(The program can be found on this web site in different languages.)

The shared experiences of the first edition of the workshop a week ago show the need to profound at least two points of the program. Please feel free to work also in concordance with your own perceptions last Sunday!

Addition concerns:

11:00–11:20 Connecting head, heart and belly

Connection between Amazonia and Tibetan highlands is more problematic as thought before because of the involved magic. Do not connect heart, head and belly (symbolic for Tibet, the core of the Earth and the Amazonian plain) within yourself at first but do it behind your back in the causal realm and then transfer the connection to your inner world and then to the planetary dimensions. For example, it can be done like this:

  • Feel the highlands of Tibet behind your head as a sphere composed of beautiful minerals.
  • Imagine the Amazonas as a watery sphere behind your belly space.
  • Imagine the majestic stream of water from Amazonas flow behind your back to wash the mineral sphere of Tibet. Use streams of violet to profound the cleansing effect.
  • Imagine the subtle snow flakes of Himalayan minerals to fall down to the Amazonas to recreate the lost connection between the two spiritual poles of the Earth
  • Then work on fusion of these two poles in the sphere behind your heart space.
  • Then work on fusion of both spheres of head and belly within your heart space which should be in the next step identified with the core of the Earth.
  • Feel the quality generated by the fusion of the three basic dimensions of your being.
  • Touch hearts of people worldwide inspiring them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence within their hearts.

11:20–11:30 Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country

Here it needs to work additionally on transmuting the traumas caused by the colonization of Brazil and suppression of indigenous cultures. You can use the Gaia Touch ritual Tear of divine grace.

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What an incredible experience!

The essence of Amazon is a very ancient presence, watery and airy, with a cosmic dimension. I am infinitely grateful for this experience.

A heartfelt thank you to Marko, the VITAAA team and all dear co-creators for the initiative and cooperation.



Dear Marko, dear people from Vitaaa

In the first meditation for Brazil on May 31, as we had to take water out of the Atlantic and spill it over the coastal line between Rio and Sao Paolo, suddenly our stone circle Staraquantis in front of the coast of Fuerteventura came into my sight. We had built it 2011 with the help of divers in the Atlantic at a depth of 18 m. Our aim was to strengthen the Atlantic and the other Oceans and their nature.

So, my actual ritual with the energized Atlantic water had already in the first meditation a special intensity and had, on my opinion, a big effect in tearing down the wall and liberating the elemental beings.

Last Sunday then, working again on the connection between Tibet and Amazonia, the stone circle Staraquantis called again my attention. Also the following days, it did not get out of my mind. It was as if the seven pillars with their kosmograms wanted to awake from a longer period of slumber and called to collaborate in this planetary healing process.

Also the other stone circle on the island of Fuerteventura, built with Marko and five other artists in the Centro Artis Tirma in 2009, showed at sudden its presence. So, besides connecting Tibet with Amazonia through the Earth’s heart, I could also recognize two big lemniscates on the surface of our Planet, reaching from Tibet over Fuerteventura to Amazonia. One lemniscate, leading through Staraquantis, had the watery quality, the other lemniscate, going through Artis Tirma with its big lava stones, carried the earthy quality of the minerals. Our big spiral-labyrinth, next to the stone circle of Artis Tirma, gave the whole process an immense swinging impulse.

So, I felt, that our projects on Fuerteventura, on the Canarian archipel, that leys geographically about half way between Tibet and the plains of Amazonia, could be a help for the equilibrium and transformation process of our planet, we are working for in our workshops.

If somebody wants to connect with the two stone circles, you can see their inauguration and construction on YouTube under: „Stone circle on Fuerteventura 2009“ and „Staraquntis 2011“.

Thank you all for the precious meditations!

thanks, dear mona, that is very interesting, what you write about the stonecircles of fuerteventura!

