Saturday, 8 August 2020 from 8pm to 9.40pm

The workshop will be repeated on Sunday, 9 August 2020 at the same time

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate.

You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish Hebrew and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page: You can also ask Iveta Šugarkova from Czechia who coordinates the Telepathic Cyclic Workshop to send it to you via e-mail: and please tell her which of the mentioned languages you need.

The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, UN Goodwill Ambassador and by the VITAAA team from Slovenia.

To this workshop, you can invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing the program via e-mail.

Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm in the evening of August 8th according to your local time.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

Find within each sequence some moments to write down your experiences to be able to share them later with the group.

Our intuition, dreams and exchange tell us that right now humanity stands at one of the decisive crossroads. One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual. The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race. 

A relatively large group is needed to express the decision, which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future. We believe that each of us collaborating here already made her or his decision to follow the path of life and freedom. The purpose of this telepathic workshop is to communicate our decision to the beings of the Earth and the Universe and to ground it in the body of the planet as well as within our body. We do this as a holographic piece (fractal) of humanity as a whole.

DRAWING: The backbone of Europe

8pm–8:10 Group attunement

The landscape where we gather for our workshop is at the very north of the backbone of Europe. We gather over the large body of Greenland. 

  1. First we as human beings form a circle above Greenland being aware of each other and our common purpose for coming together at this moment.
  2. Then we invite other beings of the Earth and the Universe to join us. Try to feel their presence welcoming them.
  3. We form our etheric workshop space ship in which we will travel all the way down to the Red Sea and back to Greenland.
  4. Make our spaceship invisible because we may touch on our path places that are under massive control.

8:10–8:20 Cleaning our body and the planet

  1. Imagine that here in the north is as cold as it always was and yet you are sweating terribly. All substances and patterns that do not belong to your essence leave your body in the form of dark drops.
  2. Then become aware that also features of your environment are sweating (also trees and buildings…) with dark drops leaving them. 
  3. Then imagine also big cities, industrial estates and army camps etc. worldwide sweating! Old human projections and powers are leaving the planet.
  4. All these gigantic streams of dark drops unite and flow into the cosmic space attracted by the rings of Saturn. The rings of the planet Saturn represent a recycling mill capable of returning the dark energy particles back to their light source.
  5. (If on the way south, you find yourself in situations where you are urged to do some cleaning, use the same method.)

8:20–8:30 The fiery waters of Iceland

Water will be the partner in our creation tonight. We start with the fiery water of Iceland’s geysers.

  1. Feel within yourself the fiery water of Gaia’s inspiration: like a geyser it has its source at the bottom of your body. Its drops of inspiration reach to all spaces and corners of your body and consciousness.
  2. Imagine that geysers of Gaia’s inspiration appear all over the Earth inspiring people to detach from the old patterns of behaviour and get to know their true essence. 

8:30–8:50 To connect the waters of the Earth

Proceeding south, imagine that we stand in the middle of Germany (in the middle of Europe) and together with our guests from different dimensions of life we form a large circle – in effect a huge vessel.

  1. Imagine that all the rivers of Europe send 10 percent of their water to that vessel.
  2. Imagine that also the main rivers of the world send 10 percent of their water to that vessel.
  3. The water in our vessel is now as high to touch our hearts. There is an intense exchange of love between the waters of the planet and our hearts.
  4. Finally the Pacific Ocean arrives from the east to touch the back of your heart.
  5. The Atlantic Ocean arrives from the west to touch the back of your heart. (If needed change your position in the circle accordingly.)
  6. Feel the waters of the Earth perfectly balanced within your body and upon the planet.

8:50–9pm Cosmic connection of water

  1. We open our circle to the south and the water we have gathered in our vessel happily approaches the Dragon of the Alps.
  2. Touching the high mountains, water rises into the vertical position. Imagine pillars of water reaching towards stars, embodying the cosmic inspiration
  3. Feel those pillars of water within you and open up to the cosmic inspiration they bring to you.

9pm– 9:10 Take some moments of rest and write down your experiences

9:10–9:20 The matrix of the Earth

  1. The water that we have gathered till now spreads over Balkans – the Greece included.
  2. Widely spread above the landscape, similar to an energy field, it moves in the counter-clockwise direction in circles centred above the place of the Bosnian Pyramids.
  3. During its slow movement it incorporates the patterns of the Matrix of Life that Gaia and her co-workers have created during the evolution of the planet.
  4. Feel the same horizontal field within yourself moving around the centre situated behind your navel.

9:20 –9:30 Beirut explosion

During the preparation for this workshop, the terrible explosion happened in the port of Beirut that has shattered the etheric space between Balkans and Sinai important for the next sequence on our path. It is the consequence of the collision of the Earth with an outdated planet and its civilization that happened at the etheric level not too far ago. It is a dark planet that has lost its purpose in Cosmos and tries to incarnate in the Earth and within humanity pushing us on the wrong path. 

To heal the wound in the Mediterranean we use the Gaia Touch ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace”:
  1.  Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let the drop of your compassion (related to the persons, places or situation concerned) drop into the space between your palms.
  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to the given aspect of life, to a place or to her beings.
  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and the drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for a drop of the divine grace.
  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Guide the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water towards its preconceived goal. Intention of your heart and attention of your consciousness constitute together a bridge to guide the healing impulse to where it is needed.
  5. Give thanks. Based on the principle of personal faith and telepathy, this ritual can work also over long distances.

9:30–9:50 The Red Sea

Before reaching our final destination, the Red Sea, we need to clean it so that it will be able to accept the multidimensional watery stream that we have created on our way south.

  1. Imagine that the Moon comes closer to the Red Sea. Remember that water follows the rhythms of ebb and flow directed by the Moon!
  2. The Moon creates such a strong upward surge that it pulls to itself all the water of the Red Sea to clean it from human projections.
  3. The Red Sea, now dry, reveals itself as a huge portal open to the inner dimensions of the Earth.
  4. Before the Moon gives back the sea water of the Red Sea, the water that we brought from the north runs over the mountains of Sinai into the dry basin of the Red Sea.
  5. This impulse awakens the dragon of Europe’s kundalini, the primeval power of life sleeping behind the portal of the Red Sea.
  6. Similar to a watery snake, the dragon of Europe moves through its underground as a stream of the primeval water all the way up along the backbone of Europe till it reaches its highest point, the land of Greenland. It touches the surface of the Earth with its blessing at the points we visited on our way.
  7. Follow its path through your body from your heels up to the highest chakra – as high as you can reach with your hands. Its path does not lead within the backbone (as in the case of kundalini) but flows as a water stream behind the backbone and also behind your skull, touching them at certain points.
9:50–10pm Conclusion
  1. Share the information gathered within the body of Europe with other continents.
  2. Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds.
  3. Decompose our spaceship returning its particles to the universal treasury and detach from our group.
  4. Write down your experiences before you forget them.

Please share your experiences below in the Leave a reply form.


Saturn, Moon, rivers and oceans that perform an important role in this work are not only distant planets or water bodies but also archetypal beings close to our consciousness.

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Lars petersson

This was beautiful, and just a beginning for Gaias future. Hopefully the flow of life Will open up all over the world….strenghtening Gaias body, her kundalini life force in all Continents. That everyone can play their role…..nature beings trolls, gnomes, elves, dragons, giants get all the lifeforce they need where they live and work by every portal…….and we with them as beings of Gaia. Influence goverments, consumers, industries to make better choises. That We all live Gaias dream.

Personly I visited red sea 20 years ago, Hurghada….these days I had my blue T-shirt from then reminding me……and yes I may have met the dragon there and then…..feels a warmth inside me thinking of himher. Connect every day a bit feels so good all the way from Gaias Europe portal.
Love Balkan too…..Plitvice waterfalls, corcova uvala ancient forests. Feels so watery these mountain countries.

Feels continuing work from now on. Cooperate with nature beings all over europé, all over the world there may be power places to connect to enable the flow of life. Thinking of my place, Sweden and its places, its kundalini force. How I can help.

Thank you Marko and everyone. Continue workshops like these cooperating with Gaias life force.

Uschi (Germany)

Group attunement
We are so many people and beings, that we had to build more and more circles. I can’t count them and still more beings are joining us….
In contrary the spaceship seems limited, but the crowd fits in …??
The spaceship got a transparent cover coated with silver such as mirror glas to remain invisible.

Cleaning our body and the planet
Greenland appeared like the cap of the Snow Queen coming up from the sea. At the first glance the tall white woman looks cold and unapproachable. The closer I get, the more she turns out her loving and warm-hearted presence.
The heat on the glacier received from the reflection of the solar radiation is nearly unbearable. Therfore dark (gray, brown and black) membranes from out- and inside our bodies were sucked high above.
The white cap of the Snow Queen traveled to the visualized places by forming a mushroom-shaped head and brought tonnes of the dark smear to light. Above the cap countless rings of Saturn developed a rotation system. Instead of the planet Saturn I see a black funnel (black hole?) where everything gets lost into it.

The fiery waters of Iceland
At the beginning of the (sitting-) meditation my throat get very dry. Having quenched my thirst I sound „Heyii –ooouhh-auhh-mmmhh“ and my body moves in the form of a lemniscate to the right and left spreading Gaias inspiration all over the world.

To connect the waters of the Earth
Our vessel is unlimited depth. An intense exchange of love between water and our hearts is easy for me. (I love water and in the hot season I use to swim every day in my beloved river). The perfect balance of water in my body made me feel of: „I am the water of life!“ and as part of all life.

Cosmic connection of water
The multiheaded Dragon helped pumping the water from the foothills of the Alps along his tail and the mountains directly into the sky. At the ground the water formed twisted silver strings, which connected upward with each other reflecting the ligth in all the colours of the rainbow.
„Stargold-enriched“ water flowed back but I could not see it because it appeared also silver. Only the twist turned into the other direction – counterclockwise – coming back from the sky. But in my body I feel the (silver –covered) gold water all-pervasive and partly physical persistent. The gold water is highly penetrating into every depth of the earth bringing pure love, energy and blessing to all life.

The matrix of the Earth
The stargold enriched water is mixed in our gathered water. During the (sitting) meditation I was rotating counter- clockwise and sounding „Cyriiiieeeehhh Aahuuoommm“ while visualizing the matrix of life as radiant coloured 5-, 6-, 8- and multi-petaled huge flowers merging into each other as in a kaleidoskope.

Beirut explosion
For several years the Gaia Touch ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace” is an integral part of my daily meditation to alleviate suffering.

