Telepathic LifeNet Workshop Dedicated to the Wellbeing of the North American Continent

Telepathic LifeNet Workshop Dedicated to the Wellbeing of the North American Continent

Saturday, November 21 from 9:00-11:0am, according to your local time
· The workshop will be repeated on Wednesday, November 25, 6:00-8:00pm, according to your local time.

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate. Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9:00 in the morning of November 21 or November 25 at 6:00 in the evening, according to your local time.

You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page: or at
The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassador with the support of American geomancy group. You may invite your friends or collaborators to this workshop whom you trust by distributing the program via e-mail.

Please have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the timetable.

9.00 – 9.10 Group AttunementAlthough we are widespread across North America and beyond, we feel the presence of our community that has come together because of our love for Earthly creation and a sense of shared responsibility for the life of the Earth.
Next we need to create the space composed of etheric membranes in which our workshop will take place. Ask that these membranes may also protect us and hide us from forces that try to reverse the evolutionary path of the Earth and humanity and to block our creative efforts.
Imagine a time spiral emerging out of the ground that lifts us beyond the linear time to the level of the creative time that we all share.
We ask for the support and cooperation of all beings from different realms of the planet that ensure the development of life upon the Earth.
In the course of the workshop feel free to do toning, perhaps using vowels, especially if your work gets stuck!

9.10 – 9.40 The 28 Aspects of Divine Presence on Earth
The “28 Aspects” stand in Kentucky close to Louisville as an installation in stone with cosmograms created and carved by the American geomancy group. The installation represents an alternative to the affirmation “In God we Trust” written on each US bank note or coin – which is related to the patriarchal God image ruling over the Earth and the Universe. The “28 Aspects” stand for the Divine presence distributed horizontally within all different beings and aspects of life.Imagine that we are standing in a large circle around the composition of the “28 Aspects” geopuncture circle.
Breathe from the depth of your belly and for some time breathe out (use your actual breath!) with the power of violet light toward the stones of the composition.
The violet breath starts to dance around the stones, taking in the information of the different cosmograms.
Continue breathing as you imagine the wind of our breath beginning to distribute throughout the country.
The Breath of the Divine presence within life begins to spread throughout all beings and landscapes of the United States.
Create a few more breaths!
Finally the US currency comes in resonance with the Divine Breath that begins to permeate all levels and dimensions of life.
Billions of coins distributed throughout the USA begin to rattle rhythmically, creating a wonderful rhythm.
Inspired by this rhythm all the banknotes throughout the country begin to dance in the air.
Money frozen in bank treasuries and private properties joins the dance.
All the while dancing dollar notes begin to spread over the globe reaching poor countries and hungry people all over the Earth.
Inspired by this joyful distribution of wealth, the currency and bank notes of other rich countries join until the unjust economic system of the planet collapses to become a divine means for sustaining life streaming among people and cultures of the Earth.

9.40 – 10.00 Honor Different Beings and Dimensions of Life
This sequence refers to the geopuncture installation called “Parallel Worlds.” The cosmograms of this installation represent the visible and invisible worlds of Gaia. The installation is positioned in the park of Norton Commons, Kentucky.Be aware that millions of people walk our modern cities with a thick band over their eyes. Farmers work their land with bound eyes. The dominant rational mentality has suppressed our human capacity to perceive and to enjoy those worlds and beings that make life upon the Earth possible, i.e., the world of elemental beings, elemental angels, and the primordial powers of Gaia.
As a consequence we are not only unable to collaborate with the causal worlds of Gaia, but we have also invented countless techniques to rob from parallel worlds what we need (and mostly what we do not need) to arrange and make our life upon the planet possible – without honoring the source of all good.
Yet America is rich with past and present cultures that knew and know how to honor the sources of life and how to cooperate with those beings.
Imagine that all over the US and Canada the memory of that lost knowledge rises out of the ground to inspire people to unbind their eyes, to look upon and to appreciate the knowledge and wisdom stored by ancient cultures in the memory of the continent. It now becomes felt and appreciated by more and more people.
Look around the country and feel the wealth of ancient wisdom that now becomes accessible to us to help us meeting the challenges of this age of profound change.

10.00 – 10.20 Take a break to drink a cup of tea and to write down your experiences.

10.20 – 10.40 Honoring the Cosmic Dimensions of the North American Continent

This sequence is grounded in the Emerson Woods (Kentucky) geopuncture circle dedicated to the cosmic consciousness of the Earth and the Universe called “angelic.” It was carved by the LifeNet Art Group in 2010.Imagine that a large light tube runs vertically through the stone circle. It is filled with electrons of blue color rushing through it to touch the core of the continent and connecting it with a distant star constellation.
As a group we stand around the circle and through our consciousness we enable the cosmic electrons (fractals of that distant star system) to become connected to the minerals of the stones.
As a consequence of the interaction between minerals, human consciousness and the cosmic fractals (blue electrons), the stone circle begin to strongly radiate and saturate the space of the continent with the cosmic radiation that is and knows the origins of the inspiration that moved the founders to create the United States of America.
This radiation touches the hearts of American people, rising within them the awareness of the ethical and democratic values upon which USA is based.
We visualize and feel how people of all races and differing religions and political beliefs release their hostility toward each other, become a living matrix that inspires the human world to establish peace among all peoples and nations, and create a loving, harmonious and conscious relationship to nature and the Earth and all her kingdoms.

