Urgent Israel-Palestine LifeNet Telepathic Workshop

Urgent Israel-Palestine LifeNet Telepathic Workshop

  • Sunday, May 23rd from 9.00 till 10.40 in the morning.
  • Repeated on Monday, May 24th at 20.00 in the evening.

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages: www.lifenet.si/meditations or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de

We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.

If needed, please read the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.

Be sure to have the workshop plan printed with you, or have it ready on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the timetable.

9.00 – 9.10  Tuning of the Group

Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.

We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.

Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.

With our imagination we create our workshop space. The space has a spherical form composed of several layers of subtle membranes.

To tune to the same time level, imagine a spiral coming out of the Earth to lift us to the time level that connects us. If interferences come up for you during the workshop, return to this protected space and continue from there.

9.10 – 9.30 To bring an impulse of change to the region devastated by wars and oppression

  1. Imagine a huge bird extending its wings over the whole region of Israel/Palestine. At first it seems that it is the dove of the Holy Spirit bringing enlightenment to the region. But then realize that the wings of the bird create a dark shadow over the people of the countries and nations living there.
  2. Then imagine a strong magnetic pull of the Earth that sucks the dangerous bird into its space of change in order to transform it as if it were made from paper.
  3. A moment of silence follows. Use this moment to feel the consequences of this important change. 
  4. Then notice that throughout the whole region of the Near East sources of purest water open out of the core of the Earth covering the region with a thin layer of flowing water. Water with the charge of feminine quality flows towards the Persian Gulf, towards the Red Sea, towards the Mediterranean and towards the Black Sea.
  5. Together with our guests we all stand up to the ankles in the gently flowing water distributed along the Near East region. Be aware of our group presence and be aware of your own presence.
  6. Our hearts move in resonance with the flowing water, and our hearts begin to radiate with love.
  7. People of the region are first utterly surprised and then little by little their hearts also begin to radiate with love and peace…

9.30 – 9.50 To restore balance symbolized by the Star of David

  1. The Star of David exists from times immemorial as the main geomantic feature of the Israel/Palestine landscape, partly extending also into the Kingdom of Jordan. With its two triangles it radiates the message of a perfect balance between the cosmic and the earthly powers of Gaia, and at another level between the feminine and masculine principles.
  2. Imagine the Star of David as a huge, golden multidimensional cosmogram partly positioned above and partly under the Earth, moving around its axis in a ceremonial rhythm. It has the capacity to serve as a place of meeting between the angelic beings of the universe and the living beings of the Earth. (The axis is positioned south-west from Nazareth.)
  3. We see its present condition with broken or darkened parts. Having been heavily disturbed and misused in the past and present, it calls to us to be restored in its pristine beauty.
  4. Imagine taking these parts and washing them in the water that Gaia has manifested as the response to our first exercise.
  5. Than move the elements of the Star of David landscape temple, (reduced to its micro form) into your belly space and allow it to come together again.
  6. Then lift it into your heart space to renew its primordial power and its capacity to radiate with the love of the Earth and the universe.
  7. Finally return to the first point above and imagine the Star of David temple radiating  with its full presence in the landscape again.

9.50 – 10.00 A short break

10.00 – 10.20 To liberate the source of peace existing in the depth of the Jerusalem Hill

The hill upon which the walled city of Jerusalem stands is the place where the Earth treasures the source of peace, one of the strongest upon the planet. The heavy layers of several thousand years of conflicts pressing upon the hill do not allow the mighty source to permeate the country with peace – even if the name of Jerusalem means “the Place of Peace”.

  1. We need to work on transmuting the masculine aggressivity that has transformed Jerusalem into one of the strongest knots in the network of powers torturing the Earth.
  2. We imagine we dive into the deep lake of primeval peace positioned beneath the Hill of Jerusalem.
  3. At the bottom of the lake we arrive to a gigantic crystal rock representing the matrix of peace and realize that a sword has been pushed into the rock. Take the sword out of the rock and let it be diluted in the powerful waters of peace.
  4. Imagine how also the false images of the masculine principle (represented through the sword) become diluted within your consciousness.
  5. Bring the experience up to the manifested level of life. When you stand now upon the land of Israel/Palestine you embody the primordial masculine principle – no matter if you are a woman or a man.
  6. You wear a crown of stars upon your head; your body feels fluid, breathing with the sacred essence of water.
  7. As a consequence the Jerusalem knot centering the dark network begins to dissolve and the process of dissolution continues along the whole network.

