LifeNet New year letter 2022

LifeNet New year letter 2022

Dear LifeNet Co-creators!

We started our telepathic workshops in 2020 to bridge the pandemic lock down period. Now as we enter 2022 we still need to continue upon the same path to support human awakening and the multidimensional planetary changes underway.

After two years of the Covid crisis it has become obvious that we are confronting an attempt to indoctrinate and impose a culture and civilization of citizens who are neither grounded in the elementary consciousness of Gaia nor connected to the spiritual world of ancestors and descendants. Not only we at LifeNet but many individuals and groups throughout the planet are undertaking efforts to co-create and put a completely different vision of life into practice.

Speaking for LifeNet, we feel inspired to collaborate with the quantum leap that Gaia is performing to carry her evolution to a new and vital level of existence. This step enables the Earth to become a place where different evolutions that choose Gaia as their home can coexist and cooperate in peace and mutual support.

In  2022 we will invite you once a month to participate in a telepathic workshop that relates to actual developments on the Earth and within humanity. To develop telepathic workshops in an interactive way we invite you to propose themes that you see as important in the given moment. Write a few sentences so that we can understand exactly what you mean. Send your proposals in English or German to Jana: We also intend to continue with the Cyclic Workshops to support the worlds of nature in their striving to protect the many dimensions of living reality.

Andrea and Marko have already prepared 14 Gaia messages and exercises to start a new cycle of Weekly Meditations after January 6. From now on there will be no need to apply to receive them. They can be freely accessed at our web site

Finally, since our LifeNet website is a crucial aspect of our work together, we are very happy that five LifeNet members have volunteered to help Irina maintain the website.

We thank our team of 17 translators who carefully ensure that most of you can read texts in your own language. We thank you all for your collaboration and invite you to continue weaving the LifeNet creation during 2022.

Jana, Irina, Theresia, Tea, Ying, Peter, Leslie, Marko

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Ich danke Euch allen sehr für Eure so wertvolle Arbeit und dass ich daran teilhaben kann.
Uns mit allen Wesen unserer Mutter Gaia zu verbinden finde ich so zentral und hilfreich. Herzlichen Dank für Eure Hilfe!


Ich möchte mich einfach bedanken, ich hatte mit mehreren Übungen sehr schöne Erlebnisse, besonders die eher uncharakteristiasche Übung mit Bäumen, Felsen, Wasser….Ich kann nicht alles mitmachen, aber wenn es mir gelingt, spüre ich doie Kraft der Gruppe. …Vielen Dank von Sibylle Henning

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