Sunday, May 3rd 2020

Bojan Brecelj

Between the years 2016 and 2018 members of LifeNet Art Group have created five Geopuncture installations that stand today in the area of the Bohemian granite plate in Czech Republic and one in Austria. The installation Equilibrium was created in the year 2007 in Prague and transferred to the same area in 2014.

Geopuncture installations are compositions of lithopuncture stones with carved cosmograms standing in different countries worldwide. Their purpose is to initiate a new era of communication between the human race and Gaia, the Mother of Life. During the years 2005 and 2019 different groups of artists have created 27 compositions of this kind.

The inauguration means in this case that proposals will be given how to experience each composition and how to remove possible obstacles that do not allow that the given installation would work in an optimal way thus supporting certain aspect of life.

The inauguration is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

It is not allowed to distribute this workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing it via e-mail.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 according to your time zone.

Concept of the pilgrimage by Annette Frederking, Simona Čudovan and Marko Pogačnik.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.


9:15–9:30: We start at the Geopuncture Installation “Matrix of Life” (Hagenberg, Zaunreiter Akademie, north of Linz)

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and form the circle around the Matrix of Life installation.
  2. Then we invite all other beings from other dimensions of existence that helped in creation of the six Geopuncture circles or inspired us in our work to join the circle. Feel their presence
  3. To support the Matrix of Life installation we should connect the three levels of its present way of existence. Connect the pattern that vibrates above the circle with the mineral body of the stones. Connect also the pattern that pulsates in the ground water below your feet with the stones of the installation. Feel that the three levels are connected within the installation.
  4. As next we need to connect the installation with the space of the Bohemian granite plate.

9.30 – 9.50 Entering the Bohemian granite plate

The Bohemian granite plate is the rest of a gigantic mountain group from the most ancient epoch of Earth’s evolution, called “Tibet of Europe”. Up to 10 000 meters high mountains have been decomposed completely till now to create with their material landscapes of Central Europe. Only their base, the granite plate, remains.

  1. According to our perception those primordial mountains still exist in etheric form representing a heart aspect of the Central Europe. We use the Matrix of Life installation to enter into their realm.
  2. Be aware that the space of the “Tibet of Europe” is behind your back. To experience it you need to walk backward into the cave left by the mountains that physically disappeared.
  3. Walk backward in your imagination. Make each step back with your left foot. Here and there stop to feel the quality of this huge space.
  4. When you feel that you arrived deep enough, turn around (in your imagination!) and look face to face at the being of the Bohemian granite plate.
  5.  Excuse human culture for having forgotten the sources of life and truth that the being of the Bohemian granite plate embodies.

9.50 – 10.00 “Letters to Gaia” Geopuncture installation (Pečnov near Prachatice)

The Pečnov installation looks like a long tunnel composed of two lines with 30 stones and cosmograms. Each cosmogram represents a letter with a prayer to Gaia, the Mother of life.

  1. Imagine that drops of water carried by the wind (element Air) stream through the tunnel of the installation in both directions simultaneously.
  2. After a while they start to take with them messages of the cosmograms in the form of white letters and to carry them high up into the world.
  3. Like snowflakes the Letters to Gaia fall down upon the Earth to touch the hearts of people making them remember of the lost connection to the sources of life.

10.00 – 10.20 “Beloved Water” Geopuncture installation (Vstiš near Plzen)

The Vstiš installation deals with extremely sensitive theme of the cosmic element Water. There exist powers that again and again try to capture its knowledge of Water because it is the key to Gaia’s creation.

  1. We need first to put a transparent glass tube around the Installation so that the composition is protected from foreign influence. (The tube is open on both sides!)
  2. You are allowed now to enter the space of the tube. Feel how through the magnetic power of the stone minerals the primeval water stored at the core of the Earth is appearing out of the ground and filling the tube. How does its etheric substance feel?
  3. Then the stones of the installation get long thin hands reaching with them into the surrounding landscape and then into the world.
  4. They take each drop of water in the atmosphere, in the rivers, lakes and oceans to bring it to the Installation and to tune it to the message of different cosmograms.
  5. Rain that falls over the landscapes of the Earth is now soft like the dew and has the quality of blessing.

