Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life

Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life

Dear Co-creators of LifeNet/Lebensnetz!

With this letter we invite you to collaborate with a new telepathic workshop, “Protecting the Primeval Atom of Life,” which will take place on Sunday, November 1st and will be repeated on November 7th, both times in the morning, starting at 9.00. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.

The general theme will be how to protect the network of life at a time when it is threatened and endangered as never before.
LifeNet was founded at the threshold of the new millennium based upon the intuition of a group of people from different countries that as we enter an era of intense Earth Changes the network of life may be under intense pressure in the fields of nature as well as human culture. Today the profound crisis in both areas of life cannot be ignored or overlooked.
It is not coincidence that the founders of LifeNet belonged to geomancy groups.

Through developing and practicing geomantic work it is possible to touch upon the archetypal basis of life and culture that the scientific approach ignores or ridicules. However, we know that geomancy is not our aim. Our essential interest is to develop
ways to support the health and beauty of the network of life upon the planet and to develop means of communication with Gaia, its creator and her elemental helpers.

Fortunately there are many different groups and organizations on the planet that recognize the current crisis and take actions to care for different aspects of life, and we appreciate their work immensely. However, there is a need for a network of people
who dare to enter the multidimensional dimensions of the network of life that in the present rationalistic epoch are held as taboo, and that are left unprotected from the powers that do not care for life but only for their own benefit.

We are now a group of 1450 participants from different continents without a formal organization – based on volunteer work. Through the mandate of our founder Marko Pogačnik as UNO Goodwill Ambassador and UNESCO Artist for Peace (this past June of 2020 he was granted a third 2-years mandate) our efforts for life are informally connected to the efforts of United Nations to bring peace and to support prosperity to the Earth and its different evolutions.
No later than Thursday October 29th 2020 the program for the telepathic workshop will be translated into different languages (THANK YOU to translators!) and posted on the Lebensnetz web site or the website
created for the cancelled LifeNet Gathering 2020 in Slovenia,

Love and blessings!
Jana, Theresia, Ying, Peter, Irina, Iveta, Tea, Leslie and Marko

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Ilona Gombos

Please, I would like to join the next workshop. Please, send me information about that. Thank you. Ilona

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