10.40 – 10.50 ConclusionReturn and ground yourself in your surroundings and give thanks for having the opportunity to contribute to the health and stability of the continent in these times of change, uncertainty and unrest.
Give thanks to your fellow telepathic LifeNet workers and for the experiences that you have gathered and shared.
Bow deeply and give thanks to the mighty landscape Angels of America, the ancestors of all American nations, and all beings from subtle realms that have cooperated with us today.
Write your experiences to share them with all of us at:
Please also remember and participate in the repeated workshop as an opportunity to deepen our work together.

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Uschi (Germany)

28 aspects of the divine presence
We stand in several circles around the installation “28 Aspects”. Some of the indigenous people begin to loosen and spiral around the individual cosmograms. I feel the greatest power when I exhale the violet light over my brow chakra. Rhythmic drums sound, the violet cloud becomes thicker and thicker, almost pink and opaque. As the blue component increases, it becomes brighter and brighter and expands infinitely. The tones become higher and softer. Only now do I notice the numerous light – and angelic beings that joyfully monitor the distribution and adhesion of the blue-violet light, which is almost invisible to our eyes, with the “true” aspect of the dollar notes. The dynamically rhythmic happening of the money dance is transformed into the dance of giving, which people start to perform with joy and gentleness. As if in slow motion, the banknotes are distributed all over the world to the joy of all people.
The different beings and dimensions of life honour
It’s not just blindfolds, but entire tanks that people pile up in layers around themselves. I perceive the eye patches and layers of armour as hard, dark and dense. The solution is soft and high tones. These can break up the layers of armour. But this requires the consent of the people. Some are so wrapped up in their fears and negative thoughts that they do not recognize the release and become even more entangled in the dark layers. I am desperate, then I intuitively put on the CD Dewa Che ( = the great peace) with Tibetan mantras. Very high and soft tones were the solution: gentleness, trust and love can penetrate and envelop everything. Thus even the strongest armour is removed in layers. People become peaceful, intuition and visions return to them.
Honouring the cosmic dimensions of the North American continent
The indigo-coloured light tube is incredibly strong. The blue component that touches the hearts of Americans is the same one that has already manifested itself on the banknotes. The blue electrons are also part of the gentle energies that can break or erode the armour layers of people. Blue electrons are most effective when people are first cleaned with spiral rainbow-coloured rain that penetrates everything. Then they are freed from all negative entanglements and the blue electrons infect the people to a “love epidemic”.
Many thanks for initiating another workshop for the benefit of Gaia and her helpers. A thousand thanks also for the helpful pictures.                  In the final round I see archangel Raphael, who brings salvation and blessings, in a central position.

Mei Kadic Argentina

Experiences with the first telepathic workshop for the USA.

The tuning with the group cost me more than in the previous workshop. It cost me the spiral that elevates us to the creative time. I achieved it helping me with the intonation.

12 aspects
The violet breath through the 28 aspects began to move throughout the country and at that moment a presence of a Native American ancestor appeared.
With his kind and joyful, but intense presence, I realized that it was necessary to ask permission from the guardians of this continent so that we could do this workshop. Otherwise we were colonizing again, even if with good intentions. Soon, the ancestral world gave their permission, almost instantly. They were happy that we were doing this.
I felt very grateful.
The dance of the coins began to turn everything into a rhythmic purple smoke that woke up the bills. The inscription “In good we trust” became “I trust the god who lives in human hearts”.

There was a lot to clean up so that it could spread to other countries, it needed to play a drum and vocalize a lot. Then, as it spread, the other rich coins were transformed into orange and yellow colors and the rainbow of colors spread all over the earth.
“There is no more above or below,
There’s a horizon”

Parallel Worlds

The native ancestors began with their flutes and drums to awaken elemental life and resonate with the stars.
First they took off my bandage and that of their people.
With the resonance of elemental life, people began to feel colors and movements at the side of their eyes and some began to want to take off their blindfolds. But some black beings held them back.
At this time I needed to return to the space of the group and generate more protective membranes.
We call on the ancestors of the native peoples throughout the Americas to help us remove the blindfolds. People began to live in the feeling of “I want to see”. But that dark force represented as a dense smoke that took the form of beings with a galley was very hard.
We sought the help of Saturn and its recycling plant that began to suck in this force. But we still couldn’t get the bandages off and get these dark forces out of the continent.
The ancestors of the native peoples all over the world began to sound their instruments, their voices, their flutes. People began to awaken their hearts with the feeling of “I am” and a force of Christ quality began to participate in this cleansing. Saturn continued to help by sucking these entities in. For a long time, a great deal of darkness went away. But in a building in the USA this force could not be detached, it was deeply incarnated, generating a root that envelops the spiritual core of the Country.
The healing continued until separating that black rubber from the heart of the country, connected to the heart of Gaia.

The following imagination cost me a lot because I was already very tired of the previous one. It was very difficult for me to connect with the positive founding spirit of the USA because of personal problems. From my experience, the foundations of the nations of the American continent were devastating and murderous colonizations. How do I connect with the idea that there were positive and moral values at their core?
The way out of this situation was to look for that connection with the stars, and try to perceive in my feeling this more harmonious way of encounters between cultures
Thus I could enter into the process of healing the core of the country. An intense force that, thanks to the resonance of the drums of the ancestors, was able to radiate through the minerals and through the country.



