Workshop Nr. 1 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Workshop Nr. 1 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Prepared by Marko Pogačnik and VITAAA Association team

Easter Saturday, April 11th 2020 from 9 am to 12 am

The Workshop is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

It is not allowed to distribute this Workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators to whom you trust by distributing the Workshop plan via e-mail. The quantity of people collaborating is not so important as the quality of our togetherness.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 according to your time scheme.

Have the Workshop plan printed with you or have it on your computer or phone ready so that you can follow the time table.


9.15 – 9.30 am: Connection and attunement of the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. Feel how it is if sitting together in a circle.
  2. Then we invite to join our circle the elemental beings that are ready to help us in this work and also our friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is sitting together with all those beings in the circle.
  3. Now we need to create the etheric space in which our Workshop will take place. Imagine creating around our circle a spherical membrane composed of thin threads coloured green and violet. Time to time during the workshop remember our common space that enables us to work together in the present situation of the global quarantine.

9.30 – 9.50 am: Grounding of the circle at the Bohinj Lake where the LifeNet Gathering 2020 takes place

  1. The purpose of this point is to prevent the circle to float around and rather to be grounded at the inspiring place of the Bohinj Lake.
  2. The 20 members of Slovene preparation group who know the places will lead you around 4 places and you have approximately 5 minutes for each place to feel it and to discover its qualities.
  3. These places are: Savica waterfall, Bohinj lake shore, Naklova Glava peninsula in the middle of the lake and the place where river Sava flows out of the lake.

9.50 – 10.00 short pause to write down the experiences and to rest

As told in the fairy tales, to be able to do good works, the hero needs to meet three challenges first. So as next we shall work on transforming three kinds of blockades that block the heartfelt connection between the human culture and the Earth planet. Each one of them is positioned one layer deeper in the subconsciousness of the Earth.

10.00 – 10.10 to remind human beings that we are called to become collaborators of Gaia and not destructors of the Earth

  1. We need to transform the pattern that says that the Earth is at disposal to human beings to fulfil their selfish purposes.
  2. Make the Gaia Touch gesture of detachment from this pattern and then let the wind of violet colour transform the pattern of ignorance that is spread like a web among peoples of the Earth at their plexus level. (For the gesture of detachment see Appendix 1)
  3. Instead we express in the name of humanity our will to cooperate lovingly with all beings belonging to the cluster of Gaia worlds. Listen to the possible feed back form the elemental world.

10.10 – 10.20  to transform the pattern of the terrible hell that patriarchal religions project since millennia into the depth of the Earth

  1. The pattern of hell does block the pure and joyous relationship to the core of the Earth and Gaia, its consciousness, for millions of people.
  2. Imagine reaching with your hands deep down into the mineral Earth (lithosphere) where the religious pattern of the hell is positioned.
  3. There down you should gather with your hands that pattern to form a ball out of it. Make it small to become a black homeopathic ball in which the information of the hell’s pattern is compressed.
  4. Then lift the ball out of the Earth and towards the sky.
  5. Open hands and ask the elemental beings of the Air and angelic beings of transmutation to take the ball and carry it to the etheric temples of transformation that Gaia has installed in meanwhile.

10.20 – 10.40 to release from the Earth the powerful little creature (virus) that seduces human beings to become hostile towards freedom and beauty

  1. This “virus” is hidden in the underground of the element Water three layers deeper than its surface.
  2. Imagine standing at the shore of a lake (it could be Bohinj Lake that we have visited previously).
  3. Take courage and enter the depth of the lake till arriving down to its bottom. Take a moment to feel the watery body of the lake.
  4. Then look for a narrow entrance leading to the space under the lake.
  5. If needed, ask for the key. Then enter the space below the lake. It is the realm of the Water of Life, lying pure and peaceful under the lake.
  6. Stay there for a while to be bathed in its quality.
  7. Now we need to go even one layer deeper to enter the third underwater layer.
  8. There we find to our surprise dry halls with heaps of gold coins here and there.
  9. Do not be blinded by the light of gold! In effect it is false gold, the essence of the cosmic element Water turned dry with the help of human suffering and despair: suffering in constant wars and conflicts under patriarchal rule.  
  10. Grab a handful of gold coins. Press them together to create a little ball in which the information is coded with the name of the foreign power that rules over human suffering and the loss of human identity.
  11. Lift it high towards the sky (make the corresponding gesture) and ask our angelic helpers to carry it to that star system in the galaxy where its presence can be useful.
  12. Then look around. The previously dry halls are now filled with golden shimmering archetype of the cosmic Water. Enjoy its presence. Give thanks.

10.40 – 11.00: have 20 minutes pause to drink coffee, eat a piece of chocolate, have some rest etc.

11.00 – 11.20 as next we need to renew the connection to Gaia, the divine consciousness and creator of the Earthly universe

  1. Stand upright and imagine the vertical connection to the core of the Earth by following the gravitational pull. This is the old level of connection which is hierarchical in its essence: Gaia below and human beings above.
  2. As next we need to create the new heart to heart relationship with Gaia, the Mother of Life. You can sit down now.
  3. Be present in your heart centre and imagine looking around. All around you see the beauty of Gaia’s creation. Call from your memory different aspects of natural beauties stored in your memory and look at them with awe.
  4. Now feel the reflection of Gaia’s creation in the space of your heart. Feel the rays of her love playing upon different dimensions of your heart system.
  5. Look what she wants you to become aware of relating to the micro universe of your heart system. Check the quality of the heart muscle, of the heart centre, the back and the front chakra of your heart system, the elemental heart at the lower end of the breast bone, the throat as the crown of the heart system…
  6. Send the impulse from your heart into the world as a call to humanity to awake now to the new heart to heart relationship with the Earth Goddess.

