1. Telepathic Workshop LifeNet 2020 – Instructions

1. Telepathic Workshop LifeNet 2020 – Instructions

Dear friends from LifeNet and those interesting in Gaia Culture, geomancy and the present Earth Changes!

We start with common work on Saturday, April 11th 2020 with the first workshop on telepathic level. We decided to invite also those who declared in the autumn 2019 as interested to participate in LifeNet gathering in Bohinj, Slovenia, but later did not apply to.

There will be several workshops of this kind till July 13th when the Gathering (hopefully) starts. If you wish to participate in this work process (read more in the March letter which is attached) then you are invited to do so. You will find the workshop schedule in English, German and Slovene languages on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page (https://www.lifenet.si/meditations/) on Friday April 10th. 

Till Thursday I will prepare a workshop itinerary to be done on April 11th from 9 am to 12 am with exact time schedule and exercises related to the most needed subjects of the present time.

Do not worry about time differences, they have no meaning in this work. We work according to the Sun from morning till noon wherever you are.

To avoid interference of powers who do not like the cooperation with Gaia and her beings, I ask you not to put the Workshop plan on public networks like facebook etc. But you are welcome to invite some of your friends or collaborators by sending the plan via e-mail.

During the last two weeks I have done telepathic workshops in France, Italy and Slovenia, while we were all sitting at home and participants agree: this works perfect!

 Where to find a new meditation published on a Life-Net web page?

Meditations will be published under the tab named “Meditations”, and they will be available in three languages, Slovene, English and German. They will be organised in subtabs, separating each meditation by its name to make it easier to navigate on the webpage.

How to share expressions/comments with others?

In addition, each meditation will be published as a post in order to allow you to leave comments. Therefore, if you would like to share your expressions, emotions, visions, opinions after each meditation, please select a proper post at the bottom of the web-page, choose the corresponding post (a name of the meditation) and click on it. At the end of each post, there is a special section ‘leave a replay’ and ‘comment’. In the square box, you can write your text and when finished click on the bottom ‘Post Comment’. After being confirmed by the admin of the webpage, your comment will be made visible to all visitors of the page.

Which language shall I choose?

Please post your expressions in a language the meditation is published in (if you post in English, post it under English translation). Be aware that English is the most common language and posts in English will reach the majority of participants.

All the best,

Marko Pogačnik in the name of the Gathering preparation team

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Alice Weibull

Thank-you for a deep and connected workshop.
I became aware of the importance of using the purple light to wash my hands and my body as well as with soap and water. After the lifting the ball in the transformation visualizations I felt a need to immerse my hands in the purple light as well as my solar plexus.
While renewing the connection to Gaia my friend from the Sidhe world appeared and stayed by my side. It was obvious that the Sidhe world was involved in our activity and also part of our deeper connection with Gaia

Dear members of life net .after saterdays work shope I feel that ther is so mutch to do … now is the time ! and we have the power to do it . It was ameizing to feel the aeteric place bildd with sutch a worm and strong feeling .
it is their to conect and continu the work together at any time ..
thank you marco and the teem for make it happend . all the love from all 5 part of my hart . meet you soon in the green perpel place .

lea hennessy

Looking forward to Saturday.
Many thanks

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