Mary McNerney

What I wanted to share with you is some information I received about what occurred, and is occurring, after our group work together with the Amazon, Tibet, and the Ocean.
As Marko and others in our North American group know, my role for awhile has been “taking dictation from the Earth”. After our recent geomancy work, I received some dictation from those places. So what you read below is not my words or my experience, it is from the Earth. Master teachers from the angelic realm speak here too; over the years they have often spoken to support the evolution of humanity’s understanding and relationship with Earth. Because the information here is not only for me, it is for all people, I am so glad to share this with you!
– Mary McNerney

(sometimes the words or sentences are a bit awkward or archaic, but I only take the dictation, I do not change the wording. I am told that a vibration also is carried on the words they give us)

“I am the essence of what you term the Amazon. I am about much more than you recognize. I am about Bringing in the Light. I enfold that into myself and thus can radiate that to my world. What you see as the planet Earth is also about much more than you recognize. Earth, too, brings in a Light, enfolds it into herself and then radiates that to the world. Do you see the parallel?
That is your essential nature too, but this Humanity has yet to recognize of itself.
When you join together with me, your Amazon region, you are simultaneously opening yourself, awakening your self, and hence your society, to this broader spectrum of Light, awareness, and knowledge.

So do not perceive yourself as solely tending to the Amazon region for you are simultaneously tending to yourself and the larger Humanity. It is all about our essential nature of Bringing in the Light, Bringing forth the Light, which we then radiate into our world.
This you and I do together now because your awareness has expanded, and this empowers me, your Amazon region.

Guides from the Angelic Realm, who speak collectively and sound to me like very wise, very serious professors, share more words about this:
The Amazon has so much to say to you and to share with you. By this process of your group work she has been opened up to you. Go forth and radiate this awareness to your world, for through it a new expanded essence is created and brought forward.

The mountains of Tibet, too, are proclaiming a new resilience. By your working together, your attunement to them, a burden has been lifted from them. This burden was like a heavy heart. It is akin to how you may feel when you have a heaviness in your heart or are around someone with a heavy heart. The Tibetan mountains are with that feeling, that sensation. That is not their essential nature, but they were burdened with carrying it.

So this is now changing for them, because you are bringing forth a new awareness. As you opened your hearts and your attention to the mountains of Tibet, in so doing you were releasing a restriction, a stuck energy, which bound them and hindered them from fulfilling their role as bearers of the Light. Their essential nature had been bound up and by freeing this you also bring forth a higher resonance for and from Humanity.

Do you see that by healing and caring for these aspects of this planet you are at the same time resonating a healing for yourself, your society, all of Humanity? One is not separate from the other.
Continue to bring these blessings forth into being.

The Oceans, too, have been sparked; through your care and attention a Light has been magnified in them. The Oceans are beings of quiet; they do not express in the same way that the landscape does. But hey have inherent power and strength which is contained in their depths and muted as the waters surface.
As you attune to this and as you endeavor to release blocks you perceived, you allow the fruits of the Oceans to billow forth more fully; you allow the Ocean to show her essence more fully so that her dynamic radiance is seen and shared through all the beings who live within her. She is a Goddess bringing forth radiance, love, peace, tranquility, as are each of you. That too is your essential nature. Do you see the parallel of once again we speak? Nurture your Oceans, for in that too you nurture your

This is all about fulfillment of purpose for each of the regions you have attuned to: Amazon, Mountains of Tibet, Atlantic Ocean, and of yourself and your larger Humanity. In this work you do there is blessing to all. Thank you for engaging in this way. This thanks is radiating forth too.”


Notes from Farah: (Text in deutsch unten!)

Connection and attunement to the group: We gather again in a circle over the Amazon basin. A fire-breathing dragon appears immediately, then quite a few; they want to support, but did not to gather with us under our violet-watery membrane. They stay above our circle, which is under the membrane.

The coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blocked:
We move towards the wall and draw water from the ocean, which is impregnated with the divine power of transformation. The wall appears to me like a ruin; it looks weak. Suddenly, water floods into this area and floods all over Brazil, maybe even the entire continent. We are lifted up and dance on the waves. The country is cleaned by the floods and then flows back into the ocean. We are gently weaned off.

The space of the Amazonian forest is under strong pressure:
When I concentrate on the signs on the lithopuncture stones, I see their subterranean effects: like snakes they cut their way through the earth; I am pulled down with them and move along their path in an underground, huge realm with mountains of beautiful crystals and shining lakes. As I move through this underground world, I suddenly realize that the root system of the trees from the Amazon moves through these snake-like tubes and spans a giant network: The roots of the trees and the crystalline structures of the earth meet and fertilize each other.