11.20 – 11.50  balancing our body dimensions to support the new stability of the Earth

For the purpose of balancing we use our body and its three axes, the horizontal, the vertical and the diagonal one. (see the drawing in the Appendix 2)

  1. First we shall work on the new feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) balance.
  2. Imagine the feminine principle positioned in front of your body radiating with the quality of the Moon. Take it into your heart centre. How does it feel?
  3. Then imagine the masculine energy at a distance behind your back radiating with the light of the Sun.
  4. Take it also into your heart centre to create together with the feminine energy the quality of reconciliation that you should share with the fellow human beings and the beings of the Earth.
  5. As next we balance the relationship between the spiritual dimensions and the embodied life. Feel the Earth and its elemental worlds under your feet and bring this quality to the region of your throat.
  6. Then feel the vast regions of spiritual worlds above you and bring its subtle quality also to your throat. In the space of your throat both polarities merge to create a new quality of peace. Radiate it into all four directions of the world.

As next we will work on balancing the diagonal axis connecting our heart muscle and the so-called “fifth stigma of the Christ”. This is especially important for two reasons. (1) The workshop is placed in the middle of Easter which is the festival of the true human self-resurrection. (2) The diagonal axis of the earthly creation is neglected in human consciousness. The heart muscle makes possible that the spiritual treasury of the individual can be present in the given incarnation. The fifth stigma is positioned in the opposite right lower corner of the abdomen. It represents the door into different dimensions of the Earthly universe. So now we continue with the work.

  1. Be present within and around your heart muscle. It is important to get this experience for our present and future.
  2. Then bring this experience to your elemental heart positioned at the lower end of the breastbone.
  3. Be present at the door of the “fifth stigma” chakra and look through its window. What do you experience?
  4. Then bring your experience of the “fifth stigma” portal to your elemental heart.
  5. Both qualities create a synthesis there called freedom of the humans to be embodied beings and yet be free to navigate between the worlds of the multidimensional Earth.

11.50 – 12.00 Conclusion of the workshop

We thank each other for mutual support in this work and give thanks to beings of other dimension of reality that cooperated.

We ask the elemental and angelic beings that collaborated to continue to support us while we move towards our LifeNet Gathering July 13-16th 2020 at the Bohinj Lake, asking the same the ancestors from the spiritual world.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle temporarily.

The experiences can be shared on the above given LifeNet Gathering web site.


Gaia Touch exercise of detachment:

  1. Hold your hands horizontally in front of your body, powerfully squeezed together, having the purpose of the detachment in your mind.
  2. Then pull your hands apart with the optimum power to annihilate the given attachment.
  3. Send violet light from the palms of your hands to transmute the energy rests of the attachment.

APPENDIX 2 (drawing)

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Natalie Decoteau


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Eine Hand streckt sich mir entgegen, ich ergreife sie, ich gehe eine Wendeltreppe hinunter, es ist dunkel. Worte: danke für dein Vertrauen. In mir: Angst, Angst davor, dass mein Vertrauen missbraucht wird. Ich merke, dass ich hier in diesem Moment die angst nicht haben muss. Jedoch ist dies eine tiefe Wunde in mir, was mir hierdurch noch einmal sehr bewusst wird. Ich bin dankbar für dies Bild. Ich gehe weiter. Mit links:
Hier bei mir, kannst du einfach sein.
Ja, ich bitte dich sogar darum-
sei einfach du.
Du, in deiner Einzigartigkeit.
Sag ja, zu deiner Einzigartigkeit,
für mich, für Gaia-
damit wirst du zu meinem Werkzeug.
Fühle in dich- entdecke dich
und lebe,
lebe deine Einzigartigkeit-
mache mir dies Geschenk.
Komm zurück in die Einheit.
ganz in reinem unschuldigen Sein.
Kind des Himmels und der Erde.

11.04.2020 Lifenet 2020 (Workshop Nr. 1 des Lebensnetz-Treffens)
Ich war im Gysenbergwald in Herne.
Meine Wahrnehmung zur Bildung des Kreises war so, dass sich aus einem Kreis eine größer werdende Spirale entwickelte und dieser Spirale schlossen sich immer mehr Wesen der geistigen Welt an und die Wesen, die dazu kamen webten mit, an der Membran aus dünnen grünen und violetten Fäden, die sich dadurch immer mehr vergrößerte.

