Workshop No. 3 in the process of the LifeNet Gathering 2020

Workshop No. 3 in the process of the LifeNet Gathering 2020


Cosmogram from the lithopuncture system in Circuito das Aguas, Combuquira, Marko and Marika Pogačnik, 1989

Sunday, May 31st, 2020 from 9:15am to 11:40am

The workshop will be repeated on Sunday, June 7th, 2020 at the same time

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate.

You can find the Portuguese, German, Slovenian and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering home page:

The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, Unesco Artist for Peace, and the VITAAA Association team from Slovenia.

To this workshop, you can invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing the program via e-mail.

Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 in the morning on 31 May according to your time.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

A megalith form the lithopuncture system in Circuito das Aguas, Sao Lourenco, Marika and Marko Pogačnik, 1989


9:15–9:30: Connection and attunement of the group

  • We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. Be aware that we are going to create a complex work for the Earth, so make sure that you are well grounded and fully present.
  • Then we invite elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil to join our circle. Feel what it is like to be together with all these beings in the circle.
  • Now we need to create the etheric space in which our workshop will take place. Imagine creating a spherical membrane around our circle, composed of fine water drops shimmering violet. From time to time you should remember our common space that enables us to work together over vast distances.

9:30–9:40 The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked

To conquer the huge country of Brazil, that was allotted to the king of Portugal by the pope, the conquerors used black magic to create a high black wall along the coast between Sao Paulo and Rio and prevent the primordial powers of the Atlantic Ocean (the dragon of Atlantic) to enter the continent and to renew its powers cyclically. Brazil is weaker if it is be regenerated by the water dragon of the Atlantic.

  • Imagine looking at the coast of Brazil from the ocean.
  • Take a handful of ocean water into your hands, lift it to the sky and ask to be blessed with the divine power of transformation.
  • Spill the water over the coastal line to liberate the elemental beings that were forced to uphold the wall. Repeat the exercise few times.
  • Then feel the exchange between the primeval powers of the Atlantic Ocean and the South American continent in action.

9:40–10:00 The space of the Amazonian forest is under strong pressure

The huge watery basin of Amazonia should be in constant exchange with the eastern part of Brazil which is rich with mineral ore and crystals. The fusion of minerals (Earth element) and the Water element makes the manifestation of the embodied reality of the planet possible. The Earth as a living planet starts to die if the flow of exchange between the Water (plants) and Mineral kingdoms is broken – this is obvious in the present condition of the Amazonian rain forest. The chaotic power of the urbanized coastal Brazil is pressing towards the natural space of Amazonia.

  • Be aware of the two lithopuncture systems (megaliths with carved cosmograms) that Marika and Marko Pogačnik from the Slovenian VITAAA Art Group have carved in two landscapes of the mineral rich part of Brazil with the help of the Brazilian Franklin Frederick: in Circuito das Aguas and Morro do Pilar.
  • Imagine the two systems as a source of countless acupuncture meridians spread throughout the eastern (mineral) part of Brazil. They help the overpopulated part of the country to be grounded and ordered according to the cosmic patterns of the mineral kingdom.

10:00–10:20 To connect the being of the Amazonas to the mineral kingdom of Brazil

The new capital of Brazil, Brasilia, was founded according to a vision of Don Bosco, upon the place of the portal through which the watery Amazonia exchanges its powers with the mineral kingdom of the eastern part of Brazil.

  • Imagine standing in the area of the Brasilia portal. The basin of Amazonia is behind your back.
  • Imagine walking from there backwards towards the centre of Amazonia.
  • There you should turn around (in your imagination) and perceive the Goddess (the soul) of the Amazonian forest.
  • Take her sweet presence into your heart, turn round so that you look again into direction of Atlantic Ocean.
  • Carry her presence through the portal of Brasilia all the way down to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Touch with it the famous granite mountains of Rio so that the cosmic elements of Water and Mineral are connected again.

10:20–10:40 Break for a cup of coffee, to write down the experiences …

10:40–11:00 At the level of the planet, the highlands of Tibet represent the mineral (yang) pole of the planet and the Amazonian rainforest the kingdom of the Water element (yin pole)

Tibet and Amazonia are positioned exactly at two opposite sides of the planet. They are connected with each other through the heart of the Earth that reaches towards both poles, to Amazonia and to Tibet. Their link has to be renewed so that the planet can get strong enough to meet the challenges of the present Earth transformation process.

  • Imagine Tibet behind your back. Marvel at its high snow-covered mountains.
  • Then work on identifying yourself with the planet Earth.
  • Being identical with the planet, you should lead Tibet through your heart, so that it can touch the watery Amazonian plain in front of you.
  • Give yourself some time to experience this act of planetary marriage.
  • Then move forward through the portal of Brasilia to anchor the renewed planetary link inside the megalithic mountains of Rio de Janeiro.

11:00–11:20 Connecting head, heart and belly

  • Tibet can be identified with the human head centered in the third eye positioned in the middle of the scull.
  • Amazonian watery plane giving birth to the abundance of life can be indentified with the human belly space.
  • Be present within your heart space identical with the core of the Earth.
  • Let the essence of Tibet glide down into your heart. Be attentive to feel the fusion of the head and the heart within you and within the core of the planet.
  • Let the essence of Amazonia rise from your belly into the space of your heart.
  • Feel the quality generated by the fusion of the three basic dimensions of your being.
  • Touch hearts of people worldwide inspiring them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence within their hearts.

11:20–11:30 Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country

  • Open your heart and consciousness to the ancestor cultures of Brazil.
  • Invite the human and fairy ancestors of Brazil to appear in front of you and ask them to forgive the conquerors for the pain and destruction they have caused to the country and its living beings.
  • Honor the ancestors of Brazil and ask them to protect countries integrity.

11:30–11:40 Conclusion of the workshop

We thank each other for mutual support in this work and we give thanks to beings of other dimensions of reality that worked together with us.

We ask the elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil that collaborated in this to continue performing the rituals we did today so that the fruits of this workshop may flourish.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle.

The experiences can be shared bellow by leaving a Comment

You can find the information about the Brazilian places that were mentioned in the book “A Caminho do Novo” by Marko Pogačnik, his daughter Ana and her husband Thomas, it can be ordered in Brazil at:

Thank you! VITAAA Association for the Coexistence of Humanity, Nature and Environment from Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Brigitta Kluge

Workshop for Brazil on 7th june 2020

Many thanks to the organizing team for the clear instructions and timetable for this workshop and to all people who joined this work for Gaia and all her beeings!
I was surprised and fascinated how “real” the telepathic working felt.
Very intensly I felt the gathering of head – heart – belly (11.00 -11.20) in my chest:
Whirling, lively energy when 3 very! different family tribes come to a gathering with much joy, powerful discussing and swirling around… so a burst of laughter came suddenly out of me.
I loved it to touch the heart of the other people on earth with this healing energy when the tribes of the “Christals”, the “Heart” and the “Amazonien waters” meet!

