Summer Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2021

Summer Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2021

  • SUNDAY, JUNE 2OTH in the morning from 9.00 till 11.00.
  • Repeated on THURSDAY, JUNE 24TH in the evening from 20.00 till 22.00. 

The RENEWING THE CYCLE OF SEASONS project is now moving into its second year and will continue into the years 2021-22.

The project is proposed by the biodynamic farmer Bernard Lainka and organized by Iveta Šugarkova, both from the Czech Republic.

Cyclic Workshops are created by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace from Slovenia.

If you have not yet applied to participate and wish to collaborate, please email Iveta at Let her know the language that you require from the different languages offered on LifeNet; Iveta will send the workshop texts to participants.

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to the local time zone.

The Summer Solstice is the time when the cycle of the year moves into its creative phase. This year the creative phase offers the possibility of renewing the matrix of time as a base of the cyclic transformations of the year. Together with nature and her beings we renew the time dimension to meet the challenges of the Earth Changing Process.

9.00 – 9.10 Group attunement

  1. Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.
  2. Next we create our workshop space, which is composed of fine spherical membranes that allow us to co-create together and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes exclude any counter forces that may try to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.
  3. Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level of the creative time where we are free from linear constraints.
  4. During the course of the workshop if you become stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome any blocks, and you can also return to the circle we have created. Remember that you are supported by our group and all the beings who support and co-create with us.

9.10 – 9.30 To free ourselves from the exclusive pattern of the linear time

The cycle of the year based upon the exchanging rhythm of solstices and equinoxes refers to the cyclic time principle. It functions beyond the patterns of linear time fixed by the calendar and its days, hours and seconds. In addition to linear and cyclic time there is a third time pattern, called creative time. Creative time comes into being in each successive moment when eternity meets human creativity tuned to the purpose of life.

  1. Imagine the circle of linear time evolving from left to right around your feet. Each second follows another; the minutes appear, followed later by hours, days, months and years…
  2. Lift the circle of the time to the level of your navel and allow the circling of time to enter your body and dance within your belly space.
  3. Observe and feel the complex circling of its movements as it appears within your body. Now we have moved from the linear to the cyclic time matrix.
  4. Then lift the cycling of time to yet another level, this time to the level of your throat. You may support your imagination with the parallel movement of your hands.
  5. Now we have arrived to the level of creative time. The narrow passage of the throat is too narrow to receive the whole complex of the spherical movements inherent within the creative time matrix. Allow its dance to evolve partly outside and partly inside your throat area.
  6. Be aware that the throat represents the throat chakra as the cosmic creative source within you. Observe and feel how the new movements of time move within you.
  7. Now extend the feeling of creative time to your environment and its beings so they can rejoice with human beings becoming free of the narrowness of the linear time structures.

9.30 – 9.50 The cycling of the year beyond the format of the four seasons

Beyond the rhythm of the exchanging four seasons there exist cosmic movements that order the cycles of development – for nature as well as for other worlds of the Earthly universe. They can be recognized as the causal (archetypal) body of the year. Using our bodily perception we can tune to the causal body of the year.

  1. Imagine the features of the year’s cycle dancing in circles around your body. Its rhythms are different in different parts of the Earthly globe. Usually the periods of growth in the vegetable (plant) kingdom alternate with more dormant periods – we know them in the northern hemisphere as late autumn and winter.
  2. Then allow the rhythms of the year enter into your belly space through your navel in the form of a spiral. Let them dance now within your belly space. Observe and feel!
  3. Then let the rhythms of the year enter your heart space through the area of your plexus. The plexus is a watery space positioned above the belly space.
  4. Allow your mind to release the idea that the so-called “solar plexus” is a fiery place. It is a watery space; it is also the home of your personal elemental being and our elemental heart.
  5. After the rhythms of the year have moved through the watery sphere of your plexus area, they have been transformed.
  6. Through the interaction with the qualities and powers of your heart and in collaboration with all the beings from all the different worlds that collaborate in our telepathic workshops, the causal background of the year’s cycle is being renewed. Observe and feel this process going on within your body!
  7. Now extend this quality and information to nature close by you, as well as to far away places, so that nature’s beings all over the planet can rejoice about the renewed causal matrix of the year.  

