Sunday, September 13th from 8 pm to 9.40 pm

The workshop will be repeated on Friday, September 18th 2020 at the same time

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to collaborate from any place that you choose.

You can find the translation of the workshop in several languages upon the website of Gudrun Kargl  or LifeNet :

The workshop program is a work of Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace from Slovenia in collaboration with Gudrun Kargl, artist from Millstatt, Austria.

To this workshop, you can invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing the program via e-mail.

Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm in the evening of September 13th according to your local time.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

Find within each sequence some moments to write down your experiences to be able to share them later with the group.

The program relates to the 10 dimensions of the multidimensional reality (see its model at the end of the text). In this workshop the peace impulse approaches the manifested world simultaneously from the center of the Earth and from the highest angelic level. Descending (ascending) through five levels we will form seeds of peace to be distributed over the globe.

8pm – 8.10 Group attunement

  • Be aware that members of our working group are scattered around the globe. Feel connected to each one and to the place from which they work.
  • Then invite other beings of the Earth and the Universe that support universal peace to join us. Feel their presence welcoming them.
  • Together we form a circle around the Earth asking Gaia to protect our Peace Workshop so that we can work in peace.
  • Have one of your hands formed as a bowl ready in your lap. It stands for the husk of the peace seed that we are going to form by dropping into the husk the following five particles of peace matrix:

8.10pm – 8.20 Particle 1

(Level of Cherubim and Gaia, dimensions 9 and 1)

  • You come out of the house, it is a sunny day and you are surprised that it rains. But the drops are so fine that they glide through your body between the atoms and through all the Earthly creation. Feel the quality of the universal peace that permeates you and the whole universe.
  • Then forget about the image of the rain because the field of peace extends from infinite to infinite as a quality.
  • With one hand you have created the husk. Drop the particle 1 into the husk of the peace seed with the other hand.

8.20pm – 8.30 Particle 2

(Level of dragons and the angelic world, dimensions 2 and 8)

  • The Goddess of Peace appears from the centre of the Earth approaching the embodied world through your body. Take time to feel her presence extending through your entire body up to the last cell.
  • Than look around and realize that the Goddess of Peace is incarnating within fellow human beings all around the globe. People are not ready any more to serve the Lords of war.
  • Drop the particle 2 imbued with the Goddess of Peace presence into the husk of the peace seed.

8.30pm 8.40 Particle 3

(The level of Gaia sparks and parallel evolutions, dimensions 3 and 7)

  • Feel the peace of the plant world with plants dancing within your inner world.
  • Then look around and imagine that trees walk around with their roots in the Earth and crowns high in the sky. They walk through all kind of human institutions, homes, industry etc.
  • The whole planet starts to breathe with the color green, the color of the heart. Like ebb and flow of the oceans the color green is inhaled and exhaled by the Earth and all its landscapes and beings.
  • Drop the particle 3 into the husk of the peace seed.

8.40pm – 8.50 Particle 4

(The level of elemental beings and the water of creation, dimensions 4 and 6)

  1. If we want permanent peace on Earth its quality needs to be anchored within the minerals that have enough high vibrations like gold, diamonds, and crystals. They have been largely robbed by human cultures worldwide. Their etheric powers need to be returned to the Earth and her kingdoms.
  2. Imagine that gold becomes fluid and runs away from your jewelry, from churches and temples, from the treasuries of national and private banks etc.
  3. Crystals and fluid gold find their original places within the body of the Earth to become places of anchoring the quality of peace within the Earth.
  4. Drop the particle 4 into the husk of the peace seed.

8.50pm– 9:00 Take some moments of rest and write down your experiences

9.00pm – 9.10 Particle 5

(The level of manifested reality, dimension 5/5)

  • At this level the peace should be manifested as the real peace among people, nations, cultures, and religions…Instead it turns out that there exists a power and consciousness that finds its nourishment in the permanent human conflicts and wars. It sucks the power for its existence from human despair, ruins, pandemic and famine even if its name is not written in the Book of Life.
  • This power that has no name has to move away from the Earth. Its time on Earth has come to an end. It has to move to the universe of the Black Goddess of Transformation (wrongly called “the hell”) to become transmuted and able to return to its true essence.
  • Imagine that such a strong magnetic pull appears from the belly of the Black Goddess that it sucks the presence and the roots of this foreign power out of the human culture, individual beings and from the Earth, directing it to the universe of transformation.
  • Particle 5 relates to the Earth as a planet of peace.
  • Drop the particle 5 into the husk of the peace seed.