Thanks! Brigitta – Germany


Thank you Marko, thank you the team of VITAA and thank you all for sharing this experience!
The first image by approaching Brazil was like getting connected to the purest heart energy, this was very touching and beautiful!
The black wall: I had the image that we participants and all other beings helping this healing process stood in a row pouring water from the Atlantic ocean to Brazil in the form of a cycle, gathering water, pouring water, gathering water, pouring it. Then our hands touched the wall and it started to melt…transformed into a massive black snake. With its/her mouth she took a huge sip of the ocean water then spread it over the country several times also forming a cycle. Then the snake herself started to move spiraling all along the coastline.
Suddenly the feeling came up that the wall not only was a blockage but also a protection against even worse human forces…???

Imagining the two lithopuncture cosmogramms was a profound relief.

I could deeply feel the indigenous people completely overwhelmed by the conquerers because it was beyond their reality!
I saw the men disorientated (no more roots to the land) by loosing their natural connectedness to Mother Earth therefor they were no longer able to provide sufficient protection for the women (this is a very new perspective for me…)

The Goddess of the Amazonas was immensely strong and a very kind and loving being. She wore a beautiful dress/coat which was like the “life dress” itself: All beings, all animals, plants, rivers, elemental beings etc. were woven into her dress covering the whole region. There were holes in her dress like burnt by fire and destruction. These holes felt like wounds, patches of loss and sadness, but one could look through into a deeper layer of her dress….
then these wounds were healed by something I can’t name, like filigree and delicate threads of colorful light.
Her dress of life nourishing all humans and other beings for thousands of years on the planet seems now to transform.It seems like in a future state of the Earth her dress and especially these (transformed) wounds will nourish on a nonphysical level.

Experiencing the planetary marriage between Tibet and Amazonias expressed through our hearts was such a beautiful experience beyond all words…

I feel very grateful and very tired:)
Thank you all!!!

Report Brazil, 31.5.2020

Building the Circle
Our circle immediately feels very big, with great diversity.
There are beings with crowns of big leaves, or with heads of crocodiles.
It is quite powerful, almost overwhelming, also filled with joy.
It needs some time to get familiar with.
The sphere of violet drops: I see it also from far, it is very beautiful.

Wall Sao Paolo – Rio
There is great relief caused by dissolving the wall.
Light arises, transparency, joyful exchange, new vitality.

Restructuring the mineral part of Brazil

The lithopunctures function very well as anchors.
The vast region begins to re-structure in a new and fine way. Fine patterns arise, which remind me slightly of Emoto`s water-cristals (the ones which carry complex and pure informations).

Connecting Amazonia with the mineral kingdom

It is very helpful to stand in the strategic position of Brasilia.
I perceive the overwhelming beauty and abundance oft he Amazon-Goddess and the completely differnet quality oft he sweet water (compared tot the ocean) which expresses itself through the abundance of the plants.
Touching the granites of Rio: They begin to tremble, as if a hard skin would flake off, they shine from an inside light and get very soft and fresh like a snake in her new skin or the germ of a plant.
They begin to sing – fine sounds – and finally to dance.
The Christ of Rio receives the message as a kind of Sacred Wedding, he is being transformed, also loses his stiffness, becomes soft and moving and wearing a dress of plants. He transforms into Pan and bowes down deeply into the rock.

Connection of Tibet and the Amazon region

This is even an increase oft the Wedding witnessed before, I feel the deep desire of these two poles for one another.
Tibet tips over (like mirrored) downwards into the etheric space of Amazonia.
This causes sort of light bulb moment related to her own wholeness and greatness (not in a physical sense).
By receiving this information, the granites (especially the one with the Christ) begin to build an enormous, radiant Axis mundi. The Pan-Christ is simultaneously standing on the highest peak of Himalaya and delivers the message of Gaia`s identity to the cosmos. It is truely a renewed identity.
Connection of belly – heart – head
After the previous experience this is possible quite easily, but also brings in another completely new dimension. The emerging quality is infinite vastness and magnitude and freedom, paired with love.
It is a New Human, erected, awakened. This information gives the possibility to mankind to get into contact with ist own magnitude and vocation: A true experience of Pentecost, IN-SPIRATION!

Indigenous culture

Here followes, unexpectedly, a very painful part oft he meditation. Immediately i see the indigenous and the elemental ancestors, partly hardly to differentiate. I see the impressing face oft he actor Kay Sara, who currently, instead of acting on big western stages, is standing with her people in the amazon forests. So much pain, it makes me cry hard. I feel that, in order to be worthy of asking their pardon, first I have to find my own capability to forgive every injustice I experienced till now. The impressing film „The Shaman and the Snake“ comes into my mind. Finally the pain calms down and the request to be the keepers of Brazil´s integrity brings acknowledgement and appreciation. Nothing is possible without them. I feel that by being New Humans (through the connection of belly-heart-head) we are (allowed) to be new sisters and brothers of these older sisters and brothers of ours, and how it is possible to walk into the future together in this way.


There is big love and gratitude towards the other participants, being conscious oft the prescious role fort he earthly cosmos we are carrying together. Very deep love and gratitude also for Marko who created the meditation.


Hello everybody,
now comes the translation… We wanted to post it on Monday, but somehow, we got an error message…
Before publishing our experiences on this website, we discussed them and found some interesting analogies. Therefore, we sum up our perceptions in a common post.

Coat Line Rio – Sao Paolo
The connection to the Atlantic Ocean was re-established. One aspect of the dragon was caught between the wall and the coast and was suffocating.

The dragon in the Atlantic Ocean (obviously another aspect) was jaunty like a young dog. Bringing down the was easy, but we had to be careful that the lively dragon does not crush the elementals in his euphoria.

Quintessence: This part of the exercise was obviously successful.

Lithopuncture Systems
Brigitte: no perception
The lithopuncture systems appear to have no effect. An old chieftain tells me “Those symbols are too European. We need symbols that are more American”.

Quintessence: Perhaps the time for this system is over and it should be re-done.

Portal in Brasilia
A Tibetan dragon keeps captive a female figure, it appears as a threat / deterrence to those who want to perform some activities there.
The soul of Amazonia is resigned and says “It is too late”.
It is not possible to create a connection with the granite of Rio.

I can walk back and turn towards the goddess. However, when I turn back towards the portal, my concentration always breaks and I cannot establish any connection.

Quintessence: We both are not successful, as we will see in the next exercises, a new approach seems to be necessary.

The connection is broken, the respective paths end up without meeting in the centre of the earth.
A healing / re-connection is not possible and does not make sense, as something essential seems to have changed which requires a new approach.

As soon as I have brought Tibet to the basin of the Amazonas, the water and the minerals of Tibet compound into a thick, stiff, dead layer of plaster covering everything. It is very hard to undo this.
In a second effort, I carefully transfer only single aspects that appear as shining crystals – one at a time only. Those join well with Amazonia and this information can reach Rio through the portal.

Quintessence: For us, both perceptions have the same message: a new, de-centralized approach seems to be necessary, one large, centralized connection does not have the desired effect.

Head – Heart – Belly
A connection through the hear space is not possible. Connecting via a central point seems not to be the correct way in the present time any more, instead a multitude of connections in a fine network.
That also explains why the connection between Tibet and Amazonia was not successful.

Despite several efforts, I cannot create the connection.

Quintessence: Those perceptions confirm our assumption the we need a new, de-centralized approach to create connections.

Culture of the ancestors
No communication was possible, I got the message “That is not your business”. It is not desired that we interfere from outside.

