Saturday, July 11th 2020

Organized by VITAAA Association from Slovenia as part of the 2020 LifeNet Gathering

Program prepared by Marko Pogačnik in collaboration with Damir Sačiragić, Ljuba Južnič, and Barbara Buttinger-Förster

A group of 45 participants of the LifeNetwork Gathering 2020 should travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina from July 7th to 12th. Since the borders of the country are closed, we decided to create the travel in the telepathic form.

The workshop is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

You can find versions of this workshop plan in different languages on the LifeNet Gathering home page:

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.00 according to your time zone.

Do not distribute this workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing it via e-mail.

Look at the attached visual materials!

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

Saturday, July 11th 2020

9:00– 9:20  Connecting and attuning of the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. How does our travelling company feel? Get to know each other!
  2. Then we invite guardians of Bosnia and elemental beings of its landscapes that are ready to help us in this work to join our circle and also friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is standing in the circle together with all those beings.
  3. Now we need to create the etheric bus in which we will travel. Imagine sitting us together with the invited beings in a tunnel-like spherical space enveloped by colorful membranes. Enjoy the vehicle inside which we will travel through the air, making stops at certain places. Time to time during the travel remember gratefully our light bus that enables us to move through Bosnia in the present situation of the global quarantine. 

9:20–9:30  Tuning to the country of Bosnia at the foot of the mighty waterfall in Jajce

A whole river called Pliva falls over a high stone shelf to unite with the river Vrbas. We stand as a group on the plateau between the waterfall and the river. The place is full of tiny water drops originating from the waterfall.

  1. Since we are forced to live in a world dried out through the prevailing mentality and mechanistic world organization, the watery ambience of the Jajce waterfall has a healing quality. Feel it.
  2. Imagine us as a group to levitate in the form of a circle in the middle of this watery ambience.
  3. Feel how it liberates you from the drought of the modern culture. Distribute your experience to the world as an inspiration to fellow human beings to liberate themselves from the mental patterns that dry out our sensitivity towards beings of nature and towards our fellow human beings.

9:30– 9:50 The Bosnian Pyramid complex at Visoko

In the year 2016 a LifeNet group of artists has created a Geopuncture installation with 24 stones below the entrance to the Ravne tunnels that lead towards the Visoko Pyramid of the Sun. We can use the installation as the entrance to the Bosnian Pyramid complex. Be aware that the culture of Bosnian pyramids, as well as those that we will visit later, still exist in the memory of their places and possibly as parallel realities.

  1. Arriving there we do not put our feet upon the ground. Instead we land upon the top of the Geopuncture stones. They have carved cosmograms related to different aspects of the Bosnian Pyramids, Balkans and Europe. Be aware of them.
  2. The ground below the stones is covered with a thin layer of lava-like etheric field that moves permanently creating organic patterns.
  3. We step upon this energy field to be carried into the Ravne tunnels that lead towards the inside chamber of the Pyramid of the Sun. Stop wherever you wish to make experiences.
  4. Then continue moving upon the lava field until you arrive inside the Pyramid of the Sun. Explore its inner space.
  5. From there you can move on to arrive inside the Pyramid of the Dragon (meet the dragon – primeval powers of the Earth) or move inside the pyramid of the Moon (dedicated to feminine qualities).
  6. If you find yourself during the visit in troubles use the dynamics of the violet light to transmute the obstacle.

9:50–10:00  Short break to write down experiences and to drink a glass of water

10:00–10:20  Visiting the great stone sphere at Zavidovići

In Bosnia existed another very ancient culture that has left to us perfectly rounded stone spheres. The largest one at Zavidovići has more than 3 meters in diameter. This is the one we will visit.

  • Imagine the stone sphere of Zavidovići as a centre around which we move graciously like planets. Feel its quality.
  • Then open your heart and allow to be attracted by the stone sphere as far as to enter through it into the parallel reality that exists beyond the material sphere.
  • Among the treasures stored there take a handful of qualities needed at this time.
  • Bring them out to the world of Bosnia and distribute them among culture and nature there and in the larger world.

10:20–10:40 Sarajevo

To experience Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, we will visit Bembaša, the place of its origin. It is there where the river Miljacka comes out of its canyon and enters the large valley where Sarajevo is situated. Rock walls on both sides of the river create a high cylindrical space. But the river is dammed, its flow almost stopped.

  1. First, we need to do the Gaia Touch ritual of the Tear of Grace (see Appendix) to transform the sad memories of siege of Sarajevo during the last war and all other layers of oppression related to Sarajevo as well as to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. Imagine that we stand in a large circle high above the place and spill the Tear of forgiveness and divine grace over it and its several layers of grey energy.
  3. After this was done we look down into the depth of the Earth and see the Sun disk rising through the cylindrical space of Bembaša vertically out of the heart of the Earth.
  4. When it rises beyond the rock walls of the canyon, it starts to send its rays over the entire country, reaching far into the space of Balkans.
  5. Feel its blessing.

10:40 – 11:00 Have a break for some coffee or tea and to write down the experiences.

