Sunday, October 11th from 8pm till 9:35pm dedicated to the challenges of this moment and to the question how we would like to develop our network.

The workshop will be repeated on Saturday, October 17th at 9am (in the morning!).

The combination of the “covid pandemic” with accelerating “climate changes,” coupled with the migration crisis and the rise of despotic regimes that do not care for ecology issues, might in a short time lead to a collapse of the vital-energetic systems of the Earth. We need to support Gaia and her elemental worlds so that the Thread of Life stays preserved.

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate.

You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish Hebrew and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page: or at

The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassador

You may invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust to this workshop by distributing the program via e-mail.

Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm in the evening of October 11th according to your local time.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the timetable.

8pm–8:10  Group Attunement

  1. Although we are widespread across Europe and beyond, we feel the presence of our community that has come together because of our love for Earthly creation and a sense of shared responsibility for the life of the Earth.
  2. Next we need to create the space composed of etheric membranes in which our workshop will take place. Ask that these membranes may also protect us and hide us from forces that try to reverse the evolutionary path of the Earth and humanity and to block our creative efforts.
  3. We ask for the support and cooperation of all beings from different realms of the planet that ensure the development of life upon the Earth.
  4. Use toning during the workshop when you feel to do so, perhaps using vowels, especially if your work gets stuck!

8:10pm – 8:25  First Exercise

Due to the crisis situation describe above one can imagine that the continuation of life upon the Earth will not take a linear path – rather, a kind of a quantum leap to another frequency level. We can use the following exercise to experience and consequently to embody this new level upon which the vital organism of the Earth already functions.

  1. Imagine that you stand on a little piece of ground that is not much larger then that covered by your feet. Surrounding and extending around you cold water that seems to be boiling. Take time to enter into the corresponding feeling.
  2. Then imagine lifting yourself 2 to 3 inches above the ground. Remain there for a while to adapt to the new frequency level.
  3. Still “levitating,” turn carefully around to face your back space. Work on perceiving the quality of the new space.
  4. You can also turn 90 degrees four times – one after the other – so that you face all four cardinal points of the circle to gather different experiences of the new space of reality.
  5. Then remain in inner peace for a while so that your cellular memory can remember the experience. Share it telepathically with your fellow beings, be it elemental, animal origin, or human.

8:25pm to 8:40  Second Exercise

The new multi-dimensional Earth is so different that we may get lost in the new conditions without a strong bond and communication channel connecting us to our personal elemental being. The human elemental being represents a holographic piece (a fractal) of Gaia consciousness within each human being. This being inherits from Gaia the knowledge needed to become an elemental master, able to guide us through the challenges of the transition leading towards the new space of reality.

  1. The presence of the personal elemental being is focused on the axis between the end of the breastbone and the heart muscle. Find your point of entry into the exercise along this axis.
  2. With your imagination then move toward your back space. Without stopping there continue to the place about 8 inches below your feet.
  3. There is an inter-dimensional portal that you need to pass through. You can imagine it in the form an ear of the needle, a mandorla or a bright star.
  4. After you have passed through the portal enter your body at the point where you have started your travel.
  5. Perhaps repeat the exercise few times and make yourself friends with your new guide – a precious aspect of yourself, helpful while you are walking the path of embodiment.

8:40pm – 8.50

Take a break to digest the experience or to continue exercising.

The above exercise can also be used to deal with the personal health issues. To do so you need to show the elemental being the location of the problem – perhaps with the help of your thumb and index finger connected – and a few times touch the corresponding place on your body.

8:50pm – 9:05  Covid 19 Theme – First Part

Viruses are the tiniest members of the universe of microorganisms. They guard the door between the causal and embodied worlds to secure only those patterns that can enter the manifested world and be embodied are in tune with the matrix of life.

Three of the portals that lead to the manifested world were broken so as to make the manipulation of manifested life possible at all levels – what we presently are experiencing in our world. Consequently the work of viruses was reversed to become a horror to human family. Let us first work with reconstructing the backbone portal (door).

  1. Establish your connection to your personal elemental being as described above.
  2. Then go with your attention to the upper part of your coccyx. In that location between the vertebrae, a red horizontal triangle is positioned as a door for primeval (dragon) powers to enter our body. The base of this triangle has been broken, making the manipulation described above possible.
  3. To recreate the triangle we need to breath through this triangle. While breathing imagine leading your breathvertically through that triangle. Move with your breath up and down between the lowest chakra under your feet and the highest chakra above your head (as far you can reach with your hand).
  4. Spread the knowledge of the renewed backbone portal among the human family.

