LifeNet Telepathic Workshop, “Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life” Sunday, November 1st

LifeNet Telepathic Workshop, “Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life” Sunday, November 1st

LifeNet Telepathic Workshop, “Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life”

Sunday, November 1st and repeated on Saturday, November 7th, both starting at 9.00.

The general theme of the workshop is to connect in new ways to the network of life and to protect it at a time when it is threatened and endangered as never before.

We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.

The workshop program can be found in different languages on the Lebensnetz web site or the website created for the LifeNet Gathering 2020 in Slovenia,

Please also read the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.

Be sure to have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the timetable.

9.00 – 9.10  Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race that love the Earth and her nature kingdoms to join the circle. Be aware how it feels as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. Now we also invite elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. Be aware how it feels as they stand with us in the same circle.
  4. With the help of imagination we create our workshop space. The space has a spherical form composed of several layers of subtle membranes. Working inside during the workshop will help us to stay grounded and concentrated. If interferences come up during the workshop, go back to this protected space and continue from there.
  5. If you get stuck at some point you can use toning to overcome the blockade. Loudly sing vowels or other tones that you feel to be appropriate for the situation.

9.10 – 9.20  Protection for the telepathic method of work

Working along telepathic lines we use the “internet of Gaia,” the network of consciousness held and sustained by the elemental beings. Powers that oppose our work may try to break in and weaken our work together by influencing our personal elemental being. To do so they use the forgotten portal (inter-dimensional door) at our back. This portal is located at the level of the lower end of the breastbone, which represents the focus of the personal elemental being.

  1. Touch the lower end of your breastbone with your finger and feel the corresponding point at your back.
  2. Imagine a horizontal light channel running through these two points from infinity to infinity. We will clear this channel by breathing through it.
  3. Breathe in from the infinity point in front of your body until you reach the point at the breastbone. Pause briefly, then breathe out toward the infinity point behind your back.
  4. Continue in the opposite direction, again pausing briefly at this same point.
  5. Breathe like this for a while and then feel your pure connection to the elemental world.

9.20 – 9.40  Tuning to the Earth transformation process

The proportions and relationships between the Elements of creation are in the process of intense change. Because the majority of humanity is not aware of the transformation process, we experience increasing disorder in human society.

The Element Earth releases its primacy in building the manifested world. Now the Element Water with its perfect memory, combined with the Air Element (consciousness), becomes base of our reality. A dream from October 23rd 2020 brought to my awareness that we already exist within a world that is comprised of 60 per cent Water – while the input of the Earth Element is decreasing. We do not perceive this shift because we are attached to the world image of the past and we continue to think and act within the old space patterns.

  1. Imagine that you stand upon the Water surface of a serene lake. Bow down several times and throw water drops upward into the Air. Create an ambience around you composed of Air and Water particles and perceive its quality.
  2. Then notice that the lake surface is covered with a thin layer of ice, which represents the new role of the Earth Element. The ice is so thin that in normal circumstances it could not hold your weight. But here it holds you in combination with the Element of consciousness (the Air).
  3. Walk for a while upon the Water surface and become accustomed to the new constitution of reality that is in the process of manifesting.

9.40 – 10.00  The primeval Atom of Life should be returned to Gaia 

Over the past two weeks I have received dreams about powers upon the Earth that are not of the Earth and nor of truth. In the process of Earth changes they are obliged to leave the planet because their time, according to the cosmic clock, has passed. As they leave the planet they try to take with them Gaia’s primeval Atom of Life and use it for their benefit. The primeval Atom is the key that Gaia uses to create the Earthly cosmos. It can also be called the Matrix of Life (look at the Appendix). Its quality can be experienced through resonance written into the palms of the human hand.