The Red Sea
Contrary to the previous exercise the last part of this one has been most demanding to me.
I had no problem to dry the red sea. From the Sinai our brought „gold-enriched water“ run over the Sinai down to the Red Sea and the sharp penetrating gold partikels awakend the Europe’s kundalini. But it didn’t move. I needed 3 days and trials to move Europe’s Dragon along the backbone!
In my second attempt the dragon moved along in form of an 8. In Greenland it rolled up in a tight spirale and didn’t move back this day.
Finally it came back in the same pattern forming the structure of a double helix around the backbone of Europe.

Meanwhile the Red Sea has been filled with „Gold-Water“. The sun evaporates the water of the sea and golden clouds were spread by the wind. Golden rain reaches every single hidden corner of the world by penetrates everything in a fine way while revitalising and refreshing it.

Thank you Marco, the lifenet, anchestors and countless beings for supporting us in this difficult task!


During the group attunement which happened with lightness I perceived the presence
of an great elephant who made me wonder.
Cleaning the planet I saw parliaments, hospitals and buildings of great trusts as Shell,
RWE before my inner eye. The transformation of the streams of black drops by the rings of Saturn felt very relieving.
The rivers poured out their waters with great willingness and generosity.
I perceived Donau, Rhein, Main, Soca and later Ganges, Nil and Mississippi.
Our vessel filled quickly, our whole group standing closely packed around it.
It felt so blessing to be in exchange with the waters.
Many energy vortexes rose in the water which came to a culminating point
as Atlantic and Pacific shared their waters.
As the waters streamed towards the Alps the landscapes being touched thirsted for its touch.
In the area of the Bosnian Pyramids there beamed a light fire as if showing the right way.
The tears of divine grace are canalized over rainbow bridges to the injured areas of Beirut.
Nature beings and beings of the place weave the homeopathic essences in the ethereal layers of the place to heal the injuries and bring regeneration.
But it feels as if the hurt is so enormous that it needs repeated work.
At the end of our travel it was joyful to watch how many beacons establish around the
globe to spread the gathered information.
I am so grateful to all participating beings – thank you Marko and all other supporters for
inspiration and organization.
I am looking forward to our next meeting. Best wishes to all of you,

Rita Weininger

Telepathischer Workshop „Am Scheideweg“ 8.8.20

Im Vorfeld: 2 Tage vor der Information über diesen workshop habe ich geträumt:
Ich sitze in einem Kreis von Menschen auf einer Wiese. Wir sind zusammengekommen, um miteinander zu beratschlagen, wie es jetzt in dem großen Durcheinander weitergehen kann. Wir sind etwa 20 – 25 Menschen. Ich freue mich sehr und empfinde ein glückseliges Gefühl von Dankbarkeit, dass es diese Gruppe gibt. Die Verständigung klappt mühelos, obwohl ich die Menschen nicht „kenne“. Es geht um die Absicht, die diese Menschen verbindet – und ich spüre, dass es mein Bedürfnis ist, mich mit anderen in genau dieser Absicht zu verbinden. Ich bin begeistert, dass jedeR so ruhig und gelassen ist und gleichzeitig voller Eifer und Inspriation für unser gemeinsames Wirken. Zwischen einzelnen Menschen gibt es Lücken – es sind Platzhalter, da kommen immer noch welche dazu. Ich staune, weil sich alles so richtig anfühlt und es sich so schickt, wie ich es mir nicht besser erträumen könnte. Da taucht plötzlich über dem Wald ein Flugkörper auf: ein rundes Dach und unten etwas dran. Ich bin erschrocken. Das friedliche Gefühl weicht einer Aufregung. Vielleicht ein Raumschiff? Es fühlt sich nicht freundlich an. Unter dem Dach ist ein viereckiges silbriges Gestänge befestigt – ist es eine Spionage-Drohne? In mir ist das beunruhigende Gefühl, dass jemand nicht will, dass wir so fröhlich zusammensitzen. Aus dem Wald kommt etwas Beruhigendes. Als ich überlege, ob wir uns dort zum Schutz hinbegeben sollten, ist ganz klar: Unsere Präsenz, unsere Besonnenheit, unser entschiedenes Miteinander sind gerade der beste Schutz.

Reiseerfahrungen: Über Grönland verbinde ich mich mit einem Inuit-Schamanen, dem ich auch vor Jahren in einem sehr besonderen Traum begegnet bin und 2 Jahre später persönlich und leibhaftig. Ich höre die Klänge seiner Qilaut (Windtrommel) und seine Gesänge – leisen Windhauch, Zornesschreie und Wellengesänge zum Schmelzen des Eises in den Herzen der Menschen. Ich bekomme tatsächlich heftige Hitzewallungen dabei und spüre mein Herz pochen. Dabei lösen sich Mini-mini schwarze Tröpfchen, die sich gelöst sofort zu Clustern verbinden und fortfliegen. Überall kommen diese schwarzen feinsten Tröpfchen und Cluster zum Vorschein. Tatsächlich wird es dunkler. Ich beobachte und sehe einige riesige überdimensionale Mega-Tropfen, über Ohu-Landshut z. B. – und ich bete für ihre „Los-Lösung“. In der Ferne ahne ich das Saturnfeld und schaue zu, wie sich Bahnen bilden in die Richtung des Saturn-Ringes. Es geschieht.

Island: die feurigen Quellen lassen mich am ganzen Körper leise Freude spüren. Ich gebe mich ins Zentrum einer Quelle, und es fängt alles zu prickeln an, mein Schoßraum ist voller Lust und eine leichte Ekstase lässt mich ganz leicht fühlen, wie wenn die Körperformen sich weiten, aufdehnen und mit Raum verschmelzen. Sehr weit. Sehr leicht und dabei voller unbändiger Kraft. Hui!

Reise in den Süden: Wir Reisende verbinden uns selbst fließend, strömend aus der Kraft unseres Da-Seins, unserer Herzen, und aus der Kraft der Elemente und aus den Licht- und Farbenströmen unserer „Gäste“. Sie mäandern immer wieder zwischen uns durch, „berühren“ uns und die Wässer. Unsere Herzen werden leichter und lichter dadurch, so dass sie die Wasser anziehen. Der Kontakt am Herzen ist wirklich berührend – so viel Lebendigkeit in den Wässern und ganz viel gegenseitige Willkommensfreude. Etwas Trauriges ist auch da. Tränen, aus denen schwarze Tröpfchen sich lösen und klare Tröpfchen in die Wässer schmelzen. Die Wasserwellen branden wie liebkosend an die Herzen, auch an den Rückseiten. Dort ist es kühl, irgendwie unnahbar. Es ist, als ob das Wasser selbst unsere? Aufmerksamkeit und Liebe trinkt. Dadurch wird es heller, noch feiner und fast zärtlich plätschernd. An den Rückseiten des Herzens sehr ruhig. Wie stille Seen.

Kosmische Wasserverbindung:
Die Alpen sind hellwach – als ob sie schon gewartet hätten. Der Drache atmet lautlos. Das Wasser nimmt die Bewegung des Drachenatems an und steigt in Säulen gen Himmel. Wir lassen uns mit dieser Atemkraft auch nach „oben“ tragen, schweben und tauchen durch Himmelsleere und rutschen über die Wassersäulen in Sternenfelder. Es entstehen weiche Verbindungen in die Zellen, Informationskanäle. Es ist Arbeit, die geschieht und von leuchtender Weichheit geleitet und begleitet ist.

Matrix der Erde:
Wie ein Segen verteilt sich das „informierte“ Wasser über dem Balkan und Griechenland. Kleine spiralige Strudel überall. Sie finden Zugang zu den irdischen Strömen dort und beleben die Verbindungen. Durch und Durch. Bis zum Bauchnabel, der auch Gaias Bauchnabel ist. Es kommt mir in den Sinn, dass ich als Kind so gerne Indianer gespielt habe und so traurig war, dass ich keine Indianerin bin. Jetzt ahne ich von meinem sensiblen Bauchnabel her, dass ich eine Gaianerin bin.

Beirut und Träne der Gnade:
Ich empfinde Dankbarkeit, dass dieser Part in unserer Reise enthalten ist. Es tut mir gut, in dieser Weise mein Mitgefühl mit den Menschen in Beirut, der Stadt, dem verwundeten Land zu zelebrieren. Es kommt mir vor, dass auch dort trotz der grauenvollen Verletzung Dankbarkeit ist, die durch Wässern und Wässrigkeit keimt, daraus entstehen neue Kraft und Hoffnung für einen echten Wandel: Aufmerksamkeit. Miteinander. Mithilfe. Teilen und Heilen. Kräfte sind noch im Schock, tauen aber sehr schnell auf und richten sich gestärkt und erneuert auf. Viele schwarze Tröpfchen lösen sich und wandern Richtung Saturn.

Rotes Meer:
Spüre die Kraft in meinem Schoß. Mondblut. Mondrhythmus. Das wiegende Rotieren mit Aufsteigen und Absteigen, Zunehmen und Abnehmen. Leuchten und Leere. Ein dicker schwarzer Tropfen möchte sich lösen. Ganz langsam bewege ich mein Becken. Ganz allmählich löst sich etwas. Es ist als ob das Portal zu den inneren Dimensionen der Erde in meinem Schoß spürbar ist. Ich atme mich dort und lasse geschehen. Der Mond sammelt rotierend die Wasser ein. Die Berge des Sinai nehmen unsere Wasser mit „offenen Händen“ auf und geleiten es auf den Grund des roten Meeres, wo es die „pure, nackte“ Erde neu befeuchtet, als wäre es das erstemal – so lebendig, so frisch, so original. Neuer Boden. Neuer Kontakt. Neue Fruchtbarkeit. Der Drache windet sich geschmeidig – der ganze lange Weg bewegt sich, ohne sich von der Stelle fortzubewegen. In sich bewegt. Im Körper wie eine QiGongBewegung, die alle Körperteile ins Fließen bringt, ohne eine Entfernung zurückzulegen. Andauerndes Ankommen. Strömend wie alles-in-eins und eins-in-allem.

Ich teile meine Erfahrung besonders mit Afrika, durfte Anfang des Jahres auf Mauritius sein – abgesehen von meinen Tiefenreisen in Träumen – war das die erste Fernreise meines Lebens. So viel Schönheit. So grün. So wässrig. So fruchtbar. So lebendig.

DANKE, liebe BegleiterInnen aus der geistigen Welt.
DANKE, lieber Marko für deine Inspiration und deine unermüdliche Arbeit.
DANKE, liebe Mitreisende. Danke.

