Let us protect the spark of life! – LifeNet Telepathic Workshop

Let us protect the spark of life! – LifeNet Telepathic Workshop

  • Saturday October 29th at 9.00 in the morning, and
  • Wednesday November 2nd at 20.00 in the evening.
  • We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.
  • If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.
  • Study the workshop plan beforehand, have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.

Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. We also invite the beings of the angelic network. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the circle.
  4. Now all together we tone (create sounds according to your intuition) – we make these sounds to tune to each other and to a common space and time level.

Sequence 1: The atomic power of love

There are indications that the conflict in Ukraine could develop into a disastrous world war. We work together to protect and support the light and beauty of life on Earth.

  1. Be present in your body and focused in your heart space.
  2. Within your body space create a circular stream of love so large that it touches the star of Gaia below your feet and the star of Sophia – the cosmic counterpart of Gaia – above your head.
  3. Then move with a second circle of love backward into the causal realm behind your back and then into the manifested realm in front of your body. In doing so you create a horizontal stream of love at the level of your heart. Enlarge this circle of love so that its circular flow can touch the trees, forests, mountains, elemental and other subtle beings in your world.
  4. Let then the two streams merge into a beautiful and strong sphere of love embracing you and all beings of your world. Feel its blessings and sweet quality.
  5. Embraced by this sphere of love go deeply down into your back space and ask the dragon world and its mighty beings that control and activate the atomic powers of Gaia: prevent any and all malevolent forces that may attempt to use the primeval powers of Gaia’s creation to destroy life upon our beloved planet. The dragon beings are first of all powers of primeval love.
  6. Ask the great elemental and angelic beings to form a potent circle around the Earth to prevent the destruction of life by misused atomic powers and their false masters.
  7. Ask our ancestors and descendants from the spiritual world to join the circle. All together we hold the space for our decree to be fulfilled. Give thanks.

Sequence 2: Detach the false warrior code from your human matrix

During the transition from the Neolithic culture of the Goddess to the masculine governed patriarchal cultures a few millennia ago, foreign warrior beings (not Gaian, arriving from a different space) infiltrated and imposed their pattern into the human matrix. The intention of these beings, forces, is to materialize into the body of the human matrix by occupying the masculine aspect of the human self. Step by step the false code of permanent conflict and warfare has overshadowed the originally peaceful human self. There is no end of warfare upon the Earth in sight if the human matrix does not become detached from the foreign warrior pattern and its corresponding beings.

  1. Listen to the left side of your body where the false pattern is attached. How does  it feel? It does not matter if you are a woman or a man because this wrong and insidious pattern overshadows all of us human beings.
  2. Imagine that this false pattern stands as a dark shadow being behind the left side of your body. Make it step back from your left side and walk backward.
  3. Imagine a line of such dark beings walking backward. As they appear more and more distant in space and time they get smaller and smaller till they become a single black spot.
  4. Be aware that this black spot stands for the point of the dangerous attachment that has changed the human matrix drastically. The code of permanent warfare has infiltrated into the human essence at the archetypal level.
  5. To free yourself and humanity from the false code we connect to the right side of our body at the level of the heart. Imagine connecting there through your back space. There the fractal (holographic piece) of the common heart of the human race is located. It is the heart that connects all of us, regardless of whether we are embodied or living in the spiritual world of ancestors and descendants.
  6. After we as human beings have made this heart connection and become whole again there no longer is a place where the foreign warrior code (and the corresponding shadow being) can attach.
  7. Feel how this dangerous code is magnetically pulled away from you. The protectors of the human race can bring this destructive code to the cosmic temple of transformation so that its energy can be returned to the cosmic treasury of pure light.
  8. Now imagine, from the point of successful detachment far behind your back (at the archetypal level), a crowd of joyous and happy children comes running towards the left side of your body, passes your heart muscle, and continues their happy flow towards and into future.

Sequence 3: Strengthening the voice for peace

  1. Open your heart to the plant world. Plants are beings of perfect peace.
  2. Imagine that a flow of love departs from your heart center, passes the above mentioned fractal of the common heart of humanity (at your right side), and enters your environment – touching and embracing trees, meadows and the multitudinous varieties and families of plants.
  3. Touch the plant world around you, and perhaps also far away, with your hands of love.
  4. Then lift the flow of your love one step higher to the level of your throat (as the source of the creative word) so that the voice of the plant world (cooperating with the human imagination) can become an active initiator of peace.
  5. Afterwards perform the same exercise relating to the being and consciousness of water. Water holds the memory of the original world of peace.
  6. Touch the waters of the world with your hands of love.
  7. Then lift the flow of your love to the level of the third eye so that people and nations blinded by the conflicting energies of war can see (with the help of water memory) the fundamental need for peace upon the Earth.

Sequence 4: Blessings to our deceased collaborators!

The days of our workshop are celebrated by various traditions as an opportunity to connect to our ancestors and descendants living presently in the spiritual world, parallel to our materialized reality.

  1. Imagine that all of us collaborating with the present telepathic workshop are gathered in a large hall full of light and uplifting fragrances.
  2. Simultaneously our workshop collaborators living in the spiritual world are gathered in the neighboring hall.
  3. Suddenly the doors open and our collaborators in white robes of the soul enter – what a happy encounter!
  4. All together we form a circle to deeply feel and know that we belong to one and the same human family.

Create a graceful conclusion

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Vielen Dank Euch allen,
ein sehr stimmiger Workshop, alles floss völlig natürlich von einem Thema zum nächsten, besonders wohltuend empfand ich dass gehen lassen unserer alten gewaltsamen Impulse und die harmonisierung unserer rechten und linken Anteile.
Vielen Dank.


Thank you Marko and Lesley and all beings involved in this meditation and workshop. It was quite different this morning joining the circle with the Archangels, ancestors and descendants known and unknown and also traditional custodians, many domestic animals and those facing extinction already- some ready but many before. They still have much to develop and integrate with Gaia and our Being. They ask we only use any power for the benefit of all Creation. They were very light hearted about it giving me a simple song and pouring love and blessings and cooperation on the world anticipating us all joining them. The dark fell off from lots of things roundabout and readily became a dust mite to blow into the sunlight.
Went down the beach and washed my crystals in water memory. Tide too high and too rough to swim myself. Been washing and cleaning since. Still feel lighter – and so grateful. Thank you all.

Fransje FM

I enjoyed this telepathic workshop as a powerful letting go of ‘old and dark’, and therefor being able to embrace on a more intimate and deeper level the Heart of Love and Light, all our Joyful Children, Plants, Trees and Nature, in Peace for the good of All.
PS what I felt in my left side of the body was: “I am afraid” “I am Weak” I want to fight” “I am up for (false) victory).
Thank you All from the bottom of my Heart, Throat and Third Eye for being in this together. So nice to feel You!
And thank you very much creators for this opportunity and inspiration! And the way you know how to connect us all on so many levels
🌕 🌸 🙏🌿👫👫

Birgit Schnecke

Sehr kraftvolle Bilder, vielen Dank.
Besonders kraftvoll habe ich die Verbindung über das gemeinsame Herz der Menschheit empfunden. Und dadurch die innere Erlaubnis den Fridensimpuls zu allen Völkern strömen zu lassen. Es war eine natüliche Folge, vollkommen stimmig und stärkend wahrgenommen. Herzlich, Mahima aus München

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