Workshop Dedicated to the Wellbeing of the North American Continent
Nov 21st and Nov 25th from Janet from La Palma (originally USA)
I’m including two reports here from the two sessions. The first session on the 21st I was very blocked. I was suffering from a psychic hangover from an intense encounter the day before with an acquaintance who’s deep into Thelema. This person says he’s achieved the highest awakening of the Order and wanted me to open my soul to his guidance. I listened for many hours, tho I’m repelled by Thelema founder Crowley and his religion, shielding myself and saying nothing. I was trying to get a feel for what the difference is between what this person is doing and what we’re doing. I’m still not clear about it. (I said nothing of our work to him.) To me he was grandiose, delusional, perhaps dangerous because he does have significant knowledge and power. Yet how do we know that he is delusional and we are not? How can all these realities co-exist? He also claims to have the good of the planet at heart, but his personal energy is very unbalanced. His voice was still inside me during the session on the 21st. La Palma also experienced a series of faint earthquakes at the time of the first session, unperceivable but perhaps unsettling me more.
I had time to settle, sift and cleanse for the session of the 25th. It was much better.
The 28 Aspects of Divine Presence on Earth
Nov 21st: Very blocked at beginning, lots of toning, purifying breath, looking at cosmograms from Norton Commons helped me enter. Remained at personal level, could extend violet breath but not the rest.
Nov. 25th: The foto helped a lot. I could feel the fall breeze, felt members of our group there, centaurs, owls, racoons, civil war soldiers, slaves, stones activated by violet breath. Trees with a flame high in their trunks from a dream last nite were there. The coins turned violet in everybody’s pockets across the country, regardless of their politics or intelligence, violet blue bills shimmer and fall from trees, the snow flakes are white bills, there’s wealth for all for the taking. Some sense of extreme madness zooming, flying around, I encapsulate myself in violet light, return to sending light to the cosmograms and let them mediate the shards of disturbed mental energy- this calms the landscape, I feel the pool of collective North American energy settling down, into the ultraviolet range.
Honor Different Beings and Dimensions of Life
Nov. 21st This was a relief. I grew up in Wisconsin, land of the Chippewa and Menominee nations. I could return to the solid openness of the pines, oaks, cedars, birch, feel our friends Owl, Frog, Crow, Coyote, Cricket, join the pow wow of drums and eagle dance flying while feet drum the earth. The wisdom was that our Mother moves in a way that makes our frenzy to quickly “evolve” into something else rather silly. Stay with the weight, the gravity of her movement, enter her rhythm. That is our Mother Ship that carries us. Water rushes down narrow gorges and settles in pools that flow into rivers. I don’t see the ocean the river flows into far away (it seems my roots are in the interior of the country) but I feel the roundness of the earth and the night sky. 
Nov. 25th The foto of Norton Commons led me to see native elders standing in the places of the stones, each one in his or her place, solid, each an individual that rises from the earth. I felt the ancient knowing of how to stand up as oneself, complete and alone, and speak the truth of that to the other people before you, feeling how each person is standing in his or her aloneness and truth. At the same the One Mother and the One Father are moving through each person as tho we were ghosts, and when I make that Oneness the foreground I am looking at my own eyes and feeling my own flesh in the others around me. Then I saw one sister of mine as a buffalo, another as a snake, my brother as a bear. My siblings are all in fact lost in the Trump madness, but when I see them as these animals they are still my family and I know they are moving in their own truth. Conceptually this makes no sense, but it feels peaceful and right. The animals I move with are coyote, deer and crow.
Honoring the Cosmic Dimensions of the North American Continent
Nov. 21st. Despite toning it was nearly impossible for me to enter this sequence. My personal and family experience of this deep division kept me walled in. The blue fractals only begin to feel reachable after the giving thanks at the end. It seems I have to give up all effort at guiding this process for anything to move in me today.
Nov. 25th. Again, the foto helps a lot. I feel the blue tube of light as the night vault of stars, and then as Mary’s blue mantle of space that holds the Christ child-Man, all nature and all human structures. It is the stillness with sparks of light in it.
After extending the blue light through the continent, kind of thru the air, I feel it wants to ground. Then I feel the blue tube as the blue central breathing channel in every human body, with the red channel connected to the the left nostril and the white channel connected to the right nostril. (Ida-pingala- shushunma). I realize these are the colours of the flag of the USA, red, white and blue. I see every flag in the country with the white stars against the blue background- this is the blue light connecting our continent with its star, the silence and all-accepting vastness of Mary’s mantle, this is the background from which the 50 states and their stars come forth. The red and white stripes are the masculine and feminine, sun and moon, action and wisdom of the ida and pingala breathing channels, left and right of the central blue channel, where ignorance is dissolved. Every flag waves our source, our state stars and the left-right dualities that balance each other. Every person breathes thru red, white and blue.
Nov. 21st Very, very grateful to companions in this network. I felt this is a far better place to be than where I’ve been recently. I see and accept my dependence on the landscape I came from and move in now. I ask the ancestors to unblock me so I can carry their work thru me now.
Nov. 25th A very deep bow to all the organisers of this shared moment and to all beings who participated. I feel stronger and clearer now. Many thanks. 


It is a privilege to be living in North America at this time. We are not alone; there is so much support from the spiritual realm. May we take on our tasks with love and joy. Thank you for organizing this wonderful opportunity to be of service.

Nina from Slovenija

When we come together I could feel us present in a common purpose, spreading love for Earth’s creation and bringing balance within our human family.

Above the time spiral, in a space of creative time that we all share, I see us gathered in a circle, on a golden disk that spins slowly. Various beings of Cosmos support us with the formation of fine plasma to protect us and at the same time this plasma represents the medium of co-creation.