To connect the being of the Amazonas to the mineral kingdom of Brazil
I’m standing at the portal in Brasilia, when someone suddenly joins me: Pierre Weil, the founder of UNIPAZ, a peace university in Brasilia. In fact, I met him at this point when I stopped over in Brasilia and he got on the plane that took us both to Manaus. I knew him from a meeting in Berlin. Now we’re going backwards towards the Amazon. When we turn around, this incredible sultriness embraces me again and immediately my whole body relaxes and I take a deep breath. I enjoy the shimmering green light that shines through the green roofs of the giant Amazon trees. As with the first exercise, I become part of this being, the soul and Goddess of the earth, dive into its depths and swim underground to the Atlantic Ocean. I still wonder that I can continue to swim there and see no mineral structures as if I were moving on an even lower level.
When I arrive at the Atlantic, I look out at the ocean and suddenly tropical rain falls on the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and on me. It feels like a great blessing, warm and sweet. I’m completely relaxed. For minutes I enjoy this stream of blessing water that falls from the sky. Now I am becoming aware of Pierre Weil again: He is standing next to me and assures me: We will help you, from a different, spiritual level. (Pierre Weil left this world in 2008.) I am emotionally overwhelmed to meet him here and remember the tale of the colibri he liked to tell:
Once upon a time there was a fire in the wood. All the animals ran away desperately. Only the colibri (a type of hummingbird) chose the opposite direction. He took water with his beak from a nearby lake and threw it into the fire. An armadillo, intrigued by his procedure, asked him, “Colibri, do you really think that you can put out the fire? The colibri answered him: »I’m sure that I cannot put out the fire alone, but I’m doing my part.«

Tibet and Amazonia are positioned exactly at two opposite sides of the planet. They are connected with each other through the heart of the Earth that reaches towards both poles, to Amazonia and to Tibet. Their link has to be renewed so that the planet can get strong enough to meet the challenges of the present Earth transformation process:
I stand in front of the portal in Brasilia and have Tibet behind me; as earth I draw Tibet through my heart and connect it with the amazon. Again I see the cold air of Tibet embracing the sultry atmosphere of the Amazon in vortices and they start their dance together, how the heated air rises, moves to Tibet, rains there, fertilizes the earth and freezes again to ice and the cycle begins anew.

Connecting head, heart and belly
I feel Tibet in the head area behind my back and the Amazon in the pelvic area. See how snowflakes (from Tibet) fall to the Amazon and how the water flows back from there to Tibet, a constant cycle. Blockages are loosened in my body, even as I as the earth strengthen the connection in my heart. I radiate this energy and would like to thank many who have accompanied me on the way up to here: It is also a process of forgiveness.

Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country:

First, I perform the ritual of the divine tear of grace. I see indigenous people in front of me with the typical headdress made of colorful feathers from the birds of the jungle and become aware of their connection with the beings of the air, the world of the spirit beings. They protect the country: Above the green roof of the Amazon, I can now see the dragons from the start of the journey pulling a fiery ribbon across the Amazon, including the green ribbon of the giant trees and underneath the many colorful birds, which represent the airy beings and spirits. In the earth the roots of the giant trees run through the earth like snakes.
I repeat the ritual of tears of divine grace: it is about forgiving all the pain and deep injuries inflicted on the country and its people by the Conquistadores over the centuries. Only forgiveness creates shared responsibility for the shared earth.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and surprisingly joined!

Telepathischer Workshop für Brasilien: Wiederholung vom 7. Juni 2020
Notizen von Farah

Verbindung und Einstimmung auf die Gruppe: Wir versammeln uns wieder über dem Amazonasbecken in einem Kreis. Sofort erscheint ein feuerspeiernder Drachen, dann ganz viele; sie wollen unterstützen, aber nicht unter unsere violett-wässrige Membran kommen. Sie bleiben oberhalb unseres Kreises, der sich unter der Membran befindet.

Die Küste zwischen Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro ist blockiert:
Wir bewegen uns auf die Mauer zu und schöpfen Wasser aus dem Ozean, das mit der göttlichen Kraft der Wandlung imprägniert ist. Die Mauer erscheint mir wie eine Ruine; sie wirkt kraftlos. Plötzlich flutet Wasser in diesen Bereich und überflutet ganz Brasilien – vielleicht sogar den ganzen Kontinent. Wir werden hochgehoben und tanzen hoch oben auf den Wellen. Das Land wird von den Fluten gereinigt und fließt wieder zurück in den Ozean. Wir werden sanft abgesetzt.