Erdung des Kreises
1) Salvica Wasserfall Ich nehme dort für mich eine stark aufrichtende Kraft wahr. Mit links:
Aufrichtigkeit im Miteinander,
durch das eigene Aufrichten ins „Ich bin“
2) das Ufer des Bohinj Sees Ich nehme dort das Empfinden von angekommen sein wahr. Und dann loslassen von Anspannung. Mit links:
Dieser Moment ist Alles.
Unendlich Jetzt.
3) Halbinsel Naklova Glava in der Mitte des Sees Ich nehme dort eine Kraft wahr, wie die Strahlen einer Sonne, verbunden mit einer immensen Lebendigkeit. Mit links:
lebt das Miteinander.
Wärmend und dadurch nährend,
untereinander und der Erde schenkend.
4) der Ort, an dem der Fluss Sava aus dem See herausfließt Ich nehme dort eine in die weite gehende, sich auströmende liebevolle Geste wahr. Mit links:
schau um dich-
wo kannst du geben dein Licht,
deine Wärme,
deine Liebe-
frei und selbstlos,
aus dem reinen : „Ich bin“
öffne dein Herz und du wirst finden-
Möglichkeiten zuhauf.
aus deinem offenen Herzen.
Ich bin bei dir Menschenkind.

Zusammengefügt von Ort 1 bis Ort 4:

Aufrichtigkeit im Miteinander,
durch das eigene Aufrichten ins „Ich bin“

Dieser Moment ist Alles.
Unendlich Jetzt.

lebt das Miteinander.
Wärmend und dadurch nährend,
untereinander und der Erde schenkend.

schau um dich-
wo kannst du geben dein Licht,
deine Wärme,
deine Liebe-
frei und selbstlos,
aus dem reinen : „Ich bin“
öffne dein Herz und du wirst finden-
Möglichkeiten zuhauf.
aus deinem offenen Herzen.
Ich bin bei dir Menschenkind.

Entkoppelung des Musters, das besagt, das die Erde den Menschen zur Verfügung steht, um ihre selbstsüchtigen Ziele zu verfolgen und dann anschließend im Namen der Menschheit unseren Willen ausdrücken, in Liebe mit allen Wesen, die dem Cluster von Gaias Welten angehören, zusammenzuarbeiten. Feedback:
Ich nehme ein farbiges Empfinden wahr, die Farben violett und grün in verschiedenen Nuancen. Sie durchweben graue Wolkenfronten. Außerdem empfinde ich mehr Leichtigkeit (Elfenhaft). Mit links:
Ihr kommt zurück ins Miteinander-
seht, wo es nichts zu sehen gibt-
wie ihr bisher glaubtet.
was sich Euch offenbart-
durch euer Ja zu mir.

Entlassen des kraftvollen kleinen Wesens (Virus), dass die Menschen dazu verführt, feindselig gegenüber Freiheit und Schönheit zu werden.
Mein Abschlussbild in der Halle: mehrere kleine sprudelnde Goldquellen.

Erneuern der Verbindung zu Gaia, dem göttlichen Bewusstsein und dem Schöpfer des irdischen Universums.
Ich empfinde die Herz- zu – Herz Verbindung mit der Erdgöttin, als würde ich einen Stoß mit einem Defibrillator erhalten und erst dadurch nun, wahrhaft in mir lebendig werden. D.h. meine Lebendigkeit wahrnehmen können, Leben leben, statt nur wie maschinell funktionieren. Mit links:

Mein Lebensimpulsgeber ist Gaia,
Mutter allen Seins.
Nehme ich diesen Impuls auf,
durch mein mich öffnen-
dem Öffnen meines Herzens,
meines sich immer wieder verschließenden Herzens,
so wird es in mir lebendig und bunt.
Vielfältigkeit meines Sein‘s erwacht.
Ehrfürchtig und Demütig, bin ich,
dem Moment gegenüber-
diesem Moment, des fühlenden Erkennens.
Erkennendes Fühlen:
„Gaia ist mein Lebensimpulsgeber“
Danke Gaia.

Ausbalancieren unserer Körper-Dimensionen, um die neue Stabilität der Erde zu unterstützen
Balance zwischen dem Weiblichen (Yin) und dem Männlichen (Yang)
– Beide Qualitäten zusammen in meinem Herzraum lassen mich weich und milde und zugleich kräftig mich in meinem Körper wahrnehmen. Mit links:
Mann und Frau in dir,
achte sie gleichermaßen,
auf deinem Erdenweg.
In dir,
Frau und Mann achtend,
begegne allem Lebendigen,
der sichtbaren und der unsichtbaren Welten.
Deine Einheit im Innen.
Dein Achten der Einheit in deinem Innen,
spiegelt sich in den Welten.
Friede in dir.
Friede um dich.
Friede dir.
Gaia im Friedensaufbau.

? Ich glaube, durch das erste Ausbalancieren wurde das zweite wie eingeleitet oder eingeladen. Für mich persönlich ist dies nun schon mit enthalten.

Die diagonale Achse
– den Herzmuskel und das sogenannte fünfte Stigma Christi verbinden
meine Erfahrung im Herzmuskel: umarmt zu werden und auch selber zu umarmen

– Tor des fünften Stigma, durch sein Fenster blicken, was erlebe ich?
Kapitulation, Opferung, Läuterung, Selbstaufgabe. Herr, dein Wille geschehe,
mach mich zu deinem Werkzeug.

Beides zusammenfügen:
Ich empfinde ein Friedensgefühl.
Bild: Ich stehe auf einer großen Brücke. Mit links:

Dort stehst du nun,
was wirst du tun?
Deine Entscheidung- mein Kind.

