Letter on the crossroads

Letter on the crossroads

Dear friends, known and unknown, co-creators of the telepathic workshops,

I hope you are not tired of the telepathic kind of work, born under the (continuing) Covid lockdown situations of 2020!

From my experience of the socialist Yugoslavia I know that those awful decisions that concern the wellbeing of citizens were often made in the month of August when people were on holidays, not being attentive. Something similar happens now.

My intuition, my dreams and my close co-workers tell me that right now the humanity stands on a decisive crossroads. One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual. The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race. 

It needs a relative large group to express the decision which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future.

It is not enough to express the decision mentally. The decision needs to be expressed through different languages and in a multidimensional way. I firmly believe that the language of the telepathic workshops is a proper way to express such a decision.

I am aware that some of you are on holidays but would still like to cooperate. So I propose to do the telepathic workshop (to decide which of the two paths we want to take) in the evening time, on Saturday, 8 August at 8pm with the repetition (for those who can not do it on Saturday or who want to repeat it) on Sunday, 9 August the same time.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm according to your time zone.

You will find the workshop program in different languages on Friday, August 7th on the LifeNet website, those of you who attend Cyclic workshops can ask Iveta to send you the program.

Another theme that needs to be addressed is perception and sharing of perceptions after the telepathic workshops. Do not hesitate to share your perceptions even if they are totally different from all others. The shared experiences of the last few months show that perceptions are almost always different. This is a decisive evolutionary step to detach from the arbitrary idea that the reality of life is an objective thing. No! Each moment of life is different and so we as well are different from each other. Reality is a fusion of the “objective” presence of a landscape, a being etc. and the subjective, co-creative perception of the individual.

All the different perceptions add something valuable to the multifaceted reality of the given place or being. Places and beings are part of the elemental consciousness of Gaia and can decide by themselves what of the material perceived by the workshop group can help them to become more free and whole – and what should be left to us as individuals because it is important for our personal experience and evolution.

When I read the reports I feel the sincerity of the author’s presence behind the written text and this is what matters.

Regarding the enthusiastic response to different telepathic projects and relating to my own experience I believe that we are doing a valuable work for now and for the future.

Love and thanks, Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Šempas, Slovenia, 3.8.2020

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Michael Fuller

I want to express my gratitude to all those people and beings of the Earth and of the Heavens who helped create this beautiful event. I took part last night – Sunday evening, and after a disturbed night I managed to make sense of my experiences partly by sharing with my partner. There were many layers but I would like to just mention 3 strong experiences:

1) The Gathering of the Waters in Central Europe. This was a profound and moving experience for me. It felt very real- a beautiful holding, rising silence as we all gathered and the waters kept coming. Right up to our hearts 💚. And then the Oceans came, the beautiful oceans brought their healing too! I could even hear the waves. We all held our breath and then let go with joy! Pure love.

2) An amusing interlude. As we let the waters roll gently to the Alps, I saw the mountains and started imagining the upright vertical risings of the waters. I drew a picture of the Alps and above each one I was moved to write I-CH, which I found amusing and poignant at the same time, it was as if the Earth was gently teasing me not to be too serious – (CH is the international symbol for Switzerland and of course ICH is German for ‘I’ which is also the divine within us).

3) Beirut Healing. This was the most important and moving part of the whole evening. The gentle kindness of the ritual bringing together compassion, forgiveness and grace was palpable and real. The energy that I held in my hand was concentrated and intense but not aggressive: it had a beautiful, peaceful strength. I am so grateful to have been able to offer a real prayer and a homeopathic blessing of intention for Beirut. it flowed easily to its source as well as to the hearts of some friends I know who are Lebanese.

There were more experiences, but perhaps another time… just to say it was a beautiful way to travel across the world, a real journey of love💚🌞🙏

Jackie Queally

In the opening sequence I felt a rod inside my head vertically pushing up or stretching the skull as if it were to explode or implode.
In the cleansing section I saw a plant like a trumpet with tendrils pouring out as dark droplets formed.
In the rings of Saturn I saw simple outline of fish in a net.
In the fiery waters as we focused on our true essence O saw a large shape like a giant mushroom with long slender stalk facing downwards.
Then a lattice of transparent material with gold edges and finally fiery red oak leaf shaped with jagged edges.
And a giant arachnid with many legs
Connecting the waters of Earth showed an ancient fish head very large with an eye almost closed.

In the cosmic connection of water I felt grace and power and freedom
In the matrix of Earth I saw a large head of animal like an antelope. Eyes were penetrating.
I also got words And in Pakistan
For Beirut explosion I sent to Syria and Pakistan too
For Red Sea I read it all but did not sense it much in my body.
Thank you for sharing your vision


I very much appreciated the opportunity to take part in this. I found focusing on the body, earth and cosmos very helpful, because that’s how I experience the current changes in everyday life. Main points I noticed were: 1) a clear shift in the feel of the group when the other beings entered-(I also felt a slight breeze which is how I sometimes recognise the beings around my home, so I thought of them as joining); 2) surprise at the amount of black water which leaked from myself and all around me and how little of us was left when it had oozed away; 3) in the waters of the world, a sense of being sustained by both the water and the shared understanding and intention of the group ; 4) at cosmic connection of water, I saw sparks of cosmic inspiration igniting across humanity, as more and more people are ‘invaded’ by the new energy (whether they want to be or not!); 5) Cleansing of the Red Sea and wakening the dragon brought a real sense of vigor and hope – new energy released.
It feels as though the exercise was impacting across all dimensions from personal to cosmic, forging real connection. Many thanks for the opportunity to take part.

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