Martin: No significant perception.

Quintessence: It seems to be time to let Brazil – and all of South America – back in it’s own responsibility. We cannot repair everything from outside, the path leads forward, not back.


Thank you Marko and the Lifenet team. I am grateful for this opportunity to collaborate.

Connecting to the elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil, the country of Brazil appeared to me as a large crystalline structure. During the exercise of spilling the water from the ocean onto the coastline, I felt strongly the arch of my back as though my back wanting to elongate whilst bending backwards. The crystalline structure of Brazil appeared stuck, like a translucent cage with elemental powers trapped inside. I tried to sense how the structure would loosen, but instead I saw an explosion in the structure that created a hole in the middle of it. There was some fire and smoke coming out of the hole. I felt disturbed as the image stayed in my mind without shifting. I decided to continue to the next exercise to see what would happen.

Connecting to the lithopuncture systems, I saw that the earth acupuncture connecting the meridian systems of Brazil was helping heal that explosion I saw previously which fragmented Brazil. With the lithopuncture treatment the hole of the explosion became smaller and the smoke dissolved but the land felt very dry like sand. It felt like it was asking for water. As I imagined the element of water going to the dry, sandy land, there was a feeling of calm and regeneration.

Connecting to the goddess of the Amazon, I felt my awareness descend to my pelvis and legs. I felt as though I was a large moving pelvis connected to the earth. Everywhere the pelvis moved, flowers would grow underneath. Going to the granite mountains of Rio with the large pelvis felt like a grounding of earth energy there. The top the mountains were spikey but there was a sense of connection at the base of the mountains.

When I first connected to the energy of Tibet behind my back, I saw an image of disturbed snowy mountains which was like a prison with fiery lights inside it. It was only when Tibet went through my heart space that I felt its beautiful true identity with prayer flags and golden plateau light. I connected it to the watery Amazon plain. But as these energies moved to Rio, the mountains of Rio felt like dark grey mountains which could not assimilate the energy of Tibet and the Amazon. I tried to sense a blending of the energies but the mountain range of Rio felt sharp and dense. I had trouble with this part and when this workshop is repeated I would like to work on this part again.

The essence of Tibet appeared to be me as glistening snow crystals and at my heart space there was a fire. It felt as though the snow crystals wanted to be present throughout my body especially my extremities such as my toes. As I connected to the essence of Amazonia it felt like there was tall grass growing in the belly and also in the space around my body. As these dimensions fused together, I became a peculiar dancing being with glistening snow in the head and throughout the body, fire in the heart with a grassy belly and dress of grass.

Connecting to the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestors, they appeared before me as a long rows of tribal people facing me. I am holding some sort of fire in my hands as an offering and we seem to be in a fire ceremony. Asking them to forgive, it seemed like we needed the element of water. I felt all of us taking a drink and this connected to the water within us. The water connected to our tears and the tears connected to rain around us. We then made a rain dance together honouring the ancestors and asking for protection for the country. I felt the love and connection in this ceremony.

lea hennessy

This was a lovely meditation thank you everyone.
! After 6 attempts the divine spark of transformation imbued the water which cleared the black wall. Other areas particulary the southern part of South America were shown to me as having such walls. There was great cheering from the beings affected by this wall and the energy rushed in to connect with the land.
2 Saw wonderful colours being released as we connected with the lithospheres and these energies travelled all around the country.
3 When I connected with the Goddess of Amazonia I met with a huge white snake. I took her in to my heart and we travelled to the granite mountains where we met the God of that area. He was made of huge pink quartz crystals. I sat between tham and the energy flowed between us all. Later the goddess was carried back by runners to Amazonia.
4 When connecting with the various beings of Brazil I found myself holding up a large white rock which transformed in to something else and then in to a crystal skull which I placed on the ground. This is how this group can connect with these beings at any time . I was asked for prayers from us at least once a week if not once a month.
5 When I asked the ancestors to protect their country a huge condor appeared over us all.
6 At the conclusion a beautiful tarantula appeared and showed me her baby. I felt it was a mark of respect from the insect kingdom and an appeal also.
This work is sacred and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Sylvie Oliva

Initially, I had an impossible time connecting. I was distracted with thoughts of my compost (or the need to compost my thoughts!), greedy neighbors, riots in my country, etc. I eventually managed to connect with the dragon of Atlantic, but only with great assistance from the Dragon mountain of my own local landscape. I was given the words ‘seed of greed’, which launched me into the meditation. I think I may have connected with the two circles of cosmograms, but I certainly had a somatic experience of the minerals and water of Amazonia!

And then it happened; I met the goddess of the Amazon!! Never in my life would I imagine that I could meet her… and from my home, in the Arizona desert! Any words I would use to describe her right now would be insufficient. More than Ancient. More than Huge. More than Ever-loving. She had thousands of pockets of medicine and the wisdom to know how to cure EVERYTHING! I bowed and wanted to lay prostate before her. I was surprised that I already had gifts to give her – seeds from my own landscape. In hindsight, I wonder if there is no better gift for her than seeds, showing her that we recognize the medicine of plants and our need to connect to Earth. Remembering her after the meditation brought me to tears and awe. I am honored to have had this experience. Thank you!

It was oddly comfortable for me to feel the link with Tibet and Amazonia; two very different places and yet they fit! It was like a lock and key, turning them just right together opens a whole new experience. Separate they are beautiful and powerful, but together they are greater than the sum of their parts!

After these profound connections, my original mundane distractions returned – compost, neighbors, riots. The ‘seed of greed’ was in my face again. It was a great challenge to ‘touch the hearts of people worldwide inspiring them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence within their hearts,’ as instructed. I don’t believe I managed to do much there. Sorry. 🙁 Perhaps next week!?

The ancestors and indigenous culture of Brazil were immediately available. It was enough to just read the words on the paper asking for them, and they were already there. However, I was unable to ask them to forgive the conquerors for the pain and destruction they caused. It felt impersonal. When I connected my naive or greedy conquests and then my kin (whether in Brazil or elsewhere) to destructive and painful events, I was able to ask for forgiveness. I don’t recall the response, just the asking.

After the workshop, I had renewed vigor! For the first time in months, I was able to travel! It’s not just my profession, it’s my passion – but I’ve been grounded and grumpy! I was at last able to fly above quarantine, above fear, above viruses and infections, new rules and inconvenient changes… Thank you, Marko, for this format. I really did travel! To new wings and freedom!

so beautiful, dear sylvie! hugs to you, sister!

Marko Pogačnik

I am deeply gratefull for your reports. They show that each of us has its own way to approach the theme and that the telepathic way of work gives freedom to this diversity to be expressed.
Thank you for your precious cooperation and hope to meet you the second time in Brazil next Sunday , Marko

Uschi (Germany)

Our connection and the protection of the group over the whole area has been very strong like during the former workshops.