 9.10pm – 9.30 Planting process:

  • Now the peace seeds are ready to be planted.
  • Close the husk of the seed with your second hand and shake rhythmically the seed so that it becomes ready for planting. Make a little dancing ritual out of it.
  • Now the soil of the Earth needs to be prepared for planting. Saturate the Earth with warmth of your heart, the water of your emotions and your dedication to the beauty of life so that the planting of peace seeds can succeed.
  • Make one after the other corresponding gestures with the seed (the hands) to carry it to different places upon the five continents, places that you know from personal experience or that you love.
  • Perhaps you should accompany the planting by making sound in a creative way so that the seeds can start to germinate.

9.30pm – 9.40 Conclusion

Give thanks to fellow human beings who participated in the peace workshop and to all other beings that participated by tuning in from different dimensions of the multidimensional reality.

Step out of our circle and walk you ways of peace.

The experiences can be shared at one of the home pages listed above.

Here is the model of the 10-dimensional reality used in this Peace Workshop:

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elfriede franziska huber
telepathische friedenswerkstatt freitag 18. september 2020

schweigen und hören und schenke uns den Frieden
love knows no object – love is not addressed – love is only of God

1. partikel ist die STILLE
die qualität des Friedens ist Stille
es regnet Frieden
der Frieden ist eine SEINS- qualität
der Frieden ist das SEIN

2. partikel ist der ROSENDUFT
die Göttin des Friedens ist eine Rose – der Duft der Rose durchtränkt jede Zelle
ich stehe auf und hole Rosenwasser – und sprüh es draußen und drinnen

3. partikel ist das GRÜN
Heilkräuter tanzen in mir – der Salbei und Rosmarin und Thymian und Quendel und Ysop
Bäume gehen durch Elendsviertel der Megacities
ihr Weg ist schwer und mühsam – sie geben nicht auf – sie arbeiten schwer Wege zu schaffen – durchlässig zu sein
Danke Euch geliebte Bäume

4. partikel ist das LICHT
das Gold fließt ab und transformiert sich zu Licht – es glitzert in der Erde – es schimmert und glänzt und leuchtet die Erde
ohne Licht gibt es kein Leben und kein Leben existiert ohne Licht
das ewige Licht
und die Feuerzungen des Heiligen Geistes

5. partikel ist die KRAFT und die STÄRKE
das schwarze Destruktive weicht für das kraftvolle Dynamische, für das Komplementäre, für das Prozeßhafte in allen Beziehungen

Vorgang des Saens
die Schale ist gefüllt und der Boden für die Aussaat ist gemacht aus LIEBE
aus der Schale fließen Friedensströme – wie anfangs –
LEISE RIESELT DER FRIEDEN – das Stille, das Rosenduftende, das Grüne, das Lichte, das Kraftvolle

DANKE an die Gemeinschaft


Thanks you..I found this incredible powerful and deep and I am very grateful for this connection with a group doing this love peace work..