Der Raum des Amazona Urwalds ist unter großem Druck:
Als ich mich auf die Zeichen auf den Lithopunktursteinen konzentriere, sehe ich ihre unterirdischen Wirkungen: Wie Schlangen bahnen sie sich einen Weg durch die Erde; ich werde mit ihnen hinuntergezogen und bewege mich entlang ihrer Bahn in einem unterirdischen, riesigen Reich mit Bergen aus wunderschönen Kristallen und leuchtenden Seen. Während ich mich durch diese unterirdische Welt bewege, werde ich plötzlich gewahr, dass das Wurzelwerk der Bäume aus dem Amazonas sich durch diese schlangenähnlichen Röhren hindurch bewegt und ein Riesennetzwerk aufspannt: Die Wurzeln der Bäume und die kristallinen Strukturen der Erde begegnen und befruchten einander.

Wir verbinden das Wesen des Amazonas mit dem Mineralreich Brasiliens:
Ich stehe an dem Portal in Brasilia, da gesellt sich plötzlich jemand zu mir: Pierre Weil, der Begründer von UNIPAZ, einer Friedensuniversität in Brasilia. Tatsächlich bin ich ihm an diesem Punkt schon einmal begegnet, als ich in Brasilia zwischenlandete und er dort ins Flugzeug stieg, dass uns beide nach Manaus brachte. Ich kannte ihn von einer Begegnung in Berlin. Jetzt gehen wir zusammen rückwärts auf den Amazonas zu. Als wir uns umdrehen, umfängt mich wieder diese unglaubliche Schwüle und sofort entspannt sich mein ganzer Körper und ich atme tief durch. Ich genieße das grün schimmernde Licht, dass durch die grünen Dächer der Amazonas-Baumriesen hindurch scheint. Ich werde wie schon bei der ersten Übung Teil dieses Wesens, tauche in ihre Tiefen und schwimme unterirdisch zum Atlantischen Ozean. Ich wundere mich noch, dass ich mich dort schwimmend weiterbewegen kann und keine Mineralstrukturen sehe, als ob ich mich auf einer noch tieferen Ebene darunter bewegen würde.
Am Atlantik angekommen, blicke ich auf den Ozean und plötzlich fällt tropischer Regen hernieder – auf die Städte São Paulo und Rio de Janeiro und auf mich. Es fühlt sich an wie ein großer Segen – warm und süß – ich bin völlig entspannt. Minutenlang genieße ich diesen Wasserstrom des Segens, der aus dem Himmel fällt. Jetzt werde ich mir wieder Pierre Weil bewusst: Er steht neben mir und versichert mir: Wir helfen euch – von einer anderen, einer spirituellen Ebene aus. (Pierre Weil hat diese Welt 2008 verlassen.) Ich bin emotional völlig überwältigt, ihn hier zu treffen und erinnere mich an die Geschichte, die er gerne erzählt hat:
Die Geschichte vom Kolibri: Es war einmal ein Feuer im Wald. Alle Tiere rannten verzweifelt weg. Nur der Kolibri wählte die entgegengesetzte Richtung. Er nahm Wasser mit seinem Schnabel aus einem nahe gelegenen See und warf es ins Feuer. Ein Gürteltier, fasziniert von seiner Aktion, fragte ihn: „Colibri, glaubst du wirklich, dass du das Feuer löschen kannst? Der Colibri antwortete ihm: »Ich bin sicher, dass ich das Feuer nicht alleine löschen kann, aber ich trage meinen Teil dazu bei.«

Auf der globalen Ebene stellt das Hochland von Tibet den mineralischen (Yang) Pol des Planeten dar und der Amazonas-Regenwald das Reich des Wasser-Elements (Yin Pol):
Ich stehe vor dem Portal in Brasilia und habe Tibet in meinem Rücken; als Erde ziehe ich Tibet durch mein Herz und verbinde es dadurch mit dem Amazonas. Wieder sehe ich, wie die kalte Luft Tibets die schwüle Atmosphäre des Amazonas in Wirbeln umarmt und sie ihren gemeinsamen Tanz beginnen, wie die erhitzte Luft aufsteigt, sich gen Tibet bewegt, dort abregnet, die Erde befruchtet und wieder zu Eis gefriert und der Kreislauf von neuem beginnt.

