(The program can be found on this web site in different languages.)

The shared experiences of the first edition of the workshop a week ago show the need to profound at least two points of the program. Please feel free to work also in concordance with your own perceptions last Sunday!

Addition concerns:

11:00–11:20 Connecting head, heart and belly

Connection between Amazonia and Tibetan highlands is more problematic as thought before because of the involved magic. Do not connect heart, head and belly (symbolic for Tibet, the core of the Earth and the Amazonian plain) within yourself at first but do it behind your back in the causal realm and then transfer the connection to your inner world and then to the planetary dimensions. For example, it can be done like this:

  • Feel the highlands of Tibet behind your head as a sphere composed of beautiful minerals.
  • Imagine the Amazonas as a watery sphere behind your belly space.
  • Imagine the majestic stream of water from Amazonas flow behind your back to wash the mineral sphere of Tibet. Use streams of violet to profound the cleansing effect.
  • Imagine the subtle snow flakes of Himalayan minerals to fall down to the Amazonas to recreate the lost connection between the two spiritual poles of the Earth
  • Then work on fusion of these two poles in the sphere behind your heart space.
  • Then work on fusion of both spheres of head and belly within your heart space which should be in the next step identified with the core of the Earth.
  • Feel the quality generated by the fusion of the three basic dimensions of your being.
  • Touch hearts of people worldwide inspiring them to work on reconnecting their mind with their elemental essence within their hearts.

11:20–11:30 Ask the indigenous culture of Brazil and their ancestor cultures to protect the reconnected and balanced body of their country

Here it needs to work additionally on transmuting the traumas caused by the colonization of Brazil and suppression of indigenous cultures. You can use the Gaia Touch ritual Tear of divine grace.