Workshop Nr. 2 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Workshop Nr. 2 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Prepared by Marko Pogačnik and the VITAAA Association team

First of May 2020 from 9.15 am to 11.00 am

The workshop is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

It is not allowed to distribute this workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing it via e-mail. The quantity of people collaborating is not so important as the quality of our togetherness.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 in your time zone.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.


9:15–9:30: Connection and attunement of the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. See what it feels like to sit together in a circle.
  2. Then we invite elemental beings to join our circle, and also our friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is sitting together with all those beings in the circle.
  3. Now we need to create the etheric space in which our workshop will take place. Imagine creating around our circle a spherical membrane composed of fine water drops shimmering green and violet. Time to time during the workshop remember our common space that enables us to work together in the present situation of the global quarantine.

9:30–9:50: We lead you this time to experience the area of the Triglav mountain dominating the landscape of Bohinj Lake where the LifeNet Gathering 2020 takes place. Triglav Mountain is the identity mountain of Slovenia where the geomantic systems of the country are centered. Triglav means “Three Headed (Goddesss)”. (See the drawing1)

  • We start with the Triglav glacier that disappeared last summer due to the climate changes. Feel its crystalline light at the level of your third eye positioned at the centre of your scull.
  • We continue moving down to the high plateau with the Seven Triglav Lakes. Feel the presence of their fairy worlds at the level of your throat.
  • With the help of the majestic Savica Waterfall we come even deeper down to the Bohinj Lake. Stand at is water surface and be aware that you stand at the level of your elemental heart that represents a fractal of the heart of Gaia vibrating within each one of us. Feel the quality of the manifested world embodied in the landscape of Bohinj.
  • Then ask the white snake embodying the wisdom of the lake to be taken down to its depth. Standing at the bottom of the lake, you have arrived to the bottom of your pelvic cavity.
  • From there it is possible to approach the heart of the Triglav Mountain. Ask the Goddess of the mountain to open for us the door to the inner worlds of Triglav. Enter and be open to experience its qualities and beings.
  • Return to your presence, bringing the experiences to your waken awareness.

9.50 – 10.10 Facing the challenge of the virus

Viruses have been demonized during the last months. Not one being of Gaia should be considered evil or hostile towards life.

  • Consider the vast population of viruses as the bridge between the inorganic and organic aspect of Gaia’s creation. Without this bridge we would all, together with plants and animals, become petrified – not only in the past but also now.
  • Respect the duty of viruses to oppose human race while we continue to destroy life upon the planet. In this case they represent the strong aspect of Gaia’s immune system.
  • This immune system has been activated newly after it became clear that humanity is not willing to change its destructive way of dealing with each other and with other beings of Gaia.
  • Go through these three points with the feeling of appreciation for the wisdom of Gaia, asking her to forgive humanity that projects its fears and hostility towards the kingdom of viruses, instead of accepting Gaia’s message inherent within their accelerated activity.

10.10 – 10.30 Let us protect the freedom of human beings to move along our path towards the loving cooperation with Gaia and her beings of life.

  • The collective quarantine we go through is an expression of the loss of human heartfelt and sensitive relationships to plants, animals, landscapes, fellow human beings…
  • By being more and more dependent on the rational way of thinking and acting, the human beings close themselves into the four walls of a self-quarantine.
  • Open the windows! Touch the breeze of the embodied life!
  • Before the workshop you should make a list of beings and situations you would like to touch with the feeling of your heart and hands – or decide in the moment.
  • Then go to each of them and touch them with the quality of your heart and your hands to break down the wall that separates humanity from the breath of life.

10.30 – 10.50 Gaia and her life creating beings need to become free from the blockade of their creative systems so that they can secure the victorious transition to the era of peace.

During the workshop of joined Italian and Slovenian groups with the creative mandorla of Italy, two women, Katja and Vera, have noticed that there exists a strong blockade of Italian creative powers. The problem is that the axis of the Italian mandorla is part of the mandorla of the Earth extending around Atlantic Ocean. As a consequence the creative capacities of the Earth are disrupted at the moment when Gaia needs to act to save life of the planet. (Look at the drawings Nr 2)

  1. Draw a mandorla around your body. Its lower corner is a bit below your feet and the upper one is above your head as high as you can reach with the hands. Find the point along its axis where your creative mandorla is focused. Be aware that you are now present within your highest creative self. How does it feel?
  2. Now transfer your mandorla to the landscape of Italy. (Italy is a land of creativity – remember Renaissance!) Its lower corner is positioned in the Gulf of Taranto and the upper one at the Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps. Its centre is in the area of Perugia (Triangle Assisi – Gubbio – Lago Trasimeno)
  3. Now rotate the mandorla of Italy few times so that the corners of mandorla move upside down: what is below becomes above and vice versa. This way we will unlock its blockage.
  4. While moving the mandorla upside down the mentioned triangle at the centre of Italy does not move. It represents the creative chakra that human beings have in the throat.
  5. Now we should transfer the vision of the mandorla of Italy to the greater scale, to the mandorla of the Earth reaching from Antarctica up to the North of Canada. Feel yourself standing within the creative vulva of the Earth.
  6. It is centered at the centre of the Atlantic where Plato placed the ancient city of Atlantis.
  7. Take care that your personal creative mandorla, the one of Italy and the one of the Earth pulsate in harmony with each other.

