Workshop Nr. 2 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Workshop Nr. 2 in the process of LIFENET Gathering 2020

Prepared by Marko Pogačnik and the VITAAA Association team

First of May 2020 from 9.15 am to 11.00 am

The workshop is based on telepathic communication so you are free to choose the place from which you collaborate.

It is not allowed to distribute this workshop plan on networks like Facebook but you are allowed to invite to the work your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing it via e-mail. The quantity of people collaborating is not so important as the quality of our togetherness.

Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 9.15 in your time zone.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.


9:15–9:30: Connection and attunement of the group

  1. We take time to feel each other’s presence and start to form the circle. See what it feels like to sit together in a circle.
  2. Then we invite elemental beings to join our circle, and also our friends from ancestral and angelic realms. Feel how it is sitting together with all those beings in the circle.
  3. Now we need to create the etheric space in which our workshop will take place. Imagine creating around our circle a spherical membrane composed of fine water drops shimmering green and violet. Time to time during the workshop remember our common space that enables us to work together in the present situation of the global quarantine.

9:30–9:50: We lead you this time to experience the area of the Triglav mountain dominating the landscape of Bohinj Lake where the LifeNet Gathering 2020 takes place. Triglav Mountain is the identity mountain of Slovenia where the geomantic systems of the country are centered. Triglav means “Three Headed (Goddesss)”. (See the drawing1)

  • We start with the Triglav glacier that disappeared last summer due to the climate changes. Feel its crystalline light at the level of your third eye positioned at the centre of your scull.
  • We continue moving down to the high plateau with the Seven Triglav Lakes. Feel the presence of their fairy worlds at the level of your throat.
  • With the help of the majestic Savica Waterfall we come even deeper down to the Bohinj Lake. Stand at is water surface and be aware that you stand at the level of your elemental heart that represents a fractal of the heart of Gaia vibrating within each one of us. Feel the quality of the manifested world embodied in the landscape of Bohinj.
  • Then ask the white snake embodying the wisdom of the lake to be taken down to its depth. Standing at the bottom of the lake, you have arrived to the bottom of your pelvic cavity.
  • From there it is possible to approach the heart of the Triglav Mountain. Ask the Goddess of the mountain to open for us the door to the inner worlds of Triglav. Enter and be open to experience its qualities and beings.
  • Return to your presence, bringing the experiences to your waken awareness.

9.50 – 10.10 Facing the challenge of the virus

Viruses have been demonized during the last months. Not one being of Gaia should be considered evil or hostile towards life.

  • Consider the vast population of viruses as the bridge between the inorganic and organic aspect of Gaia’s creation. Without this bridge we would all, together with plants and animals, become petrified – not only in the past but also now.
  • Respect the duty of viruses to oppose human race while we continue to destroy life upon the planet. In this case they represent the strong aspect of Gaia’s immune system.
  • This immune system has been activated newly after it became clear that humanity is not willing to change its destructive way of dealing with each other and with other beings of Gaia.
  • Go through these three points with the feeling of appreciation for the wisdom of Gaia, asking her to forgive humanity that projects its fears and hostility towards the kingdom of viruses, instead of accepting Gaia’s message inherent within their accelerated activity.

10.10 – 10.30 Let us protect the freedom of human beings to move along our path towards the loving cooperation with Gaia and her beings of life.

  • The collective quarantine we go through is an expression of the loss of human heartfelt and sensitive relationships to plants, animals, landscapes, fellow human beings…
  • By being more and more dependent on the rational way of thinking and acting, the human beings close themselves into the four walls of a self-quarantine.
  • Open the windows! Touch the breeze of the embodied life!
  • Before the workshop you should make a list of beings and situations you would like to touch with the feeling of your heart and hands – or decide in the moment.
  • Then go to each of them and touch them with the quality of your heart and your hands to break down the wall that separates humanity from the breath of life.

10.30 – 10.50 Gaia and her life creating beings need to become free from the blockade of their creative systems so that they can secure the victorious transition to the era of peace.

During the workshop of joined Italian and Slovenian groups with the creative mandorla of Italy, two women, Katja and Vera, have noticed that there exists a strong blockade of Italian creative powers. The problem is that the axis of the Italian mandorla is part of the mandorla of the Earth extending around Atlantic Ocean. As a consequence the creative capacities of the Earth are disrupted at the moment when Gaia needs to act to save life of the planet. (Look at the drawings Nr 2)

  1. Draw a mandorla around your body. Its lower corner is a bit below your feet and the upper one is above your head as high as you can reach with the hands. Find the point along its axis where your creative mandorla is focused. Be aware that you are now present within your highest creative self. How does it feel?
  2. Now transfer your mandorla to the landscape of Italy. (Italy is a land of creativity – remember Renaissance!) Its lower corner is positioned in the Gulf of Taranto and the upper one at the Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps. Its centre is in the area of Perugia (Triangle Assisi – Gubbio – Lago Trasimeno)
  3. Now rotate the mandorla of Italy few times so that the corners of mandorla move upside down: what is below becomes above and vice versa. This way we will unlock its blockage.
  4. While moving the mandorla upside down the mentioned triangle at the centre of Italy does not move. It represents the creative chakra that human beings have in the throat.
  5. Now we should transfer the vision of the mandorla of Italy to the greater scale, to the mandorla of the Earth reaching from Antarctica up to the North of Canada. Feel yourself standing within the creative vulva of the Earth.
  6. It is centered at the centre of the Atlantic where Plato placed the ancient city of Atlantis.
  7. Take care that your personal creative mandorla, the one of Italy and the one of the Earth pulsate in harmony with each other.

10.50 – 11.00: Conclusion of the workshop

We thank each other for mutual support in this work and give thanks to beings of other dimension of reality that cooperated.

We ask the elemental and angelic beings that collaborated to continue to perform the rituals we did today and to support us while we move towards our LifeNet Gathering 13–16 July 2020 at the Bohinj Lake, asking the same the ancestors from the spiritual world.

We give thanks to each other and release our circle temporarily.

The experiences can be shared on the above given LifeNet Gathering web site.

LIFENET:Geomancy and Transformation

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