Von Herzen, Rita Weininger aus Riedenburg im Altmühltal

Tanja Špiler Missia

Thank you Marko, Iveta and all for this traveling. Both Saturday and Sunday journeys were support with very strong energy – a lot of love and gratefulness. Water of rivers were joyful and touch of water of oceans i felt more serious – honorary. Balancing was full of blessed peace. Loved shering intention of my heart and attention with you, a lot of gratitude for being part of this event, with love, Tanja

Cary Meehan

I am in N W Ireland & therefore much closer to Greenland than Sinai so it was an immense journey through unfamiliar landscapes. Now I feel I contain the whole landscape/journey within my body (or maybe I am just aware of it) & the activity has not stopped.
I was accompanied by some beings from this place & aware of a gathering over Greenland but didn’t feel a strong group presence on the journey.
Greenland was a green goddess with light beaming from her crown. Such contrast travelling down to the open portal in the dry bed of the Red Sea, source of fertility & creative power from deep inside the earth. This image seemed to explain why there is such violence & conflict here – strong sense of our different cultural attitudes to women, aspects of the goddess & repression of dragon energy.
Bosnian energy patterns over the pyramids remind me of passage cairns in Ireland – belly of the goddess with patterns on ancient stone.
Loved bringing the water dragon energy up through the landscape – very healthy, cleansing & inspiring with strong energy.
Thank you for involving me, love & blessings, Cary 💚

David Nez

I vividly experienced the sweating and purification of pollution–industrial and psychic at the beginning of the working. The rings of Saturn were like a giant fan that sucked the impurities into it. The geysers of Iceland following this seemed to regenerate the life force of the planet by drawing healing energies up from the underworld. I percieived the pillars of water at the foot of the Alps rising to the stars as vast archangels holding grails, pouring forth inspiration of the heavens onto the planet. Reflecting on the sequence of imagery of the meditation–I found that descending from Greenland to the Red Sea effectively synchronized the energies of my chakras with the geological/ geomantic energies of the planet. I found myself spontaneously applying this formula to the geological features of the Pacific Northwest where I live, drawing in the energies of our local rivers and chain of volcanoes, and harmonizing them with my own chakras. Another observation, based on past telepathic workings I have done with other magical groups, is that the length of the working could be shortened to an hour or so and still be effective? This was a great meditation Marko, and thanks for inviting me!

Thank you Marko, Iveta and all for this workshop and also for all the replies above – it is truly wonderful to do this work together.
The dark drops disappeared surprisingly fast when I stopped trying and listened/opened up for what would happen to the black fluent liquid. It happened with instant speed, like sucked up by Saturn and transformed and relieved. Like it went to Saturn and home to its true self as soon as it was no longer kept by human projections.
The Earth inspiration as geyser: my head bent backwards and the chin up so that the power and inspiration could stream freely up through the throat and larynx (only in the end of the workshop I saw on the drawing that Iceland was at the throat).
The water from the rivers touched the heart – our hearts with a lot of playful power and joy. Everybody in the circle were working in their own way, searching for how to do this – the searching in itself is beautiful and totally perfect with (because of) all the imperfections.
I found it a bit difficult to open up for the cosmic inspiration through the water pillars. I got stuck with the idea that the water came from the earth moving up and was not really able to open up for the inspiration coming down. (A reply from someone here above about the inspiration coming down like in a waterfall helps me a bit now).
Circling anti-clockwise over the Pyramids in Bosnia: the incorporation of the Matrix of life worked very well – almost like a harvesting wheel (but incorporating rather than harvesting).
Outdated planet and civilization sweat out to go to Saturn, no, to a similar “Saturn” in the solar system where it came from. Same instant speed as in the first exercise. Transformed: Light, Calmness, releive/releif, presence.
The Moon lifted the water up from the Red Sea with ease.
The impulse when “our” water came into the Red Sea set the Dragon to move. It was a surprise to me.
Sharing with the other continents: the dragons in the continents awakened. Future is alive, big, unpredictable, free, alive.
Thank you!


Astral traveling to the gathering above Greenland has never been more effortless. I arrived early and seeing and feeling all the other beings was so amazing. The entire experience was so powerful. My body was vibrating most of the night and it’s still so easy to access those energies. So much gratitude for being part of this luminous event.

Hanneke Nelemans

Comment on Saturdays workshop

8.30 When the waters of the rivers were coming into the vessel one after another, there was a moving in different ways. But in the exchange of love the waters became in soft movement and there was a very big round surface with the colours of salmon and gold. A strong feeling of peace and love.
9.10 When the circles of the energy field above the Balkan was turning I saw a connection with the coast of Holland on the place where the backbone of Europe enters the land. Bright sunny dunes, a nice clear beach and a peaceful bleu see.

Esther Jantzen

Hello, Marko and all,
I was surprised at how easy it was to follow the script for this two-hour process, how quickly the time went, and how significant I felt this work and my participation was. I did it on Saturday evening, 8/8, in New Mexico, USA. Like Michael above, the most touching part to me was the Gaia Touch exercise we did at Beiruit–moving to compassion, forgiveness, and then the acceptance of grace.
When we did the prior piece at the Alps, seeing the pillars of water reaching to the heavens and opening to cosmic inspiration, the idea that came to me was to get pictures of the leaders of banking and industry most closely associated with the fossil fuel industry, and doing the Gaia Touch “Tear of Divine Grace” sequence while holding those individuals in mind.
Thank you for this, Marko, and for your leadership. I have awe-filled appreciation.

Michael Fuller

Feedback from Sunday Evening 9th August

I want to express my gratitude to all those people and beings of the Earth and of the Heavens who helped create this beautiful event. I took part last night – Sunday evening, and after a disturbed night I managed to make sense of my experiences partly by sharing with my partner. There were many layers but I would like to just mention 3 strong experiences:

1) The Gathering of the Waters in Central Europe. This was a profound and moving experience for me. It felt very real- a beautiful holding, rising silence as we all gathered and the waters kept coming. Right up to our hearts 💚. And then the Oceans came, the beautiful oceans brought their healing too! I could even hear the waves. We all held our breath and then let go with joy! Pure love.

2) An amusing interlude. As we let the waters roll gently to the Alps, I saw the mountains and started imagining the upright vertical risings of the waters. I drew a picture of the Alps and above each one I was moved to write I-CH, which I found amusing and poignant at the same time, it was as if the Earth was gently teasing me not to be too serious – (CH is the international symbol for Switzerland and of course ICH is German for ‘I’ which is also the divine within us).

3) Beirut Healing. This was the most important and moving part of the whole evening. The gentle kindness of the ritual bringing together compassion, forgiveness and grace was palpable and real. The energy that I held in my hand was concentrated and intense but not aggressive: it had a beautiful, peaceful strength. I am so grateful to have been able to offer a real prayer and a homeopathic blessing of intention for Beirut. it flowed easily to its source as well as to the hearts of some friends I know who are Lebanese.

There were more experiences, but perhaps another time… just to say it was a beautiful way to travel across the world, a real journey of love💚🌞🙏