Barbara Castellani

Barbara Castellani-seminary 2-1 may.
Connection with the group: light rain of purple and green droplets. Angels, thunder beings, arrive in the group, and the virus presents itself as a small loving organism, it wants to help.
Triglav glacier: wind and ice crystals, very intense light, Babaji reaches us from Nepal. Wisdom, inner peace, white light, Holy Spirit.
Seven lakes: fairies play and laugh with many colorful butterflies. I feel my elementary heart very connected to the center of the earth, fire magma, I breathe very deeply. The white snake takes me to the gates of Mount Triglav, where I find a lot of moss, humidity, very pleasant, a perfect ecosystem in balance that does not change with time. Wisdom
We face the challenge of the virus: respect, forgiveness, I apologize. I feel I am making a connection from above to the universe with the violet ray and I ask the consciousness and memory of the universe, to those who have already gone through a similar situation to help the men of this earth to have wisdom, consciousness and respect for Gaia. Then a red ray starts in the center of the earth, I am very sorry, I apologize, she loves us very much.
We protect freedom: I feel in my hands a well-defined ball of the earth with white, yellow light and with defined continents. I’m going to say goodbye to many friends and family, to some I say “thank you for making me grow, I’ll set you free.”
Free the creative blocks: I stand up to unlock, the gears slowly unlock and the almond ro-tates. I feel a lot of energy at the height of the throat and mentally position Atlantis, now submerged, then it will return.

Mary McNerney

I was also guided to do blessing for the water element at Biddeford Pool, Maine in USA; this is a place where many people in our group from US & Canada have gathered to do geomancy work together. It is an important place on North American continent for water element, the only place on the planet where fresh water pools exist so very close to salt water (6 fresh water ponds on one side of a narrow sandy beach, Atlantic Ocean on the other side, a small convent for nuns in the middle). I did water blessing meditation by one of the ponds, and I saw a Goddess/Madonna figure rise out of the water. I remained present with that pond, and a few moments later what arose was a vibrant, sparkling, healthy, living green dragon. I know there was some very deep meaning to this particular dragon image, it holds deep symbolism….though I don’t know exactly what the meaning is.

Orit Loyter

Gratitude for the people of Vitaa for carrying this new exciting and powerful impulse and to Marko for this visionary workshop!!
I would like to share that a group of us in Israel did the workshop and had some form of sharing between us. We then decided to “repeat” the workshop yesterday (Sat) and might continue. As we all had a very strong experience of the power and potential of this work.
Yesterday we worked with the lake of Galilee instead of Bohinj. As it rained a lot this year the lake is filled with water and life. A few of us felt the blockage at the exit of the Jordan river (a place we worked together with Marko a few years ago). I felt I could bring the joyous quality of the Sava river as a healing.
Waiting for the continuation of the work, with love and healing to all beings, Orit

Jean Paul Leclerc

9:15 a.m .:
Connection: first with the group Hagia Chora then with Marko then I now feel other presences. The circle did not form immediately but rather formed a meandering human chain. The circle has finally formed and is very large. After the call, the elementary beings, the souls / animals are there too: eagle, bear, wolf, bees … But also, elves / fairies, hents (?). Then the ancestors and finally angelic beings, few for the latter. I feel a united force in our differences for a goal of peace, harmony and respect.
9:30 am:
I see a waterfall, it doesn’t seem very high to me. I especially see its tumult. I see a peaceful, huge lake with reflections of the sun. On the peninsula, I am parasitized, I feel as in a disconnection trap. I am in a dilapidated cottage and then in a very old house where an old man wants to train me. All followed by personal memories.
Re-connection with the lake again.
River-lake area: I see water flowing which gives me a feeling of strength and eternity.
10:10 am:
I’m having trouble concentrating on getting the homeopathic black ball. After a while, extraction and ascent to angelic beings. I have an itchy scalp at this time.
10:20 am:
I’m in the lake, lost in the middle of the dark. I’m asking for help, an access key. A huge prehistoric turtle tows me to the bottom where there is an entrance in the shape of a black mandorla. I enter alone, it’s narrow. I find it hard to move forward. There is like a black jellyfish whose filaments are made of sharp steel in front of me but which recedes as I move forward. I arrived but I don’t know it yet. A little white turtle swims next to me. I am in the light and in the shade at the same time. Other light turtles pass by. I am calm, peaceful and feel a lot of sweetness.
I go into the third layer through a black hole without realizing it, I look up and see that I went through a hole like a volcano upside down. I am in a huge cave. I see chaotic landslides and a bunch of gold gravels. But I search for coins so I keep going on. I see a huge woman / statue, she has no face, just dense black curly hair that falls on her shoulders. I go down near his feet, the cave continues. I find another pile of gold gravels. I make it a compressed dumpling and I make it go through the reverse path then in space, and then in the galaxy. I see it moving away like a mushroom or rather a jellyfish that has only one foot / filament.
It is impossible to me to describe precisely. I have memories like an expulsion with kindness. I return by taking the path taken to the shore of the lake.
11:00 :
The word Respect reasons once more inside me. I feel the intense presence of the heart organ then of the Chakras, feeling of plenitude of Love with Gaia.
11.20 am:
Horizontal shot: Sensation of respect, fusion with complementarity, love / reconciliation.
Vertical shot: Feeling of respect of differences, to work all in the same direction and to be yourself in the right place.
Diagonal: I feel that the heart (muscle) is getting bigger. Arrived at the elementary heart, I have very medical visions as inside the heart but this interior changes shape. The inside takes the successive shapes of a hexagon, a pentagon, a square and then a smaller circle to finish at a point. I look through the window of the fifth stigma and I see a horizon made of clouds, a little like a sea of clouds seen from an airplane. I send this experience to the elemental heart and I instantly find myself in what could be a dolmen.
Jean Paul (Troyes – FRANCE)

