Marko Pogačnik

I was inspired to create telepathic workshops after the first coronavirus lock-down in Slovenia at the end of February 2020. Before then I traveled from March to December each year to do geocultural work with many of you – a synthesis of geomantic and Earth healing work to support the current Earth transformation process. It may be possible to conducts these “on the ground” workshops at some time in the future – as it was this year between August and October – but perhaps not always. So we should not hesitate to develop forms of geocultural work that do not depend exclusively on public transport and direct in person contact and relationships, or on electronic media.

I understand that the telepathic workshops that we have undertaken this year rely on the internet. But I believe that they represent a valid preparation for a possible future time when such workshops can be independent of electronic media. However, we must currently depend on the internet to help prepare and translate the programs of the workshops in different languages, and to enable us to participate and collaborate in the workshops even if we are present at different locations and in different time zones. These differences in location and time are not problematic; they are beneficial because the participants are widely distributed in space and time, which means that the workshop has a larger field of action.

In 2020 we obviously entered a more dramatic phase of Earth Changes. But we, as a Network for Life (LifeNet), should not cease to support and working with Gaia and the elemental world in our joint efforts to preserve the thread of life and to open the future for our beloved Earth and her next evolutionary step.
Here are some suggestions about how to participate in telepathic workshops:
Use the first sequence of the workshop, called “attunement,” to ground yourself, to be present and centered in your heart and body, and to feel connected to the whole sphere of life around you, visible and invisible.
Be continuously aware that you are not alone in the work but there are others who are doing the same work, in the same time rhythm. Feel connected to the group as if we are all standing or sitting in a circle supporting each other. Imagine that we are present within a rounded space that is common to the whole group, created of fine spherical membranes.

It is important to understand that the imaginations we use in telepathic workshops are not “visualizations.” With visualizations you are outside of mentally created pictures, while in the case of imaginations you move inside the images that you create with your presence and with the power of your love. Imagination is a cosmic tool that beings from other dimensions also use to create the reality of life.
If you feel lost or disconnected during the workshop, ground yourself once again in your being, be present in the circumstances around you, and return to the initial circle and the space created at the beginning of the workshop. Be aware that human participants are there as well as beings from the elemental and spiritual worlds that we invited at the beginning of the workshop.

Each sequence of the telepathic workshop begins with a brief explanation, with the purpose of satisfying the rational mind. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for the exercises beforehand. Allow your mind to relax as much as possible. Be present in your heart.
Be open and receptive to the unexpected even if it is different from what your mind anticipates after you have read the instructions. Feel free to co-create the work with your unique contribution. If you read the reports from telepathic workshop participants you will see that virtually everyone contributes a different perspective. This creativity is one of advantages of telepathic workshops. Imagine that the elemental and other beings make effort to bring together the diversity of our contributions so that they are effective in the given situation.

If you find yourself blocked or stuck during the exercise you can use “ toning” to help move forward. Loudly sing vowels or other tones that you feel to be appropriate for the situation. This may also be helpful if you are bothered by strange or unwanted interruptions into your field of imagination.
Know that the person who created the workshop is always present and that you can relate to her or him. This is why the name of the responsible person is always written at the beginning of the workshop program.
A second date and time is usually given for the workshop to be repeated. The second workshop is intended not only for those who did not participate the first time, but also for those who wish to deepen their initial experience at certain points.
Keep a notebook at hand to briefly write down your experiences during the workshop because they are usually very subtle and can be forgotten quickly. Later, after you have transcribed your notes, please share them with other participants at the workshop website. My experience in using electronic media as a means of communication is that it functions only among humans. Beings of other dimensions that co-create life on Earth are excluded from it. Using telepathic forms of workshops creates the possibility that beings of other dimensions of life can collaborate with the human family, and that we humans might also develop and strengthen our connections and relationship with Gaia and multidimensional life. This is an important path toward the future. Feel free to use the format of the telepathic work by yourself. Create small or even national groups, find out what you would like to perceive or work on, invite people that you trust, create a program…Do not allow, even in the situation of lock-down that the right of the heart to heart communication will be taken from us.

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Anja Moortgat

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to engage in the telepathic workshops. What a beautiful way of connecting to Gaia and other beings in so many dimensions. Love to you all.


I so love to be part of the community.Such a wonderful workshop celebration.So much help and high, shining energy, wishing so well for you all and all living beings, seen and unseen, thank you all from my deepest heart

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