11:00–11:20 The Stećak culture

Stećaks are megalithic stones usually appearing in groups upon hills and mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have the form of large horizontal plates or the form of a house. Sometimes they are richly decorated. They originate in an unknown ancient culture and were reused in the middle Ages by Bogumils, an alternative Christian culture that corresponds to French Cathars. We will visit some groups of Stećak stones on the mountain range of Bjelašnica not far from Sarajevo.

  1. We ride with our “bus” through the atmosphere until we reach one of the Stećak locations with megalithic stones positioned upon a dragon ridge. We do not step out of the bus to touch the ground. Instead we exit the bus high above the place.
  2. From there we slowly approach the Stećaks, being aware of different layers of their aura.
  3. Choose one of the stones to enter through the stone into the inside of the mountain.
  4. Get to know the Stećak culture and its beings that had to retreat inside the Earth after human race became dominant upon the planet.
  5. Returning to our bus bring some of the qualities of that culture to the outside world as inspiration for fellow human beings to awake to their essence and their truth.

11:20–11:30 We close the morning session, give thanks to our travel guides – see you again in the afternoon at 3pm

3pm–3:10 Reconnecting an entering our telepathic travelling bus


In the afternoon we will visit the Mediterranean part of Bosnia called Herzegovina.

We start in the canyon of the Neretva River that is dammed at several places, standing like a prisoner within huge artificial lakes.

  • Imagine us standing at the shore of one of the artificial lakes.
  • Bow down and take handful of water into your hands.
  • Ask for divine blessing. It falls as golden rain into your hands
  • Distribute the blessed water over the river.

If you have some time left you can visit the mighty rocks of Drežnica in the Neretva Canyon

3:20–3:30 Mostar

Mostar is the capital of Herzegovina situated there where Neretva comes out of its canyon. Mostar is famous for its arched bridge that was destroyed during the last war and reconstructed recently. The city is divided into a Moslem and a Christian part.

  • We approach the Mostar Bridge with our “bus” levitating above the Neretva River.
  • We stop after arriving under the bridge and open our hearts like thousand suns radiating love and peace over the divided city and its inhabitants.

3:30–3:50 Medjugorje

Medjugorje is known because of the messages by Mother Mary received since 1983 by a group of children who are now adult men and women. Marko was present when a decade ago such a message was received. The following meditation follows his perceptions during the visitation.

  1. Imagine us standing around the place above the village where messages of peace have been received since almost four decades.
  2. Out of the ground appears a silvery sphere of the presence of Gaia, the creator of life. Feel its presence and listen what it tells you.
  3. Then the sphere divides into countless micro-spheres. Some of them touch your heart space. Others find their way through our circle into Herzegovina and Bosnia to touch hearts of people who are consciously or subconsciously open to their blessing.

3:50–4:10 Stolac

In effect the town itself is not important, what is very special is the high plateau over Stolac with the Cyclopic walls of an ancient sanctuary called Daorson. It has the fantastic capacity to connect Bosnia and Balkans to the source of cosmic inspiration above and to the matrix (archetype) in the water of life deep below.

  1. Imagine anchoring thin golden threads at different places in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Balkans (the sacred womb of Europe) lifting the whole bunch of them to the star upon the sky that knows the cosmic purpose of those countries.
  2. Then imagine anchoring thin silvery threads at several places in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Balkans.
  3. Take these threads and bring the bunch of them deep down to the ocean of memory within the core of the Earth.
  4. Connect them to the matrix (archetype) of the womb of Europe (Balkans).
  5. Take care that the ascending golden threads and the descending silvery threads create a perfectly balanced and strong pattern that is able to give birth to the new planetary space for Europe and the world.
  6. Enter this space to feel its quality.

4:10– 4:20 Conclusion

While returning, our light bus stops at the lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps where tomorrow, Sunday, July 12th we will celebrate the Network of Life (LifeNet) and work on its renewal.

  • We form our circle over the lake of Bohinj at the foot of Triglav, thank each other for the experiences we brought from Bosnia and give thanks to all beings that have benevolently accompanied and inspired us.
  • See you tomorrow at the same place at 9.00 in the morning for the LifeNet 2020 Telepathic Gathering.


The Gaia Touch Tear of divine Grace ritual

  1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let the drop of your compassion (related to the person, place or situation concerned) drop into the space between your palms.
  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to the given aspect of life, to a place or to her beings.
  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and the drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for a drop of the divine grace.
  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Guide the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water towards its preconceived goal. Intention of your heart and attention of your consciousness constitute together a bridge to guide the healing impulse to where it is needed.
  5. Give thanks. Based on the principle of personal faith and telepathy, this ritual can work also over long distances.

Drawing 1: Map of the Bosnia travel

Drawing 2: Double cone of Stolac/Daorson

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Roman Böhringer

Telepathic journey to Bosnia 11.7.2020

9:00 am to 9:20 am Attunement
Impression of the welcome: cheerful mood.
Feeling: to invite also the beings that built and animated the pyramid, very tall, slender beings.
(Then a short flash of a scene in which someone (me) falls into a barrel filled with metal pointed objects)
The bus is long and very mobile. Everyone has a lot of space. A comfortable vehicle.