10.50 – 11.00: Conclusion of the workshop

We thank each other for mutual support in this work and give thanks to beings of other dimension of reality that cooperated.

We ask the elemental and angelic beings that collaborated to continue to perform the rituals we did today and to support us while we move towards our LifeNet Gathering 13–16 July 2020 at the Bohinj Lake, asking the same the ancestors from the spiritual world.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle temporarily.

The experiences can be shared on the above given LifeNet Gathering web site.

LIFENET:Geomancy and Transformation

Fig. 1

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Fig. 2

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01.05.2020 Lifenet 2020 (Workshop Nr. 2 des Lebensnetz-Treffens)

Diesmal war ich auf dem Schulgelände/ Hiberniaschule (in Herne) und in meinem Büro, wo ich seit dem 15.03.2020 täglich zum Herzchakra des Geländes meditiere.

Morgens noch vor dem meditieren des Workshops:

Ich sehe einen Strudel der nach unten geht – eine umgedrehte Windhose. In mir höre ich die Aufforderung: Spring. Ich zögere. Dann tu ich es. Dabei versuche ich mit meinen Händen/ Armen mein Herz zu halten/ zu schützen. Es geht schnell in die Tiefe. Immer wieder empfinde ich es so, dass ich versuchen möchte das Fallen aufzuhalten/ zu bremsen. Worte in mir: lass los. Vertraue.
Ich spüre eine Angst in mir. Mit links:

Schau sie dir an, die Angst.
(in mir: ich habe Angst schutzlos zu sein. Angst verletzt zu werden. Angst zu fallen, fallen gelassen zu werden, sobald ich vertraue, mich anvertraue). Mit links:

Hier bei mir- sei. Mit Allem. Zeig dich. Ich bin da. Ich bin ein Teil von dir und du bist ein Teil von mir.
Deine irdischen Erfahrungen bringen die Ängste immer wieder hervor. Nimm sie an, übergehe sie nicht mehr-
doch lass sie nicht bestimmen deinen weiteren Weg.
Durch sie hindurch kommst du zurück in dein wahrhaftiges Sein –
der Sprung , den du wagtest ist ein Bild dafür.
Ihr Menschen seit mehr,
als eure Erfahrungen in den Körpern.
Erkennet dies,
durch den Sprung ins Ungewisse.
Ich habe in dieser Meditation gemerkt, dass dadurch das ich etwas was da war, wahrgenommen und ausgesprochen habe (meine Angst) sich etwas weiterentwickeln konnte. Durch mein Zulassen des inneren Dialoges konnte Gaia, die geistige Welt mit mir in Kommunikation kommen und dadurch bekam ich das Geschenk in Form einer Erkenntnis. Und damit so etwas wie eine Anleitung für den nächsten Schritt.

Ab 09.15 Uhr
Am Boden des Sees erlebe ich eine Waschung mit kristallfarbenen Licht/ Energie und ich fühle mich, als würde ich gereinigt werden.
Ich nehme mich anschließend wie einen ungeschliffenen Diamanten wahr.
Um durch das Tor des Berges zu gehen gebe ich aus meinem Herzen einen kleinen Diamanten ab – als Schlüssel.
Ich gehe tiefer hinunter, es wird dunkel denke ich und sehe ich (mein Verstand) doch ich empfinde es wird heller und lichtvoller (mein fühlen/ meine Empfindung)
es ist als würde in mir ein Kampf stattfinden zwischen dem, was ich mir denke, was geschehen müsste und dem was wirklich geschieht.
Das ist als zerreiße es mich innerlich in zwei Hälften, in meiner Mitte, durch, durch alle Chakren wie ein Schnitt. In meinem Kopf ist es ganz laut, mir werden die Ohren zugehalten. Dann mit links:
Erschaffet die Einheit in Euch
und ihr fühlet die Einheit von uns-
Mensch und Erde auf dem gemeinsamen Schöpfungsweg,
in dieser Zeit- friedvoll im Miteinander sein.

09.50 Uhr – Wir stellen uns der Herausforderung des Virus.
(Das Gefühl der Wertschätzung Gaia‘s Weisheit und um Vergebung der Menschheit gegenüber bitten, dass sie ihre Ängste und Feindseligkeit auf das Reich der Viren projiziert hat anstatt Gaia‘s Botschaft zu akzeptieren, die in der erhöhten Aktivität der Viren enthalten ist.)
Bild: Ich sehe mich und neben mir und hinter mir Menschen aus meinem Umfeld, um Vergebung bittend stehen und warten. Mit links:
Ihr Menschen,
jederzeit besteht die Möglichkeit eines Neuanfang‘s-
an jedem neuen Tag,
zu jeder Stunde, in jeglicher Minute –
sobald nur die Entscheidung dazu,
ihr in Euch trefft.
Wir können gemeinsam
einen neuen, kreativen Weg gehen.
Ich reiche Euch meine Hand.
Das Ergreifen –
liegt in Euch, in Eurer Freiheit.
Ich sehe Euer Ringen –
abnehmen kann und werde ich es Euch nicht.
Euer Ja,
zum Weg zurück in die Einheit,
begleitet von mir,
liegt in Eurer Freiheit.
Ich bin da.
Noch immer.