linda davey

Peace on earth…blessed be x

Dimanche 13 septembre 2020
Agnès Gauthier
20h-20h10 : connexion avec le groupe
Vision d’un œuf lumineux incubant dans du feu. A l’intérieur, des structures lumineuses et cristallines mouvantes.
20h10-20h20 : Particule 1
Je ressens comme une desquamation de coques qui perdent leur rigidité.
Expansion et unité. Il y a de moins en moins de matière et de plus en plus d’information.
Sensation de chaleur et de condensation. Quand je me relie au groupe, je sens un mouvement rapide et puissant qui tourne dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre.
20h20-20h30 : Particule 2
Un point résiste au centre de ma tête. Ça devient une petite boule dense et noire comme une balle de fusil. Je la guide au centre du magma de feu d’amour de Gaïa pour qu’elle soit dissoute dans ce feu transformateur.
Au moment où la dissolution a lieu, je me sens soulagée, unifiée et reliée à tous et à tout.
Quand je verse la particule : fourmillement, expansion de la graine et qualité de douceur.
20h30-20h40 : Particule 3
Je vois des plantes aquatiques, des lianes et des graminées.
Sensation de régénération des structures que nous avons créées, comme une implantation du vivant dans toutes les structures sclérosées que nous avons produites, comme une immense respiration de la vie qui reprend.
Sensation non pas de destruction mais de régénération et aussi sentiment d’unité entre tout le groupe, comme si, ensemble, nous avons créé un immense poumon respirant.
Plénitude et paix.
Quand je verse la particule 3, je sens une circulation de la vie dans la graine et comme un germe de lumière.
20h40-20h-50 : Particule 4
Je vois des larmes d’or qui s’écoulent. Il règne de la tristesse, mon plexus se serre puis un apaisement quand toutes ces larmes deviennent un fleuve de lumière d’or qui pénètre la terre.
Je ressens une grande qualité de pureté et aussi la rondeur de la graine.
21h-21h10 : Particule 5
Je sens un mouvement puissant, rapide et inéluctable, comme des particules qui se décollent.
Je ressens la puissance déterminée, impitoyable et inébranlable de la déesse noire.
Quand je verse la particule 5 : chaleur.
21h-21h30 : Plantation
J’ai la sensation que la terre et ma terre de femme (mon corps), sont une seule et même chose.
Je plante la graine
En Russie : sol dur, sclérosé et froid, je verse la chaleur de mon cœur.
Au Tibet : accueil et plantation facile.
En Amérique latine : trop de feu, je verse les gouttelettes de la paix du début de la méditation.
En Europe : rétraction, je refais la respiration avec la couleur verte.
En Afrique, la graine trouve la possibilité de s’enraciner.
L’Inde : Durcissement, rejet. Je lui envoie le fleuve d’or éthérique.
Puis je la sème en moi, ça crée un mouvement qui devient un vortex et aussi qui crée un axe.

Grand merci à Marko, grand merci à vous tous.

Gabriel Alden Hull

The timing of all of this took me by surprise, how everyone’s intentions called me into time, where I was able to feel the impulse that marked to close of each section that pulled me out out my navel like waking from a sudden dream. Also the sounds and gestures associated with each place where I planted a peace seed. In northern British Columbia by Bear Mountain I visited a community pasture. As I shook the seeds, this deep guttural laughter came out of my gut and I was imbued by the power of the Trickster who was needed to guide the seed’s journey, slipped in through the back door of consciousness. And when I planted a seed between the three castles in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, my shaking took on an upward spiral pattern and I toned a high pure note. I thought it would not be possible to reconcile my being with the religious forces there in my lifetime, but the process asked me to reconsider.

Particle 5. I was asked to find the Black Goddess within my own navel, and situate this transformation within my own body. It felt risky but I was assured that I would be given the strength to handle these currents. Now I know that I can access this portal at any moment with my breath when I call upon Her.

Particle 4 laid my greed open bare. I did not want at first to give my gold and diamonds back to the earth, even though I knew what was stolen wasn’t mine, but like racism, there is an illusion that I might have that power some day and I knew it was a lie. I felt the letting go in my power chakra, and as I felt the gold and diamonds flow into Earth where the dwarves would steward them, I was able to see down into the beautiful temples they were creating: arches of diamonds, walls of gold, and I knew that this treasure was now truly for everyone.

Particle 3. Processing with the trees in green-gold light through housing projects, strip mine, the Pentagon, libraries, universities, schools where children must learn with poor materials, factory floors, congresses and parliaments, suffusing everything with walls of ascending green.

Particle 2. The Black Goddess writhes in me, breathes in me and will not be vanquished. I will stand with my brothers and sisters of Earth and all Beings.


Many thanks to everyone who planned this wonderful workshop and took part.