1. The blocked coast
I spilled the blessed water like a wave over the coast. After spilling the water my hands made the gaia touch: „tune to the new“ by moving both hands along the edges of the hands.
In the repetition the movement starting with the arms and hands grows bigger and faster. Then my whole body was moving like a wave and I had to concentrate to hold the balance.
The wall was gone – peace, tenderness and joy remain…

2. Connect the soul of Amazonia with the mineral kingdom
I was deeply moved by the next two exercises.
I travelled through parts of Amazonia (and near Tibet) and was overhelmed by its purity, power and beauty.
My first tears fell reading the instrucions, then some more followed after turning round facing the soul of the jungle.
Passing the portal of Brasilia I needed two trials. Calling indigenous ancestors we could pass.
Finally the watery Goddess changed in a soft cloud touching the rocks of Rio de Janeiro and parts of the rocks dissapeard into the fog.

3. Connection of Amazonia and Tibet in Gaia’s heart
I felt the connection very strong and saw the picture of magnetism when + and – came together. The magnetic field lines took more and more room.
Touching the mountains in Rio, the giants of the mountains awoke. The magnetic field lines changed in spiral motions to anchored more firmly.

4. I could feel and see the fusion of the tree basic dimensions as a lemniscate.

5. Forgiveness has not been granted at once. The murder, pain, ignorance, fraud, destruction, deception, manipulation, dependence from the industrial world and the most profound contempt for human beings formerly until to the presence I had been shown to the full extent.
After all forgiveness, freedom, peace, love and joy spread.

6. All / we all thank Marco and the organizers for this great job!!!
I saw the violette membran remaining for the protecion.
The water dragon expresses its joy very noisy with rattling, ringing and drumming like the Tibetan munks use to celebrate their holy feasts.
The thought that they might have copied that from the dragons let me smile…

Agnès Gauthier

31 mai 2020
9h30-9h40 : la côte entre Sao polo et Rio de Janeiro est bloquée
Le mur : image d’une mâchoire acérée et noire au niveau du cœur.
Quand je prends l’eau dans mes mains, ça devient une fontaine d’eau lumineuse.
Quand je la répands le long de la côte, je sens la terre craquer et je vois le germe sortir d’une graine, comme un gros haricot lumineux.
Puis je vois une main mécanique ou comme une main d’un pantin type Pinocchio puis comme un robot fait de boites de conserves qui se désarticule et tombe en morceaux.
9h40-10h : La zone de la forêt Amazonienne
Les deux systèmes de Lithopuncture et les méridiens :
Je vois une montagne très minérale avec un anneau qui l’enserre au sommet. Quand je visualise les méridiens d’acupuncture, à un moment apparait un serpent blanc, lumineux au cœur de la montagne qui s’élève jusqu’au sommet et qui fait craquer le sommet de la montagne. De là, jaillit non pas du feu mais une fontaine d’eau qui ruisselle et coule tout le long de la montagne.
A ce moment, je ressens une lourdeur à l’arrière de la tête puis mon côté gauche s’élargit (disproportion G/D), mes dents du côté gauche deviennent sensibles et je vois l’image fugitive d’un jaguar.
10h-10h20 : Connecter l’être de l’Amazone au royaume minéral du Brésil.
Brasilia : resserrement au niveau du cœur.
Retournement et rencontre avec l’âme de la forêt Amazonienne : image d’une chair très douce, image du col de l’utérus. Je sens une très grande douceur qui est guérisseuse pour mon cœur.
Diffusion par le portail de Brasilia : je perçois une sorte de brumisateur qui dépose ses gouttes sur les montagnes de Rio et qui, aussi, continue à me faire un soin au niveau du cœur.
Un peu de difficulté à m’y remettre après la pause….
Connection Tibet/cœur/cœur de la terre : Je vois un récipient en verre, type cornue d’alchimie placé sur un feu et un processus est en cours à l’intérieur.
Connection Amazonie/ventre avec notre cœur : Je vois un œuf dans un nid. A un moment la coquille de l’œuf craque et au bout d’un moment il en sort un dauphin.
L’image se poursuit par un cercle de dauphins au bord d’une fontaine d’eau lumineuse.
11h20-11h30 : demander aux cultures ancestrales de protéger le corps reconnecté du pays
Je vois des déités et daimons type danseurs rituels tibétains et amérindiens.
Après la demande de pardon aux ancêtres du Brésil, il me vient l’idée que nous devons nous aussi faire notre part pour travailler en collaboration avec eux là où nous sommes.
Les mots qui me viennent sont :
Être à l’écoute

Agnès Gauthier

Agnès Gauthier

MAY 31st
9h30-9h40 : The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked
The wall : Image of a sharp, black jaw at the level of my heart.
When I took the handful of ocean water, it became a fountain of lightfull water which flew out and spread on the coast. Then I felt the ground was cracking and I saw a germ spreading out of a seed, like a big, lightful bean.
Then a saw a mecanical hand or the hand of a jumpingjack(Pinocchio), and I saw a robot made of cans which became dislocated and fell into pieces.
9h40-10h : The space of Amazonian forest is under great pressure
I saw a very mineral mountain with a ring which enclosed it at the top.
When I visualized the acupuncture meridians, appeared a white, luminous snake in the core of the mountain which broke the summit of the mountain. From there flew out not fire but water, a fountain of streaming, luminous water. At that moment, I felt a heaviness at the back of my head , then my left side expanded, my teeth on the left side became sensitive and I saw a fleeting image of a jaguar
10h-10h20 : To connect the being of Amazonas to the mineral kingdom of Brazil
Brazilia : My heart got tightened.
Turning around and meeting the soul of the Amazonian forest : Image of a very sweet, smooth flesh and then I saw this flesh, was the flesh of the neck of the uterus. I felt that this sweetness was healing my heart.
Diffusion through the Brazilia’s portal : I perceived a kind of fogger which watered the mountain of Rio and which continued to take care of me very gently.
I had some difficulties to get back into work after the break
11h-11h20 : Connecting head, heart and belly
Connection Tibet/heart/heart of the earth : I saw a glass container like an alchemical retort which was put on a fire and a process was going on inside.
Connection Amazonas/belly/heart : I saw an egg in a nest. At one moment, the shell of the egg broke and a dolphin got out.
Then I saw a circle of dolphins at the edge of a fountain of luminous water.
11h20-11h30 : Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestors to protect the reconnected body of their country
I saw deities and daimons like Tibetan and amerindian ritual dancers.
After the request of forgiveness it came to my mind that we, in occident, also had to do our job in order to work in collaboration with the ancestral beings of Brazil.
The following words came to my mind :

Agnès Gauthier

Brigitte & Martin

Bevor wir unsere Erfahrungen hier veröffentlichen, haben wir uns miteinander ausgetauscht und einige interessante Parallelen festgestellt. Daher fassen wir unsere Erlebnisse hier in einem gemeinsamen Beitrag zusammen. Englische Übersetzung folgt.

Küste – Rio Sao Paolo

Die Verbindung zum Atlantik wurde wieder hergestellt. Ein Teilaspekt des Drachen war zwischen der Mauer und dem Land gefangen und drohte dort zu ersticken.

Der Drache im Atlantik (anscheinend ein anderer Teilaspekt) ist übermütig wie ein junger Hund. Das Abtragen der Mauer war leicht möglich, wir müssen dabei nur aufpassen, dass der Drache in seiner Euphorie die befreiten Elementarwesen nicht überrennt.

Quintessenz: dieser Teil der Aufgabe scheint für uns gelungen zu sein.

keine Wahrnehmung
Die Lithopunktursysteme scheinen keine Wirkung zu haben. Ein alter Häuptling sagt mir „diese Symbole sind zu europäisch, wir brauchen amerikanischere Symbole“.

