Telepathic Work

In 2020 we obviously entered a more dramatic phase of Earth Changes. But we, as a Network for Life (LifeNet), should not cease to support and working with Gaia and the elemental world in our joint efforts to preserve the thread of life and to open the future for our beloved Earth and her next evolutionary step. We invite you to collaborate!

The purpose of LifeNet Weekly Exercises is to establish a stronger link between Gaia and humankind over the course of a one-year process.

Telepathic Workshops are planned to take place once a month to address the actual impulses or blockages upon the path of Earth and human changes. Please read GUIDELENES (how to participate)

The Cyclic Telepathic Workshops take place at the four cardinal points of the year to support and strengthen the cycle of life so that it will not be broken down by the linear logics of the present civilization.

Silent Manifestations 2021 is a work that we do together each Friday at 5pm to collectively support archetypal qualities at the causal levels that are important for human civilization to continue upon the path of freedom and change.