10.10 Uhr- Wir schützen die Freiheit der Menschen, unserem Pfad hin zu einer liebevollen Zusammenarbeit mit Gaia und ihren Lebewesen zu folgen.
(Nun: Wesen und Situationen, die ich mit dem Gefühl meines Herzens und meiner Hände berühren möchte vorstellen und innerlich zu jedem gehen und sie mit der Qualität meines Herzens und meiner Hände berühren, um Mauern einzureißen, die die Menschheit vom Atem des Lebens trennt.)

Ich öffne mich innerlich komplett der Energie Gaia‘s. Ich gebe mich hin. Zuerst empfinde ich mich wie ein Saugnapf an Gaia‘s Energie. Nach kurzer Zeit wandelt sich dies und ich habe das Bild/ Imagination, als würde ich von Gaia eine Impfe erhalten. Ich werde mit der Liebe Gaia‘s zu den Menschen geimpft. Nun stelle ich mir, geimpft mit dieser Impfe Gaia‘s, Wesen/ Situationen vor meinem inneren Auge vor. Dank dieser Impfe, kann ich frei in jegliche Begegnung gehen und diese friedvoll und versöhnlich, um Vergebung bittend und Vergebung schenkend ansehen und fühlen und somit freilassend, friedvoll in mir werden und annehmend Ja in mir sagen. Ich sage Ja zu mir und kann jede Seele und jede Situation segnend und dankend, freilassend stehen lassen ohne jegliche Beurteilung oder Verurteilung. Sowohl in mir, als auch im Außen. Wie Innen so Außen. Ich empfinde eine friedvolle Harmonie in mir. Mit links: gesegnet seist du Andrea.

1) Mandorla um meinen Körper
mein Punkt an dem meine kreative Mandorla fokussiert ist:
– Es ist meine linke Hand, mein linker Arm und es weitet sich aus Richtung Schulter und Brust- Herzbereich. Bild: ich halte eine Sonnenblume in der Hand (spontan in mir der Satz: mach es wie die Sonnenuhr, zähl die heiteren Stunden nur)

2), 3) Mandorla rotieren lassen
– Während des Prozesses mit der Vision der Mandorla zeigt sich mir jetzt deutlich der Ausgangspunkt meiner Mandorla, und zwar an der unteren Spitze meines Herzen
und von dort nun verteilt sich die Kraft in mir. Andersherum wie zuvor wahrgenommen. Also, Ausbreitung in den Herz- Brustbereich, linke Schulter, Arm und Hand.
Bild: es entsteht vom Punkt des Herzens ausgehend ein goldenes Spinnennetz, welches größer wird. (Ich erinnere mich sogleich an ein inneres Bild von vor einigen Tagen in einer Meditation, wo eine große schwarze Spinne ein großes schwarzes Spinnennetz gesponnen hat.)


Dear members of the Vitaaa Association, dear Marko,
a thousand thanks for all the preparation work and the inspiring and profound meditations you shared with us.
And hearty thanks to all the participants of the meditation –
humans and all the other helpful beings- I felt very connected, safe and well guarded the whole meditation time.
Triglav / Virus
A portal opened into the interior of the mountain.
I sensed the presence of a great being, saw a warm glowing
red light in the distance. Approaching it there was laying a huge
circular stone in front of me – looking like an over-dimensional
millstone. It had a carved or painted six- pointed star on it.
Immediately I had to think of Leonardo da Vincis famous drawing
of the Vitruvian human. I remembered seeing a copy of it in a book about the flower of life written by Drunvalo Melchisedek
a few years ago. He copied Leonardo’s drawing in a star tetraeder.
This picture I had on my mind, hearing an inner voice with the
word “dedication”. I got the impulse to lay down on the stone inside the star with extended arms and legs.
I had to stay there even as the next meditation sequence started.
Then I turned from my back on my belly, my arms growing over the edges of the stone deep into the earth. And suddenly I was capable to communicate with mother earth by talking with my
hands. I begged her pardon. She let me know that she bears no grudge against the humans but is full of love and forgiveness.
But she intends to initiate a change in human minds towards
sister and brotherhood among one and another and towards all
other beings. She used the expression “Geschwisterlichkeit”
which does not exist neither in German nor in English language.
Then I got the impulse to push open the portals of Triglav
and stepped out. The wonderful red light streamed out and was pouring in the surroundings.
I met some people I am familiar with, touching them with my hands and communicating by heart.
Suddenly I found myself at the edges of the Hambacher Forest.
My arms began to grow again and I could embrace the whole forest until the edges of the vast hole the coal mining has eaten in the earth. Roseate light was flowing out of my hands and heart
into this gigantic wound. It was difficult for me to come to an end
with this meditation and switch to the mandorla by time.

The work with you all brought me great pleasure and I am looking
forward to the next opportunity.
Heartfelt greetings,

Kerstin Mertens

Thank you so much, Marko and Vitaaa! Thank you Triglav and Lake Bohinji! I felt real at home while being with the powerful presence of the group and the landscape.
Viruses have been around since the beginning of the earth, they are the language of Gaia, they change the biom and genome to transform life. They help us in the human family to have common experiences and to have the same information. They are always and everywhere around and within us, in great number and variety of forms. They are part of the great Gaia community, not our enemies. We fed peace and love with them into the Matrix, which Gaia smiled lovingly and proudly about.