Quintessenz: Vielleicht ist die Zeit dieses Systems vorüber und es sollte überarbeitet werden.

Portal Brasilia

Ein Tibetischer Drache hält eine weibliche Gestalt gefangen, zeigt sich als Bedrohung / Abschreckung für den, der dort aktiv werden will.
Die Seele Amazoniens ist resigniert, sie sagt „es ist zu spät“.
Es ist keine Verbindung zu den Granitbergen von Rio möglich.

Ich kann zurückgehen und mich zur Göttin umdrehen. Aber sobald ich mich zurückdrehe, bricht jedes Mal meine Konzentration ab und ich kann keine Verbindung herstellen.

Quintessenz: Uns beiden gelingt diese Aufgabe nicht, wie wir bei den nächsten Übungen sehen werden, scheint hier ein neuer Ansatz erforderlich zu sein.


Die Verbindung ist kaputt, die jeweilige Verbindungsbahn endet in der Erde, ohne sich im Herzen zu treffen.
Eine Heilung / Wiederherstellung der Verbindung ist nicht möglich und nicht sinnvoll, es ist etwas anderes notwendig bzw. es hat sich etwas Grundlegendes verändert.

Sobald ich Tibet ins Amazonasbecken gebracht habe, verbindet sich das Wasser mit den tibetischen Mineralien zu einer dicken, starren, toten Gipsschicht, die alles überdeckt. Es ist sehr schwer, das wieder rückgängig zu machen.
In einem erneuten Versuch übertrage ich ganz vorsichtig nur einzelne Teilaspekte, die als glänzende Kristalle erscheinen. Und auch hier nur einen nach dem anderen. Diese verbinden sich dann gut mit Amazonien und diese Information kann auch durch das Portal bis Rio gelangen.

Quintessenz: Beide Wahrnehmungen haben für uns die selbe Botschaft: es scheint hier ein neuer, dezentraler Ansatz erforderlich zu sein, eine große, zentrale Verbindung ist nicht zielführend.

Kopf Herz Bauch
Eine Verbindung über den Herzraum ist nicht möglich. Eine Verbindung über einen zentralen Punkt ist nicht mehr zeitgemäß, stattdessen viele Verbindungen über feine Netzwerke.
Das erklärt auch, warum die Verbindung Tibet – Amazonien nicht mehr möglich war.

In mehreren Versuchen bringe ich keine klare Verbindung zustande.

Quintessenz: die Wahrnehmungen bestärken uns in der Annahme, dass ein neuer, dezentraler Ansatz der Verbindungen erforderlich ist.

Kultur der Ahnen
Es war keine Kommunikation möglich, es kam klar die Aussage „Das geht Dich nichts an“ Es ist nicht gefragt, dass man sich hier von außen einmischt.

Keine wesentliche Wahrnehmung

Quintessenz: Es scheint an der Zeit zu sein, Brasilien – bzw. ganz Südamerika – in die Eigenverantwortung zurückkehren zu lassen. Wir können nicht immer von außen reparieren, der Weg geht nach vorne, nicht zurück.

(Continuation and deepening of my previous comment)
It was an important reminder to what we need to do with our soft, caring and loving abilities within ourselves. Becoming hard to protect it is not the way. Specially important in the work I do together with many others to engage boys and men for gender equality and care for people and planet, transformation of Patriarchy and destructive norms of masculinity.
Thank you

Thank you again for guidance and for this beautiful opportunity to co-create. Thank you for the process and for all the steps.
I now just share one meeting, one insight, that was very important to me:
Meeting with the Goddess of the Amazon. Huge, white, soft and feminine. I was worried and asked myself if she did not need to become harder to protect her self. The answer from her presence was very clear and obvious: It is not her task. It is not her responsibility to become hard to protect her. It is the responsibility of the hard (in us and in the people and powers being violent to her) to see her value and respect and learn from her. She can not show it to us if she needs to change and become hard. We need to change.
When we brought her soft and sweet presence to the granite of Rio the contact gave life to the granite – to the hard. She is happy to give that care, that is part of her task, her love.
Thank you.


We chose a dragon place as work place, from which a dragon is also prevented from getting to the dragon in the Baltic Sea.

Connection and attunement of the group is becoming easier and I feel the circle clearly.

First I had to clear the elemental beings bound to the black iron plate and apologize in the name of humanity and for my soul and ask for forgiveness, forgive myself and take my guilt in love in my heart.
Then small plugs detached from the wall, which were held by the beings, and the wall could lift a little.
I took the Atlantic water and spread it over the wall, which slowly lost its narrow structure and widened. I also took water from the Baltic Sea and spread it over the coast here. Here too I had the impression that the mineral structure was expanding.

I felt the big pressure from Amazonia clearly. There was a connection to the acupuncture points at the coast of Brazil. But there was a clear resistance from the coast and the rock. The acupuncture points were activated, but the surface closed again and again, light began to shine from tiny openings (like a pin head) and slowly the openings widened, it seems to be a longer process.

The touch of the soul of the Amazonian rainforest touched me very much. The presence was very clear to me, but also soft, gentle and loving. There was no resistance on the side of the mineral kingdom and they gratefully absorbed this Amazonian energy.

Tibet pulled me deep into the earth and the Amazon flooded me with a very powerful river. In the planetary center it felt like it was displaced, like a safe lock, in which several locks / dimensions have to be placed on top of each other so that the path is open – there was a lot of dizziness here.
A powerful pulsation, like a heartbeat, began through the union.
The connection of head, heart and belly felt similar. But in the end the three dimensions formed a unity.

Again I should apologize to the ancestor cultures of Brazil and apologize myself, they were friendly and forgave me and the white conquerors.

Thank you very much for the guidance.

Roman Böhringer


It was again a very effective and deep workshop. It had a really good flow for me, until we cam to 11.20-11.40

I got in real struggle. Why should I ask them to forgive the white emperor? Why should not we first apologise ourself for what we had done to their culture and their land and the subtle world?
So I didn’t asked the human and fairy ancestors of Brazil to appear in front of me.
I asked to hideout all beings from the past and the present who had brought pain, stress and ravage to the country and continent.

Hopefully they accepted our apology.


Nina, Slovenia

There are many of us, I immediately feel the affection and connection of everyone in the group. It’s kind of a festive atmosphere to feel. When we invite beings of other dimensions of this land, our circle expands greatly. I sense a full of small, tiny, cheerful creatures dancing around our feet and suddenly a huge, white-pink light silhouette of a deve appears in the middle, which is itself grace and acceptance. Above us is a whole chorus of angelic and other beings. Magnificent.

Connecting the Atlantic ocean and the South American continent. When I capture water from the ocean, I physically feel sudden movement in the sacral part of my body. Even before the workshop and even now, I feel pressure in my left shoulder spreading to my left breast. The water of the Atlantic is charged with the power of life, and when I pour it out so that the manipulated beings can finally reach and feel it in all its power, the process begins. First some sort of purification, as part of the black, dirty water flows back into the Atlantic, where it is purified. Part of it, however, is transformed by the creatures of the coastal belt into steam, which spreads inland and wears beautiful rainbow colors. I feel this freshness, the revitalization of the landscape, as a kind of awakening. When I repeat this gesture of pouring water a few times, a fine, light network is formed between the ocean and the land in the belt between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, turning the sea into drops and spraying nebula, rainbow vapor on all sides of the landscape and thus carry new qualities.