  1. Hold one hand open in front of your body and with the fingers of your other hand drum rhythmically upon its center. Stop, and feel the resonance with the primeval Atom of Life stored within your heart space.
  2. Hold one hand open in front of your mouth and breathe through your palm. Stop, feel the resonance with the primeval Atom of Life.
  3. Kiss the palms of your hands to feel the resonance with the primeval Atom of Life.
  4. Form a little ball with your hands that vibrates with the Matrix of Life and place it within your heart

10.00 – 10.20  Break for coffee or a piece of chocolate and write down your experiences

10.20 – 10.40  Support from the spiritual world is needed

Since the majority of humanity has sunk into deep sleep, the primeval Atom that we carry in our hearts is unprotected. The ban on cultural and social life was created with the help of the manipulated Covid virus to dry out the relationships between the spiritual world and humanity. This drought can be misused by opposing powers to take possession of the Atom of Life that human beings must guard.

We ask the world of human ancestors and descendants for help.

  1. Let us build many temples dedicated to the primeval Atom of Life as a venue through which the spiritual world can provide protection.
  2. Choose one of the sacred places that you know and love and build such a temple there.
  3. Make the ground even and place there the Matrix of Life similar to the one presented in the Appendix. This is the foundation of the temple.
  4. Position high pillars of light around the foundation to create a vertical channel through which those members of human race that now abide in the spiritual world can approach the primeval Atom of Life to protect it.
  5. Position the levitating golden ball of the primeval Atom at the center of the temple.
  6. Create extensions around the central temple to serve our fellow human beings so they can approach the primeval Atom of Life and experience it.
  7. Cover the temple with colored membranes of protection.

10.40 – 11.00

The mythical symbol of the Atom of Life is the Holy Grail. Its embodiment upon the Earth is called the microbiome – the large family of microbes that permeates above and below the surface of the Earth and its atmosphere. For billions of years the microbiome has been making Gaia’s creation of life upon the embodied level possible. Up to 48 per cent of the human body is composed of microorganisms – the remainder is our own cells.

  1. Imagine that your body is composed of miniature particles – cells and microbes.
  2. The particles of your body do not stick to each other but float freely in the space mingling with the microorganisms of your environment.
  3. Take time to feel how it is to be part of Gaia’s microbiome.
  4. Then turn your attention to the focus of your personal elemental being centered at the lower end of the breastbone.
  5. Your personal elemental being works as a magnet that pulls your cells and microbes together to create your complete body.

11.00 Conclusion

  1. We give thanks to each other and to those beings from different parallel worlds of Gaia that have supported us during our workshop.
  2. Feel the blessings of the spiritual world, its masters and souls that we know from our lives, present or past.
  3. Thank you for trusting my work and also those from LifeNet (Jelka, Yin, Simona, Marika) who have supported me while creating this workshop, as well as those who translate the program into different languages, Marko

Please send your reports to the address Thank you, Tea for taking care of that page!

The repetition of the workshop on Saturday, November 7th  is important to strengthen our input.

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ALOHA- ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön an Euch Alle, es ist überwältigend ein Teil dieser Erfahrungen auf dem Weg in eine neue Welt sein zu dürfen!

Den Tempel mit der erneuerten Lebensmatrix habe ich im Engadin auf der Halbinsel Chastè erbaut- in einem grossen hohen Lichtfeld. Die L<ichtsäulen entstanden in drei ineinender geschobenen Quadraten und der 13. Säule in der Mitte Da hinein senkte sich dann die goldene Kugel und formte mit der Säule zusammen einen grossen Kelch. Alle Wesen , Ahnen und Zukünftigen waren eingebunden- ein grosses Strömen. Und bei der Einladung an alle Menschen kamen grosse Ströme aus Afrika, sie waren einfach da, purzelten quasi in diese grosse Fülle- es war eine besondere Freude- soviel Verbindung!