It was clearly felt that the original full power of the creative force is blocked: by blocking the femininity and female elementary power of human civilization, which has imprinted itself in Gaia’s body. I was able to track down some of the beliefs that underlie this and notice how they were transformed by my witnessing and by all of us being connected and turning to the Mandorlas:
“Creation is male” (il creatione di Adamo, construction, architecture, engineering …)
“male god”
“creation has only happened once (in the past, in the beginning) and it is only necessary to preserve it”
“I’m not creative, just passive-receptive (vulva, female role, feminine images!)”
“my will and desire does not count”
“I may be creative and strong and creative only in service to others”
“my creative power is only seen when I use it to produce (superficial) aesthetics / beauty, within the permitted framework”.
“I must be good”
“I must continue the creation/the ideas of my parents/of my ancestors”
“I am defeated. I am broken.”
“Gaia is creator”
“we are their creatures”
“Creation is constant and ever new in all which is”
“I, too, am a creator and I bind myself to the elemental creative power of Gaia”
“Everything- that- is is my fellow creatures.”

Today I have again felt the Mandorlas moving and radiating in different colours and vibrations, with much more power and coherence than on Friday and growing further… and me personally being much more connected to my center…
Thank us all for those deep experiences and being together!


I also wish to share there was a water problem at home in the morning when I began the meditation and after the meditation I opened the tap and the water came back flowing strongly.


Thank you Marko and the VITAAA team for this workshop. I experienced it as follows:

Inviting the elementals and beings from the other realms to join our circle, the earth space appeared to me as green and violet fractal layers shifting.

Connecting to Triglav Mountain, I was drawn to the energy under the mountain, which rises into the mountain body and its peaks like purple and white stalagmites. The glacier made a strong presence at the level of the eyes and third eye. The glacier seemed to hold a hologram of the mountain. The seven lakes formed a soft ring in the shape of a crown. I noticed my head and throat inside the crown. I also noticed the tip of my nose and a sensation of water running behind my ears. Savica waterfall and the elemental heart brought a feeling of immense love which felt physically warm. The waterfall flowed into a pool in my pelvic cavity. The white snake disappeared into these waters but I felt its body like a golden pulse inside my heart. Entering the inner worlds of the mountain, I experienced the mountain as a being in a deep listening with Gaia, like the mountain is part of a birthing process. The glacier, lakes, waterfall and landscapes of the mountain formed an oval curve at the front of my body and the back of this oval is behind my body with water flowing along the curve.

Facing the challenge of the virus and connecting with Gaia in appreciation and asking for forgiveness, I experienced a feeling of deep sadness from Gaia and at that moment I heard a siren outside my window as though she wished to say ’emergency’.

Opening the windows to touch with the feeling from the hands and heart, I am reminded of the feelings from the meditation proposal for this month to make daily visits to places with our imagination. I reached my hands and heart across London city and I was taken to the Middle East, in particular to connect with the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. I felt the stagnation of the Dead Sea as it is losing its waters. I connected with the impulse of life and creation within the Red Sea. I felt these places in the embrace with the hands and heart and the urge to reconnect with them further.

The mandorla around the body felt energising, full of life and regeneration. Connecting to the mandorla of Italy I see green grass rising from one side of this mandorla and I feel the sensation of this grass growing. From the other side of the mandorla there appeared to be small sparks flying into the air, like a small firecracker ignited. I experience the centre of the earth mandorla like fairy realms, a small golden geometrically shaped window with sand and sea beyond it. When the personal, Italian and Earth mandorlas pulsate together, I realise the oval around my body from the Triglav landscape becomes this mandorla. I feel the water running behind my body being dispersed into the space around me. I feel I am being asked to disperse this water into the green and violet fractal layers of the earth which appeared to me at the start of the meditation.

Thank you for this opportunity to collaborate. I am grateful for the proposals from this workshop.

Märta Uggla

Workshop 2
The workshop was extremely interesting. I participated from Finland with my elemental friends. I will share with you one patricular picture that came up because it surprised me.
Inside Triglav I came into a huge empty hall. In the middle of it sat a dark silent figure on a chair, a black hood over his head, arms tied up behind him.
Meanwhile I hesitated my fellow friends lifted him out of the chair and put him down on the
floor. He did not move att all. They untied him and draw away the black material that covered him.
Now I could see who or what it was. A very beautiful young man with long blond hair and white skin was in deep sleep in front of me, a fairytaleprince dressed in blue and white. A sleeping innocent male beauty, He was completely unaware of me standing at his side looking down to him. I blessed him and continued on my way.

look at my report – i also saw the sleeping king inside triglav! kind regards to finland!