9:05p.m – 9:20  Covid 19 Theme – Second Part

Two other inter-dimensional doors between the causal and embodied levels that are misused are located in the region of the head. One is found at the back of your head where the connection to the ancestors and descendants is focused, and the other one is in the center of your head. There the capacity of human brain to create visions is misused to fabricate imaginations of nonsense and disorder (that manifest afterwards).

  1. Imagine a horizontal golden circle at the level of both centers positioned around your head, representing the matrix of life.
  2. This time you need to guide your breath horizontally through those two centers so that their true function will be renewed.
  3. Inhale from the point in front of your forehead, so that the flow of the breath runs backward to the point behind your scull. Then direct the exhale flow left and right along the path of the golden circle till you arrive at the point in front of your forehead. A second inhale starts…
  4. Spread the knowledge of the renewed head portals among the human family.

9:20pm – 9:35  Network for Life (LifeNet) Theme

The Network for Life is needed because the disastrous effects of the ongoing “climate changes” and resulting disorientation within the human family cannot be dealt with only at the rational level – nor can it be dealt with only through spiritual practice. What is also needed is the knowledge of the Earth’s geomantic systems, contacts with the parallel evolutions, like the elemental one, and it especially needs a rather large group of people who hold deep connections to Gaia, the creator of the Earthly universe. We focus upon the question how to develop LifeNet in this direction as­ the network this year celebrates 20 years of its activity.

  1. Imagine us, those collaborating in this telepathic workshop, standing in a circle around the material Earth globe together with our friends and with beings from different realms of life.
  2. Then feel how the material Earth opens like a flower and imagine that a whole cluster of spheres come out of the Earth, some more, others less transparent.
  3. Each of them is home to one of the parallel evolutions that constitute the universe of the Earth – which includes our sphere of the manifested world with the human family together with minerals, animals and plants.
  4. What kind of communication and activities do we need to support or to develop so the Network for Life (Lebensnetz) can secure the Thread of Life, so that the Thread does not break under the pressure of present day circumstances?

9:35pm  Conclusion

  1. Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds.

Stay connected with LifeNet. If you are not yet on the list you can send your mail address to

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Christel Meissner

Returning from a holiday on the island of Crete, where I participated in both telepathic workshops, it was unique, since the landscape is a strong manifestation of the elemental worlds of water, air and minerals. The rock formations express the primeval dragon energies, one place is even named “sleeping dragon”. I connected with these energies during my holidays and especially during both telepathic workshops, sensing the dragon exercise we did in a former telepathic workshop in waking the sleeping dragon under the Red Sea.
On October 11 I had difficulties in concentrating during the exercises, however, practiced them during the week until the repeat on October 17. The levitation exercise went much better and the visualization of the portal exercises, too. Keeping up the practice and noticing the openings and enhanced energy flow…
The Southern Cretan landscape mirrored the qualities of the New Gaia with her elements of water, air and minerals, and I felt one with the myriad of translucent shades of blue, grey and white.
The exercises increased the awareness of my personal elemental being at the back and I felt the power of concentration of our joint work in the heart.
Thank you all for this love service!