9:20 am to 9:30 am Getting in the mood for the country Bosnia at the waterfall Jajce
We are in a circle, the water the drops of the holy river purify and liberate our patterns. Ionisation of our bodies. A truly liberating feeling. Everyone takes each others hands and in one direction the experience of freedom is passed on, marries with one’s own experienced freedom and so passes on to the next and so on. It takes three rounds until the freedom for itself is completely pure, filled with all the experiences made. Whoever wants to participate in this freedom is allowed to do so.

9:30 am to 9:50 am Pyramids of Visoko
Gliding pretty fast into the sky. There I am stopped because my feet are getting a wash. Only then am I allowed to go on. (But I washed my feet only yesterday ;-)). In the Pyramid of the Sun: just love, fulfilment, being well, experiencing serenity. This pyramid feels huge.
In the dragon temple it is getting narrow. In my mind’s eye a dragon’s eye appears so close that I can count the skin folds one by one. I am looked at forcefully. A queasy feeling arises. From the dragon-pyramid it goes then into the moon-pyramid.
In the moon-pyramid, silky soft cloths are hung around me. A wonderful scent is in the air. A soft wind caresses you constantly. An atmosphere of total serenity, of expanse, of being free. Just being there, having arrived.

Short break

10:00 to 10:20 Big stone ball in Zavidovici
The sphere presents itself to me like a bowl or lotus blossom. I come out with a mouse in my hand. The meaning, the symbolism is not clear to me at the moment.

10:20 am to 10:40 am Sarajevo
Gaia touch exercise, tear of grace made.
The solar disc rises and lays over the land. The purification begins.

Big break

11:00 am to 11:20 am Stecak culture
Hovering I approach a Stecak. At first I only see the outer aura. They are rings or tails that start from a centre. They are bigger or smaller and line up. Then I recognize how the rings are reflected inside. It looks like they are infinite loops, in different colours.

I have to leave my clothes outside. Then it pulls me in. I find myself in a room full of crystals. Everything is in bright white light. It has a purifying effect. The beings in this room are tiny or I am huge. They are very busy but calm and deeply connected to what they are doing. I get a pile of this bright crystal dust in my hands. I spread this dust outside into the atmosphere. Before I do this, I dip a stone that lies in front of me (real) in this crystal dust and put it back on the floor in front of me.

11:20 am to 11:30 am

In the afternoon:

15:00 pm to 15:10 pm Getting into the mood, boarding the bus

15:10 pm to 15:20 pm Herzegovina; Gorge River Neretva
I go into the river up to my knees and dip my hands in the water. Lift them up into the sky and ask for the golden blessing. Then I distribute the water over the river. I do the same a second time and spread the water over the land.

15:20 pm to 15:30 pm Mostar
Open myself to the 1000 suns of the infinite cosmos. They shine through me into the divided city. The rays flow evenly into the ground on both sides of the river and rise again into every house, filling the walls and the rooms. They spread love and peace, contentment, forgiveness and tolerance. Also the rays of the 1000 suns flow through the ether and fill equally the spaces between the houses and the landscape.

15:30 pm to 15:50 pm Medjugorje
I am allowed to stand in the silver, white beam. Pictures come up, whether for me, that remains to be seen.

15:50 pm to 16:10 pm Stolac / Daorson
Drawing: This is how I experienced it for myself.

16:10 pm to 16:20 pm

Finish, floating in a circle over the lake!

Opening of the circle and building the bus
In the beginning there is a strange feeling of exaltation regarding the light bus, which however gets more and more coherent.
We are warmly welcome by the beings of the Bosnian landscapes and their ancestors. We are an enormous circle of humans and other beings.

The watery sphere is one of total power and love in one, of deep joy of life.

The stones of the Geopuncture installation appear as of light, not in their material form, and the cosmograms are sparkling, shining signs of light.
What is going on in the sun pyramid is of enormous magnitude and meaning. I meet a huge megalith, which presents itself like a field formed of many layers of coloured light. Then suddenly an endless well opens into the depths, with many beings and powers rising and descending. But there is no opening above, it is blocked. I remember the advice to work with violet light, but this here is such a big dimension, that I i do not know, if this would be allowed. I fill the upper part oft he pyramid with violet light, without aiming for a breakthrough.

The qualities oft he sphere, in which I am allowed to enter by my heart-opening, are:
Infinity, vastness, light, eternity, absolute peace.
I distribute one handful of it over Bosnia and the world, and i am deeply touched especially by the reaction of the elemental world: Deep gratitude.