Christel Meissner

Tuning in with our circle after having experienced a fresh spring morning with nature breathing in the raindroplets from the night. Birds singing, nature rejoicing in the reigning peace, almost immediately after having invited the beings in assistance from the spiritual/ancestral plane – “Shakyamuni Buddha” appeared briefly and the green “Tara” = bodhisattva – a globe of crystalline transparent droplets showed in the pattern of the flower of life. This beautifully structured globe formed itself around our circle!
Concentrating on the crystalline light at the height of the 3rd eye,
I could sense dryness. Moving my focus down to the throat area, my left throat felt tight, as if scar tissue had tightened. Moving further down with the help of the waterfall, joy started to come into my heart about the beauty of the manifested world in the landscape of Bohinj.
The white snake turned out to be a plumed serpent, taking me down in her opened mouth (me having transformed into a mermaid) into the depth of the lake.
Approaching the mountain of Triglav and standing in front of the gate, the power of our joined group having asked permission to enter, the goddess opened her mantle, layer by layer, until we could enter into the sacredness of her heart.
Thus prepared, I felt at first a distancing of Gaia with hardened, separate tight structures in the energy field. With our group’s attention and humbling pleas for forgiveness, the energy field started to open, got softer and expansive again.
In this field, individuals, groups of my friends and greater family appeared. Touching them with my heart, my hands started to glow and pulse, it was very beautiful and lasted for quite a while…
Sketching the mandorla around me and then overlaying it on Italy, I had Italy at my back (the swirling seemed to have worked, since the field had losened) Also I had the mandorla overlaying Antartica to Canada at my back. A very powerful feeling and the layers corresponded to the flower of life structure of the ethereal globe our group was situated in.
An amazing experience, and I thank you all for this opportunity to participate in such a group of Beings! Especially you, dear Marko and the Organization Team…
Christel, Berlin

lea hennessy

Many thanks to Marko and his team for all their hard work to make this day possible.
Today our circle was full of all types of beings and the energy was pulsating throughout the meditation. There was a powerful connection with our ancestors today I felt. Triglav: as I dove in to the lake the wonderful presence of a giant white snake prepared my for the trip in to the mountain. There I face a pure white wall and to the right a large imperial woman who berated me and said you bring us nothing. I sensed behind the wall hundreds of beings. She pointed to the right and there was a piano rough hewn out of a tree trunk. Play she said and bring your music. I played and the athmosphere became happy and I felt accepted. The meditations of the mandorlos were moving. In the first stage I saw my own creative mandorlo which was around my heart. My heart was divided in to squares which fell away revealing a human heart . I ran to the Italian mandorlo which moved easily and taking this and my own mandorlo I jumped in the centre of the mandorlo of Gaia. I felt I was coming home and was welcomed. I could have stayed all day there.

Anne Stuart

I felt grateful and emotional and honoured to be with the group. I felt a great sense of belonging and homecoming.
Beings from the other realms were about. I could feel soft air about my knees and hips. When creating protective cocoon. I saw streams of green and violet light coming through ancient arches in the sky. My heart chraka was woven with spititual threads of violet.
Winged fairies like fireflies flew about me dressed in blue. They led me on. Gnomes robed in red were at ground level.
Under the surface of Bohinj lake I could see the face of Giaia. It was reflected in the clouds. Again I was in her womb, my heart in her heart, beating as one. Mother and child reunion.
The white snake was the umbilical cord ,
attached to Giaia passing on all the knowledge of aeons.
Going deep into Triglav, I entered a passage which opened into a hugh cave that had two chambers just shaped as a heart. White light came down through large white aorta. Tubes like passages red and blue ran through the cave.
I was reminded of “Newgrange”, a sacred megalithic passage tomb near where I live in Ireland. The capstone has three sets of triple spirals engraved on it. I see it as a place of rebirth, just like the heart of Triglav. Connecting Triglav with pelvic area of Giaia, a great love affair. Energy was strong and I wanted to stay there.
I appreciate the hard work Giaia is doing for humanity creating a strong immune system. She is getting rid of what is not essential to life, showing us her great love for us and our dependence on her.
I can breathe more easily. I am full of gratitude for the grace of her abundance in all things, her blessings and her beauty. We come from her and go back to her. I ask forgiveness of her, for mine and humanity’s neglect of her.
Opening the window, I touch the fresh green spines of a Larch and feel the little brown buds. She gives me strenght.
I ask all family members for forgiveness . I recognise God and Goddess is the love in which I forgive.
My centre of creation was in my heart.
I sent healing to Italy and the earth. Felt connected to all of the world’s family. We are all one.
Thank you Marko and your team. I feel blessed to have participated.
Anne Stuart.

Marinka Špodnjak

Greetings to everyone taking part in this gathering! Amazing circle of people, ancestors, elemental beings. Present was mutual surpris-interest in so different kind of beings: big eyes surfing everywhere, and excitement about what will preceed At the end of gathering – it was extrem-joy circle.

