LifeNet Telepathic Workshop for Hong Kong and China

LifeNet Telepathic Workshop for Hong Kong and China

  • Saturday 28th November from 9.00 to 11.00 in the morning, local time
  • The workshop will be repeated on Wednesday 2nd December 6.00 to 8.00 in the evening, local time.

The workshop is based on telepathic collaboration so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.00 in the morning on 28th November and 18.00 in the evening on 2nd December, according to your local time.

You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 homepage: or at

Last week’s telepathic workshop was dedicated to themes important at this moment for North America. To support planetary balance, the present workshop touches upon the themes which are important for East Asia, specifically China and Hong Kong.

This programme was prepared by Ying Li, member of the LifeNet organisation team and Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

You may invite your trusted friends or collaborators to this workshop by distributing the program via e-mail.

Please have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the timetable.

9.00 – 9.10 Group attunement

  1. Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are widespread across the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.
  2. Next we create our workshop space which is composed of fine spherical membranes which allow us to co-create and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes exclude any counter forces that try to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.
  3. Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level creative time where we are free from linear constraints.
  4. During the course of the workshop if you get stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome blockages. Return to the circle we have created and remember that you are supported by our group.

9.10 – 9.40 Swim and breathe as a pink dolphin

The revival of the wildlife in many parts of the world due to the pause in industrial activity amid the current global pandemic asks for the strengthening of our embodiment as beings of the Earth cosmos. There is a population of pink dolphins (Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins) inhabiting the waters surrounding Hong Kong in the South China Sea. Hong Kong is composed of many islands and a peninsula connected to mainland China.

  1. Imagine you are standing on a beach in Hong Kong and you go for a swim. As you enter the water, you become a dolphin. Swim through the waters as a dolphin being and feel the sensations of water interacting with your body. Experience the freedom in your movement as you swim through the seas and oceans. (You can help yourself with the Gaia Touch dolphin exercise – see the “appendix” below.)
  2. When you return to your human body, you can feel how constrained we are as modern human beings following the path of the rationally-based culture detached from the heart of Gaia. We need to restore the fluid movement of our body and consciousness that dolphins know.
  3. The block can be found in the coccygeal area where human beings should be connected to the heart of the Earth. There we find a narrow passage that needs to be opened and widened, not at the energetic level but at the emotional and consciousness level. We use breathing for this purpose – if it does not succeed, use toning.
  4. Breathe through your coccyx. As you inhale, bring up the love and life force of Gaia through the narrow passage of the coccyx. Guide this air flow along your backbone up and into the innumerable nervous channels on the left and right of your backbone.
  5. Next as you exhale, see the elemental world of the Earth’s mineral layers sucking in the poisonous substance from your nervous channels and transforming it into compost in Gaia’s underworld. Continue this cycle, breathing in love and life and breathing out the poison that has piled up in our bodies during the ages of our alienation from the Mother of life.
  6. Imagine that many people in Hong Kong and China being inspired by the pink dolphins start to practice this type of breathing. This type of breathing is now spreading throughout the world.

9.40 – 10.00 Pearls of peace and compassion

The Pearl River is the extensive river network in southern China which empties into the South China Sea. The pink dolphins inhabit the Pearl River estuary and Gaia’s life force energy in these waters has the impulse to flow further north and beyond.

  1. Imagine there are beautiful etheric pearls floating through the waters surrounding Hong Kong and these pearls take on the shape of a teardrop. As these teardrop-shaped pearls float up the Pearl River into its tributaries in mainland China, they become living beings with tiny mouths and eyes, microbes of compassion. See these microbes of compassion distributing in masses throughout the atmosphere of China.
  2. The microbes of compassion find their way to countless objects of human alienation separated from the purpose of life, like those in countless arsenals of weapons. Instead of flowing permanently, the waters of life are frozen in such objects. The microbes land on weapons and other useless objects of the modern civilization and melt them back into the water of life. This melted water then integrates with the seas and oceans which are imbued with Gaia’s resonance.
  3. As the weaponry and all other useless objects melt, you hear sighs of relief from people and nations and even further in the ancestral and spiritual realm. The narratives of power and superiority which had been forced to continue as tools of brainwashing are being released and transformed into tears of mercy and compassion.

10.00 – 10.20 Take a break to drink a cup of tea and write down your experiences.

10.20 – 10.50 Dragons igniting fire in our hearts and bringing togetherness

The wave of protests for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong and throughout the world carries the energy of dragons. The era of peace requires the embracing of the diverse cultures and backgrounds as represented by those in the areas around China- Hong Kong in the south, Tibet in the west, Taiwan in the east and Mongolia and Siberia in the north.