10.20 – 10.40 To open the source of peace inside the Hill of Jerusalem

  • Imagine that you transform yourself into a miniature ant. Climb along your backbone to your skull, entering the space of your brain through the neck.
  • As you enter you realize that your left (feminine, intuitive) part of the brain is enveloped in an almost invisible plastic bag – the bag is  supporting the dominance of the masculine and rational part of the human brain.
  • Pull the plastic from your brain and bring it along the backbone down to your belly, and hand it over to the universe of the microbes there to be diluted.
  • Then imagine yourself as big as a giant twice as high as the Hill of Jerusalem.
  • Put a thin golden pipe into the Hill of Jerusalem so that it reaches deep down into the lake of primordial peace and high up into the atmosphere over Jerusalem.
  • Immediately the waters of peace start to ascend along the golden pipe creating clouds of sacred water above Israel/Palestine.
  • Fine drops of peace started to fall like gentle rain over Israel/Palestine and the whole Near East, extinguishing the fires of hate and warfare.

10.40 Conclusion

Give deep and profound thanks to all beings participating (as well the translators and co-creators of the workshop).

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Orit Loyter

Already in getting the invitation I felt very moved and agitated, like knowing a very important impulse is coming and questioning if we will be able to take this opportunity. I am from Israel and I had a sense that the ability to bring the solution is not present in the area itself.
So now after, I have this deep gratitude for Marko and all of you, like a sense of how the new way of the Earth and humanity has to do with bringing the understanding of the Earth as Whole when dealing with the local and personal challenges.
9 Saw some points in the circle as elevated and more magnetic to the helping elemental beings, had a feeling it is where people who are from Israel-Palestine are standing and do the effort to transform themselves. (including myself…). When the ancestors joined, I felt my grandmother and a general grandmoterness feeling of both nations, coming to help to bring peace. Felt the clearing of the patterns serves the past generations and even more the future coming!
910 I could see how this black bird that did not manage to fool Marko, is disguising in the region as- the forces of the different Gods, protection, national belongings etc, all that keeps the people fighting. when it was gone I felt a huge confusion and bareness in the land, too big for many to endure. so the water coming was so important , they were noticed only by few, but very significant!. The water had a very new quality to it, (maybe like primary water?)

930 balance- It was obvious how difficult it is for the star to rotate and how damaged it is. The water on the surface of the Earth were so thin still, so I was going around looking for a spring were there are more waters coming out. I could find many but all were immediately taken by some form of religion or limiting thought form or identity. I was quite desperate. I then was invited to go below the earth and then helped to renew the star. It was easy to restore it inside me, it helped through the renewed water. But it had to be guarded from the forces outside and therefor it felt impossible to put it back. So I saw us standing in a circle each of us holding the star of david in the space of his heart, allowing it to radiate there while we together imagine it starting to do the same in the middle of the circle, I knew it can happen only as long as we stand there, but it was a very powerful beginning of something new.
10 restoring the source
I had to go through many caves under the city, going deeper and deeper in a sacred and guarded path that lead me to the pure lake. In there I had to gather the courage to enter deeply, I saw the sword. It was rusty, being there for a long time and held by the conviction of its necessity. I was surprised how easy it is to take it out, but a wound was opened with a pain that shot all the way up to the manifested level. A healing started but I felt more needs to be addressed there. I continued… went up and again needed all the group with me. We made a circle around the walls of the city. It was obvious we are carrying a special quality and it attracted beings first and humans to join. First peace activits and heart people, then more and more joined. A special energy radiated and arrived very far. I could see people in far places dropping weapons and ways of war. Through close around it was more difficult. It was as if it had to radiate far and then when from there back to Jerusalem to bring the change on the manifested level there.
 1020 opening the source
I felt the drops not so gentle, they had a very powerful energy of change and light in them. Nature received them into it and could release itself from the oppressiveness of the human thoughts and actions. With humans it was different. When touching me and others it had a quality of transformation, every part that is still hard felt pain when touched by these waters. Some of the humans accepted it, others resisted. But it was strong and transformative, not possible to live in war with it. Forms and lives that could not take it in had to break and dissolve.
On Monday the repetition went very fast and smooth as if the workshop energy and forms were already there in action and just needed reinforcement. 