Mountain of Triglav
Glacier: appeared as the plane structure made of white light beams streaming form the centarl spot to which is coming the light from the heaven perpedicually to the plane, It was laying on the body of the mountain, in some mountain chalice below the mountainn peaks. Life-line is coming down to Lakes which cascaded one after the other. In the hearth region was deep chalice of freash, dark greenish water, clearly connected to the Planet interiors. In the water appeared delicate white serpent with the crown at the head. It led me down to the bottom of the Chalice . From there connection to the Goddess of Triglav. The key I got was like a shiny tread of light, laying horizontaly as some connection, small concavity in the middle (middle of the mountain). For the short moment I had picture of Aquarious who is pouring water into the surrounding. This picture aks me to concentrate to Goddess head and surprisingly seen was there dark cloudy vortex with the peak in the head of the mountain. It was black. Like parasit vortex. What is that? I tried to lower the darknes with the pray (to Christ). The darkness lowered. Than were seen two dark beams comming together to one spot (to glacier). Where it came from? I could not see but came understanding. It is artificial, coming from artificial satelites. They are bombarding the third Eye of the mountain. Behind it are humanlike beings in dark with serious gaze a bit redish, with no simpyty , and empaty, they turned back when triing to connect them with Christ. No cooperation. What could hel? Came up image of mirrors which will reflect back the dark light, Scatering of light is not so efficent. So, the task is to avoid arrival of dark light to the glacier. When I made those mirrors imaginatively, appeared the glacier at the top of the Triglav.
Triglav also manifested as a part of the team mountains , holding each other, connected by shoulders and really triing hard to hold , to stand, to oppose pressure. Really not giving up. Similar to our ancestors/angels participants who were holding/supporting during the proces.
So that light line, which I received as the key from the Goddess, I understand as twofold:: hoorisontaly (team of mountains), and vertical (connecting the lightly center of the Planet and the spiritual hights). This vertical part is corrupted, and I understand that this cause unability to spread around the new existence coming from below, from the Earth’s center, to Bohinj Lake.

Strange: viruses make easiness in Earth’s structure. Recognizing their such function on the Planet and asking for forgiveness for ignorance, attacks on them, and fear made the conversion of their action: from aggressive attack radially from the center of the Earth into a slightly radially harmless pulse.

Collective quarantine
It appeard like a red/dark-red planet encapsuled in itself very difficult to open the window anywhere. The planet is seen from outside. Very very big fiery planet. It was big because existed only it in it’s perception. No nature, no the Planet, no others, when the consciousness of the Nature was there, the Red Encapsuled Planet became smaller. The only way to open windows is by opening the window by myself in my connections to different persons and groups in present life and before. Different relations , proccesses, and ashievements. During few hours changes are seen in relations with my relatives (in better). I’ll repeat this exercise from time to time.

My personal mandorla was not in harmony. NOw is better. Powerfull exercise. When appling rotation to Italian mandorla it seemd efficient, but inspecting the shape of Italian mandorla, you could see the lower corner (in Taranto Bay) as moving to the center giving impression of ?something isn’t in order. Who is responsible for that, what is happening? The ruler of the underground of thet region was not good. He was troubled, coild not mantain the preassure of surrounding. Holding him ears with hands as wanting not the hear noise, turmoil from around. What is couse of the turmoil? No answer.
I have asked the ruler of the underworld for the help, whom I have recently known, to help if he can. I explained who have to be contacted. He quickly made his way through the numerous districts to reach him, in the Taranto underground. I asked him to ask his comrades to help him, because the Taranto rulerr did not want to open his eyes, nor ears, he was so horrified. When they made a circle around him and were very close, he agreed to open his eyes and look. It was clear then that it was about people in the depths of the sea.
Many souls of dead people floating or diving around their bodies in sea depths. The souls of drowned refugees who have not reached the mainland of Italy. Souls have not found their peace on the right path in the afterlife.
I turned to souls who could hear me, and said that their bodies had died, but that their souls were alive, that they were immortal, and let search for the light of Christ with their spiritual eyes. Several responded. I asked them to look for others, their relatives, relatives. And so began the rain of lights from the depths of the sea to the spiritual world. It took a long time.
The lower corner of Italian mandorla than turned back to the proper position.
Nothern part of Italian mandorla seemed bright but with some inflamation. Again many souls who were not properly escorted into the soul-spiritual world. There are also souls who have died in the last few months without adequate accompaniment and in abnormal conditions, have not been adequately forgiven of earthly life. I repeated the same procedure as with the souls from the Mediterranean Sea. and had the impression that this was okay now.
The mapping to the Atlantic mandorla went fast. As soon as was focus to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, appeared a huge vortex into the depths of the ocean, a plug popped out of it after the edges of the Atlantic madorle shone as I painted the previous two mandorles (mine and Italy). Tthe lively and beautiful light-blue power of the earth’s center began to emerge – something new. It walks toward the Sargasso Sea, then folowing the Golf Current across the North Atlantic Ocean to Europe. It crossed Gibraltar, too, and reached the Adriatic Seaand the bay on island not far from my house. Woof. Through the southern part of the Atlantic Grade, this almost automatically expanded.

Our circle is full of excitement and joy, we were all joyful. Our ancestors and elemental beings promised to be supportive. Great event. Warm thankfulness to Marko and colleagues for inventing and preparing this even.

Anne Denmark

1-3. today’s tuning into the circle takes a while and sometimes I tune into the entire humanity until the palm of my left hand wants to turn upwards and the right one opposite then I sense the pulsation of our group passing through my heart which gets full of gratitude! The elemental beings contributes with a beautiful airy energy, the ancestors with a very powerful “earthy” energy working in my root chakra/sacrum strengthening me and transferring wisdom. From the angelic realms I experience a veil dropping down over the consciousness while they are doing some “let go” work with the group. The established membrane surrounds us and offering max. safety and comfort releasing some of the blockage in my root chakra/sacrum.

