LifeNet -“Network for Life” – telepathic imaginations to be done at least once each day until it is no longer needed.

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This telepathic imagination, To End the War, adds Exercise 1 below to our previous telepathic imaginations which are also posted on – “Peace to Ukraine – Peace to Russia –Peace to the World,” and “Updated Ukraine Meditation for the Whole Earth Sphere.”

Exercise 1

During the past two years ancient deep unresolved traumas of humanity have surfaced and must be healed. The Covid pandemic can be seen as a re-emergence of Middle Age plagues. The current aggression of Russia towards Ukraine can be seen as a replay of Nazi/Fascist aggression during the Second World War. To create the space and circumstances for peace in the present war that Second World War trauma must be healed.

  1. Imagine a circle of high angelic beings like Cherubs levitating over the Earth. From their eyes we imagine tears of compassion falling upon the Earth – their purpose is to lift and release the traumas of human war from our planetary memory. Imagine a green sphere of healing is created around the Earth and those memories.
  2. Then we invite the elemental beings of Gaia that work on processes of earthly change to lead into transformation each single memory of the deep trauma, wounds and destruction of the Second World War, and its mirroring within the collective memory of humanity.
  3. We support and help by imagining very fine fragments of violet Amethyst crystals as large streams sweeping the atmosphere of the earth, its embodied worlds, and its underground regions. We thank the mineral kingdom for its help.
  4. Now imagine that all people of goodwill move to the large plain of Eastern Europe to form a large circle around Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
  5. Within this large plain we create a space and vibration of peace and invite the ancestors of those nations from the spiritual world, angelic beings that guard the archetypes of the three Slavic nations, and the mighty elemental beings of the Earthly kingdoms to touch the hearts of those entangled in the warfare with the inspiration of divine grace and of peace from the heart of the Earth.

Exercise 2

  1. Imagine that the space of your heart is like a fine cloud containing immense quantities of water imbued with the quality of love.
  2. Let the fine cloud of water of our hearts rain upon and infuse the people and regions entangled in the war inside of Ukraine to extinguish the dangerous fire of warfare.

Exercise 3

The western border of Ukraine touches the geomantic dragon backbone of Europe that runs from the Pyrenees through the Alps and Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea. The Carpathian Mountains are the region where Ukraine touches the mineral dragon of Europe.

  1. The great plain of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is the home of the feminine aspect of the primeval power of the Earth. Like a white snake it is coiled within the earth of these three countries.
  2. The white snake represents the dragon powers of humility, love and wisdom.
  3. We imagine that within the Earth the white dragon has openings for breathing distributed throughout these eastern lands.
  4. We imagine, we see, that the white dragon begins to breathe. Multitudes of light rays emerge from its breathing openings to fill the East European space with the message of humility, love and wisdom.
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