Grounding the mineral kingdom. With a focus on the cosmograms, at two locations in the landscape, a smooth flow of meridians is established, spreading throughout the eastern land. Black, hairy 1m-sized creatures with red cheeks and red long noses appear. They are funny and cheerful. As I follow them, I see them merging the yellow-orange capillaries coming from urban centers with the meridians of the megaliths with cosmograms. In this way, the overcrowded urban part is energetically distributed and a balance is established in the landscape.

Connecting the beings of the Amazon with the mineral kingdom of Brazil. I have never been physically in Brazil and all the beings and feelings are completely new to me. When I meet the goddess of the Amazon rainforest, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness, joy, power. She is a beautiful giant, her dress is from countless waterfalls, amazing beauty and grace spread from her. She awaits me and offers me a drop of life that is magical in its crystal purity and potency of all possibilities. I take it into the heart space and through the portal of Brazile, which I feel manipulated, energetically sucked out, I transfer it to the granite mountains of Rio de Janeiro. There I hand it over to elemental beings, which transfer it to the interior of the mountains as a holographic particle. There, the qualities written in the magic drop of water connect with the mineral world and dance the dance of life. Everything goes very lively.

The marriage of the Amazon and Tibet
When I identify with the essence of Gaia, Tibet is solemnly reunited with the Amazon. Its icy slopes merge into one upon contact with the warm waters of the Amazon. They give it an impulse of strength, freshness, pure truth, and so they dance these qualities together with the qualities of the Amazon water into a perfect, holistic impulse of oneness that triggers life.

When all 3 basic dimensions merge in my heart center, a feeling is established that is difficult to describe in words. The perfection and potential of creating anything, anytime, anywhere. From the heart space, hummingbirds that carry these qualities to people all over the world fly into their heart space. I feel infinite gratitude.

When I open my heart to the cultures of Brazil and their ancestors, something in me moves, I literally hear a bang and the body begins to oscillate spontaneously in a kind of rhythm, a rhythm of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through the dance all the horrors are cleansed and in the dance we are united, the dance brings harmony. Very strong feelings of universal love. The pain in the left side of the body that was present throughout the workshop gone. All the creatures we co-create with and the ancestors of Brazil are with us. Infinitely grateful.

A heartfelt thank you to Marko and all dear co-creators for the initiative and cooperation.



Telepathischer Workshop Nr. 3 – für Brasilien 31. Mai 2020
Notizen: Farah

Verbindung und Einstimmung auf die Gruppe

1. Ich habe ein wenig Probleme unsere große Gruppe aus vielen Ländern zu lokalisieren; sehe uns dann als Kreis über dem Amazonasbecken kreisen.
2. Als erstes kommt eine Göttin aus dem Yoruba-Universum, des afrobrasilanischen Raums, zu uns – Yansã oder auch Oya genannt , eine anti-autoritäre Göttin: Eine Geschichte über sie besagt, dass ein habgieriger Gott des Yoruba-Himmels alles Wissen, das auf Baumblättern niedergeschrieben war, in großen Säcken einsammelte, um es für sich zu behalten und Yansã mit ihren wehenden Röcken einen solchen Sturm entfachte, dass alle Säcke durch die Lüfte wirbelten, aufgingen und sich die Blätter und das Wissen darauf wieder überall verteilten. Yansã kann aber hier erst einmal nicht viel ausrichten; sie versucht die starre Energie über dem Amazonasbecken, in dem auch unser Kreis stagniert, aufzubrechen; doch diese seltsame Erstarrtheit hält an. Plötzlich eröffnet sich unter uns eine riesige Fontäne – Wasser schießt in die Atmosphäre – unser Kreis wird angehoben bis in den Weltraum hinein.
3. Die Kuppel der violetten-wässrigen Membran wird zu einer Kugel und wir bewegen uns – getragen von der Energie der riesigen Wasserfontäne ins All hinein.

Die Küste zwischen Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro ist blockiert.

Unser Space-Shuttle bewegt sich Richtung Atlantischer Ozean – dort sinkt es langsam aus dem Universum herab. Wir schöpfen Wasser aus dem Atlantischen Ozean und bitten um den Segen der göttlichen Kraft und verteilen das Wasser entlang der Küstenlinie. Wir können nicht viel ausrichten, die Mauer steht dort als solider Block. Wir fangen an dabei zu singen – das lockt riesige Wale aus dem Atlantik herbei – sie kommen zu tausenden und schieben enorme Wassermassen vor sich her. Eine riesige Welle strömt gegen die Mauer – die trotz allem standhält – doch das Wasser spült über sie hinweg – sie spielt als Mauer keine Rolle mehr. Das Wasser reinigt das Land und spült alles mit der zurückströmenden Welle in den Atlantik hinein. Das Meer weicht zurück und mit ihnen die Wale; das Wasser kommt wieder sanft rollend ans Ufer zurück. Während dieses Prozesses reagiert mein Körper heftig. Wir begeben uns wieder in unser wässrig-violettes Space-Shuttle.

Der Raum des Amazonas Urwalds ist unter großem Druck

Ich betrachte die Kosmogramme auf den Lithopunktursystemen und sehe wie diese Linien unter der Erde zu unterirdischen Wasserkanälen werden – Meridiane – wo sich das Wissen des Atlantischen Ozeans mit dem Wissen des Amazonas Beckens und dem des im Osten gelegenen Mineralreichs verbindet. Die Mineralien bekommen dadurch eine große Leuchtkraft. Ich werde hinuntergezogen in diese unterirdische Welt – die insgesamt sehr wässrig erscheint – trotz der vielen Mineralien. Eine sehr bewegliche, flexible Welt, die gewohnte irdische Festigkeit (Starrheit) fehlt. Auch die Meridiane sind lebendig – es sind riesige Schlangen, die sich unterirdisch durch das Erdreich schlängeln. Ich will die innere Schau schon abbrechen, werde aber noch zurückgehalten und sehe, dass ein Teil der Mineralien, die jetzt über das Amazonas Becken verteilt werden, mit der anfangs erschienenden riesigen Wasserfontäne ins All geschleudert werden, um dort zu befruchten, zu inspirieren.

Wir verbinden das Wesen des Amazonas mit dem Mineralreich Brasiliens

Unser wässrig-violetter Space-Shuttle landet in Brasilia, von dort bewegen wir uns rückwärts auf das Amazonasbecken zu. Als ich mich dort umdrehe, umhüllt mich eine feucht wohlige Hitze und ich erinnere mich, dass vor vielen Jahren, als ich dort tatsächlich körperlich präsent war – alle meine Atemprobleme verschwanden – auch jetzt spüre ich, wie leicht mir das Atmen fällt, als sei ich endlich in meinem Element. Ich habe zunächst kein inneres Bild der Amazonas-Göttin, spüre nur ihre feuchtwarme Atmosphäre. Ich kann leicht in die Tiefe unter die Erde tauchen – ja tauchen – denn irgendwie erscheint es wie unter Wasser. Auch das Auf- und Eintauchen in die riesigen Baumkronen fällt leicht. Da bemerke ich, dass ich mich innerhalb eines Wesen bewege, das unvorstellbar tief in die Erde hineinragt und weit über die üppigen Baumkronen ins All hinein. Ja, ich bin eine winziger Teil – ein Fraktal dieses Wesens, das sich mit mir umdreht und sich über das Portal Brasilias bis nach Rio de Janeiro hin ausbreitet – die Granitberge berührt und Wasser und Mineralien miteinander verbindet.

