Invitation to the Telepathic February Workshop

Invitation to the Telepathic February Workshop

WE INVITE YOU to collaborate with the

February 2022 Telepathic LifeNet Workshop –Bridging the Gap

Sunday, February 27th 2022 starting at 9.00 in the morning.

Repeated Wednesday, March 2nd 2022, starting at 20.00 in the evening.

We hope that you did not get tired by the subtle work needed during these special years when a strong wave of counterforce is trying to chain us (in a hidden way) to the old world that has no future any more. This time we offer interesting themes:

Sequence 1: The creative aspect of the heart center

Sequence 2: The elemental beings should be free to serve life and not to be servants of death

Sequence 3: The window to the spiritual world should be open

Sequence 4: Bridging the split between the east and west Europe

A day or two before the workshop the program can be found in different languages on our web page

LifeNet organizing team

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