LifeNet Ritual for PEACE

LifeNet Ritual for PEACE

Performed together on Saturday March 12th at 9 a.m. according to your local time and the same day in the evening at 8 p.m.
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Looking at the war in the middle of Europe I had an insight that reappearance of such merciless wars can be understood as a replay of the fall of Atlantis. Many sensitive people speak of Atlantis as a former incarnation of the Earth that was destroyed through nuclear war fought between its different elites. The memory of the destruction of Atlantis needs to be redeemed to prevent that our beloved Earth could be pushed along the same track. Myths tell that Atlantis was finally submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, whence its name.

Following the resonance of the current war I was lead deep into the memory of the Earth and I saw landscapes and people all of dust and death. (Insight by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace and UNO Goodwill Ambassador, mandate 2020-2022).

  1. Imagine many spiritually awakened people standing along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on European/African and American side.
  2. We form a large circle around the Atlantic and ask the elementary and dragon beings of Gaia to lift the remains of the submerged Atlantis from the bottom of the Ocean.
  3. When the sunken continent arrives at the surface of the sea we detach the war in Ukraine from the destruction of Atlantis. (Gaia Touch gesture of detachment below!)
  4. Then we lift the sunken continent to the level of our ancestors and descendants that have created a circle above us.
  5. They lift it one level higher to the circle of angelic beings responsible for transmutation.
  6. Being lifted from one level to the other the remains of Atlantis are gradually transformed into light. Experience of Atlantis in its original beauty becomes part of the universal memory. The war in Ukraine comes to an end with the win-win outcome.

The Gaia Touch gesture of detachment

Hold your hands horizontally in front of your body, powerfully squeezed together, having the purpose of the detachment in your mind. Then pull your hands apart with the optimum power to annihilate the given attachment. Thegesture can be used whenever there is a need to detach from a foreign power.

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Attuning to the meditation when it was initially proposed this week, I felt dissonant entities on the destruction layer of Atlantis like parasites. This time during the meditation I perceived these entities once again, the sunken layer of Atlantis felt very heavy, we almost could not lift it and I was concerned the entities would escape elsewhere. Dolphins and sirens went into the space we created by lifting the sunken layer out, they seemed a little wary the layer would fall back down. As I performed the detachment gesture, the challenge of the lifting was overcome with the appearance of Gaia sparks. The lifting seemed assisted through their resonance and they facilitated the transmutation. I felt particularly supported by the world of the ancestors and descendants, jovial dwarf-like beings and beings from the animal kingdom. At the angelic level the the high resonances of Atlantis were held and brought into a sacred field which seemed to be potentially integrated in the new Earth space. The parts of Atlantis no longer needed dissolved into fine sparking sand, falling into the space with the dolphins and sirens.

During the evening repeat of this mediation, I perceived less entities, perhaps our work earlier in the day had already transmuted many of them. They were in traces like smoke hiding in holes. The sacred resonances of Atlantis also seemed to come into a more embodied level like divine mycelium and tree root networks. The detachment gesture happened not only for Ukraine but other places in the world held by conflict and destruction. The meditation ended with a tear of mercy ritual and huge compassion for all those displaced and perished, all the grief and heartbreak held in a deep prayer for peace.

Thank you Marko, dear LifeNet family and all the beings supporting us. I am grateful and touched by all the efforts and co-creativity.

Magrit Jordt

Herzlichen Dank für diese wunder-vollen Rituale! Nachdem ich morgens nach der Atlantis-Meditation mit dem Fahrrad auf dem Weg zur Arbeit war, hatte ich ein besonderes Erlebnis. Es wehte ein sehr kalter Ostwind und plötzlich fühlte ich meinen Brustkorb wie ein Gittersieb (die Rippen), der Wind fegte all den UNFRIEDEN der Welt hindurch und damit wurde alles durch mein Herz-Raum-Zentrum geweht, somit wurde alles durch reine Herzensliebe gefiltert. Ich danke allen, die Licht und Liebe Raum geben!


Es hat mich in der heutigen Meditation für den Frieden in der Ukraine sehr bewegt, dass zwei geomantische Arbeiten, die ich vor Jahren auf der kanarischen Insel Fuerteventura durchgeführt hatte, in diesen Tagen wieder an Bedeutung gewinnen. Inspiriert davon, dass Platon erwähnt hatte, dass Atlantis als Kontinent im Bereich des Atlantiks untergegangen sei, organisierte ich, in Zusammenarbeit mit Marko und Peter Frank auf der Insel einen Steinkreis mit zehn grossen Lavasteinen. Ich hatte damals die Eingebung, für diese Katastrophe einen Impuls der Wandlung zu setzen. Damals standen wir Mitwirkenden und unsere Freunde bei der Einweihung auch im Kreis um unser beeindruckendes Werk, das ich in der heutigen Meditation stark vergegenwärtigen konnte. In 2011 folgte mit der Geomantin Margan Kalb aus Klagenfurt und unseren Tauchlehrern vor der Küste Fuerteventuras eine Unterwassergeopunktur in 18m Tiefe. Wir nannten sie «Staraquantis». Die sieben Steinstelen (nach der Zahl der Kanarischen Inseln) waren mit Kosmogrammen auf Bronzeplaketten versehen. Dieser Unterwassersteinkreis sollte den Atlantik und die weiteren Ozeane mit ihren Meeresbewohnern stärken. Ich erinnere mich, dass uns, nach der Steinsetzung, ein Engelhai an die Wasseroberfläche begleitete. Vielleicht war ja dieser Engelhai bereits damals schon – als Vertreter der «elementaren Drachenwesen Gaias» – als Helfer am Wandlungsprozess dabei. 
Während der heutigen Meditation waren mir diese zwei Steinkreise sehr präsent. Ich sah den Unterwassersteinkreis als Antriebsgenerator, der die Rückstände von Atlantis an die Wasseroberfläche hievte. Mit Hilfe der Kraft des zweiten Steinkreises gelang es uns, den versunkenen Kontinent den Ahnen und Nachkommen zu übergeben, die diesen dann den Engelwesen, für mich den immerwährenden Winden auf Fuerteventura, übergaben.
Möge unsere Arbeit Frieden in der Ukraine und in Russland und auf unseren ganzen Planeten bringen. Danke für die engagierte Arbeit des Lebensnetzes! MONA
Zur Veranschaulichung und Einstimmung auf die genannten Steinkreise siehe auf Youtube:
–       Stone cercle on Fuerteventura (Steinkreis in Artis Tirma)
–       Fuerteventura Mona 2012 (Unterwassergeopunktur)