Verbindung Bauch, Herz, Kopf:
Ich fühle Tibet im Kopfbereich hinter meinem Rücken und den Amazonas entsprechend im Beckenbereich. Sehe, wie Schneeflocken aus Tibet auf den Amazonas fallen und das Wasser vom Amazonas wieder dorthin zurückfließt – ein ständiger Kreislauf. Es lösen sich Blockaden in meinem Körper – auch als ich als Erde die Verbindung in meinem Herzen bestärke. Ich strahle diese Energie aus und bedanke mich bei vielen, die mich auf dem Weg bis hierhin begleitet haben: Es ist auch ein Vergebungsprozess.

Indigene Kulturen / Bitte um Vergebung:
Zuerst vollführe ich das Ritual der göttlichen Träne der Gnade. Ich sehe Indigene vor mir mit der typischen Kopfbedeckung aus bunten Federn der Vögel des Urwalds – und mir wird ihre Verbundenheit mit der Welt der Luftwesen, der Welt der Geistwesen bewusst. Sie beschützen das Land: Über dem grünen Dach des Amazonas sehe ich jetzt die Drachen vom Beginn der Reise, wie sie ein feuriges Band über den Amazonas ziehen, darunter das grüne Band der Baumriesen und darunter die vielen bunten Vögel, die die luftigen Wesen und Geister repräsentieren. In der Erde die Wurzeln der Baumriesen, die wie Schlangen das Erdreich durchziehen.
Ich wiederhole das Ritual der Träne der göttlichen Gnade: Es geht um Vergebung all der Schmerzen und tiefen Verletzungen, die dem Land und seiner Einwohner von den Conquistadores über Jahrhunderte zugefügt wurde. Erst die Vergebung schafft die gemeinsame Verantwortung für die gemeinsam bewohnte Erde.

Dank an alle, die mitgewirkt und sich überraschend angeschlossen haben!

liza japelj carone

This work was huge, I share here just some of the strongest images.
At the beginning, a large planetary circle is formed, joined by the white snake of the Amazonas, some very tall dark beings of Rio and a rainbow eagle (as on a shamanic painting).
The wall on the Atlantic shore is shaken, the ocean dragon surges like a tsunami over the territory of Brazil and becomes a white maelstrom in an upward spiral.
The goddess of the Amazonas is so big that I do not see her, it is an immense nebulous presence, powerful and spread out, fluffy, nourishing, spherical and without defined forms, which pulsates. She just is, and has no will of her own. The tall beings in Rio accept a fractal of her force with gratitude.
The planetary marriage between the yin of the Amazonas and the yang of Tibet was a tantric experience. As I felt that the tunnel in the center of the Earth had already been made last Sunday, I totally identified with the body of Gaya. I became her : a woman sitting cross-legged with her head bowed, Tibet was my backbone and the Amazonas valley my vulva. When the mountains of Tibet slipped towards the Amazonas, they entered the swamps of the river valley, the two landscapes penetrated each other in a very erotic way. Then the Tibetans and the Indians of the forest in colorful costumes greeted each other with ceremony, and two couples formed, a young Tibetan man with an old Indian woman and an old Tibetan man with a young Indian woman, to proceed to the hieros gamos. After the ritual, they walked under the arches of Niemeyer in Brasilia and arrived in a procession in the bay of Rio, where the magnificent wedding was celebrated with a crowd dancing in circles.
After this marriage my body was ready for the heart-head-belly exercise (I didn’t know the addition): my heart became a large magnetic field, Tibet descended there in the form of a vertical diamond and the Amazon rose in the form of a horizontal diamond. Together they formed the compass rose. My heart has become a compass! (After the workshop, I found out that the horizontal diamond is on the coat of arms of Brazil…)

With gratitude from my heart to all of you out there for this inspiring and nourishing work.