Die Einladung zur Erweckung unserer Hände in Verbindung mit der Matrix des Lebens hat mich in ganz intensive Erfahrungswelten geführt:
Beim sanften Atmen in die Handfläche entstand durch den warmen Atem ein heilender Strom. Bilder aus unseren Erlebenswelten brachten mich in die reale Welt:
Kinder bekommen einen Klaps auf den Mund, wenn sie frech sind oder verbotenen Wörter sagen, wir halten selber unseren Mund zu, wenn uns etwas entwischt ist, wir schlagen die Hände ins Gesicht vor Verwieflung……neu tragen wir Masken aus Angst… unwillig und verärgert. Alle diese Gesten verbindet etwas Negatives, Liebloses. Angeregt über meinen Atem- Heilstrom bin ich lange bei dieser Übung geblieben, tief atmend, Wärme verstrahlend, heilend- alte Wunden, Selbstzensuren und das COVID Virus. …..und wenn wir es sanft in unsere Heilströme einbeziehen wollten. Ich spürte dabei soviel Stärkung und Vertrauen. Auch das ist für mich eine Heilungs und Wandlungsebene in die kommende Zeit.
Die Freundschaftund Verbindung mit der Welt des Mikrobioms spüre ich seither tief in mir.
Ich fühle mich stark verbunden- Danke!

Raylene Abbott

Nov. 7th. There were some very potent parts of this meditation this morning. When I was doing the breast-bone breathing with infinity, I had a deep experience. As I breathed and the infinity, the line passed through me, it reminded me of the timeline. When I breathed out my back, I could see the time-line that had other lifetimes, ancestral memories way back to the very ancient past. I could see old programs from different times in history that were not in alignment with Gaia…as I breathed these memories through my body, they were transformed. This meditation was clear and repairing the road on the timeline into the present and future. I saw on this road broken areas that were being mended. I remembered when I first began to discover the dragon-lines in Mt. Shasta in 2003. I discovered an ancient library written in the stone that made up the dragon line. I told one of the Tibetan Teacher I knew, and he said the dragon lines of great mountains hold the history of the Earth. I felt the timeline running through my breast-bone was clearing through my breath into the future ahead of me. When I did the meditation on the ice, I stood up physically. I do daily water offerings, so I flicked water from sprigs of fresh lavender that was also on my altar..this was not planned. It just was the natural flow of what was before me. When I stood up and did this, I could feel the air, water, and even the sweet scent of lavender in my auric field. It was beautiful. I stayed standing and began to visualize being on thin ice….when I began to look closely at the ice. It began to have patterns of ice crystals like snowflakes in rainbow colors of blue, indigo, green that began to expand and expand as I breathed with the new patterns being formed. The patterns before my eyes expanded across the ice, and with my breath and the feeling of love. The kissing of the hands felt like an act of self-love. The atom in my hand I visualized as the matrix of Gaia. It was so easy to see. The flower pattern reminded me of old-world flower embroidery on traditional folk costumes that dancers would wear at the Harvest festivals. I place the atom and Gaia’s matrix in my heart. The Atom temple I built in an extraordinary place: Dee Wright Observatory is an observation structure at the summit of McKenzie Pass in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The structure is an open shelter constructed with lava stone. This round shelter is right in the middle of many different Cascade peaks. You can move through the structure and look out window to a mountain peak and move to the next window which is directly aligned with another mountain. There are windows around the entire round building. This panoramic view enables you to see a whole range of different mountain peaks as you move from one window to the next. Some of the mountains you would see is the Three Sister, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood, Diamond Peak, and many mountain peaks. The observatory is the place I made the Atom Temple. I took my time visualizing the foundation and the columns, and I was delighted to place the temple in this place. The observatory is already built like a small temple. A circle of mountain peaks and all the connecting dragon -lines are perfect. I Thank each one of you that are doing this work. I bow to each of you. May your lives deepen in love, protection, and alignment. Raylene <3 And many thanks to Marko and the people that are giving their service to make these meditations happen.


As always ,grateful to be part of the group and the work.

Last week when calling in anscestors, indigenous tribes, native americans came in. Imagined desendents going all way back to Adam and Eve. A black winged serpert present. Jesus, Mary and also saints and angels.
Walking on ice, stumbled , others held my hands and together we were balanced.
This week no fear, walking on fine crystal web, light coming from feet. Communication web, very clear. Thought of Jesus walking on water.

Feeling resonance, seeing network of blood vessels carrying messages through body
Breathing through hands tingling into fingers was reminded again of layers of communication networks of my body, skin, bronchi, blood. Felt very hot as I gathered golden ball into elemental heart.

