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Thank you everybody it was such a joy being in the circle with you. I felt very grateful being in this huge circle.
The mirroring exercise lifted me up seeing myself 1) a white, soft, permeteable cloud letting in a lot of light. I could not see my soul but I sensed a lot of love and became very touched. Elemental being – a fairy. Animal – an antilope(?) – archetype – a nun – plant / a beautiful daisy.
Walking exercise let me feel very peaceful.
The yin/yang exercise gave a release and uplifted my energy.

Guten Tag, ich habe mich gestern angemeldet und noch kein ‘activation link’ für die Webseite bekommen. Hilfe

Lucinda Herring

I was unable to activate my account with the link you sent me. Please advise. Thanks so much.

Reinhard Pontius

Danke, dass ich Teil des Lebensnetzes sein darf! Ich freue mich auf die Verbindung in den Meditationen…

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