Christel Meissner

The beginning was quite chaotic. I managed to stay put while my head wanted to sort things out. It finally gave in into the alignment centering my focus and the transformational heat set in.
Since I had visited Brazil 3 years in a row to spend time at the Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola with Joao de Deus (14, 13, 12 years ago), I was glad to be able to participate in this workshop. Sorry to not having been able to be part of the group last Sunday.
9:30 The sphere-like membrane of violet shimmering droplets, which formed around our group I repeatedly called upon and it felt safe to move forward in our joined group.
The ritual of taking water from the Atlantic and having the blessed water spread over the coastline went well and was received. However, it felt very strange to have a serpent-like dragon in the depth of the Atlantic move repeatedly forward against the coastline to find an entry. It was pityful to watch the futile tries.
9:40 The lithopuncture systems at the Circuito das Aguas and Morro do Pilar in my vision kept running the energies through the acupuncture meridians, however, it felt somewhat like a “drop on a hot stone”.
10:00 Standing in the portal of Brasilia, I immediately “stood” under the huge crystal in the Dom Bosco church in Brasilia, the centerpiece in the 7 ray-roof. (Underneath one enters the dark spiral, taking the energies to be transformed by the crystal, and leaving on the white spiral, cleansed by the crystal).
It was not so easy for me to connect with the Goddess of the Amazonian forest, the feelings were not so distinct. I felt heat at the lower back of my basin, the distinction of feelings were more in my back. Taking the transformed energies back through the portal of Brasilia and towards the granite rocks in Rio de Janeiro made my arms spread out like Christ on the Corcovado. Touching the rocks, the energies turned into soft grace.
10:30 Since my experience during this workshop was more pronounced in my back, the ritual of connecting Tibet and the Amazon played out likewise. It was as if my focus was held by the powers of the “back” (ancestral line).
11:00-11:20 The connection with head and heart made me recite the OM AH HUNG Mantra from a Tibetan tradition, where Vajrasattva cleanses this connection… Again through the back of my basin the energies of the Amazon connected with the back of my heart. Sitting in the globe of the circular sphere of our group, I felt my hands touching the globe of the New Earth.
11:20-11:30 There was obstruction in the connection with the ancestors of Brazil. Honoring this and apologizing towards the ancestors was all that could be done.
I felt a bit restless at the end, checking the time… Wondering?
Revisiting the energy field of our circle, I am very grateful for this so necessary work and am eager to continue…

Anne Stuart

It was very moving to reconnect with our group. I felt full of gratitude.

The wall was dissolved. Only dust left which was carried out to sea with each wave. Incoming waves brought energy and light. Little crystal crosses danced on the waves.

A condor flew over the golden net of energy from the meridians. He was a spirit guide overseeing the work. Shamans perform ritual to support the workshop. Plant roots go deeper.

It was a joy to see the Goddess again with her smiling eyes. She exuded beauty, abundance, fertility and love. As I carried her essence to Rio. the condor flew over the statue of Christ, spreading his hugh wings accross the arms from behind.

During tea break, I looked for Tibetan Medicine Buddha chants to play softly for next meditations. I came accross a group of native grandmothers singing and dancing, teaching their grandchildren to sing to the water so they would not forget. Water holds memories.

Joining belly to head was joining blue for water and red for head. This changed to violet with the cleansing waters at the heart. Remind me of the colours usually associated with veins and arteries. Also reminded me of transmuting power of the violet flame of Saint Germaine. Body, mind and spirit in harmony in peace and love.

Thanks Marko and everyone for the workshops.

Anne Stuart Ireland.

Rahel Enzler

7th June 2020

When I did the exercise with the water of the Atlantic Ocean, all of a sudden the water from the Ocean came up by itself as a fountain and sprayed water over the regions between Rio and Sao Paolo, and at some stage the Christ figure of Rio seemed to collect the water and spread it from his stigmatas over the regions, the wall didn’t seem to be there anymore or withered away and the elemental beings were dancing and were happy to be freed.
The exercise of the goddess of the Amazon : Strong energy from her through my heart towards the Granit mountains of Rio, also here I had the picture of the Christ figure who took the energy of the goddess and spread it into the Granit mountains.
The exercise of the marriage between Tibet and Amazonas: in the end when I tried to bring this essence to the people’s hearts and wishing lots of people may wake up and be aware of the essential things in their lives, where truth, goodness, love and light can live, I sincerely hope it will reach a lot of people.
Thank you Marko and all the preparatory team and I still hope that the Lifenet gathering can take place in July.

