March Letter for LifeNet 2020

March Letter for LifeNet 2020

Dear collaborators of LIFENET 2020 Gathering!

The rather shocking events of the last weeks – nearly the whole Europe in the Quarantine – show that the purpose for our gathering starts to reveal, also why we need to meet at this point in the evolution of the Earth and of humanity and what the creative challenge of the gathering could be.

We hope still that the conditions beyond the quarantine will allow us to meet in person, otherwise we will have to work on distance.

My name is Marko Pogačnik, president and founder of VITAAA Association that organizes the Gathering. Within the organizational team I am responsible for the content of our work together. I am lucky to have taken part actively in all of the LifeNet Gatherings, but I’ve never experienced such strange and dramatic circumstances as this year. We, organizational team, will try to cope with the situation and move with it.

My perception is that the constitution of the new Earth space is now ready to be born unto the manifested level. This creates a complex situation. On one hand her sacred places need peace so they can act in the birthing process; in effect they were empted of turists quickly by the threat of the till now unknown virus. On the other hand the virus crisis is used by the ruling classes to create chaos upon the Earth and frighten people globally so that their hearts get closed and the Earth can not count on the human help in the process of manifesting the new space. The human qualities of the heart consciousness are inevitably needed in this process but get blocked by fear.

In the given circumstances we should not wait with our Gathering till July. To make it happen in this or another way and to play a creative role in the planetary changing process we should start to work together now. We have a good group together about 80 participants, you, from different countries and 20 from the Slovenian preparation group.

Since the most countries are in quarantine I start to do my workshops on the telepathic level and discovered that it is possible now. And so we decided to start working together with you, members of the Gathering, on the telepathic level.

My idea is to start during the Easter days in April. I would prepare one or two workshops for example on Friday April 10th maybe also on 13th. You will receive workshop plan with exact timetable and proposed exercises. Then we will wait for your reports on perceptions and proposals for the next step. Organizational team will then prepare next workshop or meditation.

Do not hesitate – now is the time for heartfelt action – even if it comes into realization on distance. 

Love from Marko and the preparation team!

March 26st 2020

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