Sunday, July 12th 2020

Organized by VITAAA Association from Slovenia, program prepared by Marko Pogačnik in collaboration with several wonderful LifeNet people.

The international gathering of the Network for Life (LifeNet/Lebensnetzt) should take place at the Lake Bohinj from 13th to 15th July 2020. Since this is not possible because of the Covid lockdown, we prepared a telepathic form of the Gathering.

The Gathering is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

You can find versions of this Gathering plan in different languages on the LifeNet Gathering home page:

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.00 according to your time zone.

Invited are those who showed interest in the 2020 Gathering but you may invite to the work your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing this plan via e-mail.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

Sunday, July 12th 2020

9am–9:20 Connecting and attuning the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form a circle above the Lake of Bohinj (look at the attached map).
  2. How does our family dedicated to geomancy, geoculture and the Earth transforming process feel?
  3. Then we invite guardians of our beloved planet and elemental beings of its landscapes that are ready to help us in this work to join our circle and so also friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is standing in the circle together with all those beings.
  4. Now we need to create the etheric sphere in which we will work and enjoy our togetherness today. Imagine sitting us together with the invited beings in a spherical space enveloped by colorful membranes. Time to time during the Gathering remember this protective sphere that enables us to work together in peace, touching upon some crucial aspects of the present epoch.

9.20–9.40 Bohinj Lake, our meeting place

Within the sacred landscape of the Triglav Mountain, Bohinj Lake represents its focus of change and transmutation.

  1. We are still standing in the circle above the Bohinj Lake.
  2. A vortex of strong energy of change is rising from the depth of the lake through our circle, composed of human and all other beings that we have invited to join us.
  3. Behind our backs and all around are spread patterns of the alienated civilization that has lost its connection to the essence of life and truth.
  4. Imagine creating between ourselves channels through which this patterns, energies, and beings supporting them, can enter the vortex of transformation (so that life energy frozen in those alienated forms can return to the source of life).
  5. We support the dance of transformation by sounding vowels. Be aware of the process

9.40–10.00 The almost total control over hearts and minds of human beings is over (it has manifested as Covid lockdown with all its social and psychological consequences.)

We need to make a clear sign that the long epoch, when powers foreign to our beloved Earth were allowed to challenge the human family, has passed. The point of almost total control over the Earth and human beings was reached. It does not allow human beings to remember our true origin and purpose of our lives. Bohinj Lake has the capacity to lead those terrible powers to the other side of the Universe where they can find their proper place.

  1. We still levitate as a large circle above the Bohinj Lake aware of the task that we are about to accomplish.
  2. Now, without loosening the form of our circle – we hold hands to demonstrate our unity, – we descend into the depth of the lake.
  3. At the bottom we find tunnels that lead through the body of the Earth to the other side of the Universe that exists at the back of Gaia.
  4. We direct those powers-beings through those tunnels into the sphere of their transformation.
  5. Give thanks that we are allowed to do it and come back to the surface of the lake.

10.00–10.20 Break to write down experiences, have a cup of tea or coffee…

10.20–10.30 Invitation to fellow human beings to awake to the creative power of their hearts

Till now we have used the transformative potentials of the Bohinj Lake. Now we move to the neighboring lake called Bled. The sacred lake of Bled has a pilgrimage church dedicated to Mary as the Mother of Life, upon its rocky island.

  1. Standing upon the lake water around the island we create our circle again.
  2. Imagine that the features of the island are overlaid with a thin layer of mirror.
  3. In such a way the island mirrors back the light of our hearts.
  4. Be aware that the Bled Island knows the atomic power and beauty of love stored (unrecognized!) within the human heart.
  5. The complex system of our human hearts awoken through the mirroring Island starts to develop its immense creative power and beauty. Feel it! Know that it is our most precious inner potential that is capable of perfectly protecting us and to lift us upon the new level of the planetary evolutionary path.
  6. Finally turn around and send the message into the world to remind fellow human beings who we as human beings are and which is the precious creative potential that we carry (mostly unknown) within our hearts.