liza japelj carone

The group’s energy was there and comforting, and the green-violet membrane beautiful.
Grounding in Bohinj, I felt there were plenty of fairy tale’s beings (Skrlatica, Prisank, Kosobrin…) that are dwelling up in the Triglav mountains, as if this lake was a link between their worlds and ours, and that this is why Bohinj has this special “wild” quality.
The feeling at Savica and on the Naklova glava was full of very strong watery and earthly forces.
While transforming the hell pattern, my hands went deep, deep down through the rocks till the edge of the inner fire of Gaya, and there my fingers pulled infinities of elastic black spider web threads, to form a tiny black ball. But when I offered it to the sky, there was the blue earth angel of Mont Cesar that took it and put it into the fire of the Gaya’s inner sun!
To release the virus/money was challenging : my golden crumble lifted to the sky was taken by the rapid gestures of invisible hands and repeatedly put away like 100 of times. But then the black smoke started to swirl from the lake, a giant pillar of black smoke, and was headed behind my back. I called the whole group and angels to help push the smoke to the sky with our hands emitting white and violet light so as it leaves the Gaya’s atmosphere. We succeeded in doing so and afterward, the golden cosmic water irrigated the veins of the earth.
The reconnection of my heart with Gaya was great, full of joy
but the feminine-masculine reconciliation was not easy, my sun in the back was way to hot and the moon instable.
The 5th stigma was not clear to me, maybe it has to do with the intuition, but I am not sure.
At the end, when we said goodbye to each other, our delicate green-violet sphere opened up like a flower to form a beautiful rug under our feet, it stays there for our future work.

My heart gratitude to everybody, specially to Marko for his visionary inspirations and his guiding, and to people from Vitaa for organizing us for this unusual way of work.

Liza (Paris)

Christel Meissner

A week ago we all gathered and since I had not found the workshop instructions until afterwards, I sat for an hour an a half connecting with you, Marko, Ana, Anja and the circle of people at the workshop in October in the Bavarian Forest…
Almost right from the beginning, I have been practising the Gaia Touch exercise of “placing myself into the mandorla of the New World”, and of the stone sphere in Zavidovici, I could sense the quality of a unifying principle between Mother Earth and the Heavens, communicating in balancing exchange. I felt it running up and down through my body system and from the third eye the communication with our circle. Heat indicated a burning process and as I sat in full presence in the basin a membrane with the pattern of the flower of life appeared above like a big sheet that was attached at the four corners to the Earth. As I read later in the instructions it corresponded to the points at Lake Bohinji.
From the Antakarana golden light spread through the skull and flowed down the spine, opening the tightness of the bones into open vastness. After practicing the Gaia Touch Open Heart exercise, a Light Cross appeared in Heaven and a GoldenLight Mermaid shaped fish hang on it (Faronica?) Staying with the image and having the insight of “Redemption to the Redeemer” Faronica glides into a new sun that is open like a bowl and she sits on it like on a huge sunflower, with rays shinging upwards. It feels like having entered the cauldron of transformation.
This is where I stopped…
The images have been working in me ever since and I feel very connected to our circle. After having read the instructions, I was very disappointed to not have been assisting during the latter part, which was the most important healing part. But, since there is always a reason for this, I am now tuning in with you all and look forward to more…
Thank you, Marko, the organizing team and the circle of friends around the world, for this amazing work!
With great appreciation,

Michal Yakir

we are going to do a repeat on the 18. april… connect also if you will


Connection with the group: participation of the stone people together with us. Strong network in the group, it seems the veins of the human body, green and purple.
Visit to the lake: I feel cold, the smell of moss and mud, stones. During the break I lie in the sun on the lawn by the lake, I warm up, I hear that some Slovenians tell of when they went there as children, beautiful memories. Many birds reach me. The circle is rooted in the lake.
Gaia touch: many butterflies fly in the sky and in the universe, each butterfly is the ignorance of each of us, the purple wind cleans the earth. Let’s pray.
Hell scheme: it becomes a black seed, carried with the breath up into the sky, up into the sun, up into the universe. Angels transform it into dust of Light that descends to earth.
Virus release: a lot of suffering, the coins suffocate. The compressed ball of coins arrives at the blue / purple galaxy, through a channel started by my hands and assisted by the Angels in the ascent. I have entrusted the information and genes to the stars and planets of this galaxy, to share the pattern, perhaps better not to copy it. They give me back information from the same channel to release malice, selfishness, to bring back the water of Light, which has memory and will keep this information. It is the consciousness of this galaxy that gives it to us, genetic information from one of its planet, it has already helped in the past with healing, and I was there too. We love it, it is an unconditional relationship of consciousness.
Connection with Gaia: a heart united to ours
Balancing: Reconciliation: end of violence, Freedom of words, works and omissions. Bal-ance and lots of love.