  1. Imagine there are dragons in the eastern and southern sea waters of China. These dragons are made of water droplets and they are part of the primeval powers of the ocean. As the dragons move, they make waves which disperse into innumerable droplets, touching the hearts of the people in China.
  2. As the water droplets reach the hearts of people, their eyes open and they see dragons not only as mythical creatures but they feel a dragon fire inside their heart, fuelling them to take heart-inspired action. Waves of people throughout the land and globally move like white dragons, in all the levels of life including the social, educational, economic and spiritual spheres.
  3. The entire country of China takes on the shape of a heart, and this heart is held by Tibet in the west, Siberia and Mongolia in the north, Taiwan in the east and Hong Kong in the south. The country is a glowing heart nurtured by the vital and spiritual qualities of these diverse surrounding areas.
  4. As the heart of China is glowing, consciousness of the elementals is awakened. Feel the pure joy of the elemental beings from the rocks, water, mountains, minerals, plants and forests as they are recognized and brought into co-creative efforts.

10.50 – 11.00 Conclusion

  1. We return and ground ourselves in our surroundings, releasing the circle and giving thanks to all the beings who have held us in safety and shared our experiences including our fellow telepathic LifeNet co-workers and beings from other dimensions.
  2. Feel the blessings of the angels of the Asian continent, the elemental beings and ancestral souls of Hong Kong and China who have been present with us. Thank you also to our Russian LifeNet friends Irina, Galia and Lera for their support in creating this workshop.

The experiences from this workshop can be shared in the comments section on

The repeated workshop date on the 2nd December is an opportunity to deepen our collaboration.


Gaia Touch exercise to connect to the world of dolphins

  1. Stand upright with the heels touching each other. Then open the feet as largely as possible to create an image of the dolphin’s tail.
  2. After that the front fins come into action. Position your hands so that they form a triangle in front of your heart centre.
  3. Then open and close the triangle few times as if you would wag the front fins. The movement represents simultaneously opening your loving heart.
  4. This way you entered the dolphin’s sphere of consciousness. Stand normally and start with perception of their world or go into dialogue with them.

Dolphins share among themselves a global network of cosmic consciousness. With the above exercise it is possible to tune into their network wherever you are, even at the shore of a lake where they do not live of course, and take part in the pulsation of their exquisite wisdom and love.

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Julia Thandiwe Felder

Workshop China/Hongkong 2.12.2020

First time joining a whole workshop in this format. It took me a while to get into it, I felt like someone from the group, an experienced male, helped me to get into it when both of us were swimming in dolphin bodies.My dolphin body was turning in circles, first I felt I might be doing something wrong in the meditation, but then i realised it is what is meant to be and this turning actually creates an energy burst. Generally I know the dolphins to make energy available for other beings – through their joy and playfullness. I see this energy to be sprinkles, which stay in the atmosphere, a bit above ground/water surface.
Pearl river with the microbes of compassion I felt as a strong group-imagination, like a channel that then holds land like in the closed head of a flower. When it went into a more fine layer, into even smaller microbes which enter all spaces with stuck defence-energy I heard a voice saying something ‘leave us in peace”. There was a resistence, which revealed the need/misunderstanding behind the defence. While this voice literally meant to say ‘leave us alone and go’, with a certain fearfulness in it, on a deeper layer it seamed to ask “relieve us in peace”. So the microbes came and relieved that which was blocked, into a flow of peace. The transformation process of that which was stuck first expressed itself as a beam of vomit – all that which was held inside and became ‘sour’ was vomited out. First it seemed to never and and I was not sure if it is all ready to let go and release. I heard a voice asking, if what is relieved will be really transformed. So I asked the waters of Gaia to show me what will happen with that which is relieved. I saw a pearl of that vomit to go into the sea and it was picked up by a beautiful jellyfish. With its slow, pumping, movements of its body, the jellyfish created giant pulsing circles of light in the ocean. The pearl, which was now having a creamy colour, now moved on and was swallowed by a big fish which could also swim above water (something like a big Thuna, but with a longer and bigger fin). When the pearl left the body of that fish it was clear – clear enough to go through the wall of a new dimension. Suddenly I found myself in that new dimension, in the physical world where I was meditating. It looked exactly the same – but was different. Knowing all this helped the stuck energies to let go of everything which can be let go.
When it comes to dragons I am always a bit careful – who are they? Do I want to connect with them? I am not sure with what which I know I can connect to, in order to connect with the dragons. The image of the waterdrop-dragons did not resonate with me, I could not connect to that. What I encountered was giant heavy reptiles/centipedes which moved so fast that it was hard to catch with the eye – but could be heard very well because of the movement of their scales. On the level of the energetic body they were very colourful and light, as fast as in the physical body. There was someone just in grey catching these colourful beings in a grey bag and I stopped and asked what he was doing. Something felt wrong about what I saw – thats why I intervened. After I asked he relived the colours in the bag at numerous flowers, with the flower heads having the same rainbow colours as the dragon’s energy bodies (not sure if it was because I asked or if he would have done it anyways). The flowers were light and were spreading themselves in the air all over the land – ready to be received.
Imagining the heart of china brings not the results I expect when I read the words of the meditation. I find the hollow shape of a heart and – on another layer – a heart which relieves itself from the red color towards the corner in the south. The physical heart I imagine does not connect to that which I would call the heart-energy. Only when a huge ladder/spiral rope brings someone from the centre of those imagined hearts into the sky, through the clouds, into the galaxy, from where this ‘someone’ sees gaia from outer space, the heart quality in what we call ‘China’ begins to rise. I start to understand what the problem was. There was no resonance to the words for the meditation ‘the heart of china / china as a heart’, because the name China seems to be only a human terminology, which does not have any resonance to the land and the elementary beings of the land we mean, when we talk about ‘China’. Of course generally the idea of modern nations has mostly very little resonance with the spirits of the elementary world, but it seems like some names for nations do have more correlation to the elementary landscapes and units than others. I found for example that the names ‘Sibiria’ and ‘Tibet’ have much more correlation than ‘China’ or ‘Hong Kong’. Insight: For the hearts of places to come alive we are asked to learn the real names of the land and the actual units it encompasses. I asked if there is a different name I could use for the land we mean when we say ‘China’. I tried ‘Kano’ (German pronunciations) and this time the elementary world (not of the whole land of what we call ‘China’, but of a relevant part of it at the center) reacted with a powerful aliveness-energy.
Finally I had a personal encounter with the white dragen. Oh how beautiful….I was allowed to touch it.
Thank you everyone for this journey