Maarja Joost Thorsén

– when we connected as a group to the elemental, angelical and ancestral beeings of Brasil, they were very happy to join in with us.
– the same happiness was felt when the coastal line of Brasil received the blessed water by the divine power of transformation. The reaction was really visibly felt.
-when moving into the Continent I was struck by the chaos of disfunctionality of the systems. Stagnation also. So to bring the Goddess of the Amazonic forest to the mineral realms of the granite mountains of Rio de Janeiro was a joyful and honourable task. Carrying the Goddess in my heart brought physical warmth there. And the happy reconnection of the water and mineral realms was a really joyful moment.
-reconnecting Tibet with the Amazonic plain outside/through our body was a strong and powerful experience. When we moved towards the portal of Brazil, I could feel the change of atmosphere. Before chaotic, dark, now lighter and calmer.
-when we connected Tibet and the Amazonas outside/through our body and united them in our heart, it was like a calm confirmation that everything was as it should be. The cleansing flood and the mineral snowfall were like offering gifts of love.
-the indigenous cultures of Brasil and their ancestors were thankful to be approached, transmuted from old transgressions and felt new hope.
Thank you Marko for this workshop and so many beautiful and powerful meditations. All the best to you and your family.

Thank you!
The wall between Rio and San Paulo was not there any more, just some rocks and pieces that were now part of the landscape and there were tracks showing that beings had passed through peacefully without problems.
The dragon of the Ocean came up on land with lots of energy, love and joy and greeted and played with all friends – they had been longing to meet and play and create together.
I did not see the new instructions for todays workshop until now – afterwards. I worked with the alignment of head, heart and belly by singing sounds vibrating in the head, heart and belly and it followed a process similar to what I now read in the instructions. All three vibrated together in the end, clear, beautiful and with lots of vibrating light and love. Integrity is to be in essence, in center, vibrating, no need to fight, no need to hide, just presence.
Thank you!

lea hennessy

Can you tell me what the Ritual Tear of Divine Grace is please?
Thank you


The healing Tear of Grace

1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let a drop of your compassion related to the person, place, or situation concerned, drop into the space between the palms.
2. Then bow to the Earth reaching in your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness related to the distress or insult done to the place or its beings.
3. Straighten now and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and a drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for the tear of Sophia’s grace.
4. The healing water is now collected. Twitch the vessel a bit so that in your imagination you direct the healing water to glide towards its preconceived goal. Keep a firm heart connection with the chosen person, place or its beings to accompany the gift of grace on its way there. Continue for a while to be present there through the vibration of your open heart.
5. Based on the principles of personal faith and telepathy the ritual works over big distances. It can be repeated few times if needed concerning different aspects of the given situation. Give thanks.

Sylvie Oliva

Thank you, Marko and everyone, for this deepening experience in the Amazon and with the world. It was different from last week, so I’m guessing things had evolved in the interim to make them ripe for this week’s fine tuning and found pieces! These telepathic workshops surprise me with a gift of time and space!

Everything started smoothly (the group connection, the wonderful shimmering violet droplets, the handfuls of water infused with divine power of transformation), but when I arrived at the two stone circles, there was a great surge of energy. I wasn’t able to determine what was happening. The sheer force of it, like the power from rocket boosters, originally made me question if something was unleashed, but now I’m wondering if the stone circles are operating at greater potential?

I didn’t meet the goddess in the same glorious way. She made me wait, but when she arrived it was with humor, showing off her pockets of medicines I admired last week and asking me what I brought her this time! It wasn’t seeds; I gave her the loving feeling I had from my experience this week of collaborating with good people (including one from Nepal!) who are unifying for a better world. I thanked her for the burden she carries from cities, tourism, damaging behavior, etc. She opened my chest wide and placed a large white flower over it, shoulder to shoulder. I carried it, like an initiate, all the way to the mountains of Rio!

Last week I was so pleased to connect Amazonia and Tibet, but yesterday’s images and feelings from interlacing the two places into one sphere delivered a more profound experience! Feeling the Himalayan snow fall in the Amazon basin… that in turn melt into rivers that wash Tibet… still enliven me with joy! Yes, this time I want and can “touch the hearts of people and inspire them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence in their hearts!”

Lastly, the ritual of the tear of divine grace to transmute traumas caused by colonization was well received, restorative and attended by many! Thank you for that, Marko.

I was sad to read yesterday’s email stating the cancellation of LifeNet 2020, but I’m grateful to have found a new way to work and travel with all of you! Stay Well, Sylvie

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