Telepathic LifeNet workshop, Sunday, December 27th from 9 to 10 o’clock in the morning, repeated on Wednesday, December 30th at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The year that is coming to its close was extremely dramatic, forcing us into a lock down worldwide, and preventing us from touching one another looking into each other’s face. This telepathic celebration is a prayer for freedom.

The workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means, no matter where the participant is, the workshop always starts at the given time according to the local time zone. This workshop program can be found at www.lifenet.si

9.00 – 9.10 Group Attunement

  1. Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are widespread across the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.
  2. Next we create our workshop space that is composed of fine spherical membranes that allow us to co-create and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes exclude any counter forces that try to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.
  3. Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level of the creative time where we are free from linear constraints.
  4. During the course of the workshop if you get stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome blocks. Return to the circle we have created and remember that you are supported by our group.

9.10 – 9.40 Supporting the Continuity of Life on Earth

The measures that obviously have been and continue to be programmed by forces foreign to the essence of life have pushed human beings to the edge of existence as free and creative beings. We need to find a way that leads to a meaningful future; otherwise we could become lost.

  1. Let us first ask the plant world for help.
  2. Those who answer our plea are angelic beings of plant species often called Devas. Imagine them behind your back as far up as you can reach with your hands. Listen for a while to their sound emerging from the width and breadth of the universe.
  3. The Devas, together with the Green Dragon representing the archetypal power of the plant kingdom, hold a rhomboid door upright. The angelic plant beings hold the upper peak of that portal and the Dragon the lower one. Please tune to the portal that is positioned behind your back. Then imagine standing up, turning around and stepping forward upon the path previously unknown to human evolution. (While embodying on Earth over millions of years we humans have followed the path of the animal kingdom.)
  4. Following this new path we find ourselves at the edge of a wild stream representing the present pandemic era. We need help to cross the stream. However, dolphins, who would love to help humankind as their sister evolution, have become dehydrated in the fire of humankind’s dominant and overactive rationality.
  5. We need to perform the Gaia Touch ritual Tear of Grace, and pour three stronger, steady streams of the redeeming waters of our compassion, Gaia’s forgiveness and Divine Grace over the dehydrated dolphins, as well as over other affected animals, including microorganisms and sub-microscopic viruses.
  6. After the ritual is completed we can then ride on the backs of the dolphins to the other shore that can be called a ”New age of Evolution.” But arriving there we find ourselves in front of a dark fog and we cannot see the path to the New. Where is the light that could illuminate our path?
  7. That light is compressed within our dense, over-materialized bodies. Let us ask our cells and microorganisms to hold a minimum one-inch distance (!) between them. Work on creating the corresponding image.
  8. Now the golden light of our Christ (cosmic) essence previously compressed in our bodies can become free to shine into the spaces of the New Year and beyond. The dark fog dissipates and we can clearly see the way to the path of peace and freedom, leading us forward.

9.40 – 10.00 Let Us Become Ready for the New Path

To prepare for the new path opening to the future we need to cleanse our subtle bodies of the old obstacles that keep us human beings from taking the new path. The cleansing needs to be done at three levels. Be aware that as we do this cleansing we do it as a holographic part of humanity.

  1. Sit down and imagine holding yourself standing in your lap with your head reaching up to the throat level. This is the primordial (dragon power) aspect of you. Take a moment to experience this power.
  2. Standing in your lap imagine that you stand naked in a vessel filled with Gaia’s water of life. Bow down a few times, take the water in your hands, and splash this water of life in a stream over and through your body. Now be aware how you feel after your vital body has been cleansed.
  3. Now lift yourself to the level of your elemental heart (the lower end of the breastbone) while your head touches the upper arc of your skull from inside. You now stand in the handful of water from the heart of Gaia that you hold in the vessel of your hands.
  4. Bow down, take the water that has its origin in Gaia’s heart, and splash the water in a stream over and through your body. How do you feel after you have cleansed your elemental body?
  5. Then lift yourself even higher so that you hold yourself at the level of both clavicles. You are much smaller now because your head does not rise beyond the arc of your scull.
  6. Bow down in this position a few times. From the hollow between your clavicles take the water of the divine spirit to cleanse your spiritual body. Splash it over your head in a stream and let it run through your core essence.
  7. Then stand up in your biological body and visualize, with love, energy and power, a renewed humanity moving over the threshold of the New Year, asking for blessings and divine guidance through the challenges awaiting us in the halls of the year 2021.

10.00 Conclusion 

We thank each other and all beings of the different realms of the Earth and the universe that have accompanied us, and we dissolve our circle.

If you realized during the workshop that certain exercises are important to you and for life, feel free to continue practicing them.

The team of translators, Iveta, Urša, Martin,Orit, Sara, Dorian, Kati, Leslie, Irina, Dagmar, Kata and others; together with the LifeNet organizing team, Jana, Irina, Leslie, Tea, Peter, Theresia, Ying and Marko – send all of you blessings for the New Year, with heartfelt wishes  for our co-creation to continue in 2021 and beyond.

Appendix: Gaia Touch Ritual – The Tear of Grace

  1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let a drop of your compassion (related to the person, place or situation concerned) drop into the space between your palms.
  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to a particular aspect of life, to a place or to her beings.
  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and the drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for a drop of divine grace.
  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Open the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water toward its preconceived goal. The intention of your heart and the attention of your consciousness create a bridge to guide the healing impulse to where it is needed.
  5. Give thanks. Based on the principle of personal faith and telepathy, this ritual can also work over long distances.

The healing Tear of Grace ritual was inspired in the chapel of the Black Madonna in Altötting in Bavaria. Later the two sequences with personal compassion and Gaia’s forgiveness were added. We use it often with groups while working with places in need of healing.

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