10.20 – 10.40 A break to drink some tea or coffee, have a cookie…to write down the experiences

10.40 – 11.00 Geopuncture installation dedicated to plants and to elemental beings of nature (Horni Bela, north of Plzen)

To re-start our journey we need to remember that we walk our path within the majestic mountains of the “Tibet of Europe”. Feel their etheric body around you.

The installation at Horni Bela represents the new principle of creation. It is no more based upon the interaction between matter and (etheric) energy as are the ancient druid circles.

The new principle of creativity is based upon the synergy of three aspects present in the installation at Horny Bela:

  • Plants as the second incarnation of the Water element,
  • Elemental beings of nature embodying the creative powers of Gaia,
  • Human consciousness based upon the intuition and knowledge of the heart (represented here through the art of cosmograms).
    1. To experience the quality of the new way of how Gaia creates life, you should make with your throat three steps backward and then feel.
    2. Then send from the Installation a multitude of white birds into the world with the message about the new principle of creating.

11.00 – 11.20 Geopuncture installation dedicated to animals (Zdonov, close to the Polish border)

Animals are close relatives to human beings. They help human beings to be connected to the core of the Earth and to the stars (Zodiac!) while we are incarnated.

Through the biblical curse of the snake as a representative of the evil, the link with the animal kingdom was broken on a very deep level (Cosmogram of the snake is part of the Zdonov installation):

  • Imagine to lift the archetype of the snake from the ground and to envelop it into violet light to dissolve the curse.
  • Then ask all kind of animals to create a circle together with us who take part in this inauguration ritual.
  • Be aware how it feels to be part of the animal circle.

11.20 – 11-40 Installation “Supporting planetary equilibrium” at Adrspach

Installation is composed of two units. On one side there are three strong megaliths with the cosmogram in glass between them (they represent the vertical axis of the world) and on the other 39 smaller granites with cosmograms in bronze positioned along two spirals. One spiral shows cosmograms related to different places, landscapes, cities, rivers etc. from Europe, the other spiral yet similar places around the world. The two spirals balance each other.

  • To support the planetary equilibrium at this moment we should imagine to position the mentioned axis into the centre around which the two spirals dance.
  • Then imagine the cosmograms of 39 places to get in resonance with the corresponding places worldwide.
  • Feel the emerging planetary equilibrium within you.

11.40 – 12.00 Conclusion of the inauguration ritual

We thank each other for mutual support on this pilgrimage upon the Bohemian granite plate and give thanks to beings of other dimension of reality that cooperated.

  • We ask the elemental and angelic beings that collaborated to continue to perform the rituals we did today and to protect the work with the Geopuncture installations worldwide, asking the same also our ancestors from the spiritual world.
  • Feel the 27 Geopuncture installations in the world connected into a happy network.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle.

The experiences can be shared as comments on this post

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lea hennessy

Dear Everyone, It was a great privilege to be with you all for the meditation on the 1.5.20.
I found it difficult to concentrate and hold space in this meditation unlike the other 2.
I saw a huge black crow which told me it was part of the team.

In the Beloved water meditation as i connected with the water and the land I heard an incredible hum and felt a vibration which I felt was from another level. Water came from all over the world
and sprinkled down . There was a sense of respectful silence.
During the meditation I felt I had to walk around the group to hold the energy together by focusing on holding the space.
During the Zdonov meditation I saw a huge white snake arrive . I danced with it and we sat down in a circle of animals. As I took my place i changed in to a cobra.
Many thanks
Lea Hennessy

Ingrid Tasch

May 3rd 2020

I connected the three levels and than the underground water which was the third level transformed the stonecircle into a vessel of water which was nourishing the cosmos and also the inner Earth. Over the stonecircle emerged a rosegolden mandala. The guardian of the stonecircle showed us than with its hand the way to the next place.

In one moment the „Tibet of Europe“ showed itself as a silhouette of mountains and at the same time this silhouette were us, holding hands in a circle („Tibet of Europe“ mirroring us). As I turned around I was in front of a high and tall black door that was just opening. Inside there was only black. I heard a gigantic heart beating. Than musik started playing.

There I had problems with a black layer upon the installation. Intuitiv I was thinking of Black Madonna/Goddess. I tried to uncover but I couldnt alone, just with help from the group, only together. Than all went as proposed in the meditation, the letters to Gaia flew into the world and fell as snowflakes upon the Earth.

