosmic Dragons (video in English)

Viruses as Microcosmic Dragons (video in English)

Marko Pogačnik – Viruses as Microcosmic Dragons

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Caroline Sherwood

Thank you Marko, for another beautiful and powerful transmission.


Perfect 👌🏻 I have seen these dragons. Also it’s wonderful to hear the welcoming of them. Makes total sense to me 👍🏻🌈

susanne kaeser

I feel power and truth in Markos words about microorganism and virus. Thank you very much!

Simona Tuma

Thank you

Magrit Jordt

Thank you very much! I feel so touched deep inside, I know, there is truth in what you describe and I feel joy and I feel release! For me, this explaines on a even deeper level, what happens, I knew it was ment for good, I think now. I understand a little more. The whole time I was looking for the potential good in that Covid-Story, it shows us so much about ourselves so now, we can learn and change! Thank you so much, for giving the helping tools aswell, that is it, the answer is love, always!

Nina from Slovenija

I so appreciate your work and your great sense to translate earth and cosmic events and cycles to language easily understand to human felows. I can feel love expands over fear in unstoppable proces. Thank you Marko! Sending you blessings

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