Sarajevo / Bentbasa
The light-bus brings me to Jekovac, a place on the rock over Bentbasa and the river, and then even a bit higher. Our circle stands around this kind of etheric dome, which however is blocked. The ritual of „Tear of Grace“ is very strong, especially the grace of Sophia. I can perceive the original paradise-qualities of Bentbasa, fine colours appear insinde the grey.
The sun rises slowly and solemnly out oft he depths, but the word „disc“ is a bit irritating for me. Its light is blending with the already present colours inside this prescious cauldron. When it passes over the ridge of the rocks, it seems to be the beginning of a New Day for Bosnia and far over this land. First I feel Greece. I hear the phrase: Everything is good. I pass through all the countries and regions around Bosnia and I feel Sarajevo as this huge center in which east and west merge. I feel a deep mystery of this place.

Already from the bus I recognize this so special landscape behind Sarajevo. When arrived at the given place, I choose a Stecak in form of a house, through wich I get into the depths.
The beings whom I meet there are of sublime dignity, their movements are very slow. They are in contact with the stars. I watch them accomplish a round dance.
Suddenly a totally unexpected inspiration comes to me concerning the solution of a quite complex private problem, which I am carrying on since years. This solution is characterized by fraternity, overcoming of egoism and trust into the power of visions. I give thanks from my heart to the beings of the Stecak-culture.

The presence of Gaia´s silver sphere indeed can be described with following words: Love, grace, mercy, peace, healing, miracle.
It is deeply healing and inspiring to be touched in the heart by the small spheres und in endless love they connect with the open hearts in the country – there are very many oft hem.

I need some time to capture the solemnity of this potential which arises out of the pattern we created by the golden and the silver threads and their connections. It is quite easy for me to enter this space, but I lack of words to describe it. The only thing I can express in words: A perfect balance between the earthly and the cosmic universe. It is of such an overwhelming novelty, that my whole system has to learn to adapt to it before I will be able to grasp it.

Return / Lake Bohinj
After experiencing all these superlatives, now I am surprised that Lake Bohinj represents another quality, which absolutely has the power and the dignity to receive our results.


Von Herzen Dank an Marko, das Vorbereitungsteam und Euch alle!
Ich habe eine große Verbundenheit unter uns gespürt, eine hohe Bereitschaft gemeinsam in dieser schwierigen Zeit der Wandlung das Licht zu wahren. So haben wir unsere Stationen sehr ernst und in aufmerksamer Konzentration gemeinsam durchreist.
Unser Fahrzeug ist wundervoll. Danke dafür!
Der Wasserfall brachte mir die Luft zum Leben, ein Labsal. Ich habe gespürt wie ausgetrocknet unsere Welt ist und wie sehr wir das Wasser brauchen.
Visoko: das Lavafeld hat mich ausgerichtet wie ein Magnetfeld.
Besonders in der Drachenpyramide fühlte ich wieder das Wässrige, hier gab es keine Austrocknung wie auf der „mechanistischen“ Erde. Es war dunkel, und ich sollte mein Ohr auf die Erde legen und lauschen. Große Anziehungskraft.
Mondpyramide: sanft, fahl, reinigend, Wandlungskraft
Zavodovici. Ich erlebte die Kugel wie das Märchen von Frau Holle. Voll weiblicher Huld.
Durch einen Brunnen komme ich in ein Land der Freude, um die alten Kulturtechniken zu lernen: melken, säen, ernten, backen… Ich bin innerlich mit den Tieren und Pflanzen verbunden. Es ist genug für alle da, Genügsamkeit ist Freude. Es geht um die Fähigkeit zu dienen.
All das verströmte sich in Liebe und Verbundenheit wie reines Quellwasser.
Sarajewo: Abtragen der Schichten bis zu den europäischen Ureinwohnern. Diese Rückanbindung scheint sehr wichtig zu sein.
Stecak: die alte Kultur lebt die ganze Zeit weiter, bleich und tief verborgen. Ich höre die Frage: “Wo seid Ihr?“, spüre das Gruppenbewusstsein dieser alten Kultur. Das Wissen, EIN Körper zu sein. Verstehen ohne Töne, ohne Worte, hohe Qualität der Stille. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir die Qualitäten dieser alten Kultur nicht versprengen können wie Wasser, sondern dass wir sie in uns tragen müssen. Wir selber sind die Quellen. Die Quellen der Transformation.
Mostar: ich habe eine liegende Acht mit Knotenpunkt unter der Brücke gesehen, mit weiten Schwüngen.
Stolac: wunderbar heiliger Raum aus Fäden in Klarheit und Deutlichkeit: meine eigene Erinnerung ist die Erinnerung aller, ist die Erinnerung der Welt.
Die ganze Zeit war es sehr hilfreich, den liebevollen Zusammenhalt in unserer Gruppe zu spüren, unsere Gemeinschaft.
Am Bohinjsee: wo gehen wir hin als Menschheit? Halte den Fokus, sei ausgerichtet.
Kräftiger Wirbel der Veränderung, das Tönen umfasste und unterstützte ihn wie ein Choral.
Der Prozess geht durch unseren Körper und durch Gaias Körper.
Unter Wasser baue ich eine transparente, zielgerichtete Tunnelröhre zur anderen Seite des Universums und leite die dunklen Kräfte direkt dorthin. Der Prozess, den diese dunklen Kräfte ausgelöst haben, ist beendet. Wir können ohne Angst fühlen.
Bled: wunderschön. Pures, helles Licht strömt durch uns und tritt in die Welt.
Zelenca: ich sehe mit jeder Zelle meines Körpers klar. Wir sind mit den heiligen Quellen verbunden.
Die Kinder: danke! Besonders die hungernden Kinder haben die Träne unmittelbar aufgesogen, sie sind so ausgetrocknet! Wir sagen ihnen: es ist genug für Euch da.
Wir sollten diese Übung oft machen. Sie scheint mir sehr wirksam zu sein. Sie wird extrem stark gebraucht. Die Kinder hören wie wir ihnen sagen: Ihr seid nicht allein! Ihr seid nicht verloren!
Danke, Ihr lieben Mitreisenden, für diesen Prozess! Ich spüre die Unterstützung aller Wesenheiten. Wir treten in eine neue Phase der Transformation und werden dabei von den geistigen Kräften in Liebe kraftvoll unterstützt. Ich spüre die ganze Zeit den Ernst der Lage.
Immer mehr Lichter leuchten auf in unserem Netzwerk, das die Erde überzieht. Wir sind gerufen die Liebe unserer liebenden Planetin zu erwidern.
Ich freue mich, Euch bald wieder zu treffen. Danke Euch allen.