Creating the tube of glass went well but sometime it got cracks which we had to mend. A big Gaia-Mermaid appeard in the middle of the stonecircle, she was so gigantic and extreme dynamic. Atmosphere was very delightful and sensual. A ray of water connected first with the cosmos and than with the water outside the stonecircle (everywhere in the world) and than the rain fell smooth and soft.

A huge black basalt column with white transcriptions on it came from the core of the earth to the surface. Around the column were different elemental beings in strange nearly geometric shapes, they where always moving and also changing shape, circling the basalt column while itself and also the transcriptions on it stood static, without movement. A big dwarf with wings like an angel was playing near the column flute and I understood that the throat is key to creation.

To transform the curse of the snake I hold it up to the sun and imagined violet light on it. Than the body of the snake shapeshifted and became an egg. I understood that this was the rebirth of it and I brought it back to the ground where it emerged with the soil as a golden fluid. Different animals were coming now and gathering around us and that changing of the atmosphere when they arrived was very touching, it felt like home. Than I saw that we were alltogether, humans and animals, in the body (feminine human shape) of Gaia and she herself could experience now how it is to be part of the animal circle.

As I was concentrating on the axis as proposed the high axis melted down but without losing any power or stability. It became now kind of a horizontal axis. It trasformed a second time and now I saw humans. As if we as humans have also the capacity to operate to balance this equilibrium. To do this we must find the zero point in us, I felt.

Ruža Smrček

Dragi svi, pozdravljam vas od srca
Evo mog izvješća:
– kod povezivanja ” Matrice života”, iznad kamene instalacije su se pojavili delfini ( već ranije su pokazali suradnju sa bićima kamena ) a ispod se digla zlatna voda.
– ulazeći u Češku granitnu ploču vidi se snažan kozmički impuls koji omogućava rađanje. Nakon isprike, njeno biće je pokazalo da ima snažno korijenje povezano sa zmajem koji je budan i širom otvorenih očiju pokreće transformaciju. To biće je kanal koji povezuje zemlju i nebo…na kraju je postalo gejzir zlatne Gajine energije iz koje se rađa novo.
– kad smo poslali ljudima Gajina pisma, i ja sam pročitala jedno: ” U svom tijelu daje nam dom. Ona je Boginja koja svojom sviješću mjenja atmosferu života na zemlji. Ta promjena zahvaća glavu i svijest ljudi”.
– kod instalacije ” Voljena voda”, pojavila se voda ispunjena zlatnim kapljicama. Ona otvara kanal davanja i primanja. Onaj koji primi, rađa i daje dalje.
– Novi princip stvaranja: Boginja zemlje i Boginja neba stvaraju mandorlu kroz koju prolaze biljke. One otvaraju kanal da mogu i drugi proći. Vidi se veliko drvo života koje u krošnji zrači energiju promjene a kroz korijenje omogućava da staro odlazi. Čovjek živi između dva svijeta, u starom i novom punom svijetla, radosti, bića … To novo se kao atmosfera širi preko starog koje postaje sve manje.
– životinje drže vertikalni ljubičasti kanal između zemlje i neba. Kad se desi horizontalno povezivanje ( preko biljaka), otvaraju se slapovi kozmičke vode a zlatna voda diže se iz zemlje. Proces promjene nosi ženska energija. Životinje su već u svojoj novoj kući, na drugoj razini, zaštićene.
Kod instalacije ” Planetarna ravnoteža” vidi se poremećena ravnoteža kod ljudi: grč oko usta, ne mogu spavati, mačji rep daje im ravnotežu. Vidjela sam Zemljin sistem ravnoteže preko vrtnje, te energiju promjene koja izlazi na polovima i širi se po zemlji. Pojavili su se veliki anđeli Zemlje, boginja Gaja sa širokim plaštem drži nas da smo istovremeno u preobrazbi i u novom.
– prilikom povezivanja sa geopunkturnim instalacijama širom svijeta, pojavio se i Brač, Solarni pleksus E. i litopunktura Zagreba na eteričkom nivou.
Hvala svim bićima, dušama i ljudima koji su pripremili i sudjelovali u ovom značajnom radu.
Pozdrav od srca i doviđenja , Ruža

3. 5. 2020

It is a touching experience to meet with all the co-creators, physical and non-physical ones! Especially very many little people!

