Winter Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2021

Winter Solstice Telepathic Workshop 2021


  • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST in the MORNING at 09.00
  • Repeated on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28th in the EVENING AT 20.00

If you have not yet applied to participate and wish to collaborate, please email Iveta at Let her know the language that you require from the different languages offered on LifeNet; Iveta will send the workshop texts to participants.

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to the local time zone.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work we no longer need to propose specific timeframes for each exercise of the workshop. Take as much time as you need for each sequence.

9.00 Group attunement

Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

Sequence one: Take a bath in the Source of life

The Winter Solstice is a turning point leading from the dark part of the year towards the light one (or opposite in the southern hemisphere). The cycle pauses for a moment to regenerate before moving the upward spiral towards the Spring Equinox.

  1. Call upon the Mother of Life and ask her to take you to the Source of Life so that you may immerse yourself in a renewing bath in the Source.
  2. Be closely attentive to the answer of the Mother and to the way in which she leads you to the Source.
  3. Be open to the way in which your bath comes into being and enjoy it.
  4. Observe the way in which your bath in the Source of Life works on your body and all its different dimensions and layers.
  5. Give thanks.

Sequence two: Support the autonomy of the elemental worlds

After two years of chaos caused by the programs of Covid 19, the elemental world has been largely pulled out of its autonomous space. Some of its units have become part of the manipulated energy mass. Consequently elementary beings suffer immensely. We need to help collect them and lead them to their autonomous and protected level of existence.

  1. Do you know the story of Peter Pan and his magical flute? All the beings of nature followed him when he played his magical flute.
  2. Be Peter Pan! You do not have his flute, so use your innate capacity of toning.
  3. With strength and power make toning sounds that move and reverberate throughout the world and gather and collect the lost elemental beings.
  4. After you have gathered and collected a group, lead them one level deeper into the Earth. There they can start their process of reintegration into the elemental world.
  5. Then return to the manifested level and begin a new cycle of toning. Continue to move and reverberate around the world and gather and collect any remaining lost elemental beings. As before, lead and bring them to their autonomous space deep in the Earth.
  6. Repeat the exercise as often as possible.

Sequence 3: Networks of hope

There are networks of darkness, fear, starvation, ecological devastation, pain, suffering and more spreading throughout the planet. To bring moments of grace and healing, let us visualize and support the multidimensional beings and networks of nature and landscape. They can act to promote and restore healing and peace. But first, to create the optimal conditions for this effort we need to initiate a powerful cleansing of those dark energy networks.

  1. Invoke and call in flocks of micro-elemental beings (Gaia Sparks). Ask them to accelerate their cleansing work upon the planet.
  2. Next imagine the multidimensional fabric of life being woven with and between the all-encompassing network of trees around and throughout the world. Imagine that the network is vibrating strongly, ceaselessly. There are no holes or fractures in this network. It pulsates continuously and permanently.
  3. Then imagine that mountains of the Earth connect to each other. They connect to one another from their inner cores. In this way another network comes into being that resounds with its peace, strength and beauty throughout the current chaos that afflicts our human world.
  4. Next imagine rivers, creeks, lakes and oceans – all the waters of the world – contributing and releasing drops of their watery essences to create a liquid network that permeates and moves throughout the world.
  5. Be inspired to add other networks that you would like to include.
  6. Feel the strength of life, unity, love and transformation grounded deeply upon and within the Earth, even in the midst of these difficult, troubling and challenging times.
  7. Do this exercise in your environment as often you can during following weeks and months because the integrity of life on Earth is more and more endangered.

Conclusion: Create a lovely concluding ritual.

It is very valuable to share you experiences form the workshop. You can do it via our web or send its to Iveta at, who will distribute them among us. Please feel free to share in your mother tongue.

Powiadom o
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