Triglav Glacier – sensing a shift between sorrow and light energy until finally a very subtle eteric energy slips into my pineal – seemingly it is an eternal energy which we must take care of.
High plateau – amazingly beautiful energy – everything vibrating and pulsating releasing a very deep longing in me opening my throat, and my heart is melting in gratitude letting the tears fill my eyes.
Slavica waterfall – empowers and grounds me even more in the landscape
The inner worlds of Triglav – easily allowance. At first meeting a huge power followed by absolutely nothing! I experience myself as if staying in a minor tunnel leading towards the center of the mountain. I get a picture of the Ravne tunnel in Visoko. Arriving at the inner part I perceive a very soft, strong and peaceful vibration pulsating outwards in the direction of Medjugorje and Assisi.

The virus : it is difficult for me to perceive the bridge – I have to let go of my intellect, cannot feel the lower part of my body then I get in contact with Gaia’s immune system and I see inner pictures of earth quakes, volcano eruptions, tornados etc.
Turning to Gaia for forgiveness on behalf of humanity a kind of lightning occurs in my sacrum. Gaia accepts and my heart opens sending gratitude downwards through the lower part of my power towards the kingdom of viruses and the entire creation of Gaia.
(This part of the exercise is very much connected with the vision I had around March 1st which I shared with you, Marko)
The quarantine – I get exhausted from breaking down the walls especially from the many unknown fearful people around me. Gaia supports me with renewed energy.
The mandorla – a safe shield around me. Seemingly hard to perceive my axis and the center. My pelvis starts rocking to and fro releasing a lot of energy and I get an experience of the chakras before centering in the lower belly. Joining in with the mandorla of Italy I land at the gulf of Taranto. My entire body starts moving, my arms want to whirl around like wings from a mill. The Italian mandorla gets into motion by this energy reviving the point at Assisi. The vulva is a very comfortable place and the uniting of the three mandorlas brings harmony to the planet.
Thanks to everybody<3 love Anne

Renate Hansen

Our circle of angels, ancestors, elemental and human beings belongs together. We belong together. The unvisible world is full of joy being invited.
The green colour sparkles in intensive yellowgreen.

We have to carry the cristalline potential inside of us until the glacier „comes back“.
We descend from the pure down to the busy world.
The surface of the lake forces us to balance in every second. We are directly connected with gaia.
The goddess of Triglav leeds me into an inner hall: huge dimension, high serious atmosphere. On the floor there is business of transformation from the room beneath the bottom to the room above. The elementary power is busy like bees.
This is the space of the unvisible beings. Like in a zoom I am being drawn nearer and nearer.

The virus: similiar bustling activity like at the inner bottom of Triglav.
Human beings grow silent, and the virus become louder.
Gaia says: I send love and life to you. Stop acting. I will send you a new source. Trust in joy. I deliver myself from a crusty casing.
We are all one. I exemplify life to you through my own life.
Again: green –violett colours.
Thanks for the intensity.

We all shake our hands with our neighbours in the circle. We protect the way to follow Gaia and her beings. Is is our own breath, our own spirit.
When we open the windows the whole room starts to change. He also increases. And he doesn´t lock himself up from the surrounding any longer.
I went to several people of my surrounding. Some of them didn´t realize what I did or refused it. I started to just form a field of power of the breath of life for them.
But most of the people were happy for turning down the walls. Old scars disappered into animated texture.

My own creative center is blocked if the creativity of the earth is blocked. It belongs together.
Creativity comes out of my heart.
The Italian Mandorla turns clockwise, very agile.
The creative vulva of the earth / Atlantis is like a strong and constant source but the water around is very muddy. The source has to get energy from the deepest point. The source is located in the abdomen. I can hear a canorous deep sound.
When I put the three Mandorlas above each other I could hear a triple accord, like unisono. Full of love. And very firm.
The elementary heart sounds in divine harmony/triad: creativity from the heart and throat of human beings , through the heart of the country and through the belly of the earth.
The highest voice (human beings) can unfold itself only with the resonance of the other deeper voices.
But what is with the back side of the earth?
I created a huge cosmic Mandorla with the earth as the heart. I heard a great orchestra of joy.

Thank you to all of you!
I sensed the huge graveness of all of you together in this circle. The spiritual world was very grateful for our invitation and they will continue our rituals with pleasure. But we have to do our work in the manifested world, thats OUR job!
We felt very invigorated and we are grateful for this wonderful collective place for all beings prepared with love from Marko and VITAAA. We love the cosmogram of our meeting. We can fill the free space inside with our love.
Thank you so much, Marko and all of you!

