July LifeNet Telepathic Workshop entitled: LOVE WINS

July LifeNet Telepathic Workshop entitled: LOVE WINS

Saturday July 23rd 2022 in the morning at 09.00 local time, and

Wednesday, July 27th in the evening at 20.00

  • We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.
  • If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.
  • Study the workshop plan beforehand, have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.

Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are gathered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. We also invite the beings of the angelic network. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the circle.
  4. Now all together we tone (create sounds according to your intuition) – sounding to tune to each other and to a common space and time level.

SEQUENCE 1: The path leading towards the new Love Sphere of the Earth needs to be free

Gaia has started to reveal a new multidimensional Love Sphere that connects all beings of the Earthly universe, enabling us to live in peace while enjoying loving relationships with nature and its beings. However, before we can genuinely experience the Love Sphere, we must transform some obstacles to enable Love to act and to bless.

  1. Imagine that all five continents contribute their powers to create a huge sphere of water that surrounds the Earth. This sphere is filled with the waters of transformation and renewal.
  2. The sphere is further surrounded with several layers of membranes that distorted beings must pass through before they can bathe in the sphere of transformation, so they may prepare for their renewal.
  3. First we need to transform the idea that there is one single heart center of the Earth and one human so called “heart chakra.” (Instead we shall speak of a heart system covering the whole Earth or being distributed throughout our whole body.)
  4. We must also transform the idea that love is exclusively related to human psychic and sexual activity – and excludes beings of nature, elemental worlds etc.
  5. Finally we need to lead the transformation process regarding the folly that conceals the multidimensional heart system from human awareness – including the transformation process for those distorted elemental beings that are forced to maintain this folly.
  6. Express your gratitude.

SEQUENCE 2: To experience the Love Sphere in the landscape

Marko invites you to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to experience some aspects of the Gaia Love Sphere as it manifests in the relationship between Ljubljana Castle Hill and the river Ljubljanica as it flows by the Castle Hill.

First we will visit an earthly mound located close to the castle that ancient cultures knew and used as a place to contact their ancestors. Within the framework of the new Love Sphere the purpose of this site is to enable loving contacts between those human beings existing as souls in the otherworld and those of us who exist in our physical bodies. Be open to feel how these places of ancestors have changed.

  1. Imagine that you sit within a light bubble ready to travel to Ljubljana Castle Hill. Look around and realize that other LifeNet participants are also preparing to travel in the same way as you are.
  2. Now the light bubbles with all the participants approach the mound upon the Castle Hill from the south. From the north bubbles with soul beings approach the same mound as they depart from the spiritual world.
  3. Take plenty of time to feel this exciting moment before both parties meet within the mound.
  4. As the light bubbles arrive inside the mound the individual bubbles transform into one single light sphere that embraces all. Feel how wide the all-connected light sphere is – it is a gift of Gaia’s love.
  5. Now is the time to meet and greet your departed friends, collaborators and ancestors. Feel and strengthen the love bonds connecting you.

SEQUENCE 3: Touching upon the source of the new heart system (Love Sphere) of the Earth:

  1. Prepare to walk upon the Castle Hill in an easterly direction – Ljubljana Castle Hill is a long hill with three elevations.
  2. As you arrive at the second elevation you realize that there is an elevator there that brings you three stories down into the Hill.
  3. In your body imagine that you take three steps backwards. Feel what it is like as you stand three steps behind your heart center.
  4. You now realize that you are standing inside a sacred chamber, a kind of a temple. Feel the space of the chamber and perceive its qualities.
  5. Now focus on the center of the chamber and a piece of precious stone located there. Touch and caress the stone with your hands of love.
  6. This piece of etheric stone came into being during the collision of Gaia with another celestial body in the distant past, when the Earth existed as a light body. This collision can be labeled “sacred marriage. “
  7. Such precious stones as you have touched are children of this sacred marriage. Positioned at different sacred places of the Earth they permanently generate the Love Sphere (Philosphere) of the Earth. (Philein in ancient Greek means “to love.”)

SEQUENCE 4: Experience the quality that makes love the strongest power in the universe

Continuing towards the east we arrive at the third elevation of the Ljubljana Castle Hill. It is located at the Hill’s very end with steep slopes.