Above I perceive a floating pattern of soft colours – rose, lightblue, gold
Underneath a mandala of dark-glowing colours, more geometrical
Both can be connected in the physical mineral-body, I feel clearly how strong our common work is now and the Geopuncture is making a tiny tug and so gainig its full power and dignity.

A very interesting experience to feel the space of the former mountains and the identity of the Bohemian plate that results of it. Living here by myself, having chosen it, now i feel really happy to know the true reason. I feel so thankful to the creators of this meditation and to all those, who made the Geopunctures possible exactly in this unique space. The deep reason shows itself to me only now.
Our excuse for forgetting restores the true power and significance of this invisible space that now feels like a huge etheric cathedral representing the core of Europe.

The streams through the tunnel of Pecnov becomes at a certain point kind of a whirlewind with all those uncountable letters which then are brought to the whole world. As they touch the hearts of the people, they start to dance like little children.

I strongly feel the counterforces and it is not easy to establish the glass tube. I have to put also myself into a protection sphere before.
The atmosphere in the tube gets luminous of vitaity and beauty by the emerging primeval water, pure abundance. The stones turn like plants themselves as they reach out to connect water with their messages. I see in front of my eyes every single one of the cosmograms with tenderness and immense gratitude. The fine blessing rain that falls on the landscapes of Earth is so much needed, it is like chasing away death and agony, bringing release, hope and new life.

To get aware of the quality oft he new way Gaia creates life is like a very sacred ceremony in middle of this huge cathedral of „European Tibet“. I see a new trinity in form of a triangle, first there is the well known eye in ist center, but then the eye turns into a never stopping fountain. Deep happiness is filling my heart. As the white brids fly out, i see people opening their windows and waving joyfully, and the plants and trees also waving with their branches and leaves and the elemental beings getting very awake and joyful.

I remember that the cosmogram for the snake shows it like broken in the middle. I always was so connected to the snake and painted it so often. Restoring its archetype in the violet light first seemes unnecessary to me, but then, however, needs quite long time and in the end it is shining in white light.
When all the other animals come (very willingly) into our circle, I get a quite indigenous feeling, the word „animal council“ comes into my mind, and I feel them as part of our family and that once there were marriages between us. Only now, together with them, we are complete. All this time the white snake stays in the center of our circle, sometimes it stands up and it reminds me of the erected snake of Moses and Aron.

It feels very appropriate to put the installation with the three tall stones and the glass-cosmogram into the center of the spirals.
But then I get a really bad pain in my breast and my stomache. I have to get up and to open the door to outside.
While connecting the „European“ stones with those for the other continents, I have the picture of the flat Earth. I can feel the density of Europe, which with its dominance was able to impose its own culture and colonialism to the rest of the world. The process of balancing brings more space to Europe and more dignity to the other continents. True balance turns out possible only by Europes readyness to respect and perhaps incorporate also the life-archetypes and main values of the other continents. During all this process I always see the glass-cosmogram, and the axis of the three stones gets the axis of the world in the cathedral of „European Tibet“. Afterwards I have a look to the book for the dedication of this central cosmogram: It is for the peaceful coexistence of the civilisation of the Sidhe (Elemental Beings) and the humans. So I understand that this is also the key for the balance between different human cultures and peoples.

Having been part of the creation of almost all of these Geopunctures and having looked forward to our physical inauguration journey, I am now very impressed by the truth that lies in the course of events, which restricted us to meet in this telepathic form. I feel that like this we were able to connect with our essences, and perhaps this is what this special time is opening and offering. We met in a very pure space of Soul to achieve a great work. For my part I can say, that now I got an even bigger vision of what we created on the Bohemian plate (by the way, I see also the Bavarian Forest as a part of it), and I am so grateful for all the efforts of Marko, Bojan, Annette, Simona and Bernard to make this kind of conclusion possible, also in form of the book.
Nevertheless I look very much forward to meet you again in a hugging way!

Constance Strecke

Dear All,
I feel deeply grateful for having the opportunity to be part of these three workshops.
My heart is overflowing and my body even can still feel the places we were visiting, it was such a blissful experience!
The connectedness of all of us the group of human beings together with all other beings was extremely powerful and heartwarming and therefore I’m so much looking forward to meeting all of you in “physical reality” in July!
(I set this as a clear intention, more so than just a wish:))
Thank you Marko, thank you to VITAA team for preparing the workshop and conducting us!!

Lots of greetings from Athens

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