Sandi Churchward

Thank you Marko and all the Vitaaa team who offered us this meditation. It was a wonderful experience to be sharing with the Lifenet group.
I appreciated the coloured threads that embraced the group as I often reached behind my back to touch them and stay connected while I was working.
When I went to Bohinj Lake and stood on the shore, I experienced a vital abundant life, of daylight quality, gentle yet strong. This differed greatly from the far side of the lake on the other side of the peninsula.
Here I felt a quality of night, a moon like mood, mysterious and still.
Where the river flowed out of the lake I could feel it bringing a perpetual renewing life force, to the land it flowed through. recreating it moment by moment .

In the projection of hell into Gaia i could feel this as a violent rape. Everywhere it touched it left a black tar like substance, like a cancer, burned into her. As I removed this tar to create a ball, I could see abundant life return with bubbles of joy.

When I looked into the stigmata it was as if I was looking down a long line of ancestors, but also of past lives and all that evolved over time to bring us into the present moment.
here and now.
It would be good to continue this if possible

dear sandl, i am deeply touched by your very clear and substantial descriptions, thank you!

Marie Agnès Gauthier

11 April 2020
I don’t speak very good english, so I choosed to express what seemed to me the main images that occured to me throughout this workshop on April the 11th.

10h-1Oh10: Remind human beings that they are called to become collaborators of Gaïa.
1 I saw an iron net all around the earth.
2 After the Gaïa touch of detachment appeared a lightful goblet from which rose up a luminous host.
My coronal chakra was present+++
10h10-10h20: To transform the pattern of the Hell
1 For the pattern of the hell, I saw an iron bullet then I felt a tremendous feel of relief when I asked the elemental and angelic beings to take the ball and lead it to the etheric temple. A great relief to feel the real link between us and the elemental and angelic beings. Great relief not to have to do this task alone.
Then a vast net was created, a vast LIGHT-NET that came from the heart energy of each of us and I felt that at each breathing, it was pulsing just like an ebb and flow.
10h-10h20: To release from the earth the little powerful virus
1 Entering the lake: I felt the lake as a thick, heavy water.
My key was a fish or a siren.
At the first layer below, the water was luminous, emerald-coloured. It was a very fluid water that spread all around like an etheric water.
Twice layer: The golden coins
– I feld my heat becoming tightened
– After having thrown the little ball up to the galaxy, a very lightful fire(like the olympic flame) appeared. And only after that, the water began to flow up very, very slowly.
11h-11h20: To renew the connection with Gaïa
In my belly, my breathing and the breathing of Gaïa became the same and at the same time I saw a big, wide-opened eye.
At this moment I felt that the only thing I had to do, was to breathe without any expectation.

11h-11h20: Balancing our body dimensions to support te new stability of the earth.
1 the feminine principle: It was a very subtle, etheric matter and it created a great expansion. I saw this picture:
The shape of an egg with one side emerged and one side immersed. I tried to draw it but it does’nt appear in this text????

2 the masculine principle: concentrates, structures, gives shapes. I felt that this principle was very important because it created an anchorage point in my heart at the backside.
3 When feminine and masculine principle get married this figure occured to me
A circle which is penetrated by an horizontal line.
Then, after a while, it became a potters wheel or a lathe which finally created a lot of different things.
The “fifth stigma chakra”;
When I tried to look through the window it was like a dark canon from which rushed out a very strongful light, a nearly violent light. Little by little everything got quieter and then appeared all sorts of geometric forms.

This Saturday morning was intense, surprising and…exhausting. But it was so sweet to feel the link between all of us.
Thanks to Marko, thanks to all of us visible and invisible
Marie Agnès Troyes (France)


Thank you Marko and VITAAA team and all participants.
Grounding by Bohinj Lake: The waterfall was like a spiritual source. At the shore I looked over the lake and saw a shimmering golden mist in the surface of the lake and the whole lake felt like a very magical lake. The outflow of river Sava felt like a great power flowing out to the world.
Work 1: In the end I felt that there are great potentials for humans to positiv collaboration with many different worlds/beings here on Earth. I sat as a fractal of humanity, for this insight to flow out to all humans.
Work 2: After the black ball was given to the temple for transformation, I looked again inside the Earth and saw much light and love inside of Gaia, her inner spirit. I still sat as a fractal of humanity .
Work 3: I chosed a swedish lake Waettern for this. In the third layer, yes it is like a foreign power that hold humanity in suffering and despair etc. When I lifted this ball uppwards I got a heavy pressure in my head, untill I gave the ball to the angelic helpers, then this pressure disapeared. And I saw and felt that in the dry hall there began to come this new shimmering golden water.
Renewing connection to Gaia: Oh soooo wonderful to sit there and have this heart to heart conversation with Gaia, nice small tears. A strong experience.
Balancing: Yin-Yang, was not so easy for me. Like the Yin wanted to be behind, so it was. But not like to connect it to the moon.
Taking the masculine into heart not easy, pain.
Second: when both came to throat; song.
Third: When looking through the window of “fifth stigma” came a very strong light, and it showed to be a very differentiated light like it was connected with many different dimensions..