Barbara Buttinger-Förster

schön, danke!


I am happy to be traveling with you in Bosnia in this colored light bus. Thank you all for the travel community and Marko, Damir, Ljuba and Barbara for the loving preparation.
On this journey through the Bosnian landscapes, I had the feeling that I could spread my wings. Such a touching landscape. The meeting with the Stecak culture touched me deeply. Light beings come towards us and one greets me in the inner kingdom. I am touched by a peace culture that guards the tree of life. It was like “thawing” me inside and I was inspired and returned with gifts. I am very grateful for that.
Thank you for the note, consciously pay attention to the tunnels at the moment of transformation.
And thank you for thinking about the children and looking at their needs. This is particularly important to me as a teacher. I was glad that we noticed the difficult path our education system offers the children and saw what it will need in the future.


Thank you, everyone, for making this journey possible. I woke up this morning with souvenirs in my heart of yesterday’s beautiful places and wisdom on my mind of the powerful exercises. I’ll name a few here in the hopes they may continue to resonate with our group and spread over Bosnia & Herzegovina today.

* the significance of HYDRATION during these ‘mental’ times! Thank you, Jajce.
* my ‘secret password’ (which was actually just resonance) that opened the beautifully changing organic patterns at the Pyramids was I AM READY.
* the three gifts from the Big Sphere at Zavidoviči to distribute to the world were: a DEEP DESIRE to collaborate with other non-physical beings (not out of obligation but by truly recognizing the need for unity); TRANSCENDENCE (by seeking to be lifted out of anger and fear); increased TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (by just being willing to listen, we’ll know solutions!)
* Sarajevo’s ‘shrugging of the shoulders’ at us, as if it were shooing off a fly, not recognizing that we are hummingbirds. Yet. I was pleased to have a reaction from the landscape, a place so deeply unreachable after all the disconnect humans have created there. A great first!
* the gift from the Stečak culture was EMERGENCE; what great ability it is to be invisible until the optimum time. (A creature showed itself to me. Later, I read that an olm or salamander living in a cave there hadn’t moved its body for 7 years! It will wait for a mate!)
* what JOY from the waters at Neretva being whole again!
* the BRIDGING energy at Mostar emanates like a rainbow, overlapping arcs bigger than the bridge are beginning to reach people.
* the message from Gaia at Medjugorje came in a song:
I will never forget you
I will never forsake you
I will never just leave you
never ever replace you
REPEAT… Endlessly. In the heart… Now without lyrics.
* the womb of Europe was mangled. The most unspeakable crimes committed here against love and innocence, nurture and nature, health and revitalization required re-constructive surgery… with GOLDEN and SILVERY threads! It was when I placed the whole event – the landscape connected to the ocean and to the cosmos – into my own womb that I felt a great sigh of relief, outside of me. It was sparkling and spacious. It ignited other creations. A womb with an ocean and a universe of stars in it is infinite possibilities!

It’s time for me to board our magical bus again! See you soon!