Last edited 1 year ago by Julia Thandiwe Felder

After the group attunement which was a blissful sense of many coming together, I found something like an electromagnetic field over Hong Kong blocking impulses. The field had an effect like unpleasant bugs all over the skin of everyone, itching and interfering with the ability to connect with the Earth.

After the dolphin Gaia Touch exercise, the dolphins showed they hold a sort of global vibration which can transmute, like holding a big circle which can envelope the dissonance. I experienced feelings of deep peace with the dolphin’s global sphere.

The breathing through the coccyx and back felt like I was rinsing out fear and stress from my nervous system. And somehow I felt the dolphins were teaching me how to embody more this vibration of creative joy and freedom a daily basis.

With the microbes I experienced them as masses of little beings of gentleness melting the harshest forces. People appeared as accumulating useless objects in a lost attempt to quench a thirst inside them. The microbes brought soothing and grounding to the waters in the heart and body. The useless objects became old and dusty and in their place grew many little wild plants and flowers. Ancestors and beings of the spiritual realm were standing tall and smiling at the waters of life which appeared as waterfalls and gorges. I felt there were still masses of hardened heads and willpower resistant to letting go but the dolphins showed that when we participate in their field of love for life, the resistance starts to melt.

I experienced the dragons as connected to deep earth power like earthquakes. They awakened and mobilised forces to shift complacency and stagnation within people. The glowing heart of China brought to my awareness a being who was like the angel of China. This being showed she was like a mother turtle with tears and laying eggs.

Thank you to Marko and all the friends of LifeNet for this co-creation!


Hello everybody,

It was a very touching this workshop for China.
.I need to work first with my patterns then I can follow the theme on all subjects of working.
. When we worked with pearls changing into compassion I saw a big tectonic rope across the landscape of China It was a feeling of a desert.. I need all my compassion and asked for tears of grace that this big rope became smaller and more watery.
The dragons were so alive and strong. It was a big relax after that. And I saw an open shining door. After that door it is new, white landscape with I can not describe this quality, because it is very new for me.
Thank you to all of you and all others invisible worlds.


Again, very grateful to all concerned for the opportunity, the experience and the support. The workshop space seemed different this time as if in a bubble within a very lively creative bubble – like the flower of life. Couldn’t see everyone but felt the presence coming and going and felt very safe – all on the cosmic spiralling energies. Lovely to meet the pink dolphins. I used the Gaia touch exercise thanks and could readily move with them through different realms with love. Took me a while to get straight and balanced with the breathing. The dark sticky residues tricked out of everywhere and was received like worm juice. I have just planted my peas with it so will watch with interest. Enjoyed the Pearl River with the clearing estuary. Huge compassion for all the loss and separation from love and loved ones. Found compassion with/for all microbes struggling to bring balance and giving us a late chance for cooperation in these times. Melted lots of stuckness in me, melted plastics in the ocean and piles of stuff designed for status rather than care of the planet and each other. Melted power over awash with tears.
Took longer to meet the dragons. Found in a pulse of cool and watery and fiery movement. Made pure and white in Gaia’s light. The glowing heart brimmed with compassion and gratitude for the gifts of the cosmos nurturing these endeavours.,A person I had met from each of these countries joined in my bubble then, seeing Australia rocking the region back and forward finding a new balance. We were met by Chomolungma and other mountainous beings. Full of joy we went back to playing with the dolphins in the PearlRiver knowing the work is in the hands of the Mother. I’m to connect to it and give it some space each time I go into the water.

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