Invitation to the october workshop: Let us protect the spark of life.

Invitation to the october workshop: Let us protect the spark of life.

Dear LifeNet collaborating group!  

We are called to respond to the threat of a nuclear war by deepening our love and care for the life of our beloved planet Earth and the Gaia universe. We send you an invitation for the next LifeNet telepathic workshop entitled:
Let us protect the spark of life.
Saturday October 29th at 9.00 in the morning,
andWednesday November 2nd at 20.00 in the evening.  

But First – An Urgent Meditation
We propose that together we do the following meditation prior to the October workshop – daily – at 9.00 in the morning and/or at 20.00 in the evening – in your local time zone. If needed, please continue after the October Workshop. The meditation is offered from Leslie and Marko.  

  1. Be fully present. Then connect with humanity, and with all nature beings on a planetary scale – with places of power, with the elemental and angelic kingdoms – all in harmony with Gaia.
  2. Do this meditation as a part of a call and an affirmation for all beings of light to be together as one, in all our strength, unity and power, in these dangerous times.
  3. Go deeply down into your back space and ask the dragon world that controls and activates the atomic powers of Gaia – do not allow the primeval powers of Gaia’s creation to be used for the destruction of life upon our beloved Earth.

    LifeNet coordination group

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