November Telepathic LifeNet Workshop – Grounding the Work

November Telepathic LifeNet Workshop – Grounding the Work

Saturday, November 27th 2021 starting at 9.00 in the morning.

Repeated Wednesday, December 1st, starting whenever you have time that day, if possible at 9.00 in the morning.

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages: or

  • We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.
  • If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.
  • Study the workshop plan beforehand, have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work we no longer need to propose specific timeframes for each exercise of the workshop. Take as much time as you need for each sequence, and remember that we maintain our group cohesiveness as we move through the work.

Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. With our imagination we create our workshop space. The space has a spherical form composed of several layers of subtle membranes.
  4. Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. We also invite the beings of the angelic network. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the circle.
  5. To tune to the same time level, regardless of your local time zone, imagine a spiral coming out of the Earth to lift us to the time level that connects us. If interferences come up for you during the workshop, you may return to this protected space and continue from there.

Sequence 1: Looking for the source of present pandemics

The number of Covid-ill people increases. How is it that the “virus police” do not recognize Covid’s hidden source in the human body? Could be that it is genetically manipulated in such a way as to be able to hide?

1. Walk from your heart through your body towards your coccyx. You will find where viruses hide inside the coccyx. The coccyx is the place of power within our body that can be powerfully and aggressively misused to create harm within the human race.

2. Tune to the souls of the enlightened ancestors of humanity and ask them to instruct micro-elementals (Gaia Sparks) where to find the source of the manipulated viruses and how to transmute them to their natural state of being.

Sequence 2: Increase the effort to heal the causes of the planetary crisis

On one side there are great efforts to save the health of the physical aspect of the Earth. Scientists and non-governmental organizations push hard in this direction – like in the case of the recent Glasgow conference on Climate Change. But there is minimal interest in restoring planetary balance and well being through communication and cooperation with the Earth and its multidimensional worlds.

  1. Imagine we are participating in a great stream of protesters demanding justice and care for the Earth, its atmosphere and all beings of nature.
  2. Feel that you are part of the protest with your whole mind and heart.
  3. At one point the crowd of protesting people – you included – begins to walk backward.
  4. Since walking backward in a crowd is not possible, be aware that everyone (you included) is walking backward individually.
  5. At first you walk backward through the shell of the materialized Earth. Feel the mineral body of the planet around you.
  6. Continue walking backward to arrive in the world of the elementary and archetypal beings of the planet.
  7. Now turn around and look these beings into their eyes. Ask them to lead the evolution of the Earth in a direction that enables the restoration of planetary well being and balance.
  8. Listen closely to their guidance and inspiration about how we can act individually and in groups to support our and Gaia’s evolution to a new level of consciousness, harmony and well being.

Sequence 3: Mining for rare minerals and supra-mind

There is no doubt that mining for rare metals that the computer based industry needs for its development is damaging and deeply injuring the mineral kingdom. Its effect upon the human rational mind is even more alarming. A false center of supra-mind is being created a few inches above our crown center. This enterprise is designed to manipulate and govern humanity’s independent thinking. Consequently human beings hold fast to thought patterns (like the Covid pattern) that have nothing to do with the truth of life.

  1. In your imagination descend deep down into the earth, beneath your feet, to the chamber where the heart of the mineral kingdom is focused. Imagine you are positioned half way between the soles of your feet and the Earth’s core.
  2. Apologize for the destructive mining of the last century, especially during the past several decades. If needed use the Gaia Touch Ritual The Tear of Divine Grace.
  3. Then lift your focus along your vertical axis to reach the point above your crown chakra described above. Imagine taking this point between your hands as a hardened piece of mind. Carry it in an arc downwards.
  4. The arc is positioned behind your back. It descends to the previously mentioned chamber inside the Earth that represents the heart of the mineral kingdom.
  5. Ask that the hardened piece of mind be accepted, transmuted and reintegrated into the mineral kingdom.
  6. Then return to your brain along the vertical axis of your body and ensure that there is no other center governing your mind but the “third eye” positioned at the center of your brain.

