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Nagako Cooper

British Shintaido Instructor

I was born in Fujisawa, Japan in 1965 and grew up there. In 1998 I visited Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and stayed there for a couple of months, participating Experience week and Iona retreat, which brought deep healing in me and consequently led me to a new stage of my life. The following year I returned to Findhorn to join the community, working as a volunteer while I was taking “Sophia Course – the Foundation year study of Anthroposophy” which was held at Moray Steiner School in Forres.

I met David, who was a teacher at the school while I was working as a classroom assistant at the school after I completed the Foundation course, and we got married in 2002.

We live in a small village called Moniaive, in Dumfriesshire with our  twin sons, Christopher and Michael, who are 13 years old.

I have been practicing and teaching a movement art called Shintaido which is a unique combination of martial arts and body movement that cultivates the spirit along with the mind and body. It has been called a moving meditation. Shintaido’s forms exemplify openness and freedom and the movements of Shintaido provide a new way of experiencing our relationship with ourselves, others, nature, and the spiritual world.


My husband and I have joined a group, studying “Universe of the Human Body” organised by Caroline Sherwood and Katie Maughfling, which have been giving us lots of inspirations and new insights. Gaia Touch movements resonate deeply with Shintaido movements, and giving me new insights and imaginations to my practice, too.

I have trained and been practicing as a Rhythmical Massage Therapist, which is based on Anthroposophical medicine.

We as a family visited Slovenia in the summer of 2018, and fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, its culture and people we met there!

I’m looking forward to joining your workshops and learning more about your work.

Thank you.