The fine structure of purple light, which we co-create with breath, is arranged into light patterns encoded in cosmograms. These light patterns flow in a current rhythm around us and expand over the landscape. The divine presence distributed horizontally and boost up in all living beings of the continent. When huge amounts of coins start to rattle, a festive atmosphere is created that inspires the banknotes to begin to rise in a beautiful dance. The feeling is magical. The magic is further enhanced as the masses of money in the treasuries loosen. From this density, money begins to dissociate over other continents in certain forms. First, I see how the spiral of money descends over Africa and how cosmic beings intervene in anchoring banknotes into the hands of overjoyed, smiling people of this continent, who are having a lot of fun in this act. Even more money begins to rise in a dancing rhythm from the lands of Europe, where the rulers wear the crown. Money from other continents, in an elegant, peaceful dance, forms huge structures over individual lands, where cosmic beings then transmit banknotes to humans. A huge cone shape is made over Russia, into which people step in amazement and surprise and gather it with respect. Each continent, country and nation makes contact with money in its own rhythm and pattern. It is no longer possible to concentrate money in individual areas. This pattern has disappeared. Money is difused and flowing freely between the people and cultures of the Earth.

With the help of elemental beings, mineral particles begin to rise from the earth throught all America landscape in which the memory of ancestors, their knowledge and wisdom are written. Mineral particles are interesting to the people with their beauty and uniqueness and they start collecting them one by one. As they are brought them closer to the heart space to astonish at their beauty, these minerals sparks and interact with the hearts of individuals, so that people also begin to shine from their heart spaces. Astonishment and happiness in the waves floods the continent. The whole process is supported by the mighty creatures of the landscape and the ancestors of the ancient indigenous peoples of America. A very powerful process.

We make a huge circle in which geopuncture rocks form the core of a pillar of light that spreads across the entire continent. The interaction between minerals, human consciousness and cosmic fractals is established in an instant which I feel as a pulsating sensation in my body. The cosmic inspiration of the founders of the United States reconnects with the consciousness of the today people. The festive wave floods the people. At this point I spontanously sing to help expand the proces. In this re-established consciousness of primordial values, the people of the American continent, who is essentially a conglomerat of all cultures of the world, unite. They unite in a sovereign network that weaves and expands by including each individual in a peaceful, harmonious society. They consciously cocreate with different realms of dear Gaia.

Big gratitude and blessings to all present from all realms who cocreate this amazing workshop.



Christel Meissner

November 21, 2020 – “Dedicated to the Wellbeing of the North American”

Having invited my friends from North America I found myself in a trusted circle of humans. With all of us an ethereal globe made of translucent layers of membranes formed itself and it felt safe to work within this globe that stretched according to the needs.
Standing and breathing violet light towards the geopuncture circle “28 Aspects” a formation of 4 x 7 = The 4 corners of the world, came to me. Keeping up the breathing for quite a while the suffusing of these healing energies started to reach the American people, landscapes, all beings…
After I had started to hum the Mantra “OM” it turned into a deep drumming rhythm, and a vision of the ancestors came up. The “OM drumming rhythm” finally changed the rattling of the coins into a deep heart drumming. My arms and hands started to move in circles distributing the banknotes into the parts of the world where desperately needed. The transformed banknotes rained down in sparks of divine love. It reminded me of a rain making ceremony I had witnessed in Taos, New Mexico, where it finally rained after the several hour-long-ritual…
Imagening the light tube filled with electrons of blue color rushing through was only possible within the globe we had created. Trust the drumming and humming in my heart resonates in the hearts of the American people. The ancestors of the American nations and their connectedness to the land and all beings was very palpable.
It was again a deepfelt honor to be a part in this circle of participants and I will see you in the repeated workshop, thanks everyone!


Dear Friends, thank you for creating this space for us to practice this wonderful work. Although I was not aware of the three stone circles, nor even really where they were (!) I still found a good connection to them all. For me the creation of the time spiral at the beginning was particularly helpful in that I was able to release myself from my own time and move into the collective or ‘quantum’ field of time. This enabled me to connect to those who had already completed the meditation ( mainland Europe ) and those who were still going to create the meditation ( USA). This was extremely helpful and something that I will do in all future meditations as I felt strongly the etheric bonds/threads between many of us. I will briefly describe some ‘highlights’ below’.

1) ‘28 Aspects’

The breathing around the stone circle was strong and powerful, I had a real feeling of connection to many people. When I turned my attention to the money I felt increasing resistance to our efforts to ‘hack’ into the American currency. The coins presented a yellow/black resistance to me ( gnome like) and tried to repel me with painful feelings and thoughts about myself – “you are worthless!” This pain moved me to tears and required an effort to transform this feeling . By connecting to the above described time spiral I was able to do this. The notes and particularly electronic money were harder to experience, I kept being told “ I am not here”, showing the hidden nature of electronic money. I did manage to allow the ‘dance’ to happen but I think I would need to practice this more.

2) ‘Parallel Worlds’

This was extremely moving as the sufferings of indigenous peoples were brought up out of the earth: grief, sadness, suffering, loss, pain, anger, depression, suicide. It was very black,but also very cathartic.I connected to all the indigenous people I know which created a recognition, release and a rising. Remembered that all light workers need to look down to Gaia as well as up to the heavens.