Marinka Špodnjak

Gathering, Greenland: invisible space ship of human soals, quite, insightment. Joined some huge angels.
Cleaning: by me it stared form head throuh trhought chacra an end went ou. Out of spine it went aou at the back nack. IN abodomen iwas huge amout of everything, from the skini t was like dark wather coming out, some contructinns from right hip and leg I draw out. Much easier was with the hous an d aland aorounfd teh house, isalnd, the saa around. Kvarner bay, Učka from teh south and the North, Aboube balkam theer was gray roof of round tent, wchch swiched toward teh sky a,d went away and sihny goleden round rayed towards don. But Kosovo was dark and unchanged, some structures very compact and persistent in not changing.
Continent by continent, ocean by ocean are cleaned and appeared a huge dark cloud that could not so easy be absorbed by Saturn’s rings, IN observing what is the movemnet of this proces of cleaning in Saturn’s rings, , for a while I saw the Sturn’s eye, a look of the ineteligent beiing of that Planet. The message was. I am working, steady but it will be done, left side of teh Satunr ring was bright, the right darke, as the coming sustances first arrive to that right part.
The fiery waters of Iceland I perceived like spiral movemnt with lerger circles up, they bring to me flexibility and being manyfold linked with the surrounding. Some changes in the spine..
When I brought the spiral to Asia, there was hearable sound, like same chineas-european song, gentle and nise one. Africa started to beat like hearth beat. Europe got the liht column, North America some kind of inner contentment, and South America, there apeared very bright and powerfull spring of light, very big light. Australia, I have forgotten it. During writing I realised that, and made cleaning. There was abig dark wall on the nothwast from Australia in the ocean, like wall of forgetting , a wall than diconnect Australia from the rest of humanity. During cleaning the wall went away , and fiery waters of Iceland brought to Austraila that it started to breath brom below the ground, Iti s like expanding and coming back to normal size.
When I tried to bring fiery waters of inspiration to human being, nothing happened, and than realised that I didn’t clean people. . When it was done, from the Earth’s, from the soil started to grow the grass made out of the light, they were like sea algae, weawing in the air. Thay grow and people moving among them are now in the atmosphere of change, the transfmation is available. Like yojfull birds cradle. Or peole are these grass.
To connect the waters of the Earth
When rivers came together, after time of mixing and meeting each other surprisingly the light was born in beteween them , from underwater, like rich structured spring , or fontain is comig out, appeared high above the waters. It seems that Gaya was that. That made to those waters light and lightness, etherisation. Beautifull vessel. Ooo, oceans are soo deep quite behing and around the vessel. Thay are like vessel to all on Earth.We were in the vessel made of oceans. Oceans are mistery for me. Thay came and when joined aopeared pulsating of their water, tide was coming and going. But after meating our hearts, their rhitmicaly life got beuty. Spreading and coming back was beautiful. Beautiful beathing.
Cosmic connection of water
The waters went high to stars. Dissapeared. After some tome started rain, golden rain,It falled to the vessel, too. Golden drops in the vessel started to encapsule, formed like a golden egg, which dragon protected and didn’t want to share (in the region of eastern Alps, maybe western part of Austria), questionable protection from my point of understsnding. I tried to give posibility to move the vesel, to connect to the groung and under ground, but no, protection and keeping saFE. I asked huge angels what’s that. The answer was: ‘since now everything is OK’.
The matrix of the Earth
There was nearly no water from the vesel for the Balkan, I have to negotiate with the dragon of Alps and he gave 10 % of water. This water, went down to Greece, passing by the black structure in Kosovo from two sides. That structure appeared like black cube, on the east from Bosnian piramids. Maybe to controle or neutralize the power of piramids, or holding back whole Balkan. Miserable effect of intervention. But soem vesel water was there bringing light to the region. Wth black spot.
Round plane in my body behing the navel, remind me in moment on ecliptica plain, and rise up the question: is it the connection of this part of the body with that part of our solar system ? That plane in my body was pulsating in the way sun and Earth dance on ecliptica. Actualy the round plane was swinging up and down . Maybe is connected with berathing in the body.
Beirut explosion
First Gaia Touch Ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace”:was spread onto whole region, ; no significant outcome, in my view. The second was dedicated to Mediterranian sea. The sea was very thankfull,as someone who is finally remembered/noticed. I senced pain of some heroe whose herroic deed was forgotten. This brought reliefe to the sea and became lightly and brigtly , more life and movement there. I didin’t understand what was wrong, and what happend Mediterranian sea. I would like to know what exactly happened.
I senced that spot of imbalance is also the line between Europe and Asia aound Istanbul. The Balcan part is lower, like the ground/soli is thicker and weaker compared to Little Asia. That means Kosovo have to be healed. That black cube in Kosovo was actualy black geometrizied thorn withqudrate/qube aat the surface of the groudn , but lower it is becoming thicker and rhicker- real thorn. Paralizing life in that region. In the thorn were captured soem soals. Black magic.
Next Gaia Touch Ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace”: was for Kosovo while no vesel water came from teh west, from Balkan. Tears of grace melted the soil around, the black thorn, lost it’s colour and substance, and was sweathered away. IN that thorn were captured solus , apeared two of them. That means, black magic. These souls were in so pure condition, pale, like goasts, I offered them to go out of that thorn on the way to Saturn, they went out somehow lost and turned to powers of abuse, but Christ was asked to help them, SO, when they embrace Christ, I left them. The consequence was, too, that Balkan part of the continent rised up, equaly strong as the eastern part , eastern from Istanbul. Balanced! When Kosovo Thorn was sent to Satunr, waters from egg in Alps started to come to Balkan, It was like a floud:Bosnian piramids are above like Ararat in Biblic story. Water was circleing around and over making mist and cloud , Bosnina piramids absorbed that fog and clouds and appeared shiny water and landscape. It was good. Waters that filled the hole that thorn made in Kosovo, were happy. I saw happy faces of different rivers who were so close each others in small place, and were really happy to heal the place.
Next Gaia Touch Ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace” was for Beirut. Fo r the plce where happened explosion. Created was white flower of grace and is ancored in that silos in the harbour bringnig pease and rest to souls that are streached among many influences, emotions. Some angels anchored, too, there to strengten the grace. That explosion made a kind of division between the sea and the land, similar to line of division thet is between nations there. Like noone wants to hear another, on the other side. The same with sea and land.
THe line of separation (very duarble string) was sent to Saturn’s ring, and the sea nad land started to come together, and meat again.
The Red Sea
Moon easily attracted water of Red Sea, but no water , or nearly no water came from weter vesel. What? Sinaj .. It appeared that Sinay has blockages on the west from the hill. It is like black giant with strait lines/plains holding control over Sinaj, mostly hidden in the ground, maybe connected with those forces from dark ‘planet’. That dark huge formation was sent to Saturn rings. Also is performed cleaning of Sinaj from religious and other believes. From the cave in Sinaj with the opening towards the Rad sea was looking white beautiful snake, not so big. Cleaning of the Read Sea , bed was performed too, I asked the Alps Dragon for some vesel water. He gave. So, white snake than started her travel to the North. First station was Beiruth. She went out through the white flower, bringing strenght. She made a rest at Bosninan piramids, visited one place more. Than she went into the egg, Made intercourse with the Dtagon of Alps, they weawed around each other, and after she left, both vere stronger. This snake became much bigger. She went to Island’s geizirs, and in Greenland she got corona- corona borealis.
In the same time our circe became circle of happiness and togetherness , all of us came very close to each other holding hands on shoulders of others, very touching meeting. Great.
Announcing to continents. Each continent brougt some unique answer.

Marinka Špodnjak

Anne Mühlrath

Das Zusammenfinden in Grönland empfand ich als sehr schön. Ich traf dort auch bekannte Seelen. Viele Elementarwesen gesellten sich schnell zu uns. Die Bildung des Raumschiffes gelang gut und schnell, jedoch hatte ich das Gefühl, dass es plötzlich von außen an der linken Seite, von Westen, gestört wurde. Als würde jemand oder etwas versuchen, das Raumschiff zu beschädigen. Ich war damit beschäftigt, das Raumschiff aufrechtzuerhalten.
Die Reinigung von mir, der Natur, der Landschaft, der Städte und der Kontinente gelang gut. Die schwarzen Tropfen bündelnde sich und wurden von den Ringen des Saturns angezogen.
Island: in einem gleichmäßigen Rhythmus sprudelte Gaias Inspiration in Form von feurigen Geysiren empor. Sie breitete sich zuerst in mir und in meiner physischen Umgebung aus. Dann über Europa und die ganze Welt. Die Nähe zum Erdinneren war in Island für mich sehr gut spürbar, wie ein Tor, eine sensible Öffnung zur Erde, sehr rein und ursprünglich.
In der Mitte Deutschlands bildeten wir einen Kreis, der sich wie ein Gefäß formte und ein Teil des Wassers der Flüsse aufnahm. Das Wasser stieg empor bis zu unserem Herzraum. Ich verband mich mit dem Wasser der Flüsse und dem Wasser der Ozeane. Ein gleichmäßiges, sanftes Pulsieren war spürbar, was alles miteinander verband. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass, wiederum von Westen, eine dunkle Energie anwesend ist. Die sich durch unsere Arbeit dann aber aufhellte. Ich nahm wahr, wie aus der Mitte des Kreises helle, lichte Wasserwesen emporsteigen und sich über ganz Europa verteilten.
Wir öffneten den Kreis und das Wasser strömte zu den Alpen. An den hohen Gipfeln stieg das Wasser wie ein Strahl empor zu den Sternen. Das Wasser mit der irdischen Information verband sich mit dem Kosmos zu einer irdisch-kosmischen Infusion. In meiner Wahrnehmung bildete sich ein neuer Raum zwischen Erde und Kosmos. Dabei spürte ich stets einen gleichmäßig pulsierenden Rhythmus.
Balkan: das Wasser strömte weiter über den Balkan und Griechenland. Es verfärbte sich hier sehr dunkel, wie ein Fluss, der aufgewühlten Schlamm mit sich führt. Die Vorstellung, dass sich die Energie gegen den Uhrzeigersinn drehte, gelang mir zuerst schwer. Die schlammige Masse setzte sich, mit dem Mittelpunkt über den bosnischen Pyramiden langsam in Bewegung. Ich stellte mir vor, dass durch die Rotation wieder schwarze Tropfen hinaus fließen, sich zu einem großen Tropfen zusammenschließen und von den Ringen des Saturns angezogen wurden. So wurde das Energiefeld langsam klarer und klarer. Die Vorstellung, dass das Muster der Matrix des Lebens angenommen wird, viel mir schwer.
Beirut: Ich führte die Gaia-Touch-Übung durch. Das Mitgefühl, die Vergebung Gaias und die g{ttliche Gnade waren deutlich zu spüren. Ich konnte die Tropfen über die betroffenen Personen und Orte übergießen. Und bedankte mich. Eine dunkle Energie war weiterhin sehr deutlich spürbar. Ich bekam keinen richtigen Bezug zu diesem Ort und habe das Gefühl, dass dieser Ort nochmals gesondert geheilt werden muss.
Rotes Meer: in meiner Vorstellung kam der Mond sehr nahe an das Rote Meer heran. Er sog all das Wasser an sich. Ich konnte gut spüren, wie, das nun leere Becken, sich für etwas Neues öffnete. Mir kam Dankbarkeit entgegen. Unser mitgeführtes Wasser ran langsam über die Berge des Sinais in das Becken hinein. Das zuvor angesogene Wasser im Mond konnte ich nicht ohne weiteres ins Becken zurücklassen, sondern hatte das Gefühl, dass es noch durch den Mond gereinigt werden sollte, indem es um den Mond und durch den Mond, wie durch einen Filter, geführt wurde.
Der Drache erwachte, er sprühte Helligkeit, Licht, Klarheit und Reinheit aus. Wie frisches, hoch schwingendes Quellwasser. Er schlängelte sich unter der Erdoberfläche entlang, war zuerst ziemlich unruhig und stürmisch, beruhigte sich dann aber. Er versprühte sein klares Wasser in alle Richtungen. An den Stellen, die wir besucht hatten, berührte er die Erdoberfläche, dadurch stieg an der Stelle jeweils eine große, gelbe, lichte Kugel empor. Sie stieg wie ein Heißluftballon nach oben, zerplatzte dann in der Höhe und viele kleine gelbe Lichtkugeln übergossen sich als Segen über die Orte.
Ich teilte den anderen Kontinenten meine Erfahrung mit. Ich begann mit dem Kontinent Amerika. Dieser konnte meine Erfahrung relativ leicht übernehmen, auch hier schlängelte sich schnell ein wässriger Drache von Patagonien über Süd- und Mittelamerika nach Nordamerika. Energie- und Segens Kugeln verteilten sich auch hier. Ich ging weiter nach Afrika. Hier geschah das gleiche, aber in viel viel langsamerer Geschwindigkeit. Es war, als müsse der Drache zuerst durch eine dicke dunkle zähe Masse. In Australien, Neuseeland und Ozeanien passierte das gleiche in schnellere Tempo, auch in Asien und der Antarktis. Die Erde strahlt nun eine klare, helle, ursprüngliche Energie aus.
Ich verabschiedete mich von allen anderen Mitreisenden. Dabei bemerkte ich plötzlich viele weiß gekleidete Frauen, wie in lichte Burkas gehüllt. Es schien, als wären sie ein Negativbild, weiße Kleidung und schwarze Gesichter. Eine Frau sagte zu mir, sie fühlen sich hin- und hergerissen. Ich sagte ihnen, sie sollen im Frieden bleiben. Darauf verschwanden sie sehr schnell in weite Ferne. Ich bedankte mich bei allen Wesen, löste das Raumschiff mit auf und kehrte zurück.
Ich möchte mich auch nochmals bei Marko und seinem Team für diese Mediation bedanken, sowie bei allen, die bei dieser Reise teilgenommen haben. Es war eine sehr schöne Arbeit und Zeit mit euch, die viel bewirkt hat, in mir und im Außen.
Anne Mühlrath

Tea Golob

Thank you all for enabling such an amazing telepathic journey. I would like to share some of my insights, feelings and experiences:

1. I attuned to the group. I called my inner elemental being to assist me in the process and to keep me aligned with the heart vibration of Gaia. I also called my celestial guards and beings from angelic realms to support us and to inspire us during the process. I felt closely attached to all participants. The warm light was pouring from our hearts connecting us in one.Then, I noticed big giants appearing around us. They were ethereal beings living underneath the earth surface but closely related to the cosmic levels. I felt they were supporting us deeply in our intention, and taking over the role of our guards on our journey. They did not join us on a ship but they were accompanying us by moving ethereally.

