Since public protests are not allowed in many countries we propose to express our will in silence. Each day choose 2 or 3 of the proposed affirmations and repeat them in silence as often as possible. Speak from the bottom of your belly and with the power of your heart.

In addition, we propose to gather in silent demonstration each Friday at 5pm, your local time. Imagine that we meet under the Tree of Life and read the affirmations below, one after one, giving a moment of inner attention to each one.

Together we can create better and healthy conditions for us, our children and all other beings of the Earth.

  1. Freedom is our birthright!
  2. We demand peace on Earth!
  3. Democracy is our irrevocable right!
  4. All efforts for a healthy Earth!
  5. We demand the freedom of movement!
  6. We respect viruses and microbes!
  7. We stand for free decision-making!
  8. We support just and honest politicians!
  9. For creative co-existence with Earth and all beings!
  10. Heart-to-heart education for children!
  11. We support diversity at all levels!
  12. Truthful information beyond control!
  13. We stand for feminine-masculine balance!

Expressions of hate are not allowed.

The affirmations can also be repeated in first person as your inner decisions.

Feel free to spread the proposal so that our silence will be heard!

Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace

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