Sunday morning:
Tuning in, I sensed how the counter forces have tried to divide humanity to distract people from connecting to the essence of life. Images from the media were like slime sticking on everyone. I connected to our group and saw our sphere of protection like a large etheric rose. We held seeds of peace in our hands and I sensed the presence of what felt like Anubis and Sekmet, they joined us as cosmic support.

The bird was making shadows and people were frowning with their eyes full of suspicion and religious hatred. As the water entered, it felt like hard work for the places to absorb the qualities of the water. The people looked dazed. The dolphins came to my aid and their movements brought sparks and aliveness to the water, as well as joy and possibilities.

I sensed the Star of David with its angelic and cosmic qualities. Its broken parts were like pieces of plastic, made artificially and disconnected from Earth. As the Star of David was renewed, I became aware of a group of ancestors who seemed to be linked to the Essenes, they felt grateful for this help. The multi-dimensional six pointed star was activated alongside the crescent moon, this brought the feminine and masculine balance.

Jerusalem seemed exhausted and diving downwards was like going through layers of dense rock. The large crystal was there with iridescent rays of light in the water. As the sword was pulled out and dissolved, water erupted through the ground like a geyser. Many plants and flowers grew from the sprinkling of water everywhere. Little vines and buds started covering the crumbling city walls. The hill of Jerusalem felt very high and it made contact with other high hills around the world. I found it difficult to stand as a primordial masculine and the dolphins help me do it. I sensed the dolphin body balancing perfectly on its tail with the glow of the stars around its head.

As the plastic bag was pulled away from the feminine part of the brain, there were swirls of magenta and purple colours. My whole body started spontaneously shaking. I was sounding and I kept sounding as a subtle golden pipe with spirals was created. The water continued to flow upwards to the land and it seemed to grow many bushes of roses everything. I then sensed something beautiful unfolding, like the emergence of a new identity for this place.

Monday night:
When I started to attune I felt something like a large round golden metal emblem or shield was pressing over my heart area. The shield was tight and restrictive and I tried to release it. Then the frequencies of the Earth came in- rainforests, high rocks. I felt the participation of indigenous peoples from the ancestors and descendants realm, also Sidhe collaborators and primordial forces like dragons.

The dark birds made a scatterings of waste all around, fragments of bloodshed, human division. These scatterings were sucked away by the magnetic pull and transmuted by a strong violet ray from the Earth. The clearance of the scatterings created a sort of violet coloured empty space but I sensed that something needed to come into this vacuum. I felt relief as the water entered. I became aware of the Dead Sea’s wish to participate in this process. I then perceived something rising up from deep in the oceans, a profound water element support guided by the narwhals. But it was not easy to hold these two resonances at once, it took time for the surface areas to integrate the deeper water impulses.

The cosmogram of the Star of David initially felt extremely heavy. It appeared to be in water. I tried to find lightness, a sense of evolution. I am taken to a dimension I had not experienced before, it seems to be like the parallel world of living sacred geometry. I sensed the devas of these sacred geometries, including the angel of the Star of David. She was spinning rapidly with the star but at first I could not see where it could go from the deep water. During this time my body was making gently pulsing wave movements and my fingers were fluttering. As the Star of David went into my belly, I sensed the all the different sacred geometries living in all the microorganisms, like carriers floating around us, helping us tune to these cosmograms.

Jerusalem Hill: this time there were swords around the crystal but not stuck within it. As the swords dissolved, the crystal light and vibrations were moving upwards. But my consciousness could not find a position to embody the principle… I went upside down, on the side… in the end the masculine did not take a particular form but it was like a soft yet steady vibration. It released drops of tears that fell into the Earth and then the walls of the city softened like a soft embrace.