The universal peace as well as the peace of Gaia found access very easily and the peace energies flooded my body and permeated around every cell like an inner dance.
I could also feel this dance in nature.
So the dance of the plants was already in me. The color green was breath out from the trees and gradually everything breathed green, that touched me deeply.
In addition to the gold and crystals of banks and people, I also noticed that church tower roofs made of copper were flowing away, and the treasures that belong to the earth were flowing out of all computers and mobiles.
The Black Goddess of Transformation was already very present and also developed her strength a lot and successfully pulled the dark, nameless energy from people, beings and from the earth.
I was anxious about the emptiness I felt. So I pacified myself and forgive myself that this dark energy also lived in me and thanked and also forgave the energy.
For me, I filled the resulting space with love, confidence and self-confidence.
I made the offer to all beings to use a huge bowl with love, confidence and self-confidence, so that they would not implement the dark energy again.
All places were full of joy and waiting for the seed of peace, it was beautiful to see how the seed was accepted and I am very sure that the seed will sprout.

Agneta Sundström

Thank you so much for preparing this!
I long for this kind of work and connections!
It was powerful and near, and strong heart connection to all.
So beautiful so I was crying for the first 20 minutes of the exercises.
Through all I had physical sensations, chills, shivering, shaking and finally yawning..
Group attunement
There was much joy and happiness to “meet” all of you,
together with also so high energies, and clear energies from earth.
I was drawn in quickly and strongly, everything was so well prepared,
and we were eagerly waited for.
Particle 1
The peace energy came easily and it was everywhere.
Particle 2
The goddess of peace full of strong white energy was rising willingly from within.
Particle 3
The plants came directly inside, dancing. The trees were happy to move
and made sure to fill up every place, every house , giving clear fresh life energy,
with knowledge of right order, balance and clarity of everything.
Particle 4
The gold and crystals found easily their places. So great relief to anchor the energy,
not to have to hold, so relaxing , so grounding.
Particle 5
Much left the planet, because of the strong magnet, mostly from under.
Planting process It worked ok.
Conlusion We were so much welcomed and warmly hugged.

Thank you all!
Agneta Sundstrom


The energy of night and the dark goddess were very present for me during this workshop. At the gathering of our group, a night sea with moonlight appeared, the waters stretching endlessly in all directions and depth. The constellations descended into the Earth and star-like animals came into the ground. I felt the presence of some large beings like majestic animals whose work seemed specifically related to the dynamics of peace within Earth.

The peace rain went into spaces at the nano-level. It felt like I could sit for a long time with the field of universal peace. The peace goddess appeared as a dark goddess and the peace grew from a womb space in each human being. I sensed the presence of what felt like dark matter as an energy of creation. There was a deep sense of peace of mind accompanying these energies.

The peace of plants gave a feeling a regenerative breathing in my lungs. My hands grew very warm with each particle. A strong feeling in my heart as the minerals are returned to the Earth. I saw the oceans glistening with golden light as the minerals were returned to the waters. The transformation of the powers felt like an experience of becoming the black goddess in my body and the resonance of the field of peace with this embodiment. The foreign powers had no place to hide and were thus being dissolved.

With the seeds cupped in my hands, they made a dance flowing into the space around me. The dance made fine swirls of air in dark colour like peace smoke. My seed for Asia was carried to white dragons in Hong Kong and China. Each seed planted in a continent grew into a unique plant or flower and two of them grew corals in oceans.

Thank you to Marko, Gudrun and everyone for this opportunity to collaborate. With much love and peace.

Peace-workshop 13.9.20

Particle 1
Everything gets permeable, boundaries dissolve in a certain way, everything becomes space of pure consciousness by this all-connecting water.

Particle 2
By the previous experience my body is very well prepared for the Goddess of Peace. I perceive her quite similar to Saint Mary. Everybody incarnating her is shining in a bluish light.

Particle 3
The walking of the trees happens very easily, they seem to do it very willingly.
The green breath is the same quality like the watery one of the beginning, but in another image.

Particle 4
The melted gold forms lakes inside the earth, inside them I see flashes of diamonds buildung focusses. Many little beings gather around those focusses. Earth is given back her presciousness.

Particle 5
The Black Goddess is just a big, dark, powerful, conscious space. Infinite masses of blackness and disgusting substances are torn out of Earth. It is like a new birth to innocence.