3) Cosmic dimension (Angelic)

Creating the pillar of light around the stones was beautiful and strong, I loved mixing the cosmic and the earthly with my consciousness and then allowing it to penetrate the stones. I also loved the way the stones rayed this energy out. After that I ran out of energy but felt great hope that the collective work of evwryone else was able to radiate this energy further into the world. Again I felt more practice is required.

Thank you to all who organised this, it felt real and joyful and important. I will repeat it on Wednesday to hopefully deepen my practice. 💚

Martin Krausch

Tuning in
When the time spiral lifts up our space, I get the impression that it is not grounded any more. So when “landing” in Foxhollow, it is important to re-ground it by having roots growing from the sphere into the ground.
When inhaling from my inside, I feel that I am using a great deal of my power and that it would not be enough to perform the task at hand. So I ask the European continent to support me with its power. This creates like a two-step transformer, first step converting the energy of Europe into my own and the second step where the cosmograms transform it into the breath of Divine presence.
When the breath spreads over the continent, the current president of the USA appears (I interpret it as the old system which he represents) but he dries out, shrinks and in the end disappears.
When the money spreads out over the whole world, it transforms itself into soft rain which makes all dried-out landscapes fertile.
Parallel worlds
First, the lost knowledge cannot rise up because there is some barrier like a layer of glass which keeps the knowledge confined in the earth. It is the music and rhythms of the American Natives which has the power of breaking this glass layer and set free the old wisdom.
In this context I receive the information that this is the important role of the national heritage centres in the USA and Canada.
Emerson Wood
It is very hard for me to concentrate, I have the impression that strong counter forces within me try to prevent me from doing this exercise. So I draw back and try to shield the rest of the group so you can do the work.


Experiences from the meditation.

Group atunement:
Here, the only thing I would say is that in the last meditation of the Atom of Life we had to imagine the spiral happening at the same time in the corcle and inside of ourselves. This indication wasn’t there this time. So I did imagine it inside of me and somehow the feeling of helping participants that couldn’t reach the frequency came into me. So I hope I helped.

The 28 Aspects of Divine Presence on Earth.

This meditations was extremely activity and creativity demanding 😉
We all came around the stone circle and we started breathing. I approached to see how the Cosmograms where permeating their message to the wind that was dancing. Little by little I was experiencing that something was not so fluid and my hands started to get cold. I took this as a body signal for the imagination! The country was cold without our wind. So I imagined the USA Landscape cold and frozen as we were concentrating a warm and gentle wind with the aspects of the Cosmograms.
Then I insisted in giving the Wind the essence of the Divine Presence and the warm wind started blowing through the landscape. Then came the currency. And I hold the two qualities at the same time present in my heart: Divine Presence in all Beings and the Flowing Currency.

When the moment of going through the Globe came, obstacles arose. At first if was lots of chains holding all the money frozen and stuck. So I started with my voice and gestures to break all those chains and the inspiration of some past workshops came: I was breaking the chains in different “Categories”:
– One was to break the chains that belong to things that don’t belong to this time anymore. The broken chain I sent them to the belly of the Black Goddess so she can transform them.
– Another quality of chains were given to Saturn and his rings so he could digest/recycle them.
– And finally a last group of the chains that belong simply to forces that don’t belong to Earthly evolution: this were made into black particles surrounding our circle and as the enter inside where transformed into white butterflies and then sent to their stars of origin.
This was so intense. At the same time came into my mind a shaman that appeared in my dreams tonight, from the far south of the American Continent. Magically my wife next to me (we do the meditations together) started to play a drum as she was herself also in an intense experience. With her playing and my voice we did a little ritual to take the obstacles away.
Afterwards I had to bow to the ground to give thanks to that shaman of my dreams. My feelings were very connected to them. I feel that the flow of the currency was made, although I was occupied by another aspect of this in order for it to happen.

Honor Different Beings and Dimensions of Life.

Curiously the last exercise ended with the image of a shaman of the far south of the continent (Argentina or Chile) with snow. Then I read the following step and it was about the present and past cultures that know how to honor and collaborate with different realms. It was a smooth transition.

However I don’t know if it was because of the efforts of the last exercise or something else but it was hard to start the imaginations moving. After a few trials of going through the steps I had to write down what I could extract as the essence of the steps in order to do my own steps.

I had to enter in connection with my own rational mind and to become aware and to admit that what was making my entry difficult to the exercise were the words “cultures that knew and know how to honor the sources of life and how to cooperate with those beings”. Why were those words difficult for me? Because I didn’t wanted to admit that I don’t know what is to honor the source of life, and I do not know what is to cooperate with different Dimensions consciously. Here are the moments in this kind of meditations when I find myself in front of something new and somehow I am disoriented. At that point I could enter in the meditation. Going through the steps and when the image/feeling of the cooperation with other Dimensions and the honoring the source of life came I had the “let things happen” knowing that the Invisible beings and the fellow meditators of the workshop where there.

I had an image when the people could unfold their eyes that we somehow could realize that we ourselves and the Land that we acted upon where wounded. To be humble and realize that as a wounded civilization we start to experience the collaboration and honoring the different realms of life as babies that learn how to stand and walk.

I would say that this step was more about simmering down and to first realize my own process and that I do not know everything.

Honoring the cosmic dimensions of the North American Continent.
As we joined in a circle around the stones and the light tube rose to the constellation I found myself disoriented again a little bit. This was due to my “every day life” thought that cultivates an image of the United States as a country that has done more harm to the whole American continent and other continents in the late History of wars. So connecting the circle with the Constelations that is and has the original inspiration of the creation of that country put me in a space that I did not know. I was again in front of something peaceful. And that is something that I am not used to. Therefore it was as if I was suddenly put in a space where all my references are gone! I simply stayed there and letting things happen. Saying into myself that the beings of other dimensions and the activity of my fellow meditators would do the job.