 2. I was sweating heavily. Drops falling down from my body were uniting the big dark stream. I felt it as a relief, letting away all that it is not needed and hindering us in achieving our life purposes. In a distance,I detected a colossal figure. It was a bit blurry, but I saw him as being very expensive, shining in a golden glitter. With his hands, he was pulling the dark stream towards his presence, transforming it into a light. A majestic image.  

3. I ignited the geyser within me. I felt a warm, sparkling stream coming from the hearth of Gaia spreading all over my body. When imagined geysers appear all over the Earth, they appear to me like sparks forming gentle fireworks full of rich colours. 

4. Standing in a circle with a group and forming a huge vessel.When calling rivers of Europe, I saw spirits of rivers in a form of beautiful devas, of different shapes and colours, but all ethereal, pure and very beautiful. They poured the water from their hands into our vessel. I felt my heart space to merge with the water. Both oceans, I felt differently. More powerful, determined, strong. Balancing all aspects of ethereal and manifested live. 

5. Cosmic connection of water was an extremely powerful experience to me. When rising water into a vertical position, I saw that a big portal to celestial realms has opened. Suddenly, we as individuals and as a group, gained direct access to the cosmic patterns of all Earth’s quantum possibilities.I saw them as planets, spinning in a huge circle. I saw them as different variations of a planet. Some of them are inhabited with human beings but not all of them. Some were dark, devastated, some were full of life and light, shining with high vibrational aura. Our angelic guides accompanying the group started to sing a beautiful song and they were encouraging us to join them. When singing, we were able to choose the right variation of earth. It was shining with white and gold aura, it was very ethereal and beautiful. Like, I imagine a new Earth. The information was then downloaded into a vertical water stream. It was spreading all over my body, and simultaneously to the water in our vessel. The information of the new Earth fully and consciously downloaded to the memory of life on Earth by our conscious participation.  

5. The transformation of the matrix of Earth was closely related to the previous experience. The patterns were changing, and taking over the new quality. Very beautiful, touching experience, filling me with a new confidence of our following paths. However, the Beirut experience has reminded me that the process is not that easy.  

6. I detected a strong resistance towards the new matrix of life. It was powerful, taking a form of a dark entity, threatening us. I felt an urge that our group should be a bit bigger to overcome that threat immediately.I felt like crying, while tears pouring down already contained the new downloaded information of a water inside me. Reassuring.   

7. The giant red snake with wings has awakened. It appeared out from the Earth’s surface and circled across the sky. It was shiny, red. When directing toward Greenland, I noticed that it was loosening its strength from time to time. Like a battery shining a bit darker and then flashing strong light again.

Deep gratitude,

Diana Reynolds

THANK YOU MARKO for this valuable and vital opportunity.
I received the info two days before and forwarded it on.
This morning the images live on strongly in me.

I experienced an ease in the flow of Imaginations as the journey progressed and our etheric workshop and the story unfolded.

8.10 Greenland. After sweating/cleansing which was intense I felt peaceful breathing.
8.20 Iceland. Fiery geyser water – Back of my neck activated. I did further sweating as troubled parts of the world called for help.
8.50 Central Germany – sensed our expansive circle was very strong, a unity. When we opened it a glow arose in my chest. The waters in balance.

Summary of further steps – experiences and intentions:
*Beautiful columns of water , mountain landscape rejoiced.
*The Power of the horizontal slow rotating water.
*Communion with Gaia, forgiveness, consciousness of fellow humans and all other beings. Working together to heal our wounded Earth.
*Red Sea, portal, opening, cleansing, historic and geological events arose.
*I like dragons. Always have positive thoughts to transform for the Good.

Wonder, Reverence and Gratitude!

Marty Barclay

Thank you Marko for this beautiful work! So wonderful to engage it along with others!

Just prior to starting on Saturday I had taken a long walk with friends on the beach in San Francisco which deeply affected my back in a very uncomfortable way. I came home and skipped dinner and rested and started the meditation process. It was an amazing journey indeed. Including the body means that I also felt what earth was experiencing and received more clarity around my own process. At one point there were geysers everywhere on the surface of the earth.

Then as the pillars rose up in the alps, I experienced a definite easing of
the pain from the L-1 rotation.


Dear Marko, and all participants,

It was wonderful to join you from Budapest.
When we reached the fiery waters of Iceland, I sensed as each bubble of the geysers represents a person’s old patterns…poping and cracing. With each bubble one became free and detached from old thoughtforms etc.
When connecting the waters of the Earth, I had to stand up, and initially move my hips in the shape of infinity (a laying 8). As the waters moved into our vessel my arms raised by themselves forming a V shape above me… Holding the water, and at the same time touching our guests from different dimensions of life. Our guests were huge, tall beings of light. Then my arms went down 45 degrees from my shoulders, creating an up side down vessel to gather water from below… and at the same time holding hands with the small invisible beings of life.
The cosmic connetction of water formed water pillars of icicles, growing taller and wider every second. They were made of light emerald green cristals, yet had a fluid like vertical movemet. Life was flowing within these huge cold ice pillars that brought light cool clensing to all lifeforms. A new base of cleanness and detached love for our future was created.
The Matrix of the Earth and life emerged form Gaia as drpolets of water jumping from the Earth. As if it was raining upwards. I found it was dificult to find and keep the horizontal energy field of slow mowement behind my navel: the energy wanted to jump up to my throat center. With some effort, I kept it down at navel.
When we let the colletcted waters from the north to run into the dry basin of the Red Sea, I felt the extatic joy and satisfaying relief of the basin. Reuniting at last!
As the dragon of Europe awakes the underground waters became clearer and clearer as they moved up to the north. This movement was repeated various times, each time stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger. I sensed that a new life cycle begins, for every form of life on every level of consciousness! This is the impulse that Europe wants to share with the other continents as well.

Jennifer Swiftwater Vyhnak

Dear Marko and all participants-

What an honor to be with you all for this important healing work tonight. Out of the entire process, the most interesting aspect for me of the healing work took place during the process of ‘Cleaning our body and the planet.’ After completing the process for my self, then my home and other areas suggested, I asked what additional areas would like this process. Immediately these other aspects stepped forward and the processes as written were offered to each of them: Trump’s presidential campaign, all aspects; Biden’s potential presidential campaign and all aspects; Leaders around the world who are making decisions harmful to life; I asked for only those situations to engage that would be in alignment with Creator’s Will, for the highest and best outcome for all concerned; Next, offered the processes to the overlighting Deva of the Black Lives Matter movement along with all organizations opposing BLM; Offered same to all terrorist organizations around the world, then to all people out of alignment with their higher selves, only as it is in alignment with Creator’s Will, in divine timing, and finally, for all appropriate situations in alignment with the greater good of all concerned; What a powerful exercise unfolded for the benefit of all beings! Thank you.

Jan Vaňura

Thank you Marko for the vision, inspiration and guidance, Iveta for the organization and every participant for his/her open mind, loving heart and all the work. I am so happy and honoured to participace in these living dreams and pioneer journeys. I found this workshop really amazing and very powerfull – probably also for the synchronization with the „lion´s gate“ portal.
The importace of this work is again confirmed by many invisible participants. What a joy and honor to gather over the wide clean whitey plains of Greenland. Our space-ship this time was a big egg-shaped crystal.
It is always a gift to realize that the cleaning and saving of our planet is corresponding to clearing and taking care of our (physical and energetic) bodies. It was a bit difficult to imagine the dark liquid sweat as I am used to do energetic clensing usually in form of ether gasseus smoke or coloured light. I undestood the dirty sweat more on a material level (industrial areas, jails and hospitals, shopping centers etc.) but later it continued more to emotional and mental patterns (eg. violence, fear, ignorance, selfishness, lies…) The cleansing was really deep and strong thanks to our quite big amount , but it felt that would be good to do it regulary and continually.
Thanks fire water geysers of Iceland and all beautyfull Gaia and her dragon and elemental beings for their amazing inspirations. We should really all be the inspiration disseminators and inspirators to help the waking up and transformation process of the humans and humanity. Thanks to all the waters of Europe and the World for gather and create the magic crystal bowl and clear and activate our hearts, compassion and love! Thanks to the stars and all the cosmos for its divine inspirations. I felt the universe is really happy to recive any consciouss and creative impulse from human beings.
The work in and for Balkan region felt also really needed and as well the east Meditarrian (especially Syria, Lebanon and Israel/Palestine). I was not surprised that blind the Beirut explosion would be some obscure interests, but never thing about something like that star-wars´ „Deathstar“ collision… „The Tears of divine grace“ ritual is a perfect technice which remind me „Meditation of twin hearts“ of a pranic healing master Choa Kok Sui which I am practising regularly.
The final cleaning of the Red Sea via the Moon was epic and reminds not only of Moses but also of Atlantis. The idea that the sleeping of european dragon was somehow connected with the fall of Atlantis came to my mind. Maybe the Atlantis still exist behind the Red Sea inner earth portal. The giant dragon of Europa was finály awaken and activated by this collective telepathic workshop. It is now activating the principal meridians and chakras of old continent and it is in connection and comunication also with other dragons and systems of other continents. I could feel great powers of regeneration, transformation and transmutation already. Hopefully we can still manage it – five seconds to twelve… Give thanks and count our blessings!
Jan Vanura, Prague


Thank you Marko and the LifeNet team for alerting us to the urgency of this work.

Group tuning in – I was drawn to my belly which appeared with golden light. There was a sensation in my neck like it was locked under control and wanted to be released.

