Telepathic Peace Workshop

Telepathic Peace Workshop

Sunday, September 13th from 8 pm to 10 pm

Processes of global change escalate within and around us which causes a great turmoil in the world. Yet there exists a strong field of peace in the etheric that needs to be recognized and nourished. Some obstacles need to be removed that do not allow the wings of peace to touch upon the embodied level of life.

For this reason we invite you to participate at the telepathic Peace Workshop prepared by Gudrun Kargl, artist from Millstatt, Austria and Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace from Slovenia.

You are free to choose from which place you will collaborate. Few days before the workshop you will find the programe of the workshop upon the web site of Gudrun:  or LifeNet :

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Mary McNerney

some things I was told by angelic guides during this meditation:
“We create peace through you. The vibration of Peace exists within you, within each one of you, within all humanity and all consciousness. As you recognize that within you, that is the seed which is planted and that is what comes forth from within you.. And that is what expunges war in all its formats. The consciousness of war is terminated upon your recognition that you already have Peace within you and it arises from you into your world. It is not something to be created, Peace exists in you. You are agents of Peace, This vibration awakens and moves when you become aware and allow. Once your awareness changes, all else changes.”

Later in the mediation, I received an image of the Washington Monument. (for those of you outside U.S. not familiar with this, it is a very tall stone spire – like a cosmogram! – standing in center of government buildings in a park in Washington D.C.) It was receiving the Peace vibration and began vibrating with it. Felt to me like the spire was pulsing with this vibration – like our meditation group’s consciousness was pouring into and through it. Felt like the monument expanded. Then I placed our seed of Peace on the very top. I know that from our group work today, This spire is attuned to a new vibration and radiates that to the world

Margaret Lange

Thanks Mary. I’m in Tasmania, not US but have been working with Angels and with Lila Tresemer Re awakening the Goddess of America and felt that Peace arrive that way in Washington. Let there be Peace for Earth. Marg

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