Auf der globalen Ebene stellt das Hochland von Tibet den mineralischen (Yang) Pol des Planeten dar und der Amazonas-Regenwald das Reich des Wasser-Elements (Yin Pol)

Tibet befindet sich hinter meinem Rücken; ich sehe die eisigen, schneebedeckten Berge hinter mir und mir wird klar, dass dieses gefrorene Wasser aus Amazonien kommt, hier niederregnet, zu Eis wird – dann wieder zu Wasser taut und die riesigen asiatischen Ebenen mit riesigen Flüssen zum Leben erweckt. Mir fällt Michelangelo ein, der sagte, alles Wasser der Erde sei eine konstante Menge. Ich ziehe diese eisige Wasserwelt durch mein Herz – eigentlich durch das riesige Herz der Erdgöttin – von der ich ein winzig, winzig, winziger Teil bin. Die eisige Atmosphäre umschlingt das Amazonasbecken in einer großen Spirale; es erwärmt sich dabei, das Wasser verdunstet und steigt wieder in die Atmosphäre – was mir vorher als Gedanke durch den Kopf ging, sehe ich jetzt als Bild vor mir. Wasser, das wiederum zurückkehrt zu den Bergen Tibets. Ich drehe mich um und gebe die Essenz dieser chymischen Hochzeit über das Portal Brasilias an die megalithische Landschaft Rio de Janeiros weiter. Das Wasser sinkt in die Erde und bringt alle Mineralien zum Leuchten. Eine riesige Welt voller leuchtender Steine.

Kopf, Herz und Bauch verbinden

Ich empfinde die angenehme Klarheit und Kühle im Bereich meines dritten Auges und gleichzeitig die feucht amorphe Welt meines und des Amazonasbeckens. Die Essenz des Kopfes verbindet sich mit der des Beckens in meinem Herzen. Eine ruhige Stille des Körpers. Ich nehme unsere Gruppe im Kreis wahr – die violett-wässrige Atmosphäre über uns – sehe wie die Gruppe sich über die Welt verteilt, diese Essenz von Kopf, Herz und Bauch mit sich nimmt. Da erscheint in meinem Innern wieder die Gestalt von Yansã – die Göttin des Windes, die all das gefangene Wissen wieder über die ganze Welt verteilt.

Bitte die einheimische Kultur Brasiliens und die Kultur ihrer Ahnen, den wieder verbundenen und ausbalancierten Körper ihres Landes zu beschützen

Langsam segeln verschiedene Bilder vor meinem inneren Auge vorbei: In den afrobrasilianischen Kulturen sehe ich die Essenz der afrikanischen Naturgötter mit denen der indigenen Völker Brasiliens (Südamerikas) verschmelzen – und auch die abendländisch-christliche Essenz hat sich dazugesellt. Sie haben sich zusammengetan zu einer subversiven Kraft, die die dominierende Kolonialstruktur langsam zersetzt. Diese Ahnen-Götter erwachen wieder zum Leben und beschützen Brasilien.

Abschluss des Workshop

Ich sehe uns wieder im Kreis unter der wässrig-violetten Membran; ich bedanke mich bei allen und lasse die Gruppe vor meinem inneren Auge entstehen; werde mir bewusst, dass auch Menschen aus dem hebräisch sprechenden Umfeld dabei sind, aus der eine Essenz des Lichts kam, die von den Kolonisatoren für ihre Machtinstinkte und grässliche Herrschaft über die Völker Süd-Amerikas auf den Kopf gestellt und missbraucht wurde. Davon wird sie nun befreit. Wir bedanken uns bei der großen Erdgöttin mit ihrem immensen Körper, bei Xansã, der Göttin des Windes und Repräsentantin der afrobrasilianischen Welt, die sich auflehnte gegen die Gewaltherrschaft der Conquistadores, bei den Riesenwalen des Atlantischen Ozeans, den Schlangenwesen der brasilianischen Unterwelt, den Kosmogrammen, die uns geleitet haben. Dank an Marko und Marika!


Telepathic workshop No. 3 – for Brazil May 31, 2020
Notes: Farah

Connection and attunement to the group

1. I have a little trouble locating our large group from many countries; then I see us circling over the Amazon basin.
2. First comes a goddess from the Yoruba universe to us, from the Afro-Brazilian tradition, called Yansã or Oya, an anti-authoritarian goddess: A story about her says that a greedy god of the Yoruba heaven wanted to possess the knowledge of the whole universe which was written down on tree leaves. So he collected them all in large sacks to keep them to oneself and Yansã sparked such a storm with her waving skirts that all sacks whirled through the air and opened up so that the leaves and the knowledge were spread all over the world again. But Yansã cannot do much here at first; she tries to break up the rigid energy above the Amazon basin, in which our circle is also stagnating; but this strange stiffness continues. Suddenly a huge fountain opens up below us and water shoots into the atmosphere which raised our circle into outer space.
3. The hemisphere of the violet-watery membrane becomes a complete sphere and we move into the outer space; carried by the energy of the huge water fountain.

The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked.

Our space shuttle moves towards the Atlantic Ocean where it slowly sinks down from the universe. We draw water from the Atlantic Ocean and ask for the blessing of the divine power and distribute the water along the coastline. We can’t do much, the wall stands there as a solid block. We start singing; that attracts huge whales from the Atlantic: they come in thousands and push enormous amounts of water in front of them. A huge wave flows against the wall, which withstands everything, but the water rinses over it so that it no longer plays a role as a wall. The water cleans the land and rinses everything with the backwashing wave into the Atlantic. The sea recedes and with them the whales; later the water comes rolling back to the shore. My body resonates during this process. We go back to our watery-violet space shuttle.

The Space of the Amazon jungle is under great pressure

I look at the different cosmogram on the lithopuncture systems and see how these lines transmute into underground water channels, called meridians, where the knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean combines with the knowledge of the Amazon basin and that of the mineral kingdom in the east of the region. This gives the minerals great luminosity. I am drawn down into this underground world, a very flexible world that lacks the usual earthly firmness (rigidity). The meridians are also alive; they appear as huge snakes that meander through the underground. I want to break off the inner view, but I am still being held back and see that some of the minerals that are now distributed over the Amazon basin are thrown into space with the huge water fountain, that initially appeared, in order to fertilize and inspire the universe.