Marie Agnès

ATELIER TELEPATHIQUE du 11 octobre 2020
Agnès Gauthier
20h-20h10 :
L’espace éthérique a des difficultés à se placer. Lorsque je demande de l’aide aux différentes dimensions je sens l’espace arrière se placer et donner de la consistance à la membrane éthérique.
20h10-20h25 :
1 sentiment de légère insécurité.
2 soulagement, dilatation, légèreté.
3 Qualité du nouvel espace : sphérique, en expansion, légèreté, l’espace arrière est aussi présent que l’espace avant.
Contraction quand je me tourne vers le sud?, expansion clarté pour les autres dimensions.
Pour moi le partage s’est surtout porté sur le monde animal comme s’il sortait d’une gangue et se sentait libéré.
20h25-20h40 :
J’ai senti++ le portail sous mes pieds et je sens qu’il facilite ma communication avec Gaïa.
20h50-21h05 : Triangle horizontal
Je sens comme un piston qui monte et qui descend et quand je laisse faire le mouvement naturellement ça s’ouvre et ça se ferme à l’endroit du triangle.
21h05-21h20 : cercle d’or
Densité, consistance presque douloureuse, je sens que quelque chose est remis en action.
Puis resserrement plexus/ventre, je ressens le besoin de chanter puis d’utiliser le portail sous mes pieds pour m’ancrer à Gaïa. Là, je ressens une amélioration mais une barre demeure entre le haut et le bas au niveau de mon diaphragme.
21h20-21h30 : Réseau pour la vie
Je vois la terre comme une fleur qui s’ouvre et qui se ferme et me vient une image d’un plessis (réseau de tiges d’osier entrelacées qui sert à maintenir les rives d’un fleuve) comme la nécessité de tisser un plessis autour de cette fleur.
Me vient l’idée de créer de petits groupes de partages des expériences vécues lors de nos ateliers télépathiques (maxi 10 personnes qui se communiqueraient leurs expériences) qui apprendraient à se connaitre et créeraient entre eux des liens et qui, ensuite se relieraient de proche en proche aux autres petits groupes jusqu’à faire tous ensemble un plessis autour de notre bien aimée Gaïa.
A ce moment mon diaphragme s’est détendu.
M’est aussi venu l’image de danses paysannes, de rondes qui autrefois célébraient la terre : retrouver ensemble la célébration et la joie.

MERCI à Marko et merci à vous tous…
J’ai hâte de découvrir les idées qui vous sont venues
Oui, nous sommes vraiment appelés à devenir ensemble des artisans serviteurs de LA VIE.


I am glad that we keep repeating the telepathic workshops, so they become more and more familiar to me.
I got a whole new relationship with my personal elemental being. At first I saw myself hugging a child in an almost maternal picture. During the exercise and the hint that there is the possibility of becoming an elementary master, our relationship changed at eye level. I am really surprised that I have someone in front of me whom I can ask for help and confide in them. It’s very redeeming.
I am really relieved about the healing of the dragon portal of the primal forces. Thank you for this common breath.
I experienced the 2nd part of the Covid19 topic to heal the portals in the head with the breath as a step that really required COURAGE. My personal elemental being shows me an essential oil being, the Colombian páramo pine, which I asked for help with. This created an awareness that I could look at myself and then breathe through it. Thank you for our healing work together.

To look for our lifenet, I was curious to see what would come. I really enjoyed the ascending orbs from the flower of the earth which were all showing and where ours was one of many. Something has arisen in me that has not yet spoken and yet feels new and familiar at the same time. And I’m excited to see what would like to unfold. It is more likely that I am approached from the area (Umkreis).

Maarja Joost Thorsén

1st exc – My body became lighter, almost etherical.A very pleasant state of existence. A strong feeling of nearness and belonging with all the beings part of this meditation.
2nd exc – A very beautiful and needed exercise for me. I have tried to approach my elemental being some time. This exercise helped me to come closer. I think I have a mental blockage that I need to let go of. Thank you!
Covid exc – 1st- A very healing exercise. I felt a lot of joy when informing our human family about the renewed backbone portal.
2nd Covid exc – A difficult exercise. I had to make the elemental being exercise and toning vowels in between to get help. My neckspace got very activated in the end and I feel I am a small part of the renewed head portals. But we are so many……
Lifenet theme – Lovley exercise! We need this kind of unity. We need to go on with these telepathic meditations and feel the unity from everyone. The monthly meditations help us to get more sensitive to Gaia´s needs. Exercise is vital to understand more and be more supportive to the world and its beings. Ask Gaia what she needs!
Thank you Marko and your theme for the wonderful work you are doing!

Margaret Lange

Good morning. I have just lost my second postpositions and now it’s not showing me what I write at all. I seem to go elsewhere with telepathic hugs of appreciation and gratitude along with humbly accepting the privilege of to continue connecting to this flowering Libensnetz on a regular basis at least until we’ll into next year. After all the exercises – I trust who needed to know saw them before my notes disappeared, I saw a black whole of possibility and i/we were funnelling the unknown from that to the unknown through our connections. Thanks again until next time,
Margaret xo


Greeting from the Northwest of Oregon. This is the second meditation I participated with this group and my inner alignment has been very synchronicity. I open one of Marko books on my shelf just a few days before the meditation and felt I needed to go his website. We have just come through the Oregon Fires here in the Northwest. Without my knowing Marko’s work with St. Michael the Arch-angel, I had very similar experiences when I lived in Menton, France in 2008 with the dragon-lines, Pan and St. Michael.