Planting the seeds
Very beautiful and touching … Humming I find a melody, which I always repeat. The Goddess of Peace appears over some places where I put my seeds (in Europe and Northern America … I have not been to other continents yet), especially over Central Park in NYC. Different beings, Devas, landscape angels ecc. show up. Every place lights up in its very own quality with and by the peace seed.

“Walk your way of peace!” – this is possible now!! In a new form!
I feel very tired, like after hard work.


Please forgive me for such a long comment to follow. I’m hoping the details about personal complexes that block the emergence of peace might be useful to others.

Janet from La Palma

Particle 1: Elongated drops of rain fell down, and then fatter drops rose upwards. All dissolved into a cloud of fog that was neutral. My first response to being called to immerse myself in peace: ambivalence, upward and downward movements that result in a calmness that’s also a cloudy uncertainty or even resistance to movement.

Particle 2: Calling up the Goddess of Peace opened up my personal complexes. At first I couldn’t get a reading of the Goddess, finally a very white woman with white-blonde hair emerges, then very quickly lots of dark faces cover her up. It seemed there were forces that didn’t want her to emerge. I called on our circle for help. The dark faces dissolved but I was left with a sadness, a loneliness that I realised I associate with being “at peace”.

I felt that sadness was related to my own mother, who was very passive, inert, chemically tranquilized. She was also slightly paralysed from polio. This is probably the cloudiness that comes up when I start looking for “peace.” Once I saw that I just waited for something closer to real peace to present itself. A water fountain, a clear cold lake appeared. Better, yet not inspiring. Then a memory of snow falling at night, yes; that’s pure, magical peace falling from heaven, above millions of flakes, below one whiteness. That was easy to let fall into the husk.

Particle 3: I felt the trees entering parliaments and seats of government and big industry. But again there was sorrow, so many, many trees lost, burning in California, cut down in the Amazon. Needed to do the breathing in and out of green to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed by what’s been lost. The green breathing opened up my chest and back. The green opening and a green leaf dropped into the husk.

Particle 4: This part felt very good. Felt my head going cubic, then pixelating and eventually a Tibetan Vajra formed inside my body, one crown in the head, the other in the solar plexus, then the vajra became a crystal and I felt a calm, solid anchoring of my body in the earth. I could see the earth stabilising as minerals and gems returned to her.

During the rest I felt more into my association of peace with inertness, even paralysis and uncovered this polarisation:

Mother/feminine: peace, submission, disconnected, mushy, valium spacey
Father/masculine: war, domination, violent connection, energetic, dangerous power, drunk

This childhood experience has left me with very distorted ideas about what peace and power are. The habituated/ charged complexes in me associate peace with powerlessness, formlessness, fog, shutting down of life systems and numbed senses.

My association with power is pure domination, violence, pleasure in making others submit.

Particle 4: The mineral/jewel exercise really helped dissolve the false power-peace dichotomy of my personal complexes. I felt the solidness of rocks and minerals and the sparkle of jewels and gold as both powerful and peaceful, power in expressing one’s own form and light in a way that encourages other forms, rather than bending or breaking them: and peace in the fullness of being right where you are and just who you are, all of that splendidly alive, connected, vibrating.

Particle 5: I felt that power that feeds on conflict and despair as the collective pain body, to use Eckhart Tolle’s name. As I imagined it pulling out of the earth I realised I’ve allowed bits of it to attach to me, that when I have someone to hate or to blame or to feel is wrong so I’m right, well, then I know who I am. I’m someone because of the select nature of my enemies- I have only the best and most subtle enemies. Who am I if I let go of that elite war?

I went back to the contented weight of the drop of liquid gold, or just a dew drop in the heart area. Feeling that, letting in memories of joy and laughter I could let the pain body be sucked away to the Black Goddess without resistance. Joy was the anti-adhesive.

My image of the Black Goddess came much more easily than the Goddess of Peace. For me the Black Goddess is Nuit, who arches over the night sky. Or she’s Da Vinci’s Virgen of the Caves, whose robes have folds as deep and dark as the caves behind her. The Virgin invites all hurts and resentments and frustrations to enter her darkness and find comfort there. Humans can’t give each other that comfort, humans can’t transform the pain body. It takes an enormous, hugely compassionate Night Sky Mother to take that in and let it unwind itself in her deep space.