Built two temples at sacred place called Glendalough in Ireland. It is a place of beauty and grace consisting of two lakes surrounded by medieval church and St. Kevins cave, overlooked by waterfall and mountains.

My body as a Holy Grail mirroring
the temples we built. Golden ball as sun radiating light through the heart. Comforting to being held by Gaia as I freely flow in her loving embrace.

Martin Krausch

Due to external circumstances, I was somehow late in starting (according to the linear time frame).
The creating of the space works well as usual. When creating the time dimension, the old, technical world tries to interfere. The spiral first appears as a spiral conveyor made of iron and it takes some effort to replace it by an appropriate spiral of the time dimension, which in the end consists of multi-coloured light.
Only when this task is accomplished, I can forget my delay, calm down and concentrate on our work.

Protection of the telepathic method of work
First, the light channel seems to be obstructed by black matter, especially when breathing from front to the back. It needs some time to get it cleared. It is like returning the causal disturbances that have been manifested back to the causal realm.

Tuning to the Earth transformation process
The water surface carries me immediately. The new air / water ambience appears rather foggy in the beginning, but it is fun to create it and I feel all the other participants around me doing likewise.
The layer of ice is solid but at the same time I can reach through it to touch the water. It gives good hold and is not slippery.
When I release the concentration and open my eyes, the new quality of the water and ice layer are also transferred to my current surroundings, our house and garden.

Returning the atom of life to Gaia
It takes me three attempts until I feel a first, weak resonance in my palm. Only after kissing my palms, an intense column of energy builds up which I then can form into the sphere that I can place in my heart. This last part is easy for me.

Many thanks to our garden for the precious gift of a ripe, sweet apple.

Building the temple
At first, I have difficulties to find an appropriate place. Then I decide for Michlberg, a hill some kilometres away from our home, where there are the foundations of an old church and a new chapel on its summit.
The matrix immediately connects with the ground by forming roots. The pillars of light grow virtually by themselves. When taking the atom of life from my heart to place it at the centre of the temple, I have some difficulties caused by our traditional thinking: when taking it out, I feel it is gone from my heart, as it appears that one thing cannot be at two places at the same time – which is of course correct in the linear world, but not in the new dimensions. The Beatles song “let it be” comes to my mind and with it, I finally can place the atom in the centre of the temple.
The extensions / paths afterwards are created easily.
All that happened within 4 minutes of linear time. So I have plenty of time to integrate the temple into our space and time frame.
Again, it is necessary to renew the spiral so it does not turn back to iron.

First, I cannot feel the purpose of the exercise. I do it, it works, but what for?
After relaxing for a moment and thinking I am done, I have the impulse to try it again, focussing on the aspect of organization.
When I “dissolve”, all cells and microbes are the same. The personal elemental being gives them the organization, the division of the multiple tasks they are performing and by that creating my body, being more than the sum of its parts.

Thank you to all who are making this possible and who are taking part. Together, we can make a difference.


Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life – Sunday, November 1st

Impressions by Farah

Perhaps because of Marko’s reference to our creative time, I imagine our circle in the last night of the full moon. I greet some of the participants personally and notice that some tree spirits are approaching. In my perception, they are connected to certain people in my family: The more than one hundred year old white poplar from the Berlin Botanical Garden has already experienced and survived two world wars – just like my grandfather, who incorporate in the same year as her; a hanging beech that represents my father and offers protection to frightened and unhappy souls; the Persian oak, the family tree of my large family; the aspen, home to an infinite number of mistletoes, which stand for the healing powers of my grandmother.

From above I perceive a spiritual line of light that protects us. We all start toning – deep plaintive sounds come from my chest and throat, which slowly vibrate higher.

I find the exercise of breathing through the light tunnel between the front point of the lower end of the sternum and the opposite point on the back to be very cleansing and powerful. When I invite the elemental beings, I perceive them as shadowy beings who busily move back and forth through this tunnel of light and do some kind of work that is essential for the maintenance of our world.