Sandi Churchward

Thank you to Marko and all who participated in putting this workshop together.
It was a rich experience working in the beautiful landscape.
A few of my experiences follow, from July11
The 3 pyramids were very different for me. In the Pyramid to the Sun, as I entered I was immediately drawn in by a reverential feeling and saw a large sun disc which appeared to be held up or cradled by a form from below, with upraised arms. I imitated the gesture and felt a powerful strength, stillness and dedication. I was drawn to go down on my knees and get as close to the ground as possible. Stillness prevailed here.
When I entered the Pyramid to the Dragon Power I saw an electric blue colour and a dragon thrashing about filling the large space. I thought he was tied down but maybe not physically. I moved to a wall to just observe what was happening, an active and chaotic atmosphere. As I leaned against the wall I became conscious of my breath, and its effect on the dragon. As I consciously breathed he became less agitated and quieted down., we breathed back and forth to one another, as we exchanged breathI. I sensed that his agitation was from not being recognized for his vital role in Gaia’s creation.
In the Pyramid to the Moon, the space was luminescent with veils of transparency and movement. My arms wanted to move gracefully around the space. I was engaged with a mystical dance, whose movement revealed deep mysteries of dreamtime and imagination.
The Great Stone of Zavidovici
When I stood in front of it, I was pushed back away from the stone to observe it from a distance. I began to move in an elliptical orbit around the stone. Through each revolution as I circled, I got closer to the far side of the stone. Eventually I entered in from the far side. I became still to orient myself to this new space which was unfamiliar. It was as if I was walking by images of people working at various tasks. I was then taken apart piece by piece, air was blown on to remove dust, and I was reassembled in a lighter form. Then as I continued to move around I moved through the scenes I witnessed. The mood was joyous with a sense of dedication. I noticed that the people had an equal place to the nature around them, they blended in and had a similar feeling of harmony. I allowed this mood to extend through the sphere which had now become transparent, as I had become transparent and open as well. This mood expanded throughout the landscape and world at large.
The Stecak Culture
As I descended from the air bus, I passed through layers of vibrant colours – Violet, turquoise, magenta and yellow. I was drawn to a rectangular flat stone to land upon.
I felt that by descending through the colours I was cleansed and reorganized, so that I could pass into the mountain easily. I was immediately approached by light beings who were drawn to my colours and seemed to interact or communicate with them. A group of children approached me and took me by the hand to play a game with them. There was a circle on the ground with intersecting lines and smaller dots or circles. We were to move from one circle to another in a unified movement or dance. There was a sense that we moved as a group through this.
There was an elder sitting by the circle watching. I went and sat at her feet with my back to her. She put her hands on my shoulders and opened my spine. I sensed an electric violet current from this adjustment.
I realized that the children had an honoured role in this community and that their form of play operated on a high, by our standards, level, and was practised for the sale of the whole community.
July 12
Spherical membrane of our new reality.
As the water droplets surrounded me and the group, I had the image of being encased in the chalice or calyx of a waterlily, but transparent and mobile. Each was closed and contained, slightly open at the top, but connected to the source by a deep but floating stem like an umbilical cord. We could move freely while still being connected to the source. As more people became aware of this the waterlilies would open up to the world.
Sacred lake of Bled
The thin layer of mirror over the island, shone like a giant crystal or star. As my heart awoke to this power of Love, I recognized that I could take in and receive only a fractal of what was being offered. I was aware of my limitation here. This spark now lives within me to be nurtured and to grow and share.


Sounding out with vortex of transformation, I realised my tones stayed very high and I tried to ground them. As I reached the lower guttural tones I saw things that were embedded in the earth that did not belong there. They appeared like large pieces of metal deep in the ground and it was difficult to bring them into the vortex. I then felt the urge to make a series of deep breaths, through the nose and then out through the mouth with sound. These breaths of renewal shifted the things embedded in the earth.

The controlling powers tried to escape by disappearing into the waters of the lake. They appeared as large metal insects that tried to slither away in the water. With the intention for the group to hold the energy of our circle, some of us had to catch them with our hands. Once we caught them we used violet light to direct them to the tunnels for transformation.

Standing in the circle on the waters of Lake Bled, I felt something wonderful in water under us. The lake was shining and the water is making gentle waves with spots of sunlight. My attention was drawn to under the water and I saw a mirror image of the castle under the water with its own world of elementals and creatures. Facing the mirroring island above the water with the awakening of the heart, my physical form is turned into shining waves. I move as a wave-like being. Turning to face the world, I see these shining waves moving beyond and the world taking on these wave forms.

The spherical membranes of Zelenci first had a quality like the waves at Lake Bled but then they were too thick. I saw a part of my body form a circle which did not move. The mountain then showed me how it ‘wears’ the membrane, it was a very fine membrane of gold dust that allows it to move and interact.

This fine membrane of gold dust then connected to the minerals and sand on the shore of Lake Bohinj. Doing the tear of divine grace for the children of the world, I felt the happiness of the children and the sounds of their laughter.

Recreating the Network for life, the knots of the network became like the specks of the sparking membrane. The happiness and laughter of the children was present with us, I was very touched to feel their support.