Lindsey Sita

Wonderful to see how easily our group forms around the Atlantic. The exercise went well…. I also perceived Atlantis already filled with light and “resurrected” but continued with the exercise. At the end, I saw the hungry forces of chaos and destruction needed to be fed…… I gave them the human desire for war and annihilation… I fed them the impulses that would destroy evolution of Gaia culture and replace it with controllable technology….. Insatnwith the beings on the edge of the Atlantic and toned for the creativity of Gaia to express herself more fully though people and a culture based in Gaia to emerge.

Marie Lejonfrid

Thank you for enabling us to do this together.
At first I had to look at the map and really see the Atlantic ocean and realise how huge it really is. Then sitting down to meditate I could easily see people on the shores in Europe, America and Africa. So many spiritually awakened people with a firm intent to do good. So much love. So much unity. So much good will.
Much to my astonishment and joy, there were also animals present, both wild and pets. Afterwards I realise that they certainly know what is going on and from a soul level they very much support this work.
When turning my attention to the elementals and the good dragons, not only did I see them but also so many other nature beings of various species, they all joined in. I truly perceive them as my friends.
When Atlantis came up to the surface I was truly astounded to see how it was filled with light. I did not perceive it as dark or harmful and I have no idea why I had that experience, but I did. Perhaps it was prepared to be transmuted or transformed energetically already, or something good could have happened being there for so many years.
However, doing the Gaia touch and separate Atlantis from the war in Ukraine did not come easily but it was doable. I had to be very decisive and firm. This is reassuring that diplomatic talks and agreements can be done.
As I had perceived Atlantis being filled with light it was quite a relaxed moment to see it moving up to ancestors levels, and then further up to the angelic realms to be transmuted. In fact, I could see several circles of light surrounding the Atlantis when that happened.
I am going to do this “exercise” again tonight, as suggested.
With love and blessings,


Als wir uns in dem Kreis um den Atlantik versammelt haben, kam sofort mit Wucht die Zerstörungskraft aus den Tiefen des Ozeans…ich habe mich dann auf Herzebene mit allen anderen im Kreis verbunden und wie einen grünen Lichtpool erschaffen, der uns schützt und hält.
So konnten wir zunächst der Wucht standhalten.
Die Zerstörungskraft hat Jeden von uns in Kontakt mit unseren persönlichen gewaltvollen, kriegerischen Seelenanteilen gebracht, das war ein kollektiver Reifungsprozess, wie eine gemeinsame Läuterung…
Das Übergeben dieser Zerstörungskraft und -geschichte von Atlantis an die höheren Wesen musste sehr bewußt gemacht werden, sind wir bereit, wirklich loszulassen von diesem so tief verankerten Muster? 
Die Übung der Entkoppelung ist sehr kraftvoll und hat hier gut unterstützt. 
Wichtig für mich war, gleichzeitig die Wesenskraft der weißen Schlange zu spüren, die Marko in der früheren Übung beschrieben hat.
Die Verkörperung von Demut, Weisheit und Liebe der weißen Schlange, die zusammengerollt unter den Gebieten von Weißrussland, Russland und der Ukraine liegt, war sehr stark als DER Zukunftsimpuls, die zukünftige Seinsqualität zu spüren-Seelenwärme und Herzenseinheit mit allen Geschöpfen…die Schönheit der Erde in ihrer Verbundenheit mit dem Universum.
Hier spürte ich die Ausrichtung und so war das Loslassen der alten kriegerischen Anteile möglich.
Von den kosmischen Wesen kam wie ein Strahlen der Barmherzigkeit, diese alten Anteile aufzunehmen und zu verwandeln.
Die Größe unserer Herzensgüte und Liebe konnte sich dann von unserem Kreis über die Erde ausbreiten.

In Dankbarkeit, dass ich daran mitwirken darf…

Constance aus Venedig

When we gathered in the circle around the Atlantic Ocean, immediately the destructive force came with power from the depths of the ocean…I then connected on the heart level with all the others in the circle and created like a green pool of light that protects and holds us.
This is how we were able to withstand the force at first.
The destructive force brought each of us into contact with our personal violent, warlike soul parts, that was a collective maturing process, like a collective purification….
The handing over of this destructive power and history of Atlantis to the higher beings had to be done very consciously, are we ready to really let go of this so deeply anchored pattern? 
The exercise of decoupling is very powerful and supported well here. 
Important for me was to feel at the same time the essence power of the white snake, which Marko described in the earlier exercise.
The embodiment of humility, wisdom and love of the white snake, which lies coiled under the territories of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, was very strong as THE future impulse, the future quality of being to feel-soul warmth and heart unity with all creatures….the beauty of Earth in her connectedness with the universe.
Here I felt the alignment and so the letting go of the old warlike parts was possible.
From the cosmic beings came like a ray of mercy to receive and transform these old parts.
The greatness of our heart goodness and love could then spread from our circle over the earth.

In gratitude that I can participate in this….

Constance from Venice

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