When point 4. came (letting the radiation touch the heart of american people) I had first to let my heart be touched. It is hard to experience such peace when much of what I have build myself as an image had another color. But I was indeed touched and very grateful. The inspiration is very deep and light bringing.

Point 5. the visualization of peace among cultures, races, religion and politics took into it all of the Continent. And the image that helped my was of the Organs of our body. Each organ is extremely different, the don’t mix in the sense that the heart is the heart, liver is the liver, and so on. But they communicate and work together. To this I added the connection with the circumscribing space, representing the earth.

Thank you very much for this experiences.


Attunement: During the group attunement, very large, dark, smooth round stones entered my consciousness; their presence joined our circle. North America appeared as having a kind of net over it, this net felt chaotic with noise, chatter, different opinions, projections.

Aspects of divine presence on Earth: From the geopuncture circle, the violet breath streamed into Earth touching a deep archetypal energy which seemed to come from some very ancient culture of the Middle East. I was surprised to find it here. It felt like an ancient dark matter which absorbs and transmutes illusions. The spreading of the violet breath brought a sense of ease and harmony. The dance of the currencies took on a heart energy and there was joy as lightness in their freedom to circulate.

Honouring different beings and dimensions of life: Connecting to the beauty wisdom of the past and present cultures, the Native American injustices emerged as a guilt bond wishing to be freed. Grounding in the present, Gaia’s energy like crystalline frequencies rose through these blockages and awakened receptivity to elementals and connected with divine custodians/ cosmic angels who are overseeing the evolution of this part of the world.

Honouring the cosmic dimensions: The light tube felt very strong and I felt its impulse to soften. As it softened, it released many small shimmering stars/ particles which permeated the surrounding spaces and further beyond. This cosmic glitter dust is absorbed by beings all around and the landscape. There was a sense of being renewed and some kind of cancelling of karmic debts which are no longer relevant. I received this glitter in my being and felt spaces opening up within me.

Thank you Marko, LifeNet friends and all the beings who support us for this collaboration. Having spent nearly 1/3 of my life in the US, I was happy to revisit North America and telepathically experience its inner dimensions through this workshop.

Andrea (Cologne)

Dear lifenet co-workers,
during attunement I sense many (power)animals and native ancestors joining our group. Building our circle we reach out our arms horizontal – there is light streaming out of our finger tips to our neighbours.A powerful connection establishes between the participants. The energy of the one is potentiated by the many.
Our respirations synchronize, circulate in waves round the stones and pouring out to the country. The coins and banknotes begin to dance ecstatically, the banknotes grow wings and fly to places and other continents where they are needed. They are pouring down there as seed grains and raindrops which develop into wonderful plants bearing nourishing rich fruits for everybody. I begin to tone and it sounds like an old native Indian melody. It is like a transition to the next meditation sequence.
Native ancestors and beings drum and sing their wisdom and support out of the earth, coming up as scents and sounds. They can be smelled, heard and felt. People who get aware of it, take away the bands from their eyes to find out more about these delicious scents. Others sense the rythm of the drums in their feet, wipe out their shoes and begin to dance joyfully and unrestrained.
Gathering around the stone circle in Emerson Woods, the Blue Stones of the Preseli Hills in Wales ( from which Stonehenge was built ) came into my mind as if they wanted to support the process. The energy circled around, spreading in the surrounding and over the whole country, touching the heart of many people. But likewise there are humans staying untouched. The energy is bouncing off or is diverted around them. At the same time there is a disturbance in the outside caused by one of our cats. Regaining attention I get aware that these untouchable humans are completely covered with an armour. Only the soles of the feet are uncovered. They have to touch the earth with their naked feet to get in contact with the energy and anchor themselves. But the choice to do that is up to them. Again I begin toning until the conclusion of our meditation – especially e-vowels in all variations.
Many thanks to you and all beings supporting the workshop, to Marko and Lifenet team and to all the busy translators. Wishing you all the best till we meet again,

How beautifully experienced and described💜 Thank you🌹

Gabriel Alden Hull

Writing from beautiful Whistler, BC where I now live, but I have had the pleasure to be born in the eastern United States and to live in Northern British Columbia, where I met my spiritual ancestors.
I want to describe the utter joy the money felt in flowing flowing to all peoples and in particular the peoples who care for the spaces in which they live and eke out the harvest of the lands. It was difficult to connect with the patriarchal presence of God. Last night I read from the journals of Cotton Mather, a sincere evangelical living in Massachusetts in the 17th century who was led astray in his imbalance to spur on the Salem witch trials. I wanted to hate him and to mock him, but this brought only similarly unbalanced impulses in me, which only compassion can heal. This brought the light of the true patriarchal impulse which I can see shining in the best of fathers and leaders today, a knowledge of their duty to protect the sacred and to nourish their people, a striving for wisdom. The joy in the creative powers they were able to tap when they set down the founding ideals which deserves reverence so its true strength may emerge.
When calling to the Indigenous wisdom of the land and its peoples, I could not stop in North America but remembered that we are one America. The trees and the land feel the deep wound of the Panama canal and are suffering from this severing from our primordial source in the Amazon. The trees here in the Northern hemisphere ache for their ancient roots and long to share the cooling breath of the mountain air and the pale golden sunlight of our winters to balance the passion and the burning that our source is facing. I hope we in LifeNet can help with this.
Then at last when we offered the opportunity to remove the binds upon our visions, I wanted to be ready with gauzy veils to mute the light and allow for convalescence while we adjusted. This compassion is required for all of us as we recognize the wounds we bear on this continent, the wounds our ancestors and we today inflict by participating in paradigms whose pillars are untruths, the wounds we have walked by without deigning to notice and the karmic wounds we bear at the severance of our souls. A bandage is needed as we come into the light.