Sequence 4: Free the sacred places of Gaia

The religious institutions created by different eras and cultures of humanity are often positioned upon sacred places of Gaia. These religions use the precious powers of those places for their own power, purposes and expansion, but not for protecting life on Earth. As a consequence Gaia and her elemental worlds are prevented from engaging fully in resolving the so-called “climate crisis”.

  1. Choose a religious building that belongs to one of the worldwide religions. Stand inside of it – but not on its floor, but upon the earthly ground beneath it.
  2. Then begin lifting the building up to the level of your coccyx. (Use the corresponding movement of your hands!) Create a platform of light and colors here as the new foundation of the building.
  3. Then let the new foundation of light and colors sink down to the level of your knees, the level of your body’s Earth element chakras.
  4. Repeat the process with several other religious buildings that you have experienced, perhaps in other parts of the world.
  5. Be aware that this foundation of light and colors is the new ground upon which the religious and other buildings stand – those that up until the present have suffocated the Earth.
  6. Now the sacred places of the Earth have two different foundations or ground levels. Be certain that you are standing upon the sacred ground (still within one of the religious buildings). The building itself is standing upon the foundation of light and colors that we have created.
  7. Then take several deep breaths and begin to breathe with the place or make sounds so that the previously suppressed sacred power places of the Earth can begin to function again for the benefit of life eternal. Give thanks.

Sequence 5: We are free to walk our spiritual path

The many religious, political and ideological systems have become more and more aggressive and oppressive in forcing upon people the belief systems that they consider right and advantageous for their power and interests. People find themselves indoctrinated to beliefs and values that do not recognize or care about their individual purpose for being incarnated upon the Earth.

  1. Imagine going to a priest or priestess of any religion of your choice and telling him or her that people are free and have the right and responsibility to walk the spiritual path of their choice. They should not be coerced to accept or follow religious formulas and dogmas. Ask him or her to instead help and nurture individuals to listen to the voice of their heart and mind. You may repeat this process with priests of other religions.
  2. Then invite evolved beings (called Saints) now abiding in the world of ancestors and descendants (the spiritual world) to approach priestesses and priests of different religions worldwide with a similar message.
  3. Then imagine going to politicians that you know of and asking them to abandon their preconceived ideas of what is good for people. Urge them to listen to their own inner voice and act accordingly for the benefit of the human race and for the benefit of the Earth and its beings.
  4. Now invite preeminent leaders of peoples and nations now abiding in the spiritual world to inspire the political leaders upon the Earth to act according to the voice of their heart, listening to the true needs of people and the Earth.

Sequence 6: Continuing with expansion of the heart system

  1. Make yourself extremely small so that you can use a cell of your blood as a boat to navigate through your circulation system. Spontaneously imagine a fantasy of what it might be like. Be aware that you are moving along the etheric blood stream that is blue, not red.
  2. After a while the stream brings you into one of the chambers of the heart muscle. From there jump down from your “boat” and approach the door to the heart’s fifth chamber. (Its existence was recently discovered.) Ask for the key, and enter.
  3. After you have entered the fifth chamber make sure that you are tuned to its sacred dimensions.
  4. After you have entered the fifth chamber hide it from the gaze of those powers that want to take possession of the sacred dimensions of the human heart. Create a sphere of light within and around the chamber, in the quality similar to fog.
  5. Now gaze around the chamber. You find that the space is as large as the universe! Rather than filled with the constellations of the stars, the space is filled with the light of living beings that we know as the archetypes of creation. (Some of them are known as figures of Zodiac.)
  6. Be aware that the space dimension that we have discovered represents the consciousness where it is possible to communicate and to cooperate with beings of the parallel evolutions like fairy and elemental beings, the Sidhe, angelic worlds, the world of ancestors and descendants – the spiritual world… Try!
  7. We need this shared consciousness in the near future to develop practical cooperation with the parallel worlds of Gaia. So step down upon the Earth and ground yourself well in your environment to be able to implement this precious discovery in the daily life.


Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds, including our ancestors and descendants.

You can repeat those sequences that you find important.

Post your experiences at to share them with the group.

The Tear of Grace Ritual

  1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let a drop of your heart’s compassion drop into the space between your palms.
  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to any aspect of life, to a place, to her beings….
  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands to the heavens and ask for a drop of divine grace.
  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Guide the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water to your intended goal or purpose.
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