Being in the north, there were swirls of white mist around me. I was on a mountain top. As I was sweating, I was erupting like lava. My body appeared as filled with fire and my face was contorted with the agony of holding in the fire. I felt I needed some help for the dark drops to leave. I saw a violet ray going through my torso and this helped the dark drops to come out. The violet ray also went through the world, creating masses of dark drops. The removal of the dark drops felt overwhelming and endless. There was smoke and fire being released and I was coughing. It felt suffocating everywhere. I felt the urge to connect to will of Gaia and it was like a divine energy which appeared as blue and green spaciousness. It released the dark drops into cosmic space and rings of Saturn. I then perceived a grain of sand in my hand and the words from William Blake’s poem entered my mind: ‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.’ The grain of sand in my hand was like a perfect piece of creation and the energy from this grain of sand grew to envelope the whole planet. There were structures like papery cities holding old patterns ready to be dismantled.

The fiery waters filled the spaces which were stagnant of my body, creating a feeling of movement and possibilities. The fiery geysers of the Earth appeared to me as a layer of water within the Earth. This watery layer then erupted as the geysers. The connection to new energies of the Earth was needed for detaching from the old patterns.

Our group was standing around a large vessel with the waters. We took the vessel and placed it over our body. The waters moved into the streams and vessels of my body. These vessels also went into the chamber of the heart and the heart was glowing from the waters in these vessels. I connected to the waters of the earth through my heart. I also sensed my pelvic cavity filled with water. The water from the pelvic cavity rose up to my head level and my whole being was within this water. The waters then receded to find the point of balance.

The pillars of water reaching towards the stars became like a fine membrane, as though they wanted to be permeable. They formed many columns in different directions and then they orientated to link up to the constellations in the sky. The cosmic inspiration then showed its direction as not only upwards but infinite directions like a cosmic space.

When the energy field moved in counter clockwise circles and incorporated the patterns of the matrix in life, they appeared as circles on fire and I did not know what to do.

With the tear of divine grace I sensed a strong impulse from the Red Sea as though she was responding to our work. I continued to see smoke and the feeling of choking. It felt like the Red Sea wanted to move her energy towards the land but there were blockages.

With the portal of the Red Sea to the inner dimensions of the Earth, it feels as though the bottom of the sea was not the real bottom. I connected to the will of Gaia again and the bottom of the sea opened into a huge cavity where the Dragon appeared. When the basin of the Red Sea received the waters from the north, the blockages were released and the energy of the Red Sea moved into the land spaces. I tried to sense what happened to the rings of fire related to the matrix of the Earth before but it seems this needs more work.

When tuning into the dragon of Europe through my body I found my entire body resting on the back of a moving dragon – what an incredible sensation! I also sensed that we must connect to all the waters of the seas and oceans.
Note: I receive the news tonight after the meditation that the house of friend is burning.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to collaborate.


Thank you so much Marko and the whole group.
Actually evening time is not the easiest for me meditating. 25 min after the start I got very tired and sleepy, I now realized that it could be from that cleaning the body and the planet. I just had to lay down, and awoke at 9 PM, ah the pause.
I then went through the processes with the fiery waters, amd connecting the waters of the Earth, many beings was supporting us. By the cosmic connection at the Alps a lot of cosmic inflow came into the Earth. By the Pyramids a deep deep connection with Mother of Life (these words came to me).
When all the water touched the mountains of Sinai and jumped into the basin of Red Sea, a very very strong energy started to move my body and at the same time underneath the landscape of Europe. This “waterdragon” energy was swinging and spiraling and the whole body was affected while it moved upwards, and at the same time I was in the landscape and the “waterdragon” came up and touched some places, Bosnien Pyramids and Zavidovici, South of England, Snefällsjökul vulkan on Iceland.
When the dragon reached Greenland and the skull, it was sooo amazing and strong , not easy to describe. The “watedragon” became connected with a cosmic dragon, like plugged in. And all of a sudden the Earth became connected with its cosmic essence, like comming home to her real harmonic and whole being within her cosmic family. And my body and the Earth came into a higher state of energy and consciousness. It was so so beatyful and strong, so amazing. And during this I quickly shared and incorporated this with the other continents so whole Earth was in this process.

Dear all,
it was wonderful to participate in the workshop and to be part of the group.

I continued to swet out black drops till the end of the work, getting overheated again and again.

Moving very fast towards the Alps I noticed long stretches of green flowing grass. And there was suddenly a hill growing out of the grass, like a bald white head. I realized that it was a dragon egg rising up. The eggshell broke and a new dragon was hatched. It grew fast step by step. I think the name of the young dragon is Hafnur. It is a water dragon which can fly and throw hot flames. It is enormous now, happy, loving, reckless and powerful. I saw it flying round the Earth and also move inside the Earth, frolicking. I asked if it had a special purpose. The answer was: to live!

Thank you so much Marko for your wonderful work and your dedication and for making it possible to take part!

Love from Ann-Katrin Eriksdotter in Sweden

liza japelj carone

First of all THANKS for this proposal which comes at a time when we feel overwhelmed. Participating in the workshop gives me a tool to take concrete action.
Unlike the others, more in the imagination, this one was very physical. As if this work allowed us to choose with our body to identify with the Earth.

When the group gathered over Greenland, I suddenly knew that there were 333 of us. Either 333 humans, or this number included the presences of other dimensions, eg the Greenland Deva, or the elementals of the cold, who welcomed us. Our beautiful invisible spaceship was octagonal in shape, which made me realize that we are meeting on the 8th day of 8th month at 8pm …

The dark sweat that came out of all my pores and of the important buildings in France and in the world, was hot and sticky, Saturn recycled it with the cold, I felt silver after this cleaning.
The geysers that arose all over the planet, inspired playful joy.

To collect the water I called my favorite rivers, from the smallest to the most majestic, at the end a large vortex appeared, rotating clockwise, then surprisingly, the water made like a loop, the whirlpool went vertically, then fell backwards like a pancake and so the water turned in the other direction. (During this time, 3 pigeons were cooing loudly on the roof, the mother was feeding her two cubs who were flying for the 1st time!)

The rivers rose to the stars each one with its own water, there were huge pillars and others very thin, like waterfalls falling upwards, and on the return, a spray of water made of light blessed us, droplets were the color of rainbow.

The vortex over Bosnia was wide, it went from Sicily to Carpathians, and my body was totally identified with Gaia’s body, as if I was buried up to the waist.

For Beirut, the tear of divine grace given by heaven was so big that it overflowed from my palms.

I cleaned up the Red Sea with a colander, yuck, and Saturn’s help. After a crystal-clear water serpent rippled through Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Slovenia, to the north, and at the same time, up my body from my heels behind my back. At one point I was the body of Europe. Grandiose!

Love and gratitude to Marko, Vitaa and all the participants
from Liza (Paris)
and also from Flammy, our cat who never misses a telepathic workshop!


Danke Marko für die unglaublichen Bilder, die eine Arbeit damit möglich machten. Mit allem konnte ich gut sein, was ich aber bemerkenswert fand, und noch keine wirkliche Deutung dafür habe sind zwei Bilder, die ganz spontan in mir da waren. Eine weiß gekleidete junge Frau reitet ohne Sattel und Zaumzeug auf einem Pferd in Europa entlang der Linie Richtung Norden.(..?…) das zweite: bei den Alpen, wo das Wasser zur Säule wurde stand plötzlich mächtig und groß Wotan/Odin da. Das war eine positive Erscheinung, nicht bedrohlich…
Vielleicht kommt mir eine Eingebung, was mir diese Bilder sagen könnten….
Ganz lieben Gruß von Ute aus der Steiermark

Nina, Slovenia

Blessings to all,

when connecting the group in Greenland, I feel a great solemnity and calmness of all those present, who are constantly coming in a circle, there are a lot of us from different dimensions and realms. I feel a deep inner peace and connection and a beams of an unusual color, somewhere between metallic blue and violet … completely new to me.

The cleaning is intensive, dirt leaks out everywhere but gets lighter.The process is not painful, but it is unpleasant, as the dark color fills me with disgust, redundancy. Towards the end, I feel an increasing lightness.

The water of Gaia’s inspiration is the pure truth that emerges from insight her core and from my depths and the depths of each individual. The waters of the Earth are pouring into our huge emerging vessel. The process is very intense, accompanied by grace, love, compassion, power … I feel all this when energy flows between our hearts as representatives of humanity and the essence of planet Earth, Gaia’s holy water, which pulsates the information of our hearts’ consciousness in the etheric structure of the planet. Happiness and ecstatic blessing overwhelm me during this process.

The tear of compassion, forgiveness, and divine grace has an incredibly powerful charge, I send it to all the people and places that need it most at the moment. At the same time, I feel a huge “thirst”, a need for a tear of grace in this moment, so I repeat this gesture several times. At the same time, a circle of golden light forms in the Earth’s atmospher, where lightness, pure joy, freedom, a breakthrough into a new space, fluidity and the interconnectedness of it arise.

I experience an incredible process of incorporating patterns of the matrix of life into the water vortex above the Bosnian Pyramids, which expands and complements its fine pattern, the structure is upgraded, a glorious process. Finally, certain neglected aspects of Gaia’s reality are incorporated into the visible and will shine soon in all its beauty.

The Great Dragon has moved, the energy that is primordial, in which every living being stands, has been activated, the pure, organic truth being ignited in every human being anew, this moment. A dragon wakes up that carries the essence that brings sovereignty, freedom, co-creation and love into the fabric of life here and now. All portals along the spine of Europe are activated and at the same time all important energy points of the planet are reopened.

Thank you all, I feel like old friends who come together when needed to sustain life and love.

Thanks Marko and Marika,


Alice Weibull, Sweden

Thank-you for this opportunity to participate in a rare and powerful workshop together with all of you!
It was easy to connect with one another but obstacles appeared from the beginning in the form of business men trying to push us away. A lot of love was needed to dissolve their aggressiveness.
Cleaning our body and the planet was indeed a very important activity that could go on forever. The dark drops looked to me like black thick oil.
The fiery waters from Iceland created the the strength and energy we needed to connect with.
The theme of water felt so extremely appropriate in the context of the heat wave in Europe at the moment and the heat of political and social uproar and instability.
When the water touched our hearts the water turned into shining crystals filling space. They transformed into stars glowing in the middle of the day.
It was such a powerful experience to connect with all waters and oceans and to carry that energy together.
In the cosmic connection the pillars of water felt both firm and soft. When the vertical connection was strongest I began again to experience the black drops sweating from all over the earth. My eyes became full of tears and I could feel the pain of the suffering caused. I became so exhausted I had to lie down.
When connecting with the matrix of the earth I felt I am not alone. We are all connected and create a web.
I felt very grateful to do the ceremony of the tear of grace with all of you for Beirut!
As a conclusion I felt we gathered so much together and distributed the grace with strong intention to call of Europe and to Gaia!
Thank-you Marko!

