Namen tedenskih vaj je globlje povezati se s svojo notranjostjo, z Gajo in njenimi elementarnimi svetovi.

Njihov drug namen je, da se kot skupina tesneje povezujemo med seboj.

Vajo izvajajte vsak dan in ob času, ki vam ustreza. Začnite tako, da se povežete s skupino in tako ponovno ustvarite našo skupno prostorsko in časovno strukturo, kot to naredimo tudi pri telepatskih delavnicah.

Vsaka tedenska vaja bo sestavljena iz sporočila Gaje, ki ga je prejela Andrea Rosslan-Brandt iz skupine geomantov v nemškem Porurju, in ustrezne vaje, ki si jo je zamislil Marko Pogačnik iz Slovenije.

Vsak četrtek lahko s spletne strani https://www.lifenet.si/category/weekly/ prenesete nov paket tedenske vaje, vendar se morate za sodelovanje prijaviti, ker bi radi vedeli, s kom sodelujemo.

Na tedenske vaje se lahko prijavite tukaj: https://www.lifenet.si/weekly-exercises.

Potem ko ste se registrirali za ta program, lahko ustvarite geslo in se prijavite tukaj: https://www.lifenet.si/category/weekly/. Za prijavo lahko uporabite tudi svoj račun na Facebooku ali Googlu.

Po prijavi boste lahko prosto dostopali do gradiv za tedenske vaje.

Če vam je težko prenesti paket s spletne strani, pišite Jani Rieger na naslov meditation@lebensnetz-geomantie.de in ji sporočite, v katerem jeziku želite prejemati navodila za vaje, in poskrbela bo za to, da boste pakete prejemali po e-pošti.

Prisrčen pozdrav,

Organizacijska skupina omrežja LifeNet

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Jen Knudsen

Thank you so much!! That is very helpful and I look forward to joining

Michael Fuller

I am very sorry, I got the time wrong for the group attunement… it is 8.30pm not 5.00pm.

here is the text of the message:

“To strengthen our community working together to strengthen the bonds between Humankind and Gaia, we propose that we do the weekly exercise four times a week at 8.30 p.m in the evening, in accord with your local time. Please choose the four days that suit you best, and remember each time to create our common space and time sphere.”

Michael Fuller

Hi Jen,
The suggestions for group attunement in the telepathic workshops is copied below:
1. Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are widespread across the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.
2. Next we create our workshop space that is composed of fine spherical membranes that allow us to co-create and be protected. Feel love and gratitude in your heart as you hold the intention that these membranes exclude any counter forces that try to block the path of peace and Earthly creation.
3. Imagine a spiral coming out of the ground and turning inside our workshop space, lifting us to the level of the creative time where we are free from linear constraints.
4. During the course of the workshop if you get stuck or are unable to connect, you can use the toning of vowels and other sounds to overcome blocks. Return to the circle we have created and remember that you are supported by our group.

In the telepathic workshops this has been a real help for me – particularly the third point as we are often connecting from different time zones and this practice moves us from ‘linear time’ to a more ‘quantum’ time which has been very comforting and real. it means I can connect to those who have already completed the meditation and also those yet to begin (as well as those within my own time zone whom I am connecting with in the ‘same time’) If we use these suggestions for the weekly meditations then we can hopefully have a similar experience, but it is admittedly harder (in my experience at least) because were are often meditating as individuals at different times of the day and it requires more effort to sense the group. I think this is why the organisers have suggested coming together a few times a week at the same (local) time of 5pm to help focus the attunement….
I hope this helps
with best wishes

Jen Knudsen

Hello! I am new to the group and am so grateful to be here. I have been receiving the weekly exercises to connect with Gaia but was wondering when you refer to “Start by connecting to the group re-creating our common space and time structure as we do with the telepathic workshops” is there any guidance you have on how to do so for someone who is completely new? Thank you so much!

Christel Meissner

Dear LifeNet Organizers,
It is a great delight to participate in this weekly exercise in addition to the telepathic and cyclic workshops! It helps me to delve deeper into the realms of the “unseen” worlds and I can sense their cooperation in opening my perception and resonance. Marko, your video on the Viruses as Microcosmic Dragons with the exercise added on, I practiced until one night on waking I noticed the energy flow of this exercise happening on its own. This seems to go on with all the other exercises. The build-up from the former workshops, having cleared the passages, looks like its “grabbing into the fabric” for transformation. Quite amazing to watch this process and at the same time being it!
Keeping up the good work with dedication and being grateful to you all,

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