My own small garden is like a Living Book that always shows me the truth of a situation. One day before the first meditation, right next to my daily water offering bowl…I found an infestation of little black eggs left by white butterflies….The plant was so bad I had to pull it out!, which rarely happens in my garden…In its place I left behind a garden gnome and green heart shape rock…When I did the part of the meditation of the transformation of the Covid as black spots into Butterflies…I got it!….The second meditation the day before a friend gave me silk handprinted covid mask….After the second meditation, the next morning I looked closely at the new mask and there on the mask was a handmade painting of a forest and the image of the Body of Gaia. Gaia was subtle painted over the forest with a bloom flower blooming coming out of her body! It was just like the meditation of flowers blooming from Gaia.
My awareness of understanding the Dragon-lines began when I was a trail guide in Mt Shasta, Calif in 2003. I have learned a lot from walking on the Dragon-lines while praying over the years…but what I did not know until a few weeks ago after reading “Universe of the Human Body” by Marco how the Angelic Kingdom is connected to the rising of the Dragon-Energy. My own practice since 2014 has been reciting the rosary of the 9 Choir of Angels. Just another synchronicity Aha! moment that I am in the right place for the right time. I am Thankful for each one of you and May a Shower of Blessings be given to each person in this Circle….<3 for showing up….. Raylene Abbott


Telepathischer LifeNet Workshop vom 11. Oktober 2020
Notizen von Farah

Telepathic LifeNet Workshop: October 11th 2020 (English: please see below)

Als wir uns unter der grüngoldenen Membran versammeln, spüre ich nicht nur die menschliche Gruppe, sondern auch andere Wesen, die ich aber nicht sehen kann. Beim Tönen wollen tiefe Töne ihren Weg finden.

Es ist nicht angenehm, auf dem kleinen Stückchen Erde zu stehen – umgeben von brodelndem, kaltem Wasser. Kaum levitiert, verändert sich die Atmosphäre – sie fühlt sich jetzt leicht und sehr angenehm an. Hinter mir befindet sich ein großer Bergrücken; vor mir liegt das Meer – sehr ruhig und klar. Das Tönen kommt jetzt leicht aus dem Brustbereich heraus und alles erscheint sehr friedlich und harmonisch. Ich drehe mich ein paar Mal in alle Himmelsrichtungen, um die Szenerie in mich aufzunehmen. Dann schwebe ich voll tönend über dem Wasser – zusammen mit den anderen.

Ich wiederhole die Übung mit dem elementaren Wesen einige Male und verbinde sie mit meinem Atemrhythmus: Mit dem Einatmen steige ich am unteren Ende des Brustbeins ein und steige mit dem Ausatmen die Vertikale hinab – an der Wirbelsäule vorbei bis unter die Füße und durch das interdimensionale Portal, das sich mir als silberner Stern präsentiert. Mit dem Einatmen steige ich wieder hinauf bis zur Höhe meines Brustbeins.

Nach mehreren Atemzügen schüttelt sich mein Körper – ich fühle mich jetzt ganz leicht, auch größer, und fange an, mit meinem Körper leicht zu schwingen, während sich meine Arme um den Körper herum bewegen. Das Tönen klingt jetzt hell und leicht.

Ich zeige dem elementaren Wesen meine schmerzende Körperstelle und fühle, wie sich dort eine silberne Kugel manifestiert und Stoffe aufnimmt, die dort nicht hingehören. Die silberne Kugel bewegt sich durch das silberne Sternportal und verschwindet dort.

Ich verbinde mich dem Elementarwesen und stelle mir das rote Dreieck am oberen Ende des Steißbeins vor – den Eingang für die ursprünglichen Drachenkräfte – und atme durch dieses Triangel hindurch; ziehe den Atem von dem Punkt unter meinen Füßen durch das Dreieck hindurch bis über meinen Kopf. Nach einer Weile entsteht der Impuls das Becken sanft zu bewegen und zu tönen.