As the plastic was pulled from my brain a jolt of energy went through me and I went through this sequence dancing. I experienced the source of peace as dynamic, joyful and alive. It seemed I was not alone, it was like there were elementals and beings dancing all around. There were rhythms, clapping, singing, music.

Thank you for this vibrant community with all the courage and commitment to do this work together. With much gratitude to Marko, our dear group and all the beings supporting us.


Herzlichsten Dank an alle, die diesen eindrucksvollen Workshop ermöglichten!!
Ich spüre heute die Präsenz der Gruppe und der beteiligten Wesenheiten besonders stark, vielleicht weil eine gute Freundin zum ersten Mal mitmacht. Unsere Gemeinschaft ist bei dem Errichten des Tempels des Davidsterns über Israel und Palästina wichtig, da wir solch große Sache nur gemeinsam schaffen können und ich fühle, dass es gelingt.
Die Bilder dieses Workshops sind so stark, dass ich gut in sie hineingehen kann. Die Transformation der falschen Männlichkeit in meinem Bewusstsein sollte ich öfters wiederholen….
Viel Liebe für Euch Alle!


Da Schwert lag schon entkraftet zur Seite im Wasser, jedoch es war deutlich eine Wunde
im Kristal hinterblieben! Auch kleine Reststucke, die ich (mit eine Pinzette) sorgfaltig versuchte weg zu nehmen.. Es klang anschliessend: “Trane der Genade”. So habe ich mich dan auf diese Ubung eingestellt.
Weiter die Frage wie “Linke weibliche Seite des Gehirns” gemeint ist. (Ich kenne es alleine aus der sicht Rechter Gehirn, kreuzend nach Linke Arm/hand = kunstlerische Ausserung und Weiblich).
Gerne bis Heute Abend!


Grüezi Marko
Zitat: «Der Hügel, auf dem die Stadt Jerusalem von einer Mauer umgeben steht, ist jener Platz, an dem die Erde die Quelle des Frieden aufbewahrt, einer der stärksten auf der ganzen Erde.»

Frage: Gibt es noch weitere Plätze an denen Gaia Quellen des Friedens angelegt hat? Wie ein Netzwerk?

Gruss nach Slowenien


9.00-9.10 Einstimmung

Im Moment stehe ich neben einem Kloster.
Bei der Einstimmung lade ich meine Ahnen mit ein. Immer auch die Wesen aus der Umgebung. Ich nehme eine starke Energie wahr. Mein Gefühl, es ist der feinstoffliche Verwalter des Klosters. Er stellt sich hinter mich. Ich komme mir sehr klein vor. Wir treten in den Kreis.

9.10-9.30 Impuls der Veränderung

Der Vogel musste zur Transformation durch die Farben violett, blau, grün und dann in die goldfarbene Aura der inneren Sonne.
Nachdem ausfliessen des reinsten Quellwassers, so sanft, verteilt es sich über die beiden Länder, dann in die angrenzenden Staaten und in alle grossen Gewässer. Für den Moment stelle ich eine Starre fest. Alles steht still. Eine grosse komplette Leere.

9.30-9.50 Das Gleichgewicht

Mit der Hilfe des Klosterverwalters konnte ich die beiden Dreiecke nacheinander komplett herausheben und reinigen. Beide Teile wurden nach der Reinigung für einen Moment alleingelassen. Danach wieder an ihren ursprünglichen Platz eingelassen. Danach strahlte der Davidstern, in meiner Vorstellung, wieder frisch in einer goldgelben Farbe, die nach Aussen immer weisser wurde.

10.00-10.20 Quelle des Friedens befreien

Der Knoten der Manipulation, der Macht, der Angst löst sich auf. Auch die energetischen Fäden lösen sich bis zu ihrem Ursprung auf. Der Ursprung wird versiegelt.

10.20-10.40 Öffnen der Quelle des Friedens

Der Verwalter oder die Verwalterin des Klosters (ich bin jetzt plötzlich nicht mehr so sicher) und ich lassen gemeinsam das goldene Rohr in die Erde ein. Unter unseren Füssen erscheint der Davidstern. Abwechselnd sitzt einer im männlichen Dreieck oder im weiblichen Teil. So begleiten wir den Prozess. Das Quellwasser steigt hoch und ein feiner Dunst verteilt sich über der ganzen Region und darüber hinaus.