Mei Kadic

Dear Gabriel,
Im deeply touched by the image of the cutting in the Panama Canal. I was never aware that the north and center of our continent was cut from the deep source of the amazon. I live in Argentina. and Im very interested in doing a workshop to recovered our continent as a whole and heal the ancestors and our deep wounds.
Something that happened a lot to the people here in the south is that when a person is named as American only because they are from USA. Lot of us cant help to feel a bit uncomfortable, because we are also americans.. or maybe we need to rename our continent as the Bolivian and Guatemalean women does, they name it ABya Yala in Maya means “Blood that runs Free”.
In case we can start a work together with the people from the north I leave you my email in this coment .


Orit Loyter

I needed quite a long time to connect to a place of peace to start the work. And then the spiral lifting out of time was like a miracle of a space of peace and presence of many beings.
910 aspects of the divine- I could feel as the violet breath spread that and arrived to people three archetypal ways it was received. For the awake people it brought inspirations and new ideas to help the Earth and evolution. Then there where heart people who it made them connect deeper to nature and its beings. And last asleep people or influenced by anti-evolution beings, I could see the breath cutting their connections and they became dizzy and helpless, floating around like lost children. This continued also into the steps with the money and all three were part of creating a new economy of well being for all.
940 felt the deep pain of the past and incorporated the “tear of mercy” into the sequence. Then I saw the wise teachers of the past cultures born as babies born to families where the family love acts as the healing of the pain of the past. And that made it possible for me to feel in myself all of the parts of humanity and the need of the Earth for all our parts to awaken together to her pain and to cooperation. It was a very strong and healing experience.
1020 honoring the cosmic dimensions- it was more difficult for me, but there was a moment when the ancient wisdom from rising from the ground met the cosmic radiation carrying the modern idealism of the founders.
I bowed very deeply at the end, with a feeling of such deep gratitude to this work and all beings involved,
Love Orit

Michal Yakir

The importance of connecting to the availability of old knowledge was great. One more issue become clear: not only we neede to make old. Knowledge available. We should make ourselves, our modern selves, available for the old, elementalsas, plants and old earth.
I felt earth rejoice.
It helped when connected to earth’s hurt…
Thank you for joining hands. It was great

Iveta Šugárková

I’m really looking forward for today’s meeting. I’m curious about dancing coins and banknotes. Money was created by man and still is being misused against human, against their free will. Money does not yet contain the quality of justice and truthfulness. That may change after today… 🙂
9.10-9.40 – The power of purple breath with cosmogram qualities has turned into a purple transparent energy field and is slowly, like a silk scarf, descending over all landscape of the North American continent.

  • Coins began their dance, which has the energy of shamanic ecstatic dances.
  • I invite the coins that residents have in their wallets to join the dance. Nothing happens. The wallets are empty. A monitor with numbers, a credit card and a large black distance between them will appear.
  • Banknotes in safes leave metal prisons. Surprisingly, more money comes from private safes in rich houses. The poor have only virtual money.
  • Money will reach the poor. Smiles and creativity of people grow. Image of flowers growing out of the desert. Love and joy become valid currency.

9.40-10.00 – Arlington National Cemetery comes as the first imagine. A small puff of white smoke hovers above it. Nothing more is happening here, in the East full of cities. I asked “how does the memory of that lost knowledge rise out of the ground to inspire people by knowledge and wisdom stored by ancient cultures in the memory of the continent in the wild nature, on the West”? 

  • flowers, bushes, trees begin to grow from the surface of the lake – their scent is all around and they exhale wisdom and truth into the space. People can be just in their presence and breathe. People are beginning to realize the destructiveness of the mainstream reality.

During the break, I am looking among the photos from my trip to the USA, which lake appeared to me in meditation. I estimate Crater Lake or Salt Lake. It’s Salt Lake. And now my racio is rumbling that there can’t be no life in salt water. Even the impossible is now possible :).
10.20-10.40 – I can’t join, I go back to the beginning to attune with the group, I enter the membrane-protected sphere and I get up in creative time. I loud toning to overcome the blocks. I perceive this part very weakly, as from a large distance.
THANK YOU to all!!

Fransje FM

Thank you Maarja, I love your Divine Universe golden thin leaves falling over our Earth like rain!
And thank you Marko! I loved the powerful start with deeply breathing IN and breathing OUT Violet Light coming from Within!
In the part where we Honor different Beings and Dimensions of Life to open up all Human Eyes to past and present cultures that knew and know how to honor the sources of life and how to cooperate with those beings, a HUGH TOTEM POLE arose in the Center of America representing all the different natures of ancient and present Wisdom, and is blessing and radiating all directions of North South East and West of the USA and Canada.
Thank you ALL! And ALL Beings!
In Love

Vidar, Sweden

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to co-create.
9.10-9.40 It was easy to breathe with the power of violet, it was there immediately.
After the collapse of the unjust economic system everything was calm. When I asked how do we build up the new? I felt and heard the continous Divine breath – it is already there and has always been there. We can listen to it and support it. We are part of it. (We do not need to construct a new (m)antropocentric system.)
9.40 – 10.00 With the ancient wisdom we can meet the challenges of this age of profound change – a gesture came: lifting listening hands welcoming the profound change, prepared to serve it. (We dont need to be afraid or try to secure or protect what we have, or try to stop the change. We can welcome the change and listen to what it is about and ask how we can help. And act.)
Thank you.