Bei der nächsten Übung atme ich durch die Stirn ein – durch die beiden interdimensionalen Portale im Gehirn, zuständig für die Visionen und Imaginationen, und das am Hinterkopf, das die Verbindung zu unseren Ahnen und Nachkommen aufrechterhält. Von dort atme ich aus, indem ich den Atem auf dem goldenen Kreis, der auf dieser Ebene um den Kopf herumführt, leite. Dadurch entsteht eine Ruhe und der Kopf beginnt sich kreisend zu drehen.

LifeNet Thema: assoziierende Gedanken: Nur gemeinsam können wir es schaffen. Nötig ist Demut, denn wir sind nur ein winzig kleiner Teil des Ganzen. Und doch ist auch der kleinste Teil wichtig für das Gleichgewicht des Ganzes. Wie oben, so unten, wie außen, so innen.
Liebe – allen Wesen gegenüber und uns selbst.
Dankbarkeit für die Geschenke, die Gaia und das Universum für uns bereithalten.
Schönheit als leitendes Ziel.
Liebe, Harmonie und Schönheit.


Telepathic LifeNet Workshop: October 11th 2020
notes from Farah

As we gather under the green-golden membrane, I not only feel the human group, but also other beings, though I cannot see them. When sounding, deep tones want to find their way.

It is not pleasant to stand on that little piece of earth – surrounded by boiling, cold water. As soon as levitating, the atmosphere changes – it now feels light and very pleasant. There is a large ridge behind me; in front of me is the sea – very calm and clear. The tones now come out slightly from the chest area and everything appears very peaceful and harmonious. I turn a few times in all directions to take in the scenery. Then I float over the water, sounding full tones – together with our group.

I repeat the exercise with the elemental being a few times and connect it to my breathing rhythm: with the inhalation I step in at the lower end of the sternum and with the exhalation I descend the vertical – past the spine to under the feet and through the interdimensional portal that presents itself to me as a silver star. As I inhale, I climb back up to the level of my sternum.

After several breaths, my body shakes – I now feel very light, also taller, and begin to swing my body slightly as my arms move around my body. The toning now sounds bright and light.

I point to my painful part of the body to show it to the elemental being and feel how a silver ball manifests itself and absorbs substances that do not belong there. The silver ball moves through the silver star portal and disappears.

I connect to the elemental being and imagine the red triangle at the top of the coccyx – the entrance for the original dragon powers – and breathe through this triangle; draw the breath from the point under my feet through the triangle and over my head. After a while the impulse arises to move the pelvis gently and to make sounds.

In the next exercise, I breathe in through my forehead – through the two interdimensional portals in the brain, responsible for visions and imaginations, and that at the back of the head, which maintains the connection to our ancestors and descendants. From there I breathe out by directing the breath on the golden circle that goes around the head on this level. This creates calmness and the head begins to rotate in a circle.

LifeNet topic: associative thoughts: we can only do it together. What is needed is humility because we are only a tiny part of the whole. And yet even the smallest part is important for the balance of the whole. As above, so below, as outside, so inside.
Love – towards all beings and ourselves.
Gratitude for the gifts that Gaia and the universe are providing for us.
Beauty as a guiding goal.
Love, harmony and beauty.

Thank you!!


Tuning into the group and beings from other realms who support this work, I was again connected to the beings of the seas and oceans. I sensed that the deep inner connection to our presence allows us to orientate in the new Earth space. It felt spacious but formless around us with golden light.

Levitating above the ground, I began to feel uneasy. The boiling water was hissing with greyish smoke like little volcanic eruptions all around. I felt a little afraid. When I turned around to the backspace, my body also wanted to turn upside down. Facing the four directions, my body also spun on an axis in different directions. I became like an electron but it felt chaotic. The waters of the seas and oceans connected to Gaia which I felt earlier then helped me. I became like a plant and a bee came to me. I also felt the creatures of the sea like turtles. But it was strange like I didn’t know how to harmonise these sea and ocean waters with the boiling water space.

The exercise to connect to the personal elemental being was extremely helpful. I did not get a strong visual of my elemental being, but its presence was remarkable, like l could sense myself and the different parts of my body through this elemental perspective. Everything moved very slowly through the elemental presence, like it was capable of processing energies.

The recreation of the triangle was challenging. It took many minutes of sounding before I felt the triangle recreated. Breathing through the head portals, I became a giant flower like a chrysanthemum.