Thank you all for making this possible. With much love and gratitude, Ying

Christel Meissner

What a journey… The energywork we did throughout the telepathic bus ride and today at the Gathering is reverberating in me and I am still with the group at Lake Bohinj.
Thank you so much, Marko and the VITAAA Team, for having organized such an immense task and to every fellow traveller on the journey!!! I am deeply moved and touched and not the same as before. My whole being seems to reorganize itself and the “exercises” along the way have been mind-blowing and heart-opening. The Gaia Touch exercise of the Divine Tear of Grace in Sarajevo and for the children of the world; the Bled exercise of the mirroring of the complex heart energy and spreading it into the world; the guiding of the powers to be transformed into a temple in a parallel universe through the bottom of Lake Bohinj, to name just a few… What a huge task we could not have done without the help of all present Beings who are with us in this, I bow in awe and respect, my envelope still shaking… I see and sense the new sphere we are in, similar to the drawing of Stolac, however, now with the New LifeNet sphere around it, where each of us has their network brought into the sphere, open to new influences.
Love and Light,
Christel, Berlin

Jan Vaňura

Opět děkuji za možnost zůčastnit se této revoluční transformační práce pro Novou zemi a lidstvo. Také děkuji za možnost prožití překrásné krajiny posvátných jezer okolo Triglavu s touto skupinou lidí nejen probuzených, ale sdílejících i stejnou vizi právě skrze tento způsob imaginace.
Skrze náš kruh a záměr, a též díky silné podpoře všech bytostí byl vytvořen vskutku mocný transformační maelstrom. Ten dále přitahoval pozornost dalších a dalších podporujících elementárních a andělských bytostí, ale též všechen přežitý odpad a nepotřebné haraburdí. Zprvu jsem se až trochu zalekl, jak bude možné obří masy tohoto „svinstva“ zlikvidovat, ale oddechl jsem si při sestupu pod hladinu, a když jsem viděl ony magnetické světelné tunely vysavající všechny staré nefunkční vzorce strachu, ignorance a odcizení, traumata minulosti, ale i všechny mimozemské a nové zemi nepřátelské formy do jakéhosi paralelního vesmíru jakési černé díry, odkud není návratu. Přesto to byla dosti náročná a únavná práce, ale radost z jejího konání ještě mnohem větší. Cítil jsem i kontinuitu transformačních let 2000 – 2012 – 2020 a obrovskou úlevu definitivního konce starých časů.
Další práce už pak byla doslova „hračka“ a radostné tvoření – jistě také díky úžasné energetické podpoře magického jezera Bled a jezírek Zelenci, kam se – věřím – budu moci brzy vypravit i v těle:) Světelná solární síla čistého srdce a vědomí se šíří do všech směrů a dimenzí nové skutečnosti a ony fluidní membrány nyní léčí, regenerují a sytí naše vyprahlé buňky, těla a mysli. Modleme se i nadále a žehnejme nejen všem současným lidským dětem, ale i dětem minulým a budoucím a také dětem vnitřním jako i mláďatům zvířecím a elementárním, všem vnímajícím a cítícím bytostem – na naší cestě ke světlu, lásce a svobodě. A radostně opatrujme a utvářejme novou zemi a novou síť života. Děkuji!

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Thank you all, specially you Marko and your assistants for making this trip and beautiful exercises a reality, although in a telephatic way. For me it has worked in an excellent mannen and I feel deeply grateful for all the new experiences and closeness to our circle. A good try of work in the long process of transmuting our planet. I feel hope for the future!
Some highlights in my journey:
Firstly when we connected with our groupe and invited all the beings concerned in Bosnia, I was overwhelmed by the joy they accepted the invitation.
– at the waterfall a sensational feeling of freedom, happiness and lightness. When we were sharing this with the outer world, a big wave of energy sweeoing us along to all places on the planet. It was forceful and pushen on, cleansing, bringing happiness and freedom
– Inside the Pyramide of Sun I felt the eternity of the universe, still, golden athmosphere.Inside Pyramide of the Moon I met the feminine quality. It whispered: Be present, listen constantly.
– The Stecak culture: again I was surprised at revealing my precinceptions. Full of pity for them that had to move away from the humans underground. Black, cold in my imagination. No, bright, soft, golden, moving athmosphere with fairylike beings floating in happiness just being. Their message: Always listen to your heart and follow its messages.
– At Stolac, the new planetary space for Europe and the world, I experience like a shield for negative influences. And it helps us to concentrate and understand our task.
12 July 2020
– The wirwl from lake Bohinj was really strong and energetic, clealy noticed by the strange cultures around us. Making the energy channels was very successful and this started to spread all over our planet.
– No difficulties in leading the strange cultures to enter the tunnels. Masses and masses were drawn there by the golden light of love that was like a magnet for them. Thank God!
– our task consists among other things to awaken people’ s hearts. To understand its importance in guiding us to live.
– so thankful that you included our working with the transgressions made to children. Our children are part of making the transmuting of our planet. We must give them the tools they will need.

Thank you again for everything and have a good life!

Margaret Lange

Good morning. I have connected at the Lake this morning for our meeting at 9 am AEST. I have enjoyed the energy there of a great Being and many excited nature spirits anticipating our arrival. We’ve shared notes with those of Lake Rhoda – wild, and Lake Pedder – dammed, here and rejoiced with much gratitude to Marko and you all for this nourishing work. Every blessing on the meeting. I shall continue with my day at home, church and in nature – Snug Falls unless it rains too much. With many thanks and much love for our wonderful planet, our special time with her and the caring people working with her.