In our spherical space we move over the clear and calm water surface of the lake, in which the moon is reflected. The drops of water that we draw out of the lake and throw high into the air fill our spherical space – the atmosphere feels light but at the same time develops a certain firmness. The water surface of the lake freezes and forms a silver shimmering surface that glitters in the moonlight. I break away from the group and dance floating over the lake, just touching its surface lightly again and again, doing wild pirouettes and although the dance is getting faster and more ecstatic, I feel an ever-increasing calm and silence inside.

After the practice of tapping the palm, breathing through the palm in front of our mouth, and kissing both palms, my hands form a golden ball that I place in my heart. It appears to me like a little sun and vibrates with energy – in resonance with the matrix of life. Ultimately, I myself become this little sun and dance through space – just like all the other beings in our group.

I have the intense feeling that we are all facing a great task and challenge that requires all of our strength to be part of a development, to reach a new level of being.

As a holy place (this time in broad daylight) immediately appears the highest mountain of “my” island in the Mediterranean, named after the prophet Elias. I place the matrix of life on its top and imagine pillars of light as entry gates for our ancestors and descendants so that they protect this matrix. The golden ball of the atom of life floats freely in the light space of this temple, which I cover with a colored protective membrane.
On the material level, this temple is protected by the monks of the monastery, which hangs on one side of the mountain like a bird’s nest high over the sea, and was founded by early Christian monks who came as refugees from Lebanon with a holy statue of Mary seeking refuge at this place that seems so familiar to them.

I imagine myself as part of a huge microbiome made up of bacteria and viruses that dance with one another in infinite space, form figures and repel one another again. I bring my concentration to the lower end of my breastbone, the seat of the personal elemental being, and see how it forms my body through attraction from different elements of the microcosm. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
My thanks also go to the tree creatures that represent my ancestors: white poplar, hanging beech, Persian oak and the trembling paper with mistletoes – the bush with red camellia blossoms also appears in my mind’s eye, symbolic for my other grandmother.
Thanks to Marko and all human and more than human beings from the LifeNet group!

