Invitation January Telepathic workshop

Invitation January Telepathic workshop

“Stand up for the freedom of Gaia’s creation”

Dear and precious collaborators!

We invite you to participate in the January 2022 telepathic LifeNet workshop which will take place on Saturday January 22nd at 9.00 in the morning, repeated on Wednesday January 26 at 20.00 in the evening.

The theme of the workshop is called “Stand up for the freedom of Gaia’s creation” and has following sequences:

  • How to liberate Gaia’s consciousness sphere occupied by religious and ideological patterns?
  • How to avoid the “black hole” that Covid pandemics has created?
  • How to overcome the hidden distortion in human relationship with Gaia?
  • How to overcome the barrier separating humanity from the fairy world, and human beings from our own fairy dimension?

Workshop program in different languages can be found few days earlier at

LifeNet translators and organizing team

Powiadom o
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