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Nelly Gluzman

The violet breath forms a big spiral of violet flame,  spreading wide through the country. 
9- Banknotes join the rhythm and form wide spreading spiral in the air.
12- The words ” economic system of the planet collapses” caused an inner sense of fear and resistance. I used toning and then more exact  picture appeared – not collapse but sprouts of new and more enlightened  relationships, including economy, start to sprout in different countries joyfully like  herbs sprout here in our land just now after the first rains, to gradually replace the old systems. Those relationships start with consciousness and people are in integrity with their inner truth. People ask forgiveness from one another for being not fair, not really responsible, for being aggressive or unfrank towards one another, for destruction. I could feel deep and sincere repentance toward people and towards Gaya. 
Then Fair economical relationships are emerging reflecting the inner consciousness of generally fair and benevolent relationships between people and  towards all beings.
Anarchy vs hierarchy: when each being has inside them inner integrity, responsibility,  compassion and wisdom and acts from those qualities – then really hierarchy of power is no more needed. 

4. I felt the need to perform the Tear of Mercy for forgetting the connection with all beings of Earth.
Distributed the Tear above all the continent  and observed how people start seeing and seeking for the wisdom of connection to the Earth. People find connection to one another through greening cities and desert, growing nutritious food and bees, reconnecting to Gaia. 

10:20- 10:40 
I feel that this part is more exact to be the first part of the Workshop. When came to this part, I recognized the qualities that came to me in the first part (about new economic relationships). I felt that the economical relationships reflect the inner qualities of people: conscience, integrity, wisdom, compassion to each other human and Earthly beings, openness to dialog, peace between people and nations.  On the basis of development of those qualities, the new economy can emerge, not by way of collapse but by a way of grassroots growing and replacing gradually the old patterns. 

I give thanks for all participants and beings for this work! With love, Nelly Gluzman, Israel

Maarja Joost Thorsén

Attuning to our group I felt airy, huge, protected, positive, togetherness. Decisivness.
-A merry dance of all kinds of currencies throughout the world ocurred.In the end there came from the Divine Universe golden thin leaves falling over our Earth like rain, very dense, beautiful, shiny and reflected warmth, love, freedom.
-Like an immense forest of shining pillars rose from the earth, for everyone throughout the country to enjoy and take in the ancient wisdom. You just have to open your heart and let it imbue you.
When I saw how all the different people so lovingly embraced each other and the elemental beings rejoicing around them, my body reacted like releasing a heavy burden that I have been carrying. A smile of happiness started in my face and spread to the whole body. THANK YOU!


Good morning Lifenetters and all Beings supporting this work. Thank you Lesley for keeping us in touch, for the translators and Marko and all involved in the structures in Kentucky. I’m in the presence of a beautiful sunny Tasmanian morning, in different company than usual as the Goddess of America comes alive from the Statue of Liberty and the Ancestors of all nations join with, Michael, the Eagle and the Condor, horses , knomes, crystalline beings and myriads of busy micro beings seeking the light – somehow to th delight of my elemental being. Beautiful membrane of sound and colour. Formed in concentric circles from Kentucky where the sun was setting over a wide sky out to NY, Washington, Alaska and her ancient peoples and the southern ancients.
Hard to get violet light at first – gold, green and brown spiralling through me deep into the deep time of Earth then rising in joyful voice revealing a baby and spreading out the violet in flower of life patterns singing back to the cribs of humanity with Shekhinah, huge African beauties. The cradles then started rocking back and forward across the planet and sacred sites as the coins rattled with cooking pots and banknotes flew about with bedsheets, skyscrapers danced with cliffs and trees and the violet breathed peacefully over all countries and dominions of Earth.
With the huge powers of primordial life, I had a huge coughing fit until fresh waters could flow and restore welcome memories and inspiration of true life.

In the break I hung out my washing and people just walking by commented on the beautiful day and how blessed we are. I looked up Emerson Woods Kentucky to refocus on the geopuncture circle but got a list of sex offenders in Kentucky. This tapped readily into humanity as raped and rapist, abused and predatory showing how much we need to learn about the sacredness of Earth, all life and sexual unions. The Angels were quick to hop in to help showing how they shelter sexually abused children and hope we will acknowledge this and allow the children to speak of it.
I felt Plaedian presence in the circle, Actuurian blueness pulsing in bubbles. Was very tumultuous for a while with the energy still feeling very invasive and dismissive – still like sex offenders. I felt raw, exposed and vulnerable and couldn’t seek nourishment from the Earth until I had something worthwhile to offer. I could then feel Earth’s longing and wanting? Are we to birth the rapists child or allow the Angelic world and new star seeds in to fill her. I was calmly present to that possibility and committed to holding that space.
The Statue of Liberty grounded that energy in hope and Freedom with the assistance of the Ancient mothers of the nations who offered true compassion to all. An amazing experience of a deep time bow from the highest to the infinitesimal. Such gratitude. Such tears. Such wonder. Blessings to all as the sun opens us to our own time.

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