lea hennessy

Thank you Marko and all your colleagues. Around the waterfall I had a sense that humans had not respected it and that the elves were forced to go deep underground, Bohinj Lake radiates a wonderful energy, the penninsula I felt had experienced huge conflict and along the river i visualised the presence of an abundance of nature. It was challenging trying to ground the energy at the lake and I kept visualising the membrane and calling in the colours all the time. . I found it hard working on my heart and visualising the various parts.During the meditation I looked up at my curtains which are floral and felt as if i was being watched by numerous eyes. It was disconcerting. Linking the elemental heart to the 5th Stigma was difficult because I did not fully understand what the elemental heart was. Some images and words came of being patted by an elf and Gaia saying ” Know I am with you always” . Beautiful and challenging meditations. I would spend a whole morning just doing meditations on the heart. Can we practise some of these meditations at home. It was a great privilege to attend and to be of service in these extraordinary times. Thank you !

Anne Stuart

Thank you Marko and your team for a wonderful experience.
I had lots of images of lake Bohinj being a womb to birth a new human,seeded from the seminal waters of Savica. Gia would no longer birth in fright being protected by violet light and the black snake I saw under Sava river was banished in the black ball ,to be trasmuted. Humanity freed from slavery. The virus eating at man’s heart was banished and the new human could satisfy himself from springs of living water, his true identity reclaimed. The Elemental heart was in embryo, beating in unision in Gai’s womb, heart to heart.Naklova Slava was birth canal and new human was safely delivered into Sava river to joyous beings. The amniotic fluid was carried by Sava river to the sea to repattern the new humans of the future. The sun and the moon meet mid summer sky when god and goddess are one. Peace now reigns on earth , felt by a stirring in the hearts of all men. The Second Coming has begun. All Nature responds. A shower of white petals fell outside my window and some birds flew by.
This is my experience.
Thanks, Anne Stuart Ireland.

Wir haben für die Teilnahme den Quarzpfahl (Abschnitt Antoniuspfahl) im vorderen bayrischen Wald gewählt. An diesem wunderbaren Kraftort haben wir gemeinsam mit Marco und 33 Teilnehmern im Oktober 2019 eine intensive geomantische Werkstatt durchgeführt.
Bei der Gruppenverbindung mit euch hat Johannes berührt erlebt wie besonders es ist, wenn Menschen, Ahnen, Elementarwesen und Engel in einem Kreis sitzen. Wir werden einander bewusst und empfinden tiefe Ehrfrucht, Dankbarkeit, Glück und Potential.
Am Bohinjsee hat Anja den gemeinsamen Kreis als so groß erlebt, dass er um den ganzen See gereicht hat. Der Savica-Wasserfall war ein wundervoller Tanz in allen Farben glänzender Wassertropfen. Das mit Informationen der Landschaft aufgeladene Wasser vereinigt sich mit kosmischen Energien und dem Element Luft (Bewusstsein). Diese orgastische Aufladung mündet in der Ruhe und tiefen Erfüllung des See.
In Kontrast dazu hat sich Anja am Ufer des See verloren gefühlt. Es war als könne das Ufer dem See keinen Halt geben oder es besteht aus irgendeinem Grund eine schwache Verbindung.
Auf der Halbinsel Naklova Glava war Klarheit und präsentes Sein zu spüren.
Der Fluss Sava trägt eine außerordentlich heile Matrix der Erfüllung in das angrenzende Land. Wie ein, aus der Quelle genährter Schöpfer, mit Freude erfüllt und voller Tatendrang, verbunden mit Erde und Kosmos.
Wir haben uns mit euch bei der Durchführung der drei Heldenprüfungen zur Transformation der jeweiligen Blockaden verbunden und getragen gefühlt. Es hat sich wunderbar angefühlt, dies gemeinsam zu tun.
Herzensgrüße und vielen Dank an dich Marco und alle Teilnehmer
Anja und Johannes


I like to add:

Working with the „virus“
I had the intuition that I should practice the Gaia Touch Exercise „universal water“ (37) during the group work. After a while of practice I was told to rest my hands. Then magic happened. The universal water begun to „rain“ like a blessing that reaches everything and everybody.

I had to change the places of moon and sun (maybe we are different) .
The diagonal axis feels incomplete for me. I was searching for help and found it by including my hands.

Margaret Lange

Thank you Marko, Drustvo Vitaaa and all the wonderful beings of the circle. Such a special time and so readily accessed with all your preparation thanks.
Would love some more working towards gathering time. Shorter would be good now I know I have the hang of it thanks, though amazing how well the energetic connection was sustained through that time – and space. I did get such beautiful support.
Every blessing of renewal and love this Easter from Tasmania.