To connect the being of the Amazon to the mineral kingdom of Brazil

Our watery violet-watery space shuttle lands in Brasilia, from there we move backwards towards the Amazon basin. When I turn around, a damp, cozy heat envelops me and I remember that many years ago, when I was actually physically present there, all my breathing problems disappeared; even now I can feel how easy it is for me to breathe as if I were finally in my element. At first I have no inner picture of the Amazon goddess, only feel her warm, humid atmosphere. I can easily dive deep underground – yes dive – because somehow it seems like to be under water. Diving in and also up to reach the tops of the huge trees also is easy. Then I notice that I am moving within a being that reaches unbelievably deep into the earth and far beyond the lush tree tops. Yes, I am a tiny part, a fractal of this being that turns around with me and spreads through the portal of Brazil to Rio de Janeiro where she and me touch the granite mountains and combine water and minerals.

On the global level, the highlands of Tibet represent the mineral (Yang) pole of the planet and the Amazon rainforest the realm of the water element (Yin Pol)

Tibet is behind my back; I see the icy, snow-capped mountains behind me and I realize that this frozen water comes from Amazonia, rains here, turns into ice – then thaws again and brings the huge Asian plains to life with huge rivers. I remember Michelangelo who said that all the water on earth was a constant amount. I draw this icy water world through my heart – actually through the huge heart of the earth goddess – of which I am a tiny, tiny, tiny part. The icy atmosphere wraps around the Amazon basin in a large spiral; it warms up, the water evaporates and rises again into the atmosphere – what was previously going through my mind now I see as a picture in front of me. Water that returns to the mountains of Tibet. I turn around and pass on the essence of this chymic wedding through the portal of Brazil to the megalithic landscape of Rio de Janeiro. The water sinks into the earth and lights up all the minerals. A huge world full of shining stones.

Connecting head, heart and belly

I feel the pleasant clarity and coolness in the area of my third eye and at the same time the moist amorphous world of my belly and the Amazon basin. The essence of the head connects with that of the pelvis and my heart. A calm silence of the body. I perceive our group in a circle, the violet-watery atmosphere above us, and see how the members of the group spread over the world, taking this essence of head, heart and belly with it. Then the figure of Yansã reappears inside of me: the goddess of the wind, who again distributes all the trapped knowledge all over the world.

Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country

Various images slowly sail past in my mind’s eye: In the Afro-Brazilian cultures I see the essence of the African natural gods merging with that of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (South America) – and the Western Christian essence has also been added. They have teamed up to form a subversive force that slowly decomposes the dominant colonial structure. These ancestor gods come back to life and protect Brazil.

Completion of the workshop

I see us again in a circle under the watery-violet membrane; I thank everyone and let the group emerge in my mind’s eye; I become aware that there are also people from the Hebrew-speaking area, from where an essence of light emerged that the colonizers turned upside down and abused for their instincts of power and hideous rule over the peoples of South America. The shadows which darkened that light will disappear now. We thank the great earth goddess with her immense body, we call Gaia, and Xansã, the goddess of the wind and representative of the Afro-Brazilian world, who rebelled against the tyranny of the Conquistadores, the giant whales of the Atlantic Ocean, the snake beings of the Brazilian underworld, the cosmograms, who guided us. Thanks to Marko and Marika!

Anne Stuart

A great welcome, drumming, happy faces, clothes woven in geometric designs of black, red, white , citrine and blue.
Sun rays shine down. Black smoke along edge of sea wased out in waves leaving glittering sand. Pillar of white light in the ocean turns into white cross assisted by the angel of Atlantic ocean. The four elements combine to assist work of transformation. light infused air spread over the land and sea. Big image of red sacred heart surtounded by golden flames.

Stood with back to lithopuncture and saw veins of light spread over land. Veils of gauze lifted off granite rockface. Saw triangle from mouth of Amazon river to Rio and across to border with Peru.
Goddess exhausted. She looked like a big bellied brown Buddha.

Big drop of green wisdom fell from third eye down into heart and on into sitting belly of Amazonian goddess. Mirror image , Amozon Buddha below as Buddha Tara above, Abundance and joy. A parade of Tibetan monks marched to heart met by tribal people.All hold hands in circle of light around heart sending peace throughout earth.
Sad at forgivness of ancestors and ask their help to preserve lungs of the planet.

Alice Weibull, Sweden

When connecting with us as a group I sensed grief and a heaviness.

The elemental, angelic and ancestral beings of Brazil were for me huge and very powerful. I saw big eagles flying above the coast.

The block was not so difficult for us to lift as we joined together.

Connecting the mineral kingdoms to the Amazonas was the deeply challenging part of this workshop. I saw the minerals being protected by giants but the Amazonas was bleeding. It was like a war zone on the frequency I tuned into. It was like a huge wound and there was so much pain I could hardly bear it. There was a lot of angelic presence but in my perception only we as humans can restore the land. To be able to stay with the exercise I brought in my soul light and I was no longer drowned in pain.

I have never been in Brazil or South America but have connected on the inner during my life. I have during the last years felt a deep concern for Brazil.
I now experienced Rio de Janeiro as a magnet with a lot of love.
It was more difficult connecting with Brasilia.

Connecting Tibet and the Amazons was a very powerful experience
They felt for me to have a lot of closeness. Once they were connected through my heart they clicked and did not want to move. It was the magnetic quality of Rio that could make the connection move.

The energy in my skull was at first too big to sink into my heart. I needed to unfocus and just relax to allow the energy of the skull to connect in my heart. The belly energy had no problem connecting in the heart and they then formed a grid like horizontal pattern that fitted perfectly together in my heart that was very extended.

At the conclusion when asking for forgiveness I felt an extreme vulnerability and also humility in me. Only love can restore the land of the Amazonia.
I have a practice of connecting with Gaia and the immense love of the being that is our planet. But I have not done work on connecting different parts of the earth. I truly experienced the great potential we have of cooperating with the light presences around and inside Gaia. Thank-you Marko and your team!

Alix Bernard

Hello 🙂 This was my first time. What splendid work, thank you all! Alix, Luxembourg

Margaret Lange

Oh my comments all disappeared as they did last time I wrote. I didn’t actually resonate with the last one but participated fully in the other two. Again I felt there were many beings waiting to join the circle from here in a Taroona, Tasmania, Australia. A very powerful violet sparkling sphere was made with them all.
Briefly now We worked across the Atlantic from the Orkney islands with divine creative energy blessing and transforming each handful of sparkling ocean until we dumped with loads of rubbish and plastics on the Brazilian shore. The elementals joined us amidst tears and laughter and much singing and dancing using the megaliths to focus and refocus and retouch many a sacred site. The Amazonian goddess was readily met and embraced in the throng. It was a struggle to get through the portal and a cold dark hush when we hit the coast. Happy to speed off to Tibet and the light of day. Even though temperature was warmer, it was easier to rug up and be there. Ready for hot toast and a cuppa.
Easily dropped from there into the heart of Gaia and expand into her welcoming being. The Amazonian Goddess joined us there and again we all seemed to struggle with the portal in Brasilia and finding our way to the coast. It was very emotional. Mine or there?!?At one stage I asked permission to leave the group – brushed my teeth and watered pot plants until I regained my own sovereignty and grounding then rejoined the violet sparkling droplets and pushed through the murk to be met by the crashing waves, the quiet sea molluscs and dolphins.
The ancestors didn’t need any inviting. Asked to be acknowledged, accepted and acclaimed and met each in our full powers to find the mutual path forward supporting and releasing the current caretakers, people, animals and trees to continue their work.
Much rejoicing in accomplishments and leaving the group in gratitude.
Thank you all

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