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Elyse Pomeranz

Tree Researcher/ Waldorf teacher-mentor

I have been fortunate to learn with Marko, Marika, Ayra and Ana Pogacnik in both North America and Europe since 2005. I attended the first four international Lifenet conferences, Lendava, Aachen, Emerson College, Jarna. I have been conducting a research with mature and ancient trees where I sit with the tree and listen. Out of this conversation of Imaginative Cognition I make a coloured ink drawing. I have over 800 drawings made with trees as old as 5000 years old in 10 different countries. You can see some of this work on my website

I worked to facilitate a geopuncture installation led by Marko that is located in Toronto, Canada . The theme brings together the European Neolithic Grail Myth with the North American Indigenous creation myth of Sky Woman.