Nancy Kay Anderson

I am thankful that Marianne Giosa sent me the link to the meditation..I do not have as much feedback as the other comments but what was poignant were the heart exercises. I was shown many closed doors in my heart with one slightly ajar and then I said it was time to open and in each room their was an image of earth, air, fire, water and one room was a light as a shining sun. There were also beautiful gardens in the distance. With the elemental heart and the heart muscle, there began the movement of a lemniscate uniting the two together, working in rhythm and when the 5th stigma was entered the 3 became shining suns that began to move, grow and unite into one. I also felt constriction in the throat .I was unable to feel that relax and open. Moving, breathing colors of green, violet and gold were continually pulsing, expanding and contracting and images of faces, not frightening but unfamiliar, were coming forth. I let it happen and did not go further to identify them. While going deeper into the water of the lake when I was about to enter the deeper realm and vortex of water began to stir and grow stronger and pulled me lower to the dry walls and gold coins. This was not very clear though i continued with the exercise and offered the ball of coins to be taken by the Holy Ones. If you do continue with these, i would love to be notified and thank you for bringing this meditation at such a Holy Time for the earth and Humanity.. Easter blessings to all…Much love, Nancy
A beautiful Resurrection for all living beings….

Rahel Enzler

I am up for more work and as you suggest a shorter version, would be a good Idea.


Yes, I think this would be a good idea!

Thank you very much dear Marko, for your experiences and the shaping of the meditations. I also wanted to propose repetitions, as I foumd some parts quite complex and also demanding, and I am sure that they will open their full potential only by bring practised more frequently, similar to the monthly meditations. Thanks for all the experiences written here!


Thank you Marko, Drustvo Vitaaa team and all the participants. This is a very intriguing way to work together.

Connecting to the others, our circle formed an interesting new element, it was like liquid light with pieces of rainbow prisms inside it. I was surprised to sense these solid prism pieces suspended within the energy of the group.

I thank you for the suggestion to ground into a place. I felt we were floating and it was a relief to ground into lake Bohinj. I felt very much the mineral qualities of the shore, particularly in the sand. There was a deep sense of impulses from the heart of the lake which continually releases into the river. Something about Naklova Glava intrigued me, it appeared to me like a volcano with purple smoke. It had a fiery energy present within it, and kept releasing this energy as purple smoke.

In transforming the patterns, the first pattern felt to me like a misplaced hunger. It was as though the humans were hungry for something and they didn’t know what to eat so they ‘ate’ the earth. After that pattern was transformed there was love and a desire to fill that hunger from a place of true identity. The hell pattern was like crumbling bones, dried leaves and sticks, when it was transformed it was like crystalline sand dropping back into the lake.

In releasing the virus from the earth I was again helped by the minerals and sand from the lake. After the releasing the gold coins and dry room, they became crystalline sand and which settled peacefully into the bed of the lake. However when I first went into the bottom of the lake I saw a few murky doorways in the water. They were not solid but like swirls of smoke which made the shape of closed doorways. It felt like they did not belong in the lake and may be something which needs to be cleared.

In renewing the connection to Gaia I felt very much the support and joy of the animals and insects to feel human beings renewing this connection.

During the exercise on balancing the body dimensions, my body started to make spontaneous movements, one of them was like my torso spinning on an axis. I felt a sense of playfulness and creativity during this spinning. The spiritual and earth qualities started to spin together like a spindle, it was like both dense and fine energies mixing together, but then they had to settle back into their respective spaces in order for a wide soft blanket of peace to emerge.

The elemental heart was a challenge, I felt I could only perceive it more when I felt the qualities of the renewed connection to Gaia from the earlier exercise. It appeared like a tree in a constant process of birth and dying, I was aware of the parts of this tree which wanted to fall off and become earth again, like a cycle. The fifth stigmata appeared to me as a large golden beam, and it was like a teleportation slide. I remain with the feeling that this axis was tricky to perceive.

I thank you for this opportunity to collaborate and I wish everyone a good Easter.

Nelly Gluzman

Greetings from Israel!
Many thanks for Marko and Drustvo Vitaa for the possibility to connect and create together!!
Here are some feedbacks.
1. The circle energy created easily and felt gently and pleasantly present till all the work.
The lake is so beautiful and vivid! Made a great desire to visit it physically. And to join the Lifenet meeting in its physical place!

3 -transformation of hell pattern. When i formed a ball from it and raised the ball up to the sky asking for transformation, a powerful Angelic figure appeared (looking like Michael the Archangel) with a sword and touched the ball with the tip of his sword, creating bright white flame with sparks , similar to electric welding. Then there appeared already 4 similar angels, they stood at four sides of the ball, each with same sword and keeping all the four sword tips in the middle, on the ball, creating big white and then violet flame with sparks. That lasted joyfully quite a long time.

4-under the lake. When asked for the key, gentle light appeared which took me down by spiral staircase to the space filled with an amazing light -like full moon light which was light and water at the same time. It was very pleasant realm of the Water of life.
Below it there were halls with a few gold-coloured minerals, maybe gold bars. The coins appeared also, by demand (-:
After transformation of the gold coins, in the underneath level also appeared such waterly light but in more golden colour, balanced silver and gold coloured. Very beautiful.
5. In the heart system, felt a block in the throat chakra. My back heart chakra was badly damaged with hard experiences of the past. The front heart chakra was filled with gentle golden light of possible future, whether the throat block would be transformed.

6. Connecting and merging the Feminine and Masculine in the heart felt creating like ying-yang sign in silver and golden light but in volume of three and more dimentions. It was pleasant to feel its balanced vibration.

Great thanks for all the participants!! looking forward to next meetings in the Heart space!

Ayala rothenberg

Thank you very much, Marko and the whole group , for this wonderful workshop and opportunity to do this work of support in the life-net changes that accrues now

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