Planting: First I went to my birth home, my siblings and children’s homes, friends´ homes and planted there. Then I went to landscapes I love and find powerful, then I imagined planting seeds at power centers around the world. This part felt a bit more distant. Maybe I was tired. I was happy to hand the seeds over to Gaia, ready for it to be out of my hands and in her care.

Deep thanks to all who participated.

Janet in La Palma, Canary Islands


My experience during the meditation:

– Connection with the group:
At the beginning of the meditation I could notice the simultaneity of activities on different levels: for example, my worries and tensions of the day were still present near my body but the concentration and space for meditation were there too.
The feeling of being several around the world and of being connected with the place where they were was present throughout the workshop. I would say that I connected with 1 or 2 persons, as if within everybody some had the same resonance as myself. The protection of Gaia and other beings stood there all along.

Particle 1:
Strange things happened to me but I will try to put into words: I managed to form the inner images of peace through the rain. But it was difficult for me to feel the feeling that this produced. When I tried to let go of the image and keep the feeling that goes from infinite to infinite, I realized that the experience of infinity was limited by my own images. It is as if I were creating the images with the images I already have inside and infinity requires another even more subtle activity that frees my mind and lets it be more organic.
With this in mind I returned to the field of peace extended from infinity to infinity saying to myself: my activity reaches this far, spiritual beings understand the impulse and moreover every other person also launched the impulse. I raised my hand and poured the first particle into the seed.

Particle 2:
When I invoked the Goddess of Peace and felt her approach, I realized that I still had ties with the warlords. The possibility of fear came. I did not take it. I said to myself: this is me today. So what is my relationship with the warlords? I dared to see it directly face to face and this is what I felt:
My right side was linked to them. I don’t know since when this bond existed, but it seems normal to me that it exists, since I am a human being incarnated in this era. I do not pretend to be harmonious, I still have many things to work on.
When I had already cleared the feeling towards the warlords I decided then to call the Goddess of Peace. Like heat waves she was advancing towards me from behind on my left. Little by little she was replacing the bond with the warlords. And I have to say that what she brought to me felt almost uncomfortable as what she brings is so new that I don´t really know how to act in her presence.
The Goddess of Peace was in me, and I turned to look at my fellow humans in an imaginative way. I saw those people who were surrounded by a large red shadow which was surely the activity of the warlords but right around those people on their bodies and about one meter around them shone the aura of the Goddess of Peace. A force that opens a space with firmness and love in front of other forces.
I still had certain ties with the Warlords. I didn’t know much about those last strings. I called Saturn to see if I could give them to him, but I told myself that maybe it wasn’t for him. So I told myself that I would look later throughout the workshop to see if the solution would turn up.
I raised my right hand and poured particle 2 into the seed with the presence of the Goddess of Peace.

Particle 3
For this particle I had to recognize that the image of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings movies still inhabited me. Curiously enough, this is a war image. What a pity, isn’t it? So I decided to concentrate on the peace of the plant world with the plants dancing in my inner world. How beautiful! What kindness and constant rhythm. From that feeling I looked for a way to reach the breath of the Earth. Again as in the beginning with the infinite, the fact of embracing the whole Earth was difficult for me. Maybe I should practice imagining infinity? I am trying to open myself up to the macrocosm. In any case, I told myself again that the spiritual beings understood my impulse.
I raised my right hand and poured out the third particle. Pouring it out confirmed the peace that was building up within the seed. Particles 1 and 2 became stronger and it was clear: something was happening.

Particle 4
With love and firmness I felt that we emptied the trapped physical bodies of those treasures. And their etheric force returned to Earth. I felt that this was getting closer to the physical plane which was a very interesting feeling.