Tuning to the country of Bosnia at the foot of the waterfall, I first felt my awareness in chest. Then with the qualities of water from the waterfall and river, I saw a forest with iridescent coloured trees growing in the space behind my chest in the back. The sense of liberation from the drought is spaciousness and a sense of being able to breathe.

I was challenged by the projections inside the pyramid. When the projections passed, inside the pyramid of the Dragon there was a dragon which revealed a hall with a full view of the outside and a triangular pool of water on the ground. This room was man-made but in alignment with the nature qualities of around it. It represented the harmony that can exist between the creativity of humanity and the beings of nature. In the pyramid of the Moon I saw a curtain and behind the curtain a similar room as above but in night time. It felt like it was a place of private rituals.

Connecting to stone sphere at Zavidovici, its parallel reality appeared to me as fluid energy in many colours. Distributing these qualities to Bosnia and the larger world, the rigid structures of the world seemed to drink this energy and there was a sense of flow, spaciousness and softening.

Offering the tear of grace to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the mountains and tall rock faces absorbed the healing waters. I experienced the place as a feminine being frozen in fear and grief and the tears of mercy allowed her to be released from this frozen state. The sun disk was like waves of golden energy from the earth, it created widespread deep peace.

Entering the Stecak stone, I was surrounded by many tall flowing etheric sheets that were light coloured, almost white. These etheric sheets wafted me into the mountain and created a magical sense of flowing connection from the heart of the mountain. The sheets from the Stecak stone were like keys for interacting and cocreating with the mountain. To my surprise I was also shown the valley of Petra.

The distribution of the blessed waters over the Neretevz river awakened beings inside the waters. They looked like large sea creatures and I felt their powerful movement going deep into the water beyond the dammed parts. They traversed across the lands from the depths of the earth. Their energy opened a kind of energetic waterway for us to glide over the river to Mostrar. Our connection to love under the bridge created little bridges of love. I saw the water covered with hundreds of little bridges between people’s hearts from the two sides.

Connecting to Medjugorje, the sphere of Gaia appeared to me as a large bubble that became many little bubbles. The bubbles floated to different places within the landscape and to the hearts of people. When the bubbles popped they released golden raindrops which gave qualities that were needed such as passion, clarity and peace.

At Stolac I encountered some challenges with the lifting of the places to the sky and also into the earth. The places felt very heavy and the movement was very slow, I was not sure we could get to the stars or the core of the earth. I asked for the watery creatures to help me and also the sheets from the Stecak stones. Still it did not move very well. Finally the threads became a vortex, a golden vortex going up to the sky and a silver vortex going into the womb of the earth. That initiated a process for many patterns from these places to be transmuted.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to participate and collaborate, thank you to Marko and everyone in our circle.


Thank you very much for making this workshop possible.
Connecting: I experienced the deva of Bosnia as big vital green deva and to our group came even a big green dragon and very higk angelic beings and many more.
And I saw Bosnia as a very big portal to the inner Earth, to the civilisations inside the Earth.
Visoko: (I’ve never been there physically) I landed on a kosmogram stone which is connected to inner Earth people. Through Ravne tunnel it was like being prepared/initiated in different steps befor entering the Pyramid. Inside Pyramid of the Sun, I experienced a mighthy temple, actually a whole big “city” of light with many temples connected to inner Earth civilisations. And in Pyramid of the Dragon, a very deep contact Gaia and also part of this big inner Earth structure.
Zavidovici: Throug the sphere I nexperienced ” The Golden People” and they have an enormous heart energy/love, and this is what they have to the world.
Sarajevo: There came a lot of Divine Grace when we did Tear of Grace, and all over whole Bosnia golden light start to pop up from underneath. At first small points and then more and more, it was not only light but also a very strong feeling of healing, it was so great. So it was like already the sun disc power.
Stecak culture: Going through a stone and inside the mountain it went very strong in my crown chakra, and I experienced the Stecak people as very very wise and good connected with their divine origin, with their connection to stars. And this was their message: be good connected with your truth self.
Neretva river learned to be more focused flowing with the etheric flow.
Mostar went less polarized.
Very peaceful to be touched at Medjugorje
At the end I was little tired, couldn’t hold the enegies at Stolac.
again thank you so much!

lea hennessy

The meeting at the platform was a reminder of how fixed and dried out I am in my own life. The trip to the pyramids provided the necessary healing to break out of this pattern which can bring us all to a standstill.
It was connecting to the Stecak stones that has prompted me to write this post. As I looked at the picture of the stones I felt drawn to place my hand in front of one them and intuitively knew I was being allowed to enter in to another space. However i was advised not to touch the carving as it needs to be preserved but just hold it away from the stone. Mankind has tried to erode the memories of this culture making it a blank slate. However the energy patterns are still in the music of the area and the connection can also be made through it. People still know that and need to honour that. Another message was for gardeners and farmers. Hold the soil in your hand and ask it directly what it wants and you will get an answer.
Again many thanks for a lovely morning.

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