  1. Follow the zigzag path down the slope of the Hill to arrive at its ground level.
  2. There is a giant tree holding a door for us open to enter the inside of the Hill. Enter into the inner hall of the Hill.
  3. Be courageous as you face an approaching dragon. Allow the dragon to swallow you so that you now exist within the dragon. How does it feel to be surrounded by and imbued with the vibration of the dragon (who represents the primeval creative powers of Gaia)?
  4. Now become aware that within the space of your head the system of the Third Eye is vibrating. Like the body of a snake the vibrations connect the center between your eyebrows with the center in the middle of your brain and the center at the rear side of your skull.
  5. Inside the third elevation of the Ljubljana Castle Hill the cosmic snake of the Third Eye dances with the spherical presence of the dragon. How does this dance of the two primeval powers of Gaia feel within you?
  6. It is this dance that enables the existence of the Love Sphere of the Earth to be possible. 

SEQUENCE 5: Love processes in the landscape

After we have arrived at the foot of the Castel Hill we direct our attention to the river Ljubljanica. Its waters encompass the Castel Hill from two sides. Be aware that the Ljubljanica is a special river – it disappears underground six times and then comes to the surface again bearing another name.

  1. Identify with the river as it slowly approaches the city’s Castel Hill. How does the Castel Hill react to the approaching river?
  2. Now identify with the Castel Hill as you now know it, after experiencing its three elevations. Look and feel how the approaching river reacts to the presence of the Hill.
  3. Dive into their interaction to experience how the Love Sphere of the landscape comes into being in each following moment.

SEQUENCE 6: Feel the love potential of the river Ljubljanica

Sit for a while at the walkway along the river that is lined with a row of willow trees. It is called “Trnovski pristan” (Trnovo Harbor).

  1. To experience the love potential of the river you have to connect its waters with the trees along the river, the river’s experience of the underground spaces, the river’s elemental beings – and then to connect all this with your own presence and attention.
  2. Inwardly repeat several times the weaving of these elements to enter into the Love Sphere (Philosphere) of the river. Enjoy and bathe in it.
  3. Know that without your attentive presence while sitting at the edge of the river the love field of the river is not complete.


Let us all participants of the workshop gather in a circle that reaches across the continents – including those from the invisible realms.

Turn to each other expressing love for each other and gratitude for the gift of our co-creation.

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Lars Petersson

I have been doing the excercises over and over, feeling the love sphere, the precoius stone behind my heart, feeling the playfulness between the dragon and the snake ancient powers and weaving the landscapes elements together as one unifying love connection, mountains, stones, rivers, oceans, trees, forests, air. Gaias body, beatiful skin, all around feeling, getting the love, the power, the strenght, the New love, multidimensionality, gathering everyone.
For me, these excercises needs time to evolve within me, let it be weeks, months, I go back to summer solstice, spring equionx, even the winter solstice and pick excercises that resonates with me, working with them over and over til They live their life within me. The most important is that Gaia and all her inhabitants as well as the cosmos gets the New multidimensionality of love.
Looking forward New exciting excercises for Gaia, with this group and all Gaias elementals


Thank you for sharing! Love.

Christel Meissner

Erst heute morgen habe ich die Synthese von den beiden Werkstatt-Tagen in mir gespürt, und zwar:
Ich sitze am Fuß des Berges mit den Füssen der Trauerweiden im Fluß des Lebens und spüre die Qualität der Drachen- und Schlangenkraft, den Stein des Weisen, den Philosopher Stone, in meinem Herzen, auf ewig “umspült” und erneuert. Losgelöst von allen Beschreibungen und Attributen erfahre ich das Einssein mit der Ewigkeit, bin tief berührt und dankbar!
Was für ein Prozess… Danke, lieber Marko und Mitwirkende für diese immense “Arbeit”!