10-30 – 10.50 Spherical membranes – our new reality

Since two decades the Earth is manifesting the new space of reality. Results are highly challenging chaotic situations upon the planet on one side and emergence of new conditions for life on the other. Not to be broken down by the chaotic situations the Earth offers systems of fluid (watery) membranes that we can use while walking upon the path of life. To experience this gift we should move north-west from Bled to the sources of the river Sava called Zelenci. Water comes directly from the ground forming many lakes of crystal clear water.

  • We form our circle over the watery landscape of Zelenci.
  • Imagine fine drops of water evaporating from the sources below, forming subtle membranes around each of us and around the group as a whole.
  • Stay for a while within the watery membranes of Zelenci so that each cell of your body, each of your microorganisms, and your elemental self can absorb into their memory the new space that we should move through or be enveloped in while walking the paths of the planet.

10.50 – 11.10 For children of the world

We return to the place above the shore of the Bohinj Lake that was foreseen as the meeting place for the LifeNet Gathering 2020. It is a youth hostel where school children from all over Slovenia come for their classes in nature. So this is an opportunity to give a present to children of the world.

  • We use for this purpose a Gaia Touch ritual called the Tear of Divine Grace. See the Appendix!
  • The ritual should be done three times, once for children who suffer famine, once for children who suffer oppression and once for children who suffer under the excessive rationality of the school system.

11.10 – 11.30 Conclusion: re-creating the Network for Life (LifeNet)

To work on re-creating the Network for Life we move again to the space above the Bohinj Lake. This time we gather high over that part of the Lake that is closer to its outpouring. There we shall form our circle.

  • We create our circle (where also beings take part that we have invited in the beginning) as an open centre from where the Network for Life spreads to all sides of the Earth.
  • Each knot of the Network represents a person, a group of awaked people, or a group of beings from parallel realities who love the creation of Gaia and are in many different ways active to support the quantum leap of the Earth to transfer life of the planet and its beings to a new evolutionary level.
  • Feel LifeNet as an open network dedicated to the truth of Gaia’s wisdom and expressing through the manifold hands of love.
  • We thank each other and all beings that supported us during the months of the Gathering 2020 process. The next months will be dedicated to organize our activities upon the practical levels.


Ritual dotika Gaje, solza milosti

  1. V molitveni gesti dvignite roke do svojega srca in pustite, da se kapljica vašega sočutja (povezana z osebo, krajem ali situacijo) spusti v prostor med dlanmi.
  2. Priklonite se Zemlji in s svojo domišljijo sezite globoko v kraljestvo Gaje, Matere življenja. Ustvarite posodo z rokami in prosite Gajo za kapljico odpuščanja, povezano s stisko ali žalitvijo, ki je bila storjena določenemu vidiku življenja, kraju ali njegovim bitjem.
  3. Vzravnajte in dvignite posodo svojih rok (že vsebuje kapljico vašega sočutja in kapljico odpuščanja Gaje) k nebu in prosite za kapljico božanske milosti.
  4. Zdravilna voda se zdaj zbira na homeopatski način. Nesite posodo tako, da v domišljiji zdravilno vodo usmerite k njenemu vnaprej zastavljenemu cilju. Namen vašega srca in pozornosti vaše zavesti skupaj tvorita most, ki zdravilni impulz vodi tja, kjer je to potrebno.
  5. Zahvalite se. Po načelu osebne vere in telepatije lahko ta ritual deluje tudi na dolge razdalje.


The Gaia Touch Tear of divine Grace ritual

  1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let the drop of your compassion (related to the person, place or situation concerned) drop into the space between your palms.
  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to the given aspect of life, to a place or to her beings.
  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and the drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for a drop of the divine grace.
  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Guide the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water towards its preconceived goal. Intention of your heart and attention of your consciousness constitute together a bridge to guide the healing impulse to where it is needed.
  5. Give thanks. Based on the principle of personal faith and telepathy, this ritual can work also over long distances.

Drawing of the area in Slovenia, where the telepathic LifeNet Gathering takes place 

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