Martin Krausch

Hello everybody,
first of all thank you Marko and the preparation group for preparing and inspiring us to do this work.
I have to admit that today it was extremely difficult for me to stay focussed. It went well with the gathering of the group but then my thought started to wander.
Inside of Triglav, it appeared very calm to me, but I could not decide if it is the old ways fading or if there is somethin new under development.
During the appreciation of the virus, my thoughts went back to my time as a student of ecomomics. It was in the 1980s and even at that time, we were alredy dicussing concepts of an economic system that does not need growth. I think tis is one of the central messages: be content with what we have. All the longing for more and the greed lead to the situation of mankind destroying nature. In past times, it was always a major war which caused the “reset”. So we can be really grateful that now, it is “only” a relatively harmless virus (imagine, Ebola would spread at the same rate). And not word war 3.
Working with the mandorlas:
It was not easy to find the creative centre of my own mandorla (maybe that is my weak spot). When going on to Italy, I felt a disturbance north of the centre, inthe area of Firenze (I realized that later when looking again at the drawing). By rotating anti-clockwise, I could be partly dissolve the diturbance.
When trying to transfer thid to the global mandorla, I was thrown back with a big bang.
That reminded me, that I forgot the most important principle of healing work (and to me, this is healing work): to ask for permission first – never heal anybody or anything without it’s consent.
After apologizing, I coud get direct contact with the global mandorla, not entering it, but it reached out with hands and invited me to dance – just the two of us. Italy was sitting timidly in a corner. After some time, Italy joined carefulle and in the end, it was a dance of the three of us – the Atlantic, Italy and myself.
Upon closing, it was important to bring down the sphere we created in the beginning, so the effect of our work could be spread. The sphere almost felt like another quarantaine container.
All the best to yoe from Austria

Vidar Vetterfalk

Thank you very much for preparing this and for this possibility to collaborate.
As I was about to sit down in the circle and opened myself to feel who were there it just got wider and wider, surrounding the Earth and including it.
When I invited the Elemental beings they were there immediately in an instance and with very strong presence and very active. It was as if they had been waiting for this and were totally ready. I was surprised. Also happy and deeply touched. I have not seen them this clearly before.
I entered the inner world of Triglav Mountain only a minute before 9.50 so I only opened myself for a very short time to experience its qualities and beings: I experienced bright white light and that everything I saw in there was bright white, almost dazzling. A huge white high open hall or sphere with sacred activities, calm and present and firm and effective in the deepest sense. There was a quality of limestone (Is there lime in the mountain?)
Thank you for the possibility to ask Gaia and myself to forgive humanity (including myself) for projecting fears and hostility towards the kingdom of viruses instead of accepting Gaia´s message. It opened up new possibilities for healing and moving forward.
Touching with heart and hand I felt safe and open to connect with plants, animals, places in nature and then found myself wanting to/need to also connect with persons I had blocked away, to forgive and connect with them. Persons like Bolsonaro, Trump and other persons like them and also persons who are closer to me (including also myself) that I had given the power to hinder me from developing work for humanity and the Earth. Thank you for the help in breaking down the wall that separates humanity (including myself) from the breath of life.
In the work with the mandorlas I sensed a joyful relief of the blockage of Italy. Curious to read what others experienced.

Looking very much forward to continue this work together.

Warm regards
Vidar Vetterfalk

I enter its inner world through a pulsating vulva, a wavelike suction, there are enourmous spaces with myriads of little beings. A female giant looks at me over her shoulder, backwards. A tall old king is sitting half sleeping on his throne and there are many other tall beings like him, probably Sidhe.
There is solemnity and vitality in one.
It is an interesting experience to perceive the world of viruses as an autonomous layer of Gaia and to set it free from human projections by the request for forgiving. Indeed this process is followed by a deepened appreciation of Gaias wisdom.
Through our collective focus this intimate touch of many living beings happens very easily and lightly and permeates creation like a big wave. I can feel the deep tragedy oft he actual situation.
I feel the radiant (body-)consciousness of my own creativity. The transfer to Italy turns out quite easy by our common effort. Its creative center (Assisi-Gubbio-Trasimeno) is shown as its absolute anchor, in my perception also Monte Amiata is part of it. The rotation is possible by our common effort and sets free Italys creative mandorla.
The creative mandorla of Earth is very sublime and directly connects with Gaias consciousness.
In the beginning I experience its center blocked and dull, with bubbles coming up. Finally a wreath of dolphins appear, who open it up from underneath … it reminds me of Brians cosmogram for the vitality of water in Vstis (CZ). I can see the connection of this point with the center of Earth and also a highly rising fountain of water/energy.
It is already much stronger and clearer since last time with a very distinct focus/direction and big support for it from the other worlds. THANK YOU!

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Thank you Marko for giving us this opportunity to work together with Gaia. For me it was very strong and powerful. Inside the Triglaw mountain there was lots of activity going on, all in agolden red atmosphere. There was a kind of cermony given to us. We were empowered with some kind of knowledge and energy from the inner of Triglaw. This we will transmit to the world by being our true selves. It will happen without us being aware, just to carry on being truthful, loving human being. So beautiful!
Gaia forgives us! She did so showing us all the beauty there is created in the world! But – she asked us to always listen to her. She gives us messages and we will know what to do. But always LISTEN!
Try constantly to increase your Flow of LOVING energy. You know how to do it! This is the key to all locks!
Being inside the mandorla was fascinating. The strength of my creative part was surprisingly strong and active. It felt so good and happy to work with Italy in this way. I think we could do the same work with many countries!
The Eart mandorla, so powerful and strong. I felt the good strength increase by pulsating the three mandorlas together.
Thanks and love to you all!

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