Agnès Gauthier

Ressentis Agnès Gauthier
9h-9h10 : syntonisation entre nous :
Cette fois-ci ça a été plutôt facile. A l’arrivée des ancêtres j’ai senti un renforcement de l’espace arrière et quand je me suis reliée au monde élémentaire, j’ai senti une consistance légère et lumineuse très agréable se placer à l’intérieur de la sphère.
9h10-9h20 : Protection de la méthode télépathique
1 Je sens un blocage dans mon espace arrière, j’utilise alors l’équilibrage que Marko nous a proposé lors de l’équinoxe d’automne : équilibrer G/D et avant/arrière. Mon espace arrière se dégage et je sens que ça active la glande pinéale.
2 Canal lumineux horizontal : sensation d’ouverture à l’avant puis je vois un cône lumineux qui s’ouvre à partir de mon sternum puis j’ai la vision de mon crane ouvert avec comme une fleur lumineuse qui s’élève.
9h20-9h40 : syntonisation avec le processus de transformation de la terre
1 Gouttelettes d’eau et d’air : Sensation de légèreté, joie, innocence, confiance, sécurité, lien joyeux entre nous.
2 La fine couche de glace : Etrange sensation d’une nouvelle verticalité. Mon équilibre n’est plus assuré par mon ancrage au niveau de mes pieds, mon espace devient sphérique et je suis comme “assurée” par des dizaines de fils très fins qui me relient à toutes les directions à partir de cet espace sphérique.
J’ai à m’ajuster autour de l’axe vertical qui se crée à l’intérieur, je me sens un peu comme un culbuto qui ajuste en permanence son équilibre et sa verticalité. Ça travaille à l’intérieur de mon crâne.
9h40-10h : Rendre l’atome originel de la Vie à Gaïa
1 sensation d’activation au niveau de mon cœur qui crée un petit point lumineux très concentré.
2 Dilatation. Sensation d’un espace périphérique qui se crée autour de moi. Douleur côté gauche.
3 Une respiration centre/périphérie se crée de façon naturelle et du coup il se crée un espace consistant qui part de mon cœur et va vers celui des autres et vers le monde.
Quand je me relie à l’ensemble du groupe, je vois comme une pâte en travail qui gonfle comme une pâte à brioche lumineuse.
4 Je n’ai pas eu de difficulté à former la petite boule mais par contre j’ai eu de la difficulté à la placer dans mon cœur comme si mon espace avant avait à être nettoyé et structuré.
J’ai alors refait l’exercice de la St Michel : équilibrer G/D, avant/arrière (je le sens très utile et très efficace pour créer un axe beaucoup plus ajusté) et j’ai alors pu placer la petite boule dans mon cœur, c’était très intime voire sacré, discret et très délicat.
Là, a commencé à l’intérieur un mouvement en spirale comme la création d’un axe très fin, un peu comme le filament électrique d’une ampoule, un mouvement lui aussi intime et très profond.
10h20-10h40 Soutien du monde spirituel
Quand je place la boule en lévitation, je sens que ça active quelque chose au niveau du centre de mon crâne qui se met à vibrer avec la boule dans le temple.
Les extensions se font naturellement grâce à la connexion allumée en chacun de nos crânes en lien avec l’atome central dans le temple de la vie. Je me dis que nous avons juste à nous relier à notre glande pinéale et à nos proches en veillant à nourrir le mouvement avant/arrière mais au nveau de la pinéale.
Couvrir le temple : Je sens un mouvement expansion vertical comme si c’étaient des êtres spirituels qui montaient et descendaient et tissaient la protection. Là encore, ça se fait de façon très naturelle. Sensation de très grande sécurité, confiance, paix.
Quand je me relie au groupe, je ressens une difficulté à quitter mon endroit sacré puis je lâche et j’ai la sensation d’une nouvelle terre sacrée en construction née de la connexion réveillée entre tous nos sanctuaires sacrés re-suscités. Comme un immense mouvement qui commence.
10h40-11h :
1-2-3 : Elargissement et allégement de l’espace de mon corps (tout l’opposé du confinement !!!) comme une danse joyeuse entre ce qui est moi, mes cellules et les micro-organismes de Gaïa. Je me dis que c’est peut-être cela la clef de l’immunité, cette danse confiante et joyeuse entre moi et le monde de Gaïa.
4-5 : Sensation de concentration, comme si des forces étaient en travail pour remodeler mon corps à l’intérieur. J’ai juste à laisser faire comme une recréation par une sagesse très haute.

J’ai trouvé le travail de cet atelier magnifique et vraiment “opérant” dans la direction d’une nouvelle structure et d’une nouvelle verticalité. Je compte le refaire régulièrement parce que je sens à quel point le fait de refaire certains exercices qui nous parlent crée une réelle consistance en moi, un peu comme des abdominaux dans mes corps subtils.

Alors oui, encore une fois un immense MERCI à Marko pour son Inspiration et sa Créativité au service de LA VIE.
ET Joie d’être reliée à vous tous.

Nina, Slovenia

Dear all telepathic cocreators,

I experience the conection with the group in a beautiful domestically feeling and good will. When I invite ancestors and descendants into the circle, the feeling spills over into a festive atmosphere of mutual respect and devotion at the touch of two worlds. We are united through love for the Earth and its various realms. And when many cheerful elemental beings enter the circle, the feeling is glorious. How many of us came together for the same purpose! I am moved to tears.

The relationship of the elements that build up our reality is changing. When I throw the droplets around me, I notice that an air bubble forms around each drop of water, which connects with the water in a new way, because in new conditions it exists around the water, not inside of it, as before. The sun beams are trapped in these bubbles with a water core that absorbs light and reflex it like sparks. I feel magic when I find myself in the middle of this phenomen full of softness and flexibility.

As well as water air bubbles, a thin layer of ice is structurally connected to air molecules which gives it a new property of flexibility and softness. It spreads like a plasma around me. As I make a step, this structure adjusts to my feet and I step forward with confidence. It’s even fun, I make a rolling and another one. I feel playful, excited, happy, as I find it interesting to experience my body in new quality of space.

