January 2022 Telepathic LifeNet Workshop

January 2022 Telepathic LifeNet Workshop


  • SATURDAY, JANUARY 22nd starting at 9.00 in the MORNING.
  • Repeated WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26TH, starting at 20.00 in the EVENING.

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages: www.lifenet.si/meditations or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de 

  • We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time. 
  • If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.
  • Study the workshop plan beforehand, have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work we no longer need to propose specific timeframes for each exercise of the workshop. Take as much time as you need for each sequence, and remember that we maintain our group cohesiveness as we move through the work.

Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. We also invite the beings of the angelic network. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the circle.
  4. Now all together we tone (please create sounds!) – sounding vowels to tune to each other and to a common space and time level.

Sequence 1: To Liberate the Noosphere of the Earth 

“Noosphere” denotes the elemental consciousness of the Earth that permeates all living beings and landscapes. The Noosphere makes it possible that we all exist as conscious beings with the capacity to communicate with each other. For several thousands of years the higher layers of Gaia’s noosphere have been occupied by diverse religious and ideological patterns and networks that have lost connection to the truth of life. They would have dissolved if they would not have been held and anchored within human belief systems, fears and political ambitions.

  1. Imagine a multitude of fish hooks hanging from those religious and ideological patterns spread high in the Earth noosphere. 
  2. Masses of people on Earth have these hooks attached to the back of their heads, perhaps without noticing that they are guided by those preconceived patterns and ideologies – instead of following the path of their inner voice.
  3. Human beings are free in their decisions so we cannot liberate them ourselves. But we can work on dissolving the patterns whereby the hooks are permanently produced and held.
  4. With this work on dissolving these patterns people may be able to realize by themselves that it is nonsense to follow and uphold ideas and patterns that no longer have any no cosmic purpose.
  5. Feel how wonderful it is when people liberated from foreign guidance can rejoice and embrace each other. 

Sequence 2: Black Hole

The so-called “Covid-19 pandemics” have brought an important message to humanity. They have awakened us to the threat that since we left the so-called “paradise” we face a dangerous “black hole.” With its enormous magnetic power this black hole tries to pull us into the void. If we are swallowed by this black hole, we as humanity could be lost to Gaia and to the future.

  1. Imagine the crater of a gigantic volcano. Feel the immense magnetic power of the huge bowl-like crater, open like a mouth.
  2. Now imagine humanity in a dense crowd walking along the opening of the crater in a counter-clockwise direction. Feel the magnetic power pulling us toward the abyss of self-destruction.
  3. Now rejoice because many human beings are leaving the crowd and begin to walk in the opposite direction.
  4. They walk clockwise around the volcano – now as a sacred mountain of Gaia.
  5. More and more individuals and groups are joining them – finally the whole human family. 
  6. You and I now change our direction and walk with them.
  7. Feel how the pull of the black hole diminishes and the hope of reaching our destination grows. We walk towards a new age of peace and cooperation with all beings of love.

Sequence 3: There is a hidden distortion in the human relationship with Gaia

With the excessive development of technology based upon electricity the atmosphere of the Earth has become more and more occupied with the power fields of the distorted fire Element. These distorted power fields cause enormous imbalances on Earth. As a result, beings upon the Earth lose connection to the sources of life positioned deep down at the core of Gaia.

The same kind of phenomena happens within the modern human being. The domination of brain-focused rational activity pulls vital power from the abdomen (belly) into the brain cavity. Our brain and mental capacities become bright like an electric bulb. As a result our spiritual connection to the sources of life diminishes.

  1. Standing at the bottom of your belly Imagine a spiral staircase leading upwards along the backbone. Walk the staircase in the direction of your skull.
  2. You find that the staircase continues beyond your head. It leads you three storeys higher.
  3. You have now arrived in the region of the stars guarded by high angels called Thrones. They are the architects of the universe. Ask them to give you a handful of their Fire.
  4. Walk the spiral staircase downwards, carrying the cosmic Fire in your palms. Pass the original staircase and continue two storeys deeper into the mineral Earth.
  5. You now find yourself in a large cavity. Along its walls tall figures stand completely motionless and almost frozen. They are the masters of Earthly creation.
  6. Distribute the cosmic Fire that you have brought from the stars among them. They start to move again. Marvel at their exalted presence.
  7. Now you need to restore the balance in your body. Walk the staircase upwards to arrive in the cavity of your skull.
  8. Take a handful of the excessive fire and bring it to the cavity of your belly so that your health and vitality can blossom. 

Sequence 4: To overcome the barrier separating humanity from the fairy world and human beings from our own fairy dimension

In this case we do not speak of fairies as beings of the Air element. We refer to the fairy-like evolution that Celtic culture knew and called Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”). They inhabit a more subtle world sphere of Gaia, parallel to our materialized Earth. Awakening our own fairy aspect is a way to transform the inner rigidity that we inherit from the patriarchal age.

  1. While you sit imagine that your second self is standing upon your knees looking into your eyes. Connect to your essence through this eye contact.
  2. Then make a next step upward, and stand upon your shoulders and look into your back space, the space behind you
  3. As you look into your back space, the surface of a lake can be seen covered with a sheet of very thin ice.
  4. Now you need to become extremely light. Take courage and walk over the icy surface.
  5. When you arrive at the other side of the lake you stand in front of a city built from etheric materials, mostly from white marble.
  6. Walk its streets and meet its inhabitants. Ask them to give you the key to approach your own fairy dimension.
  7. Then move the same way back. After you have arrived at your knees, put your key into the little hollow at the upper end of the breastbone.
  8. Now the door to your fairy self is open. Enter your fairy aspect and begin to know and experience its marvels.


We take some time to meet each other and chat.

Then we create a circle that bridges continents and oceans and express gratitude for the experiences we have gained.

Now start to sound! We sound vowels as we did in the beginning. We also invite other beings that walked this workshop with us to join in.

It is very valuable to share you experiences form the workshop. You can do it via our web lifenet.si . Please feel free to share in your mother tongue.

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