Dear co-creators of the Network of Life!

Dear co-creators of the Network of Life!

Thank you for your cooperation with the telepathic work in 2020. But if the road paved in 2020 pandemics will continue in its direction also in the New Year we will soon find ourselves in the hands of powers denying all that is dear to our hearts. We need to make effort towards change at the threshold of the New Year.
This is why we invite you to collaborate with the telepathic workshop CELEBRATING AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE NEW YEAR 2021 on Sunday, December 27th in the morning, repeated on Wednesday, December 30th in the evening.
The program of the workshop can be found in different languages at and
Blessings to the New Year! LifeNet organizing team.

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happy near year to all of you

I did not understand what you mean by “paved in 2020 pandemics”, isnt it true when scientist speak about posibility of more virus coming towards humans, caused by robbing animals and nature the space, so nature react like that, animals of wilderness looking for their needs in our space bring also new desease.
Thats normal if we do what we do

So I am triying to acept these situation, trying to do my best for to change human bevavior towards the environment.
In these meaning I am very interested to share, lets see what we can do together.

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