Maarja Joost Thorsén

When doing the transforming exercise to liberate the heart system for us to become aware of the universal love, I went through very clearly the steps given in the exercise. In the end Earth appeared as a giant heart throbbing, emanating golden, warm love for us, in us and in the whole universal system. So beautiful!
Before doing this meditation of Love, I had a very similar experience as in Castle Hill. It was on the sandbank system just outside Tallinn, Estonia. I did daily walks on these banks. I could feel the connection clearly between the sea, the forest on the banks and the rest of the landscape. Even in the air. There were “holy” stones along the path, which I put my hands on for a while. I could feel the energy flowing between us. The trees around joined us in the act. All through these walks, I was lead by my intuition, which I lovingly give thanks to.
When swallowed by the dragon, my whole body started to react. Forces inside made me breathe strongly. I remember these forces when giving birth to my children. This moment gave me another “boost” of love energy, making me remember who we are and the belonging to nature and its forces. The importance with interaction with all the elements, if not physically, so in your mind.
Love to you all and especially to Marko and his team for helping us to reconnect with earth and universe. Your weekly meditations and exercises are also wonderful tools to become more aware of who we are and what forces can be to our help in realizing the purpose of our lives.

Vidar Vetterfalk

Thank you. The birds were with us in all the steps. Lots of warm regards and appreciation. Vidar


Danke,Marko,mein Herz beginnt staunend “zu verstehen”…..ich bin so froh!

Jackie Queally

Thank you for this complex imagination sequence that was also well explained. In Sequence 1 I realised that this is something I have very recently experienced in my work as a Biofield Tuner. The idea of a heart chakra that spreads throughout our body is important for the new love.
From the very start when we toned I continued to do so and noted how it changed from sequence to sequence and felt sacred.
In Sequence 2 I found the build up gradual. I had not realised we were supposed to be inside the mound.

In Sequence 3 I found it easier to imagine the steps. Stepping backwards from my heart centre there arose an image of very smooth beautiful greyish colour rock that seemed to line the temple The stone at the centre was dark green flecked with gold. It was pleasant to stroke it.

In Sequence 4 I started to perceive more how humans bridge the cosmos with the earth. I see how it is necessary for us to play our part in creating the love sphere of the Earth by connecting firmly with the dragon energies, and allowing our brain to become the new earth.

In Sequence 5 I felt the river and the Castel hill react to each other. It i shard tofind the words as the emotions were not human. Also it is now evening when I am writing it so the experience is not so immediate- but there was something akin to a vibration as in Sequence 4 – an adjustment.
In Sequence 6 our interconnection expands our consciousness – I too live close to a river that disappears underground many times, as our geology in the Burren in Ireland is similar to the Slovenian area you write of. So I will go and repeat the section by our river to see how it feels.

Once again, thank you for creating this to share. New love to all.

Thomas Miller

Thank you, Marko!
To me, the new heart system gave me a sensation that my whole field was more present, and interacting with the whole subtle ecology around me. I had an impression of humans living in a more whole way, and being consistently and clearly aware of Gaia’s other realms, in a way that felt very normal. Wonderful, but normal, as if everyone knew that this was just reality.
I also felt increasing awareness of my… dependence, I will say, on the inflowing life of Gaia, of the elemental presences in all the things around me, in the fields of presence and energy that many beings are holding all the time. I was more aware of this as an active process, and more aware of myself interacting with these living fields. I felt life as a dynamic interaction. I realized that the quality of my awareness was shaping this interaction.
I experienced the love that pervaded everything as (in part) an awareness and acknowledgement of the conscious dimensions. perhaps I’d say that love seemed like living more consciously in the awareness of the conscious dimensions of Gaia, and how my identity arises from my always-changing relationship with those dimensions. Life as relating, rather than something more static. The interactions of the third eye with the dragon, the river with the hill and me with the other participants and departing souls had this same quality of conscious relating. Being aware of the new possibilities that arise from our relating. Love arises here and generates newness. My impression was that this generation was the greatest power: creation of newness!
Those were my impressions. I hope it was helpful to share them. Thank you and blessings on this work!

Leslie Luchonok

Thomas, so wonderfully expressed – thank you!

Thomas Miller

Thank you Marko! I tried posting a longer thing, but it wouldn’t let me. I’ll aim to send an email instead.

Irène Dhôte

What a wonderful travel. Vielen Dank Marco, all people, all invisible beings !
Ich môcht nur da weilen !!!! Irène

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