Marko Pogačnik

Report on the telepathic workshop AT THE CROSSROADS
Marko Pogačnik

I am surprised how green Grenland is under its surface as if there is the paradise of the plant world.
Sweating exercise
Our circle makes possible that sweating starts in the environment. After a while places and people continue by themselves. Saturn approaches similar to a young Buddha with the dance of transformation all around him.
I wait when suddenly a strong geyser appears in the middle of Iceland. A shaman runs with great speed to the geyser and back to everybody in our group to activate the geyser within us. We do the same for the world. As a consequence above the Earth form “clouds” composed of drops of Gaia’s inspiration. While people breathe, they take into themselves also drops of Gaia’s inspiration. (Drops are nano-beings).
Central Europe (Nördlinger Riss)
Water first appears in front of everybody as a woman. Rivers and lakes send their water to our vessel in the form of arched water meridians.
The touch of the oceans at our back in connection with the human heart changes the water in front of us into a creator creating with a specific soft power. (New technology!)
The mountains absorb the water we have collected and then they send through their picks pillar of water towards the universe. A special kind of cosmic dragons (thin and long as needles) uses this water pillars to approach the Earth.
Around the vertical axis of the Bosnian pyramids move balls of information (on Earth matrix presumably). The water field streams move around them to absorb their information.
Drops of divine blessing become nano-beings that bring comfort and help to people.
The background of the explosion needs to be addressed later to deal with the question of the foreign planets collision with the Earth long ago and what it means for pushing human civilization slowly upon the path that contradicts our essence and purpose.
Red Sea
To drink the water of the Red Sea, the Moon approaches so close that I feel it partly within myself. I understand that the momentary drying of the Red Sea can be done only in cooperation with the human consciousness (as in the case of the Jews escaping from Egypt). The birth giving organ of the Earth shows embellished with innumerable crystals. Toning follows. The awakened dragoness looks young (renewed). Moving northwards I see that in the Central Europe it enlarges its body to reach till Ural on one side and Gibraltar on the other. Reaching towards Iceland it becomes more and more narrow till it changes into a large blue bird levitating above Greenland and extending its wings over the whole Earth.

The evening session may bring something else…Thank you for co-creation! Marko

Heike Bettendorf

Thank you all for organising.
I’m German but living on Fuerteventura island.
8:00 cleaning body
I felt my coxis burning, and my pelvis started in small round movements.
Fiery waters of Island entered between the legs and went up in front of the spine to the crown, spreading
In Germany I Arrived in BlackForest, my natal place. Near by is a mountain on the top is an ancient big stone with a bowl carved on the top. (On one side of the mountain the waters flow to the river Donau, on the other side of the mountain the waters flow to the river Rhein).
The bowl was shining golden and spreading out water .

After the Alps my pelvis started to move in lemiscate.
I felt a huge pulling behind me from Southamerika. Had somehow to include them. I felt like an horizontal axis from Fuerteventura to Gotland/Sweden. Like crossing the backbone. It felt like being the axis of the arms, um bracing the World on the right and left of the backbone axis.
A lot to clean up.
I was nearly lost.
A wonderful light lovely face appeared in front and guided me back to the work we did together.
The drop from Gaia was still with some petrol oil, needed to be cleaned up.
What power is in the moon!
Every drop of water was removed and changed.
The way back was light and ease.

Thank you all.
Heike Bettendorf, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Firstly, thank you from my heart, Marko, for giving us the possibility to join you in this power- and beautiful meditation. And thank you all who participated and work for the good of the Earth.
-When we gathered I felt inmensly dense participation, no corona limitations here, the vast spaceship was all full with expectant participants!
-So many dark drops were gathered – but Saturnus turned these quickly into light.
-The geysers spread joyful playfullness in a happy dance. Beings got out of their chains.
-Most rivers donated the 10% of their waters willing-and gladly, some more reluctantly, like eg the Nile – we had to convince her a bit….. When the Oceans came, an inmense force was felt, we are united – we cooperate on Earth!
-The pilars of water over the Alps, when I felt them in my body and opened up to the Cosmic inspiration, I could feel freedom and joy and that every change is possible, especially if we find the way to unite.
-Gaia touch – such a beautiful and powerful ritual, even more so when you are doing it together with lightworkers and other beings deeply concerned about the destiny of our planet.
-The Red Sea, surprised that we wanted to work with her, but delighted and very satisfied with the result.
-To be able to work at the same time with our bodies, gives the meditation an extra dimension and closeness to Earth and Gaia. – Thank you !!!

Caroline Sherwood

I had with me water from collected yesterday from the Lion’s Head at Chalice Well in Glastonbury. It was in a glass which I bought in Crete many years ago. I also had a geographical atlas open beside me, so I could more clearly trace our journey from Greenland, via Iceland, down through Europe, into Lebanon and on into Sinai and the Red Sea.
I participated from a first floor flat in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire after a very hot day. Traffic running outside. In the centre of town is a statue to Neptune, which seemed linked to our work together.
Our space ship appeared at first like a traditional flying saucer; this changed into a large silver bird, which changed again into a large white etheric swan.
Many beings came to join and assist at the beginning, including the Master Kuthumi, the Archangel Sandalphon and hosts of personal guides and angels of the participants.
Cleansing: black drops reminded me of Jesus sweating blood in Gethsemane. I saw many oozing from the walls of prisons (including some large complexes in the US). They all gathered like molasses; a stream of glutinous slow-moving lava towards the Rings of Saturn.
Connecting with Water: Linking the flow of Chalice Well water to all others. Deeply moving feeling: love flowing in unity from all participants’ hearts into the huge body of water we had gathered – and flowing all around the Earth – breathing with each other and the water.
Cosmic Water: Sparkling, starry quality of water; shimmering like light.
Matrix: Could feel this clearly at the navel level.
Beirut: I had enacted 11 of the Gaia Touch exercises outside on the lawn in front of Chalice Hill House in Glastonbury the afternoon before: this included the Healing Tear of Grace, so it was lovely to do this again with the whole group in this context; the clarity of the Glastonbury blue sky was woven into this evening’s practice with the group. There were tears in me as I saw shimmering light-paths radiating out from all our hands and showering down into Beirut. Deep sigh of gratitude from so many beings, and received by those making their transition between the worlds.
Red Sea: Felt Dragon participating and alive; shimmering light from stars entering my fingertips as I stretched up my arms, soles of my feet felt very alive. Really felt the connection was made; complete and strong – from the Red Sea, right up to Greenland. New coherence of energy flow.
Sharing: Could feel/sense a myriad of beings on every Continent, welcoming what we had gathered and were offering, and helping to distribute it throughout their part of the Earth.
We bowed together in the circle, holding hands, as we had at the beginning.


This was a surprising experience. I felt many people and elementals in the vessel. There was a very big wind in my small room the whole 2 hours, a sense of wild sea. I was accompanied thru several of the exercises by a new “friend”, a flying bug that landed on Marko’s drawing in “Christ Power and Earth Wisdom” that I was reading at 2:30 am last nite. (I’ve drawn him onto the page.) The bug was very comical on the book page and then the bed side table, waving his antenna all over like arms last nite, and tonite, in his many forms, he was very kindly.

As I was watching him and wondering how to know what he was saying with his gesticulations, now upright on the leg of the table as if in a pulpit, I received a mail alert on my phone, very weird for 2:30 am, from a magazine, the subject of the message that I could see read: “Say Yes to an Open Heart”. Seemed to be the insect man speaking from his pulpit, getting me to open to the right page in the missal.

8:10–8:20 Cleaning our body and the planet
Felt a ring around my face quite definitely, partly left over from wearing a face mask more often than usual today, but some sense that I needed to let my face come off.

8:20–8:30 The fiery waters of Iceland
Enjoyed this. Felt the need to call Saturn to come in closer, much closer, to suck up dark drops that rising geyser pushed out of places, more out of me, more from my face, more from my chest, from all over the world. Seemed like Saturn was a great dental assistant, keeping the mouth free of blood and saliva so the dentist can work.

8:30–8:50 To connect the waters of the Earth
Pain and heaviness in my heart. Heaviness contacting with Middle Germany, kind of a stupor or dragging. Then the rivers meet, first rivers from my native land; the Wisconsin River, (USA) primal, sweet, Mississippi River- with its mischief, industry, savagery, Danube-blood, war, Ganges-sorrow grief transcendence. Very cold clear water from somewhere I don’t know where.

Felt rather rushed and forced to get through all these steps in the time given, there was definitely more to be unpacked or opened up in the first steps and it was hard to get out of my resisting rational objections to balancing the Atlantic and Pacific within me.

9:10–9:20 The matrix of the Earth
This exercise that went straight into the Beirut exercise got scary. Intense whirlpool outside, felt I had to concentrate hard to not be pulled out, then realised my working hard at resisting made the outer pull stronger. A sense of voices screaming, tho not actually heard. Terrible waves, tsunami, how to not lose the people you love when that blasts through? Only what’s huge seems to be a person, humans are twigs. Let go of effort, trust our companions in the elements to work it through. Then it got calmer, safety, stable form moved up thru feet thru the rest of the body. Some sense of the colours red, dark brown, black, deep blue. I’m a person again, not a stick. Funny because the insect-man from last nite seemed from the first to be a feeling, conscious, flying stick. I was the dry stick to the giant blast in the exercise. Do I treat living powers that could be deep friends as if they were mere twigs?

9:20 –9:30 Beirut explosion
I was hesitant to go down to Gaia to ask forgiveness. Stiff with not wanting to really know what we’ve done. But She accepts even tiny attempts at turning and there was something from her in the vessel I lifted up. Felt a very large chalice in my hands over head at step 3. The one divine drop was heavy, golden, shiny, abundant and filled the great crescent-shaped vessel. I felt like an Egyptian figure making an offering to the Sun. Step 4 of guiding the healing water I didn’t see places it went but heard names of cities and countries; New York, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Greece. Others I don’t remember now.

9:30–9:50 The Red Sea
Really felt the Moon suck up water from the Red Sea. Let water down into the portal from a childhood primal lake in Wisconsin in the Nicolet National Forrest. Then some from our vessel, then the Moon burst open and whoosh!

Felt some un-scheduled blessings on the way back to Greenland in Northern Scotland … maybe Findhorn?

Sad to say good-bye, sorry to end the adventure, felt like Sam at the end of the Lord of the Rings; Frodo and Gandolf continue on to unknown higher realms and he returns to the Shire, He’s lonelier than before. Yet, going back to our family scene in the kitchen my adult children seemed deeper, nobler, brighter than I saw them before. We are all more sharply defined and separate, yet more connected, too.