Gaia’s primeval atom of life remains Gaia’s despite of terrible attempts by foreign forces to Earth to abduct it. As I drum on my palm and resonate with the primeval atom of life, I can see in my heart space a beautiful, thick, strong, shiny hair waving in the powerful flow. I find out this hair belongs to a mermaid. The situation is unusual, as this great flow more airy than watery, acts with unimaginable force on the mermaid in the front part of her body. As I watch her, I see the mermaid laughing and almost enjoying this power of the flow and at the same time she is deeply anchored. I translate this to myself that the primeval atom of Gaia is safe.

When I breathe through the palm, a breath is established in the form of a stream of light. I inhale through my fingers a cosmic inhale from all sides of infinity … and exhale in a single wider stream of light through the palm in front of me. This process means to me that from diffused consciousness through focus we manifest, in resonance with the primeval atom of life.

The kiss of the palm awakens in me the need to form soft lines that are present everywhere in nature, in resonance with the primeval atom of life.

I feel increasing warmth, security and love in my heart speace.

I have built many temples dedicated to the primeval atom of life in sacred places. Great joy and acceptance is present during the creation of temples. I was especially touched by the sacred space of St. Bernardin. As my attention was focused in creating sphere with the primeval atom of life, the world of dolphins and whales blessing me with their presence, with a great willingness to protect and maintain the primeval atom of life in the temple.

I am deeply greatful that together we co-created such an important work for this moment.

Thank you Marko and all dear ones who contributed your work for designing this wonderful workshop that continues in our hearts.


beautiful, thank you!


9.00 – 9.10  Tuning into the group I felt joy, the community feels very big, strong, varied. Yet humans have a key role.
9.10 – 9.20  After many images that all felt rather mind created, I realise I’m missing the experience. Back to the body and the flow of breath is liquid gold, then just silver water on the thread of a spider web. Slender, light, simple.

9.20 – 9.40  Tuning to the Earth transformation process
First there was a nice sensation walking on frozen surface of lake, there was no feeling of the danger of falling on the ice because there’s some heat that allows every step to warm the ice a fraction. Then I was surprisingly grief-stricken … The warm step opens a hole in the ice to a hell realm below that turns out to be everyday life as it is now on the 3d surface, that is, our standard reality is revealed as torturous. Thousands of souls fly up to air and light and red beasts embroiled in pain try to pull me down. I use tuning forks to create a 5th chord so I don’t fall in, but I still feel a strong sense of piercing as in being tattooed or crucified. I place a pine roseta from the Nottingham Ent (taken from the ground where it had fallen) in each hand. Feel wings grow out of space between shoulders and a channel of soft, warm, yellowish light in the belly and chest, like I have the two thoraxes of an insect. No real resolution, still a feeling of being pinned onto a cross, but with the pine rosetas in my palms it’s not painful or difficult.

9.40 – 10.00  The primeval Atom of Life should be returned to Gaia 
I’ve had lots of pain at the base of my thumb and in the center of my back this last month, this tapping exercise made me realise those two zones influence each other. When I brought the hand close to heart the hand and the heart both felt like lily pads. There’s a frog and a fairy on the palm of my hand, the frog jumps into the heart. The fairy moves into the back area.

At the kiss the two palms and the mouth make a trio of caves. I form the ball, it’s golden, green and blue. But just as I’m about to place it in the heart area I remember violent scenes from movies of women protecting themselves from aggressors and I realize the ball carries the violence that’s now in women as we defend ourselves, the aggressors energy has entered us. So I tone, vocalize, ask the Christ Power and Gaia matrix to heal all of us, that it’s beyond me, I give it up to them, please heal all of us of our violence and confusion and denseness. This feels like the lifting of the chalice during the mass, I feel it lifted and made luminous by Christ/Pan and Gaia and placed by them in the heart area. I feel like a blade of grass or a frog, just in my place, along with everyone else in their place.