Connecting to LifeNet, there was huge heartfelt creativity and community. I sensed LifeNet opening pathways to exploring and bringing awareness to all the different dimensions of life in the Earth cosmos.

Today I am dealing with a personal account hacking issue like as we move forward, counter forces try to pull us back. I’m grateful for the big gift of connecting to the personal elemental being and for this opportunity to discover and collaborate.

Agnes Hodel

Liebe Mitmenschen und Mitgeschöpfe
Mir ist am Sonntag um 16 Uhr plötzlich eingefallen, dass abends der telepathische Workshop stattfinden wird, habe aber zuvor beim Sonntagsspaziergang zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben einen Eisvogel übers Wasser fliegen sehen und später nahe an meinem Wohnort eine alte Eiche mit zusammengewachsenen Ästen, die eine Mandorla bilden, gesehen. Beim letzten telepathischen Workshop Mitte September hatte ich grosse Mühe, den Übungen zu folgen. Gestern ist mir dies etwas besser gelungen.
Anfügen möchte ich zum letzten Punkt: Welche Art von Kommunikation und Aktivitäten brauchen wir, um das Netzwerk für das Leben (Lebensnetz) zu unterstützen oder zu entwickeln, damit das Netz dem heutigen Druck standhält? – hier kamen mir bereits beim Vorbereiten die Gedanken: Fearlessness / Angstlosigkeit. Vertrauen auf das Gute. Achtsame Zuwendung.
Beim Geomantie-Rundgang eine Woche zuvor am Samstag im Zürcher Sihlwald haben wir von den Elementarwesenheiten die Botschaft erhalten: Veränderungen sind gut. Und beim Wahrnehmen ging mir der Satz durch den Kopf: Die Weisheit des Himmels und der Erde in unser Herz fliessen lassen.
Herzliche Grüsse


Vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Möglichkeit des gemeinsamen Wirkens!
Die neue Ebene aus Übung 1 hat sich mir als ein paradiesischer Zustand gezeigt, voller Schönheit, Leichtigkeit, Freiheit und unendlicher Liebe.
Bei Übung 2 wurde mir ganz heiß, es war als würde das pers. Elementarwesen wie ein ätherisches Doppel in mir und um mich herum wirken. Es war eine freudige Begegnung, ein freudiges Wiedersehen. Der Raum wurde ganz hell.
Die Portale haben sich für mein Gefühl nach jeweils ca. 10 Minuten wieder geflickt, sind wieder klarer und kompakter geworden.
Bei der letzten Übung habe ich eine Verflechtung der sichtbaren Teilnehmer*innen mit den unsichtbaren erlebt. Ich wünsche mir, Euch regelmäßig telepathisch zu treffen und glaube, es ist gut, sich in kleinen Grüppchen und sei es nur zu zweit , auch “materiell” zu treffen, um zu üben.

Kata (Budapest)

Thank you all for last evening!
I felt love pulsating in our group, and the protective membrane covered and also linked us together.
In the new space I felt everybody and everything to be very close and connected in a light way. In this space time was/is different, it is always NOW, there is no past and future.
During breathing through the red triangle portal I felt a sense of peace and stability growing and settling. I shared this with my friends, and other people.
During the head portal work I felt the exercise very inspiring. I believe many people should do this in order to find focus in their lives. I also felt my headspace expanding, and that we in the group were all connected on this level.
In the last part I sensed that the spheres coming out of the Earth had “hard” surfaces at the beginning. So when they bumped into each other, they bounced back to the other direction. I sensed that the spheres should have a softer boundary, so they meet, they do not bounce back, but softly move on together, or permeate one another. It is important that the other realms and parallel evolutions know we (humans) are consciously aware of them. We should make an effort to let them know that we care and are also ready to live in a more conscious way with them, learning from them.
For the future I had the inspiration to have telepathic workshops/exercises to consciously connect with the different elements and kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal… and above human). To focus on the evolution of these elements and kingdoms, and on how we can develop together.


Thank you for this rather wonderful exercise. It felt very important to both connect to my elemental ( a new and surprising experience) as well as working with the portals. One answer I received at the end of as Global Eurythmy- movement and gesture created with love and sent around the world 💚

hana mortimore

Thank you, this was the first time I participated in the telepathic workshop. The instructions to the exercises are very clear and the time given for the exercises is sufficient. This was a wonderful experience, thank you and I look forward to the next workshop.

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