Particle 5
I began the imaginative process: the black Goddess appeared in space down to the left of the Earth floating in space. Her belly was pulling a lot. The nameless force was torn from the Earth, civilization and people. At that time something very strong came up inside me: I asked myself: do I believe in this? And with much honesty I saw in myself that I did not believe it was possible. I had the idea: suffering, wars, misery are life. This is so. War is normal…
How strong it was to realize that I had normalized within me the cruelty of this nameless being. In an inner void I created again within me the images of the Black Goddess. I sent everything I could into her womb. Here I could send what I believed was the last strings of the warlords. She will know what to do with this. The image of a crystal clear earth came to me.
I raised my right hand and poured out particle 5.

Sow the Seeds:
After all this activity, I closed my hand. I formed the seed and danced with it. I made sounds with my voice, I prepared the Earth with the warmth of my heart, the water of my emotions and my dedication to beauty. The first place I chose was the garden of my father’s house in Switzerland to heal the place. The wave spread to the city, to the lake, to the mountains.
The second place was in Guatemala where I grew up. I cried a lot. I had never really cried for a place on Earth. How much suffering there is in that country! I sowed the seed with the help of many beings. Very firmly we sowed the seed of peace covering the whole country.
Then I sowed another one in the garden of some friends in the south of France and finally in the Middle East.
I discovered that these were the places within me that emerged to be sown. I got up and sowed a seed right here where I am and I was grateful.

I realized how important this mission is. What an intense work proposed by Marko and Gudrun and all the collaborators who promote these workshops.

Since I translated the workshop into Spanish the sentence: “walk your ways of freedom” brought tears to my eyes.


Thank you so much for this Peace Ritual and the invitation. I felt a very strong connection to all of you in this circle. Especially the transformation process of the heavy energies from the black goddess was very intense. Also rainbow-coloured seeds fell down to earth and opened like Rose-Blossoms on the ground. The trees and plants are still dancing – I always feel a very deep connection to trees and plants but this morning was very special when I walked through the wood… When the energy of gold and the chrystals flew back into the earth, it was in form of deep gratitude and dwarfs took it and put it into the places where they belong. There was a strong feeling of abundance afterwards. Also Dragons showed up in a sacred landscape with very old trees and plants living peacefully together with human beings…
Bringing the seeds of peace to the 5 continents was amazing. Thank you! Renate

Christel Meissner

It took me a while to get into the energy of the Peace circle, my mind was rattling… When the relaxing sat in, the cleansing of the rain mist suffused by sunlight through each atom brought slowly peace. The breathing in and out of the colour green with all of plant life and the walking of the trees was a heart opening experience, escpecially when the “Peace Goddess” appeared amidst as pure Light. Giving the gold, diamonds back to the mineral elemental world felt like a slow process and it took work… Also the sucking of the energies not appropriate any longer in this dimension into the belly of the Black Goddess for transformation. Disseminating the seeds of Peace into all parts of the world, where I have been and my friends live, was and still is a concentrated warm heart energy. Thank you all so very much for this work! This morning I woke up with a vision: My heart was a sun and from it blades of grass was growing into all directions with seeds in them… Then a cat came and cuddled up (in the vision).

lea hennessy

Lovely meditation as always. Here are a few observations; The arrival of the Goddess of Peace was intensely moving and I hope She remains with me. Meeting with the plants made me very grateful for all the happiness and love shown to me by them. The planting of the seeds took me by surprise. I was directed first to a volcano in America and was met by 5 Indians wrapped in fur saying they were from the Bear Tribe. Singing and dancing began and as the seeds dropped in to the volcano they transformed. The Indians said they would spread the word thougout the continent and thanked me. They said they will journey all night to celebrate this event. I went to the middle of Australia and was met by native peoples, again they danced and i had to walk clockwise then anti clockwise before dropping the seeds. A snake was wrapped around my neck a gift from the Naga Naga. Then to Sri Lanka to the grounds of a monastery and the seeds were planted but first the area had to be smudged. Arriving in the land of the Mbuntu who were waiting with song and dance the seeds were slipped in to the ground which opened to receive them. Finally I arrived in Tibet on a ledge where i placed the seeds. The ground shone. Flags appeared with a giant horn being sounded and the surreal sounds of monks chanting. Many Thanks such a privilege to attend. Lea


dear Lea, I also was in deep contact with members of the first nation witj there songs under drummings. But also I was confronted with resistance
.Thanks the violet flame

linda davey

Thanlk you x

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