10.20 – 10.40  Support from the spiritual world is needed

I created the Temple on the surface of the lake from 2nd exercise, a lake in the forest from my childhood. The temple goes down into earth the same distance as it reaches up. The temple is inside me and outside at same time. It’s so beautiful, as if from a crystal fairy city. Yet there’s some sense of original shame, sin around it. When I open to the shame I realise I’ve tried to claim the ball and light as mine, and that that actually separates me from it. When I step into the flow of light the shame is gone, the sense of shame was bad alignment, now I’m aligned, letting the light move through me, not trying to hold it as my own.

10.40 – 11.00
Again, shards of glass break in that hold personal pains, collective violence and victimhood, it’s a very mixed picture as the microbes form the Grail, the Cup which holds our shame and the Divine Light, form and light, the membrane cut and whole. The slice is also the seal, the boundary is also the threshold. The Grail is Meister Eckhart’s Cup that is the membrane where human and Godhead flow into each other. I feel the Grail has to allow the fear and hate of the reactionary political-psychic virus to flow within it as well as love of life, yet I’m still a little chastened to find images of Trump and his followers in the Chalice mixed in with all the luminous beauty. The Grail holds it all.

Many thanks to Marko and the organisers and all who participated for creating the space for all of us, frogs, fish, fairies and rushes, and so many others at the pond. Janet


Spherical membranes around our group in a geometrical pattern like the flower of life. Then appeared an image of a desert landscape in a foreign land like another planet, this felt like something false which tried to divert my attention away from the telepathic work. In order to not allow this to enter the work, I connected to the flower of life membranes of our group. There also appeared dark goddess waters which transmuted the false image.

In the Earth transformation process, I am taken to Lake Bled with the presence of the fairy aspect of the castle on the lake and the elemental presence of the waters. I am shown that the new combination of water and air breaks through entrenched patterns of distortion in the human psyche. There was a brutal being which appeared in my dream last night, and the water and air suspended over the lake showed me it can dissolve such beings and twisted patterns.

The kiss on the hand brought to awareness the hand archetype’s sadness in being associated as a transmitter of something unwanted and linked with fear during the world pandemic. I sensed its desire to be restored to the divine aspect of humanity.

The Atom of Life appeared to me as a large flower in my hands. It wanted to be placed as many flowers floating along streams of water throughout the world, then reintegrated with soil and the dark waters. I got the sense I could return to this image of the flowers floating through the streams of the world to as an imaginative tool of revitalisation for the Earth.

I experienced a deep sense of aliveness connecting to the microbiome. The sense of the microbiome was first at the back of my pelvis, then moving upwards through the throat and sensory organs of the head, and then connecting with my heart.

With much love and gratitude for this opportunity to collaborate. Thank you Marko and LifeNet.

Maarja Joost Thorsén

-Enormous joy kept overwhelming me as we enlarged our circle. Tears came from my eyes and I felt a strong belonging and gratitude to our group.
-Reviving our elemental being. This was a very good exercise for me. I´ll use it every day. As I mentioned last time, I still feel somewhat blocked to the elemental world. But I am working on it!
-When we were standing at the surface of the lake, throwing water upwards, a cloud of Angels appeared. They were worried that we would drown.But we explained the situation and they reassured us if something would happen, they would rescue us. A very playful moment followed together, happily splashing water like a game. The same worry and reassuring of help appeared, when walking on the ice. I could feel the thinness of the ice, and how conscious I had to be balancing the elements. Demanding but wonderful! I felt myself becoming stronger.
-Wake up, wake up! Together with my ancestors, who came rushing around me, we definitely could feel the Matrix of Life. There was love, love, love! Only love will save the Matrix of Life.
-The temple became incredously beautiful, vibrating with light and colours. I placed it in the forest of my ancestors´ vanished house, to honour them and their good work on Earth.
-Very interesting! What an important task our elemental being has been conferred on. It makes me wonder? Does our elemental being follow us to our next encarnation?

Marko and your team, thank you so much for making this meditation possible. I really feel invigorated and happy to belong to a group that tries to strengthen
and protect our Earth.

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