Loved participating, thank you so much for organising and guiding and letting us be part of this.
Janet Eichenberger, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Nelly Gluzman

Dear Marko,
 I appreciate so very much the work of yours and all the Lifenet coworkers, it feels unique and so precious and timely required! 08/08/20   
It’s a genius idea – those drops of black and dark sweat! They were very much like black petrol oil  drops, from my body (mostly from the head), in the landscape – mostly  from   roadways and industrial zones. Felt high vibrating and healing energy when those drops and streams dropped out of the Earth,  then image of the planets and a big DROP fells from Earth to Saturn and when reached its rings – a bright  light blaze came  out! So  were several drops, each of them cleaner than the previous ones,  and each  blaze brighter and larger then previous one! Reaching far outside  the Solar system, lighting the Galaxy from inside  by glorious light! 

It was a pleasant subtle energy feeling to imagine fiery water rinsing my body, beyond its physical boundaries. Geysers of Gaya’s inspiration – eventually merged to one Water-light Source in the Center of Gaya, spraying equally all around Gaya’s directions, cleansing and filling by hot-warm new forces. 
Intense feeling of love and fullness when the waters of the planet reach my Heart space! Indescribable, deep and gentle feeling of water balance within my body and broader  than it. Keeping a parallel image of water in perfect balance. The Cosmic pillars of water rized high out reaching  the Galaxy center and then returning, creating the apple- like form of thorus figure (like the form of Earth’s magnetic field but larger.) At the Matrix stage – a huge and very subtle spiral movement of the Matrix waters, also felt  in my body.Very pleasant subtle energy all the way working with water! 
It was a sorrowful event for me. I  live in North Israel, not so far from the place, and for a long time feel those parts of Gaya as one (Levant),  feel the artificial separation of those parts. So the TEAR OF DIVINE GRACE was especially powerful. There was much sadness in Gaya and not immediately she gave her Forgiveness. But then the subtle healing energy of the TEAR was successfully  filling the horrific wound on etheric and multidimensional levels, it was soaked in with thirst and I could feel and see an image of a wound healing itself quickly and feel appreciation for that.The part that you wrote about “the collision of the Earth with an outdated planet and its civilization that happened at the etheric level”… I’ll appreciate more explanation /info sources about that!
Very impressive! Through the slot in the bottom of the Red Sea an image revealed  of the inner realm of the Earth like another Cosmos with its own  inner endless starred sky! I could feel the Water dragon stream of my own body (in a spiral movement from heels to the highest chakra behind the back, and that helped me to feel the watery Dragon which also felt like a spiral stream below  the mentioned parts of Europe. 
 I deeply appreciate this opportunity of working together, and find this kind of telepathic workshops an elegant, easy to access, and deeply working instrument!
Love, Nelly 

lea hennessy

Tonight was wonderful as always. After the cleaning of our body and the planet meditation I noticed a person walking away from the group and I followed the person.Perhaps I realised this was an unwelcome visitor so I began to use the sweating technique and the being disappeared. I hope to use this powerful clearing technique in my daily life to help keep me in balance.
In the meditation to our cosmic connection the I saw the column was blocked on my left side. A brown dragon unfurled itself saying ” I was protecting you until the time was right.” The columns rose up but I felt the balance was missing. A small pale lilac dragon appeared saying it was love. The two played in the water and the tiny dragon grew to the same size as the brown one. I felt very happy and balanced after this.

Yana Sakovskaya

My experience, 8th of August (place: Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region)

20:00-20:10 It was easy to connect, as if a manget attracted me. I was delighted to feel familiar people. I invited my Guardian spirit/my best friend in the Universe to join and he joined. Also I invited the forces that support my activities on Earth to join and they agreed to participate. I felt my palms very warm, soft and powerful, as if during Reiki channeling (which I have not practiced for a long time).

20:10-20:20. After my individual work me and my Guardian-friend recalled that we have a special setting: our gazes directed at each other help the other to better feel the true self. So I used the same setting to look at different places on Earth, to help this place better feel it’s true self. For some reason there were two places that attracted my attention: India and Norilsk. I concentrate on those, and my friend left to concentrate on Central America.

20:20-20:30, geysers. I felt a peculiar body sensation that is very familiar to me: as if I were in a hot spring in Japan. Expect I was not in water. But the body sentation was very similar. While imagining geysers all over Earth I again concentrated on India nd Norilsk. Geysers in India felt like a very strange idea and for some time it didn’t click. And then I thought that a geyser in India is nothing less than a miracle. And witnessing a miracle is something that helps to detach the old patterns and to be open to something new. And it worked.
At this stage I felt that my feet were hot and active.

20:30-20:50 During the big circle the sensation in my palms and feet changed into the strong pulsation in the area of my third eye. I invited my favourite rivers to send some of their water.

20:50-21:00 I concentrated on helping to build the connection between water and the stars. At first I was not sure which stars but then intuitively took care of that. The structure that we built together was mesmerizing to me.

During the break I felt the same very warm and full of energy palms.

21:10-21:20 After the break I noticed a very important pattern about my process. I tend to rush in the beginning and it is hard for me to be among the initiators of the process. I lose a lot of strength on that. And I noticed that the ideal point for me to act in such processes in to join when the initial image is ready, done by the others. Thus I can easily, tenderly and generously empower the image. In other projects, though, I tend to be among the originators of the process. The explanation for this may be as follows.

I followed the Russian schedule that had been sent to me earlier and it did not yet contain the “Tear of divine grace” exercise. So I followed the previous schedule.
Perhaps that is why it was mentally hard to do the last steps of the workshop: I was not syncronized with the group and a bit ahead.
But I felt being gradually filled with new energy as the dragon of Europe was moving up.

I was a bit confused without a clear image how the gathered water from Earth’s rivers returns to them. I projected an wish/intention for the water to redistribute itself in the best way possible (from Earth’s perspective)

All in all it was a hard work for me – to be concentrating on a telepathic workshop for two hours – and I’m glad that I joined.
Looking forward to new telepathic workshops! Thank you for this opportunity.

Kind regards,
Yana Sakovskaya

Sarah Root

Because time doesn’t exist, I tuned into this workshop at 1pm Eastern US Time on Saturday and intended to connect. Very powerful.

I sensed huge over-lighting Angels gathered with us….planet-sized ones. With the Pillars of Water, I sensed we were accessing powerful blessings for humanity from off-planet – available to anyone who is open to serving as a pillar/beacon/channel.

I heard “The central binding truth for humanity is: Everyone cares to be well, peaceful, healed and free.”

The watery stream/snake as we traveled back north, pulled a cosmic-level blessing into us that is made available to everyone on the planet who wishes to simply “feel better”.

I look forward to others’ impressions.
Grateful love,

Trix Taiko

yesterday our team stood on the rocks in front of the Water Dragon fall in the Japanese Garden ! And today a friend forward your meditation…. Thanks for sharing


I’m happy to join from the Netherlands


I’d love to participate in this work.

Dale capristo

I intend to join this remarkable workshop.

Simona Tuma

I would like to participate


As the circle was formed there were concentric circles of light beings behind the circle of participants. There to assist. In front of members of the circle were elemental so, fairies, sprites, devas, tree beings, rock and mineral beings, plant beings animal spirits, with Mata Gaia in the center.
The dark drops were removed from governments, military centers, hospitals, industries, cities and were propelled to the rings of Saturn for cleansing.
When the geysers formed people stopped and looked with awe. The pillars of inspiration indicated the choice for paradise. All is well, healthy, whole, balanced, harmonious, abundant and thriving in the cleansed Earth, and cleansed inhabitants.


What time zone is the 8pm beginning time? Is this 20:00 CET?
I would like to join you in this workshop.

Margaret Lange

Thank you again for another opportunity to participate in this awakening and healing in this way. I did find it harder at night in the dark but was nevertheless taken up in great company for the work. Not being familiar with the mentioned places in Europe, I was not always clear where I was during all the sweating and cleansing but the places certainly looked amazing as they rapidly regained their beauty. I sweated it out in Melbourne Australia too where my family are masked and limited with hundreds dying in the societal pandemic at present. I didn’t see it in its beauty yet but moved on in the given time frame. With the meeting of the waters I was exhausted and could not continue. The stars of Pisces we’re reaching down for the completion of their ages but the waters were somehow too much in disarray to respond. The mighty Murray turned up from Australia challenging the rivers to remember their origins and true connections with humanity, the water spirits and the cosmos. Millewa was has had many names but has been cared for during thousands of years never abused and sold as she has as the River Murray. I found the corruption and pollution overwhelming. The Pacific and Atlantic did flow in and hold me till I could experience some of the balance occurring but that was me for the night. I needed to sleep until now. I shall continue tomorrow where and when I left off. Many blessings Marko and Iveta and all participants. Marg

It was a very powerfull gerny
iner and out…
it moovs in my body and out and tuch the new root digonal in the body…
it conected to our last workshop in the north of Israel when we walked and conect to side of jorden river from the north to the red sea .
I felet the strong current of grinland giezer cleaning my body and open the root for old energy to transform .
l feel I need to do the gerny some mor times to streangth this iner and global proces .
thank you all for takeing the good way to reaborn in this time .

It was good to reconnect with the group again. I felt presence of invisible friends.
We travelled in ultraviolet invisible vessel.
Big dark drops of corruption emitted from all political, economical, religious and educational institutions and their buildings: Disease left in dark drops from hospitals. Saturns rings were black with the discharge.
Icelandic geysers cleansing everything after the big sweat. Geysers inhibiting the plundering of earth’s resources, minerals, oil, diamonds. Images of starving children in Yemen and Africa.
10% of waters to collect from rivers and oceans poured into huge chalice. needed to go to source of rivers, otherwise rivers polluted near cities. Images of Ganges revered by millions as a Goddess yet is among the most polluted river in the world. Millions cleanse in her waters every year. Power of intention works.
Images of African children carrying dirty water. Syrian children thirsty and hungry in camps. Australian aborigines teaching scientist how to find water. Natural man had these gifts but we can’t go back. Moving only forward.
Cosmic pillars touching the stars reminded me of how old the universe is and all the suns that died to create the stars and our cosmic heritage.
Good to feel we can help Bosnia in any way. Tear of compassion was very moving and heartfelt.
Red Sea was parted before. Holds ancient memories. Reclaiming this sacred place.
Thanks Marko and all the group. Anne Stuart.


I would like to participate in this workshop. It sounds like what I have been waiting for.

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