Wonderful that the cease fire followed Marko’s intention, before we did the workshop.
10.20 Noticed that the dissolving of the dark network was slow and difficult. I could feel that the slowness was connected to my own very old feelings of being scared and of revenge that were triggered. So I worked on those feelings.
10.35 It did not feel totally ok to put the thin golden pipe into the Hill. So instead I tried letting the water rise through the Hill to become clouds. I noticed no objection from the Hill doing that.
I was in a hurry, so I finished the workshop before the set time. But I have noticed at earlier workshops that I seem to go through the different parts a bit quicker than according to schedule. I guess it works thanks to the time spiral.
During the workshop I experienced much light and feelings of love and relief. The feeling of relief remains.
Thank you so much for the workshop!!

Moira Walker

Am Ende fielen die Tropfen des Regens in die Wunden und Schmerz der Menschen; Wunden, die sowohl von der Vergangenheit als auch vom aktuellen Leben stammen. Es wirkte, als ob die Tropfen begannen, die Menschen aufzuwecken. Dieses Bild dauerte lange und fühlte sich wie eine überraschende Pause in der Aggressivität und Rache an, vielleicht eine hoffnungsvolle Bremse lieber als der Frieden selbst.  
Vielen Dank an alle für die Moglichkeit an diesen Workshop teilzunehmen.

Hanneke Nelemans

Viel Dank für diese Workshop, und Entschuldigung für die Sprachfehler.
Im ersten Teil sah ich viele grosse und kleine Kreisen von Menschen im Wasser tanzen und singen, die Israelische Volkstanz Mayim Mayim.
Im zweiten Teil realisierte ich mich das es 2 Dreiecken gibt im Davidstern, aber 3 Polaritäten. Als dritte Polarität zeigte sich die Ichkraft mit die Kraft der Gemeinschaft wie in der Spruch Steiners >>
“Heilsam ist nur, wenn im Spiegel der Meschenseele sich bildet die ganze Gemeinschaft, Und in der Gemeinschaft lebet der Einzelseele Kraft.”
Die Hügel Jerusalems gab mir sehr viel kraftvolle Erlebnisse. Nun die Andacht vor Israel/Palästina fortsetzen!


Das Schwert wird vom Wasser stumpf und löst sich letztlich auf.
Die Wunde im Steinkristall heilen:
mit sanftem Wasser
mit Wind ( meiner tönenden Atemluft)
mit Feuer : durch das Liebesfeuer meines Herzens
Es breitet sich die Energie der Heilung
über alle Knoten des Netzwerkes aus.

Friedenswasser aus der Wolke
löschen Feuer des Hasses und des Krieges
Immer noch kleine Feuer werden entfacht —
die Wolke löscht –
ein Fuß tritt es aus mit einem klaren NEIN !
Die Menschen ums Feuer sind verwirrt-
wie sollen sie sich neu orientieren?
gemeinsam überlegen sie
bleiben zusammen
wollen neue gute Ideen umsetzen
neue Orientierung leben
mit Frieden und Freude am Leben, am Miteinander.

Sie brauchen Freunde und stellen fest:
sie haben Freunde:
Neue Erfahrungen im Miteinander
in Stille und Frieden
Sie legen die Militärkleidung gänzlich ab,
lassen sich vom Friedenswasser reinigen
tanzen das Leben, den Frieden, die Liebe,
legen neue Kleidung an – helle ❣️


Von Herzen bedanke ich mich für diese kraftvolle Verbindung mit Euch ALLEN Mitschaffenden und Wesen. Danke für die Übersetzung. Von Herzen Dank an Marko, ein besonderer Mensch, welcher auch das künstlerische Schaffen um Aspekte erweitert.
Danke für die Möglichkeit den Ort des FRIEDENS, den kraftvollen und heilenden Impuls mit Euch, erleben zu können.

Birgit Karreman

deep and profound thanks to all beings participating (as well the translators and co-creators of the workshop) <3

Ute Kolbe

Bitte gibt es diesen Text auch auf Deutsch? Wie, wo?

Irina Kazanskaya
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