9.50 – 10.00 We deserve a short pause

10.00 – 10.10 To tune to the causal background of life processes

The causal dimension of the Earth stores patterns and matrices that elemental beings use as plans to give correct and appropriate forms to the manifested world. As an example, if an architectural plan is distorted, the house built according to this plan may have no windows or doors. Modern civilization constantly violates the causal dimension of the Earth through the genetic manipulation of plants and distortion of atomic structures, weather patterns, and microorganisms (as in the case of the present “pandemics”). Such types of human activities can create a “black holes” through which life can disappear in front of our eyes.

To prevent such a disaster Gaia and her primordial helpers are now transferring the causal dimensions to another level of existence. We as embodied and conscious beings can help this process of transfer to succeed. It is first necessary to dissolve the veil of manipulation and death presently covering the door leading from the causal dimension to the embodied level of life.

  1. Imagine that we together with plants, animals and minerals travel upon the ocean in an Arc of Noah.
  2. Suddenly a heavy storm appears. Thick drops of water imbued with the fires of human projections fall upon us. We do not panic but with calm and inner strength continue to travel forward.
  3. All around us the ocean receives these heavy drops into its depth to purify them from excessive fire.

10.10 – 10.30 To experience the causal dimension of the Earth

Now the door is open to experience the renewed causal level of the embodied Earth and to support its presence in human awareness.

  1. Be aware of the two great oceans positioned at both sides of the manifested planet. The Atlantic Ocean touches the shores of Africa, America and Europe; the Pacific Ocean touches the shores of Asia, Australia and the west coast of America.
  2. Imagine that two gigantic columns composed of innumerable drops of water originating from the heart of Gaia rising from the center of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They reach beyond the highest atmospheric layer of the Earth. There the drops spread over the entire Earth to form a watery sphere (a hydrosphere) embracing the Earth.
  3. The hydrosphere is the new home of the causal dimension of the Earth. There are fluid patterns and matrices here that allow for the further development of life and cultures on Earth. Their impulses follow the circulation of water between the Earth and its sky.
  4. Feel drops of rain falling upon your skin falling from this watery sphere. Become one with their subtle bodies and perceive those drops from within as a blessing from Gaia and her watery causal world.
  5. Breathe for a while through your mouth in the following way – as you inhale, imagine that you draw in the breath from Gaia that is behind your back, embodying her causal system. Then deeply exhale into the manifested world in front of you.
  6. Observe and feel how the nature of your environment – near and far – reacts to your breathing. Be especially aware of the relationship of your breathing to trees, nearby and worldwide.

10.30 – 10.50 Water is able to inspire people of the Earth to open for change

During the last thirty years the VITAAA and LifeNet Art Groups have carved hundreds of cosmograms in stones positioned on different continents, mostly in Europe. Each cosmogram represents an earthly-cosmic archetype created in dialogue with Gaia and the given place. The cosmograms embody different aspects of life, its ethical qualities, spiritual dimensions and vital powers.

  1. We continue with imaging the Earth’s hydrosphere embracing the Earth high above its atmospheric layers.
  2. We imagine that the imprints of these cosmograms float freely within that watery sphere, and are distributed above the globe. They can be compared to the stars in the night sky. Feel the presence of their messages in the aquatic body of the Earth high above.
  3. Then become aware that the reflection of their message is mirrored in the fluids flowing within landscapes, within plants, animals, human and other beings. They are like stars at night mirrored in a serene lake.
  4. Feel the presence of those tiny stars moving within and along the fluids of your body.
  5. These stars represent different aspects of inspiration, inspiring people of the Earth to release and detach from the patterns of the past, and to listen to the rhythms of the new Earth and the new Heaven – and to act accordingly.

10.50 – 11.00 Conclusion

  • Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds, including our ancestors and descendants.
  • Hold the Earth’s hydrosphere protected within your heart as one of the dimensions where Gaia begins to manifest her new body.
  • Also – please participate and collaborate once again when the workshop is repeated to empower its message, strongly and clearly.
  • Post your experiences at to share them with the group.

Look at some examples of the cosmograms carved at different places upon the globe:

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