Updated Ukraine Meditation for the Whole Earth Sphere

Updated Ukraine Meditation for the Whole Earth Sphere

Dear LifeNet collaborators!

The developments in Ukraine can lead to the Earth destruction. Gaia as the Mother of Life knows an emergency heart system that we as human beings should support in its activation:

  1. Start by doing the exercises 1. to 3. from the LifeNet “Peace to Ukraine” Exercises one after another or choose one. (They are repeated below)
  2. Then imagine that the breathing holes of the white (feminine) dragon are distributed all around the planet.
  3. Crystal flames colored green come out of those breathing holes.
  4. The crystal green light condenses in the atmosphere to create a green sphere around the Earth with the quality of the primeval (cosmic) love.
  5. Put several worlds’ political leaders into a sphere of white light so that they can not be inspired by the forces of destruction.

Exercise 1

  1. People of goodwill all move to the large plain of the Eastern Europe to form a large circle around Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
  2. We create an open space and invite ancestors of those nations from the spiritual world, angelic beings that guard the archetypes of the three Slavic nations and the mighty elemental beings from the Earthly kingdoms to descend and to touch the hearts of those entangled in the warfare with the inspiration of divine grace and of peace from the heart of the Earth.

Exercise 2

  1. Imagine that the space of your heart is like a cloud containing immense quantities of water.
  2. Let the water of our hearts rain upon the regions entangled in the war inside of Ukraine to extinguish the dangerous fire of warfare.

Exercise 3

The western border of Ukraine touches the dragon backbone of Europe that runs from the Pyrenees through the Alps and Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea. The Carpathian Mountains are the region where Ukraine touches the mineral dragon of Europe.

  1. The great plain of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is the home of the feminine aspect of the primeval power of the Earth. and like a white snake it is coiled in the underground of these three countries.
  2. The white snake represents the dragon powers of humility, love and wisdom.
  3. We imagine that within the earth the white dragon has openings for breathing distributed throughout these eastern lands.
  4. The white dragon begins to breathe. Multitudes of light balls emerge from its breathing openings to fill the East European space with the message of humility, love and wisdom.

Thank you!

Life Net organizing team

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Mary McNerney

From Mary McNerney, Massachusetts USA
It is not easy to condense into words a very powerful experience I had when doing our group workshop, but I will try —

I was filled with an awareness of the Unified Christ Consciousness (that is the name of it that I heard from angelic guides) moving into me, being me, and then moving through me into the world
An awareness came that we, as humans, have externalized the Christ Consciousness, placed it in other beings (Jesus, saints) and in other locations (churches, temples, sacred sites around the world)
In reality this Unified Christ Consciousness is actually present within us, it is us, but we have separated ourselves from that perception, that knowing.
As this awareness, this vibration of knowledge, came forth in me and from me, I was aware that my entire body, my entire being, was radiating Peace, broadcasting Peace. It had a color too, a pale lustrous pink. It did not matter that I perceive myself as only one small person. This radiance of Peace was much larger, much wider than my perception of myself. It manifests through me into the world. This is true for us all.

Maria Burbank, NY, USA

Thank you for sharing your experience. This mediation is powerful because it leads us through living imagination so that we may call upon the healing power of Christ within us. Blessings!

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